Megyn Kelly gave Democrats a devastating reality check over the latest Trump indictment, CC BY 4.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump is fighting his fourth bogus indictment in Georgia.

Democrats are hoping that this is the case that puts him behind bars.

And Megyn Kelly gave Democrats a devastating reality check over the latest Trump indictment.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis declared war on the Constitution with her indictment against former President Donald Trump and 18 others for their role in challenging the 2020 Election in Georgia.

Willis is trying to criminalize free speech with her witch hunt by making it illegal to question the results of an election, a clear violation of the First Amendment.

Her case against Trump is a clear attempt to boost her political career by shredding the Constitution with ridiculous legal theories.

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly pointed out the damage the latest saga in the Democrats’ witch hunt will do to society.

“What this lunatic running the thing in Georgia did yesterday matters,” Kelly said. “What Jack Smith is doing matters. What Alvin Bragg did – they are #PartOfTheProblem. It’s not just about partisan politics.”

This assault on the rule of law will erode what little remaining trust the public has in the legal system by turning into a Kangaroo court to get Trump.

“It’s about us,” Kelly continued. “It’s about our kids. It’s about our country. It’s about our future. It’s about that, as I said, the tether that binds. When nothing else binds. There were certain things we could always count on. The Supreme Court was another one . . . What they’re doing is reckless.”

Government institutions like the Justice Department and FBI have destroyed the trust anyone had in them with their shameless politicization.

“I’m not blaming the people who distrust CDC and DOJ and FBI,” Kelly said. “They’re right to distrust them. I’m blaming the institutions.”

Democrats passed the point of no return by waging third-world style lawfare to try and stop the leading Presidential candidate of the opposing party.

“We use that term ‘they crossed the Rubicon,’ they have crossed it,” Kelly added. “And we’re over here like the duck with the feet under the water furiously saying, ‘What happened? How do we get out of this crazy mess? Why are we dealing with four indictments and the possibility of defunding DOJ and impeaching a president? You know, just to fight fire with fire? This is where we are, how do we get here?’ But yes, it’s the institutions that got us here and I have to say the Democrats are running them.”

Democrats have weaponized the government and legal system to target their political opponents.

They’re willing to tear the country apart and twist the law in their crusade to stop Donald Trump.

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