Megyn Kelly just destroyed Disney with this brutal advice for parents

Disney has gone full woke.

The corporate giant now realizes that it bit off more than it can chew.

And Megyn Kelly just destroyed Disney with this brutal advice for parents.

Disney tried to bully Florida Governor Ron DeSantis into rejecting the Parental Rights in Education Bill.

This commonsense bill would ban teachers from indoctrinating children in kindergarten through third grade with transgender ideology and the homosexual agenda.

After DeSantis stood up to the woke corporate bullying and signed the bill, Disney fully ripped the mask off and revealed its agenda to groom young children into becoming transgender.

Disney Corporate President Karey Burke appeared at a Disney staff meeting and talked about her “pansexual” children and the fact that Disney planned to make at least 50 percent of its characters either homosexuals or racial minorities in upcoming programming.

Megyn Kelly noted it was out of line for Disney to push a woke political agenda on unsuspecting children.

“So Disney and she have apparently made clear that they are going to be putting as many LGBTQIA+ in as many Disney movies as possible,” Kelly stated. “That they want these characters to become ubiquitous in the Disney movies, and I think that is totally unnecessary and out of line. I don’t want you to work out your wokeism on my kid, okay? Do a movie that teaches tolerance, kindness, support for your fellow human beings.”

Kelly then tore apart Disney’s plan to brainwash children with the homosexual agenda by mocking Burke’s claim that her children were “pansexual” as a made-up term.

“Don’t shove two-spirit people, which by the way is not a thing, and pansexual—I had to look it up, you know what that means? It means you’re attracted to everybody. So you’re bi, I guess. That’s not a thing; that’s already a thing; they already have a letter. I’m sorry, but please, all these glommers who just want attention, it’s a new thing!” Kelly added.

Finally, Kelly warned parents not to allow their children to watch Disney TV or movies until they understood exactly what the programming was about, who starred in it, and what message Disney used the TV or films to promote.

“Beware, you beware. Don’t put a Disney movie on in front of your kid before you fully come to understand what it’s going to be promoting, who it’s going to be starring and what agenda they’re pushing. They’re no longer the Disney of yesterday,” Kelly continued.

Disney is a corporate and entertainment juggernaut.

Marvel and Star Wars movies are multi-billion-dollar franchises for the company.

But Megyn Kelly is calling on parents to boycott Disney programming that promotes a perverse, woke sexual agenda targeted at young kids.

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