Megyn Kelly got some major news about if she is going back to Fox News

When NBC fired Megyn Kelly over a controversy over racially charged comments everyone wondered if she would go back to Fox News.

That is where she really made her name.

A top Fox Executive responded to the rumors with a major announcement about if Kelly would be headed back to Fox News.

Lachlan Murdoch is Rupert Murdoch’s son and the man now in charge of Fox News.

He tried hard to keep Kelly at the top rated cable news channel before she jumped ship to NBC in 2017.

Murdoch reportedly offered her a $20 million dollar a year contract to stay put.

So everyone thought once NBC booted Kelly that Murdoch would swoop in and bring her back.

Not so fast.

Murdoch revealed there are no plans to bring Kelly back to Fox News.

The Daily Caller reports:

Murdoch, who will head up Fox News’ parent company New Fox, said at The New York Times’ Dealbook conference that he is a fan of Kelly’s but that he is happy with Fox’s current lineup.

“I am a big fan of Megyn’s,” Murdoch said. “I like her a lot. We didn’t want her to leave Fox when she did.”

“Having said that, I’m very happy with our current lineup on Fox and we won’t be making any changes there,” he added.

There were reports at the time that Kelly burned her bridges with Lachlan Murdoch by turning down his contract offer.

And Kelly also infuriated Fox’s audience by attacking Donald Trump in the 2016 campaign.

There were rumors CNN wanted to bring her aboard before she moved to NBC, but this controversy about racial comments poisoned the well with any network that depends on a liberal audience.

Where Kelly ends up next is anyone’s guess.

We will keep you up-to-date on any developments in this ongoing story.


  1. NO…If you want streight Conservitive News(President Trumps Favorite is (“ONE AMERICA NEWS NETWORK”), this is the REAL “Fair & Balanced” Network & alot of Fun to watch with good People, & No BACKSTABBING RYAN, SMITH, CAVUTO, BEAR, WALLACE, & a few more of the other SLIMBALLS !! Wish Hannety,Pirio,& a few of the good one’s left at Fox would move over to “ONE AMERICA NEWS NETWORK”….NOBODY BETTER, Try them, like the President said, “What have you got to lose” !!!

  2. I agree folks, we have no one else to turn to for the truth but Fox, well…. maybe one other one perhaps!, “ one American News, perhaps! I like these people as much as Fox!

  3. Breaker 19:
    I don’t care if she comes back to Fox or not. Some of her stuff was OK. But we can get all the snide comments, loaded questions, and direct bashing of PRESIDENT TRUMP for free 8 days a week from CNN and other democRAT championing sites.
    AIN’T NO WAY SHE IS WORTH THE AMOUNTS OF MONEY being discussed as to what her contract is worth.

  4. That is not exactly right Sir; you have The Next News Network- Gary Franchi; Breitbart News; Info Wars with Alex Jones. Essentially with the new owners wives with a couple exceptions like Tucker Carlson and Life, Liberty, & Mark Levin and One or Two “Contributors” Fox News has gone Lib

  5. They could team her up with Shepherd Smith. He’s about as bad as she was. He needs to be on CNN with John Lemon.

  6. F*ck Megyn Kelly which I would gladly do but as far as coming back to Fox, I vote hell no! I would love to munch her muffin but she screwed us all when she went to the liberal side!

  7. Kelly used her bully pulpit to attack Trump unfairly. As it is, I have stopped watching Smith, Wallace and Cavuto because of their political innuendos. If Kelly returns, FNC will just be creating another black hole.

  8. It is my thought she better not have her show on weekdays or week nights. Let her being the weekend anchor as most will not watch her. She is a disgusting person and they are wasting there 20M.

  9. As far as I’m concerned, I do not care to see her come back to Fox. She showed her true colors when she made the mistake of saying disparaging things about then, Candidate Trump.
    She and Shep the schlep & Juan nobody WILLIAMS can all take a slow boat to China. I can’t stomach any of them. I always switch channels during Shep the Schleps hour, no longer watch the 5 because of moron Juan and if KELLY returns, I’ll not waste my time on her time slot either.

  10. Juan Williams needs to go. I MUTE my tv when he comes on the air. KELLY needs to get off her high horse and get rid of her arrogance before I will give her the time of day. When she turned on Trump, I turned on her. She is her own worst enemy.

