Megyn Kelly is looking over her shoulder after this report contained very bad news

Megyn Kelly’s move to NBC has been rocky to say the least.

She’s already had one yanked from the schedule.

Now one report has Kelly looking over her shoulder after this bad news hit.

NBC paid Kelly an astounding 69 million dollars to jump ship from Fox News.

The marriage between Kelly and the Peacock Network has been a failure.

Her Sunday night news magazine program was canceled as a regular show.

And the ratings for the hour she hosts on the Today Show are circling the drain.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

“Since joining “Today,” Ms. Kelly is averaging 2.4 million viewers an episode, 18% below what the hour was pulling in last season, according to data from Nielsen. The ratings have declined sharply for the past two months, dipping to a low of 1.9 million, after getting a lift from the network’s coverage of the Winter Olympics in February.

Among adults aged 25 to 54, the key demographic that the show targets, ratings are down 28% since last season.

Ms. Kelly’s ratings are also hurting the 10 a.m. hour of “Today” with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, according to Nielsen data. That hour of the show, which focuses on lighthearted lifestyle and celebrity news, is down 6% in viewers and 19% among adults 25-54.

The performance of “Megyn Kelly Today” has allowed its chief rival, Walt DisneyCo.’s syndicated chat show “Live with Kelly & Ryan,” to more than double its lead over NBC in that hour to 747,000 viewers.”

These disastrous numbers have observers wondering if the clock is ticking on her career.

NBC is already one third through her three year contract.

Will they shuffle her off the MSNBC if she continues to devalue the Today Show brand?

The Today Show is one of NBC’s biggest cash cows and they won’t sit idly by if Kelly single handedly tanks the franchise.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section.





    • She’s a major screw up & utter disappointment !! She went from the top to the under the basement !! A total embarrassment
      Too her profession & audience !!
      What a waste !! Calling out the presidents daughter ?? Really ?
      Is this how you grew up &’would you like your daughter too act
      In the same way?? Get a damn grip ,!! Move on & straighten up
      With some Real “Class””!!!

  2. It’s time for her to go!! What idiots the NBC board must be. To say she is over paid is too little too late along with the athletes, loud mouth actors who attempt to under mine everything their personal views disagree with. The rest of the American people struggle to make ends meet every day while the over paid liberals gloat. A sad day!!

  3. I don’t watch her. There’s nothing interesting about her. Even if she’s only earned a third of that 69 million, she can retire and do whatever she wants. I can’t believe anybody is worth that much money. I have friends who can’t afford to fix the problems with their home nor can they afford to go to the doctor because their Obama care deductible is six thousand dollars. Those are real life problems.

    • I don’t watch her. There’s nothing interesting about her. Even if she’s only earned a third of that 69 million, she can retire and do whatever she wants. I can’t believe anybody is worth that much money. I have friends who can’t afford to fix the problems with their home nor can they afford to go to the doctor because their Obama care deductible is six thousand dollars. Those are real life problems.

    • She is the worst form of life on the planet. To her credit she fits in well with the rest of the scum bags on the today show and most of the NBC news staff.

      • She is truly ba, but is far better then the rest of msnbe and nbc from top to bottom. Just thought she was the greatest but found out she was not the star, that it was FOX and was the best thing for FOX for her leaving .

  4. She is SO SNOTTY! She needs to vanish along with ALL 3 Clintons, Nancy Pelosi, Stormy Daniels and Mama Hogg’s immature little dips hit! And Maxine Waters- – Did I miss anybody?


  5. She’s right where she belongs. A no talent on a network with nothing but no talents. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only viewer that picked up on her conceit. She really thinks she’s God’s gift to mankind. This article was the first time I’ve even heard her mentioned anywhere in the last year or so. She should take whatever money she has and just go away.

  6. Megyn Kelly could not sell water to the thirstiest man in the world with out screwing it up. Bottom line this woman has no talent and we should not be subjected to her lackluster performances as God knows what.

  7. Megyn is a overpaid person who thinks more of herself then her country . She’s way into dollars and not about America . When you are in front of the public you have to be a good example , she is not !!!! .l truthfully always thought she was much to much into herself . NBC should count this as a strike 3 and send her packing . I don’t watch the news anymore because it is BS , I only read the sports page because you can’t lie about the scores 😱🤔

  8. Arrogant, self absorbed is whatvshe is. Treats everyone as if she were on top and us low lives are below her standards. I have news for her. She’s not all that! As soon as she turned on Trump that did it for me. She thought she would jump on the band wagon of all trump haters and be on top! Instead it back fired! She deserves all she gets for being nasty and unkind!

    • Yep, I’ll never forget in the FIRST primary debate when she zinged Mr Trump with deal about Rosie, etc etc. What a question to ask when the world is basically at war and people are trying to KILL us.
      It was with humor that Trump turned it around, however, I wish he would have done what Gingrich did before… he answered with something like “we are at war, the economy is failing, and you are asking me that???”
      Move her to MSNBC or CNN….she can play footsie with one of their fairies!

  9. I don’t think Megan Kelly is worth 69 million dollars. She has lost her fans along the way, and I don’t think any talk show host is worth that kind of money. I think she will soon be history. Who delegated that kind of money in the first place?

    • Haven’t seen details of the contract, but I think it mis something like something offered professional athletes. You know – a signing bonus up front and then the rest paid out over the length of the contract. There is always a pay our disclaimer. Example – If another “owner” hires the player, that “owner” assumes the original contract plus new contract. If the “player” fails to “perform”, pay out can be reduced OR the player can be “benched”. If the player is “benched” and decides to declare “free agency”, the original contract becomes void. Watch for something similar for Muggen Kelly.

  10. She was on her way to the bottom when NBC stupidly grabbed her from a network that would have gladly given her for free, The NBC executives who made this decision must also be looking back to see the hammer coming.

  11. Maybe it isn’t’ Kelly. Maybe it is NBC. I stopped watching them when they couldn’t keep from presenting a slanted viewpoint. MSNBC is a good example of what not to do!

  12. I don’t care who it is. Nobody on planet Earth is worth $69 million to do what Megyn Kelly does. Are we to assume that out of a population of 320 million people that there isn’t one other person who could entertain a basically brain dead audience for a reasonable salary–say $200,000 per year? This must truly be a nation of idiots, with the management at NBC leading the charge.

    • I agree, my silly first comment notwithstanding, same with actors, singers, athletes, but it is a buyers market. If NBC decides they bought a lame horse they can write her salary off as a bad business loss.

      NFL may lose money due to the kneeling and turning back on the flag thing. We do not watch these overpaid gorilla, many do not now. Will cost ratings and ad money.

    • Perfect! You couldn’t be more right. The country has evolved into a group of “Useful Idiots” fostered by the Liberals. The Kelly issue is but one example that this country is confronted with. Sanctuary Cities, unwarranted sympathy for Illegal Aliens, redistribution of wealth and it being more lucrative to be on Welfare and other Liberal handout programs than to get a job and work. Plus the Swamp bilking taxpayers of billions of dollars for years.

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