Megyn Kelly just got this devastating news

The bad news continues to pour down on Megyn Kelly’s head.

Her new NBC show is a debacle.


  1. I never watched her again after her one sided attack of Mr. Trump at the first debate.
    That was a hit job, not journalism.

  2. Maybe one of the networks will bring back Hee Haw. If he put on some tight shorts and a top she might get a bit part.

  3. Megan Kelly deserves everything she is receiving!!! Maybe all this change in her life will chop off some of that ego she has accumulated by finding out that she may not be so important after all!

  4. Absolutely correct. Leaving the shell provided by FNC was the biggest career mistake she made.Without FNC, she is a lightweight.

  5. She always thought she is someone she is not. Arrogance get her nowhere. She is. nobody and not worth talking about.

  6. Megyn never was the draw–it was Fox News. That gave her the impression she had elite status, and her self perception she was it. Now, she has discovered she isn’t, and let’s see if she can pick up the pieces? Humility may be the key!

  7. I agree she betrayed her viewers completely and she just had to have all the attention all the time and now she just might not get any attention at all.

  8. Kelly is getting everything she deserves for betraying her viewers while she was on Fox. Her attack on President Trump was an attack on us. Suffer for ur stupidity.

  9. Megyn Kelly is a fuking PIG and NMC should dump the bleached blonde ‘wanna-be!’ She should have been ‘Fair & Balanced’ on Fox, then she still might be with them!!

  10. Kelly’s hubris came back and bit her on you know what. I have no empathy for this woman, talking-head, she has proven herself irrelevant. Kelly’s political flip-flopping may be the cursed kiss-of-death.

  11. I guess Ms. Kelly didn’t realize that most of her audience at Fox news were Trump supporters and we have very long memories!

  12. Maybe she can get some tips from “Geee Rall Do Ree- Bear – ah” he has flip flopped so many time during his career anything and everything to try and stay relevant. Maybe she can find an old building in New York and pretend they have found Jimmy Hoffa bring in the cameras and start digging.

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