  11. Please tell me it isn’t so!!!!! I know that Fox, unfortunately,has moved to the left since Rupert has put the reins in his sons hands BUT hopefully they are not stupid also. Once burned twice shy! I certainly have had more than my fill of Megyn Kelly

  12. I agree! I get angry every time Juan opens his mouth. When another co-host tries to explain something to him, he gets this look like..”what?” He doesn’t contribute anything — just a token liberal.

  13. You are so right. I’ve been a long time watcher but O’Reilly gone…then Boling…yet I have to look and listen to Juan Williams every day expound on how racist everything is – I no longer watch The Five – pity – it was a good show. And I don’t care what color you skin is..or whether you have hair or bald ….or how much education you have. It’s what you stand for and fight for that gets my vote.

  14. Kelly wore her welcome out with Fox viewers when she went personally tried to put President Trump on trial in the court of public opinion. Chris Wallace was just as bad as her partner in crime! They both tried to embarrass the president in the debates between Republican candidates. I personally don’t know why Fox allow Juan Williams to throw the race card at every Republican or situation that rises! It is a disgusting and sick habit this half-breed always resort to when he has no answer for facts! And the way this rude ass-hole interrupts others irritates the hell out of many people. Only a handful of conservatives will put the race monger in his place! It is time people push back on liberal idiots who use race to paint conservatives racists without any concrete evidence! They should be sued for slander.

  15. should they be STUPID enough to bring her back? I will make note of what time slut they put her in so I can program a different channel to watch! She SUCKS!

  16. She really turned me off long before she turned on Trump. Very self-centered. Also, she thought she was just “too cute” for words. Looks only get you so far and she will eventually lose her appeal in that department. Without class and dignity your career on television will fade away with your appearance. There are so many people without the baggage waiting for a shot to prove themselves and gain an audience. She had her shot and she blew it.

  17. Personally, I think she belongs on the Clinton News Network. Maybe as Jim Acostas mouthpiece. They both have the same grating personalities. The ones on the view would be in a cat fight for attention. RVN 68-69

  18. I do also, Etta, Her comment, when read for the first time was very moving. Then it appeared in article after article, same comment except for the first sentence. Now I just scroll on down, too.

  19. That’s a possibility, I guess. The Five doesn’t have a “regular” since Kimberly left. If Kelly is willing to take a LARGE cut in $$$ bring her on. Meanwhile, she probably never has to work again in her life…

  20. Drew:
    “The black face thingy” was a true and historical relating of times past by Kelly. It was not any kind of racial comment. It was twisted ino somehing racial by niggling, nervous, nothings,who had nothing better to do. Something like; Oh ! You mean Black People really have darker skin ?
    It is the same as the loud, denouncements of this posting by the morons who don’t know the meaning of the word Niggling. HEH !

  21. Fox didn’t leave Megan Kelly,… she left Fox, for 96 million Dollar Contract, she was too good for the measly 20 million per year that Fox offered!you think she’ll have to go on food stamps?

  22. if she joins the five, on fox, ill quit watching it, as im sure others will too, its bad enough to listen to Juan Williams, and then theres Chris Wallace who i think is a damn Democrat in Drag!

  23. I hold no animosity or resentment toward Meg Kelly, but she learned a valuable lesson regarding Trump. She needs to know her audience. We are self made, hard working capitalists who value family and lean on our God.

    We try to practice the principles of Jesus Christ in our daily lives.

    We live very proud that we have earned every penny that we have ever received. We are responsible with the abundance we receive , we love this country and this flag. We are positively involved in our communities.

    We are proud- we tell the truth. WE ARE NOT TAKERS

    KELLY went to NBC- who supports liberal ideology— that Is a problem, because I personally am against everything and anything that is of liberal political ideology

    I think she will have a very difficult time getting an audience who will trust her core beliefs and her truth.

    We know what Lou Dobbs, Hannity , Ingraham, tammy Bruce, Judge Jeanine, Rush, Newt etc all, all represent.

    There isn’t a bone of liberal in any of those people.

