Megyn Kelly just made one confession that will shock you

When NBC fired Megyn Kelly over a controversy surrounding remarks about blackface, everyone thought her career was over.

If Kelly wanted to make a comeback, everyone figured she would have to apologize and blame everything on Donald Trump.

And now Megyn Kelly just made on confession that will shock you.

NBC axed Kelly after she said that people dressed in blackface for Halloween when she was a kid and no one complained.

Kelly made that comment in the context of a discussion of how Social Justice Warriors are ruining Halloween by claiming that certain costumes are racially insensitive because of “cultural appropriation.”

But Kelly has not backed down on her attack on political correctness.

In fact, she highlighted her agreement with left-wing comic Bill Maher and his attack on the online outrage mobs’ attempts to suffocate American life with made up controversies.

Appearing on Chris Cuomo’s CNN program, Maher slammed politically correct Social Justice Warriors.

“I go after them because they need going after,” Maher told Cuomo.

“They don’t help themselves a lot. I think this far left political correctness is a cancer on progressivism.”

Mahr added that he thought Trump supporters stuck by the President because Trump fought back against the totalitarian forces of political correctness.

Bill Maher stated:

“When you talk to Trump supporters, they’re not blind to his flaws but they always say he’s not politically correct. I don’t think you can overestimate how much people have been choking on political correctness and hate it. There were two studies about this recently … The vast majority of liberals in this country hate it. They think political correctness has gone way too far. No one likes to be living on egg shells,” Mahr added.

Celebrities and news personalities in Kelly’s position usually try to make peace with their tormentors.

The normal path to a comeback is groveling before the groups you offended and begging for forgiveness.

But instead, Megyn Kelly is doubling down.

Do you agree with Megyn Kelly that the PC police are out of control?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



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  2. Let’s do ourselves a favor and quit responding to red man. He’s not for real. Probably a government thug trying to get us to put out posts to cause us trouble. I spot him/her as a phony. And if not,who cares?

        • Dear Gordon Liddy, are you the venerable G. G. Liddy, perhaps? Or is it just a coincidence of names? If you are the famous one, thank you for your many years of peerless FBI service. The debacle of the FBI in recent years, due to the Obama phenomena, must make you very sad indeed.

          But, in regard to Meghan Kelly, I see the fight-for-the-good-cause side of her persona, which she honed as a top-flight lawyer before becoming a social commentator on FoxNewsChanel, has come to the front again because of completely wrong-headed “social justice warriors” who are dingbats and ignoramouses when it comes to matters of law and individual rights under the US Constitution.

    • They are people probably hired by the left to troll consistently. Most likely a lower middle class, white male/female judging from the racial slurs. It’s like listening to All Out Crazy, or Joe Biden trying to be another race. Kind of ironic after reading this article… (yeah, needs to figure out what to do about trolls on here posting so many comments in one sitting. They are abusing the system and I read less and less on this site and more on BPR, American Thinker, and sites that either limit or monitor their comment sections more strictly. I recommend those websites over this one any day.)

      On the other hand, I knew the left was going too far left. Check out Ben Shapiro’s speech about this two years earlier (and give him more views too!). It’s really sad how Social Justice has become so out of control.

      • Yep, me-co michal. Its truly “sad” dat you stink skin white-folks live so deep in denial until it makes you joker subhuman losers. Yo kind ruined america from ever being great, its just a racist country because of inbreeds like you. hahahahhahahahahahahha

      • Yep, me-co michal. Its truly “sad” dat you stink skin white-folks live so deep in denial until it makes you joker subhuman losers. Yo kind ruined america from ever being great, its just a racist country because of inbreeds like you. hahahahhahahahahahahha

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    I think it’s time to stop with the hate speech that’s flowing out of your mouth for white people. This is not healthy for you and all your doing is spreading hatred and racism.

    • What RedMan is doing is, kicking up the dust for Communist Rule over every American. When Communism takes over, your Freedoms are gone forever. Don’t wait to fight the Communist Agenda of the Democrats. They are the one’s who gave us two Muslims in our government. Sahria Law is what these two want in America. They also gave us an illegal alien from Kenyan to be President. Check his back ground and see what others have seen.

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  5. PC is BS. PC serves only one group of people: those who insist on being offended at everything they don’t like. Grow up. Get. A. Freaking. Life.

  6. I’m lower middle class with the pride to say”I’m an ass-hole!” because it takes hard work and diligence to be an ass-hole especially since any politician can be a “dick” that would be a senseless hard-on with no brain but climaxes at every highlight that he/she couldn’t think of for themselves! I worked hard at every job I had and didn’t have to call a favor or climb up someones ass to be successful, When I grew up black people were negroes and then they became colored and then they became black, and now they are African-Americans, but I still have learned to tell the difference by just looking or even with first contact because there are so many black people from different countries, so excuse me if I just say,”hey dude!”but on the other hand we have so many people from so many different and versatile cultures “DUDE” still works because I don’t want to offend the Koreans by calling them Chinese or call a Jamaican, African American, or mistake a Costa Rican or a Puerto Rican for a Mexican-American! Can you understand all the confusion that political correctness makes? What about the mentally challenged, they are the first people to honestly come out and say retard because it is too hard for them to say mentally challenged. and little people were always considered to be kids, but not to offend them they became vertically challenged, but I have never know a midget who didn’t say midget, because we have race cars that are midget racers and we don’t call them vertically challenged racers! DO you realize how stupid political correct speech is retarded!And when people talk about Indians, I have to ask, with a rock or a feather, my grandfather was a half breed with a white father and an Iroquois mother and he fought in the same World War as my other grand-father and as comrades in arms they had no problems when my mother married my father and I loved them both the same for being great men of their time. I knew the main street in downtown America and the farm as well as I did the reservation and I am a better person for it! Now I live in Texas in a much military community where the west begins, married to my Chinese wife with kids who ask what do we write for our culture? And I tell them proudly that we are just Americans so check all the boxes and make them prove you wrong!


