Megyn Kelly just made a big announcement that drove the Left crazy

Ever since NBC fired Megyn Kelly in 2018, Kelly has tried to reinvent herself as a center-right critic of woke cancel culture.

Kelly’s comeback took another big step.

That’s because Megyn Kelly just made a big announcement that drove the Left crazy.

When Megyn Kelly debuted her podcast in the fall of 2020 it instantly became one of the top shows in the country.

It’s currently one of the top 100 podcasts in America.

And now the show is expanding as Kelly signed a deal for a two-hour show on Sirius XM which will include a video broadcast for her subscribers.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote:

Former Fox News and NBC anchor Megyn Kelly will host an exclusive daily radio show for SiriusXM, the company said Tuesday.

Kelly will host her eponymous The Megyn Kelly Show weekdays from 12-2 p.m. ET on the Triumph channel 111 beginning Sept. 7. As part of the exclusive deal, subscribers will also get access to a video version of the show. Subscribers to Kelly’s podcast will get to listen to episodes of the daily show on a delay.

Red Seat Ventures, which handled production and distribution of Kelly’s podcast, will produce the new radio show.

Dan Bongino and Ben Shapiro were the first right-leaning pundits to transition from popular podcasts to megadeals to turn them into daily radio shows.

Kelly has become a frequent critic of the Marxist critical race theory which Kelly has devoted extensive coverage to.

Kelly recently pulled her kids out of a Manhattan prep school because of all the woke critical race theory curriculum teachers used to indoctrinate kids with.

Critical race theory is shaping up as one of the biggest battlegrounds across America as parents push 51 recall elections for school board members nationwide that have imposed this radical theory on their children’s schools.

Now Kelly will have an even bigger platform to pushback on critical race theory.

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