Megyn Kelly dropped the hammer on this cover up Joe Biden is using to hide one explosive truth

Joe Biden’s presidency is spiraling towards failure.

But there is one scandal that could deliver the final nail in the coffin.

And Megyn Kelly dropped the hammer on this cover up Joe Biden is using to hide one explosive truth.

Megyn Kelly went nuts on Joe Biden, the so-called “public health experts,” and Communist China during a recent episode of her podcast.

Kelly interviewed Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin, who strongly believes Communist China covered up the fact that the coronavirus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The Biden regime recently released an intelligence report punting on the origin of the coronavirus and providing cover for Communist China to avoid responsibility for unleashing this virus on the public.

“Forgive me but, these f*ckers have lied to us for long enough and we need to know the truth,” Kelly began.

Kelly cited the head of EcoHealth Peter Daszak – whose group Dr. Fauci funneled taxpayer money to so EcoHealth could pass it along to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to fund gain-of-function research – as one of the main culprits and liars.

“People died, millions of people are dead and Peter Daszak is allowed to get away with his lies,” Kelly added.

It turned out Dasazk allegedly influenced an article in The Lancet back in 2020 that so-called “experts” cited to dismiss the lab leak origin story as a conspiracy theory.

But the preponderance of the evidence shows the virus jumped from the lab.

And Kelly ripped into Joe Biden and his underlings for allowing Communist China to get away with releasing this virus – even if it was by accident – into the world with no accountability.

“The Biden administration looks the other way,” Kelly added. “The information’s there if only we will push for it and demand it. And we have no assurances that this won’t happen again. It’s infuriating to me. There’s just nothing we can do.”

Kelly ripped the Biden regime’s investigation into the origins of the coronavirus as a joke that allowed the Communist Chinese to duck accountability for the virus.

“We have just sort of phoned it in on the Intel investigation,” Megyn said. “We don’t, all the signs seem to point to Wuhan lab and we’re not demanding that they release their information, the Chinese, which they still could. And you’re in a position of power. Why don’t you, don’t we care? We need the information.”

Donald Trump said Communist China owes 10 trillion dollars in reparations for the release of the coronavirus.

But Joe Biden does not believe China owes any honest accounting of the origin of the coronavirus or to pay any consequences for the millions dead and economic devastation.

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