    Well, but how about Megyn Kelly ? I don’t what she stands for anymore

    And Juan Williams and Chris Wallace have to go though. Juan is getting worse and worse , not by his position or argument, but the factual support of that position. He is horrible for the network and I don’t think anybody likes him

    I love Trump and the new Republican Party — not the Rinos

    Fox doesn’t need Kelly at all – she could make a new name for herself in the five or the like — but We do not need her for her own show-that ship has long since sailed

    Keep it up Fox!

  24. Let’s face it Kelly has one thing going for her… she is an attractive woman. I think, however, that she has ridden that horse about as far as it will take her. Looks can get you in the door but, unless you have some skills that extend past being treacherous with people who you fooled into trusting you, people lose interest.

  25. Her “huge ego”, just got whittled down to a “sparrow”!……….:O}}}

    It’s whatcha, get for stepping on Trump!

  26. Post-Obama society is prone to calling any comment racist. Obama was the racist in chief. He did nothing to help the black community. Trump has measurably helped and his entire “racist” reputation has sprung from his stand on illegal immigration. He simply wants people to come here lawfully and be properly vetted. Not unreasonable with street gangs in every major city and Islamic terrorist groups still killing mostly in Europe and the Middle East. Of course Obama convinced the liberal-progressive-social Democrat hordes that we should import them by the planeload. Right.

  27. Meggie ‘cooked her goose’ w/0pening 1ST P. Debate__
    > she followed ‘script’.
    > A bouncing ‘rubber ball’ Ever Since.
    > Plenty of finance to support her life. Goodbye.
    > ‘GLAMOUR’ Takes It’s Toll. 0h well___ &&& E’0NE
    MUST ‘MOVE 0N’. TIME STOPS for No 0ne.
    > SAVE USA. ps. per ‘elects’. MI ‘screwed’ Big Time.
    Slated for ‘s*nctu*ry’ – smack dab
    Located in cntr usa/ Surrounded by ‘Fresh Water’. Any0ne
    here, ‘get ‘it’ ??? WILL Affect all, in the long run, whether
    or not you reside in Mi.

  28. I’m a common sense conservative and I hold nothing against Megyn Kelly I just never listened to her, I just liked looking at her. ????

  29. I would not watch anything even if Fox. News did rehire.With the new Fox Nation kick off then possible many regular Fox starts may leave regular Fox top programs as we know them.Would open Fox News .New line up stlye to make way for New program again for Kelly.However it also may go down in flames agree.Wasted air time.So hope this is Fake News story too many Fox watcher will.move Faster to New Fox Nation or more subscription of CRTV program subscription s.We shall see now?

  30. Amen… she is very good at journalism. I’m an avid Fox News viewer/reader and was not happy with Ms.Kelly with her assessment of then candidate Donald Trump. She got herself in trouble when she threw herself on the sword for the “me too” and “times up” movements. If she had stuck to journalism instead of taking up causes that disheartened fans that adored her. All in all if she would stick to reporting the news instead of making it. She is too good to leave on the side lines. If Fox news doesn’t offer her a position it will be their loss!

  31. Sharon, I agree, that should not have gotten her fired, her lack of needed skills should have been used to fire her when all her shows FLOPPED She is only good in her own mind and a few others who feel sorry for her, I to am sorry but Im sorry that she dont have enough talent

  32. Tony Maroney that is pure baloney, she is not good enough to host a local tv show so why even think she could go back on FOX,, FOX has way too much CLASS for her

  33. Never to say never.. there’s always of the possibility of Kelly joining The Five or weekly show on Saturday or Sunday.

  34. Maybe Murdoch realizes that she burned her bridges with FOX viewers who happen to like President Trump and what he’s doing for this country so we would NOT watch any show they gave her. Sorry. She made her name the wrong way. I always like The Kelly File better when Trish Regan hosted. I’m glad she has her own show… Megyn Kelly belongs on CNN or MSNBC – they’re more like her.

  35. I agree also, I just hope and pray that things don’t get worse than they were three years ago now that the Democraps will control the House of Representatives. We may go “downhill” again.

  36. All media talking heads are over paid ! You would think that with the money they make they would at lest tell the truth.

  37. I have a problem with Kelly “I DON’T TRUST HER. I do accept the token Shephard Smith, but switch to FOX Business when he comes on at 3 PM Eastern time. I do the same when Juan Williams runs his mouth. I know it’s good to listen to the other side, but at 83 it’s difficult to listen to B–L S–T.

