Megyn Kelly got Putin to admit something unbelievable about the election

Megyn Kelly’s show premieres tonight on NBC.

As part of her debut, she moderated a forum involving Russian President Vladimir Putin.


  1. OMG, They are really crazy!! Do they even think what will happen to them if we don”t have our independent protection??? They will be the first to get killed so the others can take over????

  2. They paid her a $3M bonus to come over to their network. They could have gotten her a lot cheaper had they waited for Fox to fire her. She hates Trump and that relationship was hurting Fox ratings.

  3. Harry

    I see most of the comments feel the same as I. Liberals are two-faced and there is no truth in them. Never ever support and vote for any of them.


  4. It is indeed sad when so many of the people we trusted and put into office are doing everything they can to ruin our President our Government and our country the swamp does in fact need draining.

  5. Russia investigation is a do or die for extreme leftists. Their desperate search for collusion comes from the fact that if Trump is merely impeached and removed from office, Pence becomes POTUS. Hillary Clinton and Obama need to level a charge of collusion in order to void the 2016 election if there can be any hope of arrogating the White House. The far left movement toward globalization and reduction of US standing as a world leader depends on their success to the election and reverting to a popular vote outcome to take control of the White House and handing it over to EU and US liberal elitists.

  6. Believe the liberal leftist progressive commie Dems? Not a chance. They are the same ones who claimed that the GOP got together with an open plan to make Obama a one term POTUS, and the first thing they do after PRESIDENT Trump is elected is to set about destroying his presidency. Two faced, hypocritical BS artists. People who fought FOR slavery and still follow that ideology. The difference is that today they want to enslave everyone economically so they can control every aspect of our lives like kings and queens. That’s what we fought a revolution over… to get rid of the control by kings and queens.

  7. tg you are 100% right on!!!!! The left’s consciences’ have been seared so badly until they believe actually what they are lying about and all the made up accusations against Trump and concertives and their evil portrayal of it all. Actually it seems all that the last regime is truly guilty of, the left is claiming against Trump and us deplorables now. Be sure their sins will find them out!!!!!!! May God Bless America with a turn around of bad morals into good ones, falsehoods corrected with truths, discoveries made of all who are anti American enemies and justice be done on them. Praying for more and more people who will seek the truth, learn the truth, and help our President turn our Sodom and Gormorrah (sp?) country back to the land of liberty and justice for all and support our elected President bringing our Country to a great shinning City on a Hill once again, with our Government of the people, by the people and for the people of the United States of America.

  8. I would also believe Putin over any of Hillary’s people or the fake new’s that we get every day from CNN, MSNBC etc. I also believe Trump!

  9. Why would anyone with a brain believe a woman who used
    a private server and gave Russia 20% or our uranium and
    and has more dead bodies who died based on their relationship
    With the clintons

  10. Putin was totally honest and Ms Kelly is a total “hater” anyway. Glad her put her in her place….I hope Sean Hannity takes her apart in his radio & TV show tomorrow

  11. I believe Putin. The fake news is I’m the tank for Hillary and the Democrats. Their action Berge on treason jere. They are the are the Fifth Columnists and Quislings of the 21st., Century! Working class American citizens are sick of their B.S. and see right through them.

  12. The Democrats are far more closely aligned with Russia than the GOP or Trump. How do you know when a Democrat has done something illegal or immoral? Simple, wait for them to accuse Republicans of having done the same despicable act that Democrats actually did!

  13. I believe Trump! However Putin wins over the fake news! I can’t believe I used to listen to some of the fake news channels! I believe The USA can probably work along with Russia to defeat these loser terrorist!

  14. So who is this Meghan Kelly, and just who is the Main Steam media NBC? Some how related to CNN and their so called comic? No one to believe there in that group mentioned here. I’ll pick Trump and Putin long before I would even consider Fox news as they all seem way to eager to pick Trump apart in everything he does and accuse him of being to dumb and having no experience at anything just because he has not been in politics according to what the those elite busy bodies. They are even against we the people having any right to voter as if we are to dumb which is an insult to any one who did vote.

  15. All they care about is ego and money nothing about the people the vote was what PEOLE want I will throw them all out who does not respect the a
    American OEOPKE our Vote and Our Choice

  16. Hi Dave, Good thoughts!! With all the time, $$ and energy the Dumbocrats are putting into the election of 2016, the
    Question I have is, How much time and energy are they spending on their constituents who elected them??? Not
    Much, I would guarantee it!!! Best wishes

  17. Rob:n I am with you on this all the way! Trump, and we the citizens are being punished financially for not voting for “the witch”! A collapsed governments easier for idiots rioting for things they don’t understand!
    Their liberal socialism, would end in enemy (including Muslims) rounding them up and seeing to it that they lost their heads, or mad “accidental lead poisoning that took,me as the guns will have been collected”! (They
    will have been collected to make it safe)”’ RE: Germany 1936! First you first restict, then you register, then you collect! Had guns registered, and only 4 to turn in— BANG BANG BANG,- “one less family to worry about– on to next house!!

  18. I agree I would believe Putin before the Clinton News Network hell I would believe him before Comey,Clapper,Brennan DNC,FBI,CIA DC is full of crooks. It is just comping to light just how crooked these people are. They are doing more harm to this country than Putin ever could. The sorry thing is they will get away with it I see no evidence that Clinton.the leaks are UN-masking will ever be investigated are anyone prosecuted. Why because everyone in DC is all part of the same establishment. Once again the People will lose and the crooks will win

  19. I agree with Chuck above. The media is so desperate to keep Megyn Kelly in the news like she is “somebody” of interest. they are creating fake headlines to draw you in. Personally I couldn’t give a damn about Megyn Kelly, Kathy Griffin or HIllary Clinton. I’m sick of hearing what these broom jockeys have to say every time I pick up a paper, turn on a tv or go online.

  20. KILLARY and the Democrats / Liberals / Fake News just can’t accept their defeat. They LOST … and they’re just trying to polarize and DISTRACT the nation with nothing but lies and more FAKE news.

    When Conservatives had to suffer through 8 HORRENDOUS years of Obama literally doing everything in his power to DESTROY America, there were only some peaceful protests, but ultimately, there was acceptance of the democratic electoral process … yet, when the Liberals lose – and they’ve barely had like 5 months to endure so far – what have we seen from them? Nothing but outright REBELLION, DISOBEDIENCE, VIOLENCE, RIOTS, VANDALISM, FAKE NEWS, the blame game, and the latest is a dumbass Liberal “comedian” (if you can even call her that) holding up the fake bloody and severed head of the President of the United States of America … hmmmmm …

    Do you see the difference? It’s as clear as night and day to me … I see Satan acting in them and through them.

    And why the hell is OLDBUMMA still hangin’ around on the political scene? You’re DONE OBumface … now GET OUT AND STAY OUT!!!!!! We’re sick of seeing dumb assface lurking around at every turn. You’ve done enough damage and we’ve had it with you!!! LEAVE!!!!!!

    If anything, I think KILLARY and OBAMA should be jailed for all the crimes they’ve committed against humanity.

    TRUMP and the Republicans won, and he is actually doing an amazing job as President so far. PERIOD.

  21. Actually, who cares, it is now 6 months later and they can’t find a better talking point. Bring back the birther issue – it has more teeth than the 2016 election.

  22. I believe our commander in chief ! The whole thing has been cooked up to distract the president from pushing forward the agenda that he was elected on. God bless America !

  23. Megan Kelly hates Trump and I am so glad Putin stopped this nonsense I bet Matt Lauer is really mad that he did not get the interview with Putin. I hope when Comey testifies that he will put this fake news to rest. President Trump has more important things to accomplish to make our country better financially, socially, and morally. Get over it all you radical liberal leftist commies President Trump is our President. If you are not happy then move to another county.

  24. I read and reread this article and I still don’t see Putin revealing anything. What kind of headline is this? Misleading springs to mind.

  25. Putin just tells it like it is. Of course, the left and liberals as well as some RINO’s will never believe what he says.
    So, as far as Megan’s interview, is just Megan trying to continue to slam Trump.
    Megan , NBC, are losers, just like Hillary , and the democrats are and will be in 2020.
    Just continue to drain the swamp. Along with the smell of course!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I don’t believe a word of it. We as a nation need to move forward. We have a lot more to worry about, than the outcome of an election. Things like terrist, the economy, and our news media. Our news media in this country has become so bias. The American people can see right through what there trying to do.

  27. It’s nice to know that Trump and Putin are both on the same page. It’s time to stop the media madness, the liberals and all the other twits enamored with lies and bogus information. They have wasted money, time and a lot of space trying to prove that Hilarious was somehow cheated out of her –“rightful reward”– for her efforts in the Arrogant O’s administration. Honesty will never rightfully be equated with any part of her operations. She deserves a pink jumpsuit with DOC written on the back.

  28. It is a democratic ploy to ruin the presidency of Donald Trump. It’s diabolical and it’s hurting our entire nation. The Democrats are more interested in harming Donald Trump then making our nation great again

  29. Why would Putin deny it if he had done it? He would probably be proud of the accomplishment and brag about it.

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