  38. Political correctness is a modern invention that has accomplished nothing but divisiveness. I remember the shows you mentioned and I remember minstrel shows. At the time, no offense was meant and none was taken. Telling the truth about a childhood experience should have never caused her firing.

  39. Bring Kelly back to fox she is really good at what she does.,some times we do make mistakes.
    Tony Maroney

  40. Was her comment about wearing a black face as a Halloween Costume when she was a child so outrageous ? How many reads remember the Amos and Andy Show. They were white actors with blackened faces. Remember the character “Kingfish” ? “Ho Dere Andy Brown” !

  41. I was a communication major in college. Most of these reporters have never had any formal education in this field. If they have it certainly does not show up in their reporting. It’s sad that they have to depend on their looks to get a job and keep it. A good reporter could get and keep an audience on their truthful coverage of an issue. They must be respectful to everyone then they can expect the same for herself. She made a serious mistake and she should not have left Fox. she is going t have a rough time getting another good job. I wish her luck, but she has a rough road ahead of her.

  42. I like Kelly & I don’t agree that she’s stupid. My understanding is she wanted different hrs. so she could spend more time with her kids. As to greed & more money,she was offered more to stay with Fox than she got from NBC.
    True,she made a blunder!
    Having said all this, I agree Fox presently has a very good line-up

  43. I too liked Megyn Kelly, until she started attacking Trump! Then Fox offering her that Fat contract to stay, was her big mistake! She should have taken the money and sucked up her distain for Trump! I could get along with the Devil for 20 million $$? She has taken a turn for the better lately, so I wouldn’t mind if she did go back to Fox! I’ll bet if she does, it won’t be such a lucrative contract this time!!!

  44. i don’t think she would fit in at fox after her refusal to sign with them. how can one person be so dumb to turn down 20 million a year,more money than most people make in 20 life times.

  45. She made her bed and now had better learn to sleep in it even if the mattress collapsed!
    Hmmm, maybe she needs to try the mattress route to get another job??? Can she say Harvey Weinstein?

  46. Unfortunately, Megyn Kelly is very naive and stupid! I’m almost thirty years old pro-life and pro-family, relatively young woman and mother of six minors, six small children. I’m never stayed at home on Election Day. Today, I voted on this Election Day too. I vote against murders of the unborn children, sodomy, feminism, gender ideology and the Democratic Party in every election. I went to vote and I always vote only for pro-life and pro-family Republicans. The so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra left Neomarxist party. The so-called Democratic Party wants ultra left Neomarxist dictatorship in the USA! Politicians and supporters of the Democratic Party are Neomarxist extremists and the so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra left Neomarxist party. Their pro-abortion and pro-sodomy agenda isn’t the agenda of the American people. This is agenda of the Democratic Communist Party of the U.S.A., because this so-called Democratic Party is actually a new U. S. PRO-ABORTION AND PRO-SODOMY COMMUNIST PARTY and they will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration. The Democratic Party and so-called Democrats want to stand for anything that will harm the country in their efforts to transform the United States into a totalitarian Communist state. President Donald Trump is doing a wonderful job in trying to do his best to clean up the mess of the previous administration! Remember this: a vote for the Democratic Party is a vote for ultra left pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Communism. Go Trump! Vote Trump! Vote pro-life and pro-family Republicans!! The Democratic Party and so-called Democrats want to control your life, tell you what you want to hear, what to do and tell you how to live. Most of our young people have no idea about our government, the history of our country because the history books have been changed to fit the ultra left and their Communist ideas. The Mainstream Fake News ultra left Neomarxist pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Media is reporting misinformation to the public which is a dangerous thing for the public who relies on this information to make informed decisions. To be misinformed can lead to the wrong decision. Unfortunately some people are just too stupid to know the truth and their ignorant gullable minds are of the sheep nature, being more than willing to be led to a slaughter by the filthy dirty ultra left wing, ultra liberal Neomarxist dogs. Please everybody, vote Republican and save this good country! God bless America, the American people, the pro-life and pro-family Republicans! God bless President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for doing always what is best for the American people!

  47. Megan was railroaded by NBC She’s seen the other side. Just don’t talk about blacks. They are too sensitive to absorb innocent comments with common sense. Too many years of being taught victimhood by the commiecrats.

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