  7. Most of the political correctness stuff they are whining about these days is nothing but silly nonsense! Saying and doing anything to keep stirring the pot. Grow up!

  8. Of course the PC is out of control. We used to talk and say things that were normal and people whoever we were talking to understood what we meant. Now it’s gotten so out of hand that us from the older generation can’t say anything. Let’s think about that. Besides the fact is what we used to say without having to apologize for has gotten to where we can’t. Besides we of the older generation know the meaning of terms we can’t use anymore.

  9. Being politically correct is the stupidest thing going. For someone to lose his or her job because of a comment that was made or tweeted is totally insane. People make mistakes that are regretted afterwards. A retraction or an apology is sufficient enough to say that you are sorry. Just put yourself in the other person’s spot and your decision to criticize will change drastically. This is the greatest country in the world and I thank God everyday for this blessing. Wake up and get real.

  10. I fear these PC cheerleaders are a current subset of the age old “busy bodies”. “tis just a virulent virus of the homo sapiens.

  11. If people had the guts to just ignore the PC police and be themselves regardless of what people think of them there wouldn’t be a PC police, live your life your own way and to hell with what people think. too many people are afraid they will offend a group of people or lose so called friends by speaking what they believe, true friends accept you as you re

      • Red man: Wake up! Less than one percent of the pop is inbred racist. There are many more black racists than white!

        • Racism plagues in every human person, White, Black, Brown, yellow, and all the colors in world flags. Blacks didn’t get taken into slavery by whites only but Africans would kidnap and sold them for profit & bigots with power & money demanded this injustice to happen. Wars start by intolerance from the left and to the right so in America our constitutional bill of rights must be upheld not for one side but for all. Read it understand and don’t you dare interpret it for your personal agenda even f you belong to an apposing group.

          • Hey, dog breath rey. The same greasy headed pinkies dat wrote yo white-folks only “con”-stitution were slave holders. You ideal-idiot. And no matter what you inbreeds do, america will NEVER be great. hahahahhahahahahahah.

          • Hey, dog breath rey. The same greasy headed pinkies dat wrote yo white-folks only “con”-stitution were slave holders. You ideal-idiot. And no matter what you inbreeds do, america will NEVER be great. hahahahhahahahahahah.

      • There are a small number of racist white people but you are willing to throw all white people into the same group. That my friend is the definition ao a racist. I have met only a couple of white racists in my lifetime and believe me a true racist has no problem telling you or anyone else of their hatred for someone because they’re different. They don’t hide it so wuit thinking we’re racist & just keeping it hidden. It’s a figment of your on hatred & imagination.

  12. I can’t stand Megyn Kelly when she attacked President Trump she was done on Fox, and I could care less about NBC. With all that said, she is right about PC, it naked totalitarianism, which has no place in a rational America.

  13. “Political correctness” has become a blight on this nation and all of civilization. It’s just an anarchistic attempt to control what the masses think and verbalize. The Social Justice Warriors are nothing more than a bunch of losers who spend their days doing nothing but attempting to find something by which to be offended and then force everyone else to go along with their way of thinking. Now, if that’s how they want to spend their lives, so be it; but to have sane people on both sides of the political aisle fall victim to the whims of these semi-brain dead whiners is the most destructive thing we, as freedom lovers, can do. In the first place, you can never tell whether the “politically correct” person is actually telling you the truth regarding how he/she feels or whether they are just spouting the doctrine of the SWJ in an effort to “belong” to the prevailing popular group or whether they really believe the swill. I would rather have someone speak their truth and have it offend me than to have the “speech police” attempt to keep me from being offended. Let’s face it, you have choices you can make when you find something offensive. You can choose to ignore it and walk away. You can choose to respond in a civil manner. Or, you can do what the SJW do–run to their “safe space” (usually mommy and daddy’s basement, garage or attic), curl up in the fetal position and stick their thumbs in their mouths until they get their way. For me, I have refused and will continue to refuse to cave to those who are afraid of opposing opinions and so insecure in their beliefs that they feel the need to force all others to their way of thinking, just so they can feel safe.

  14. I lived in the era before desegregation. The black folks were only referred to as n… when the area the lived in was bad. I lived next door to a fine black family. I went to school with them and had as my home economic partner a great black girl who had never been exposed to cooking, cleaning or sewing. She came back to thank me for showing her the way to do those things at our 25th high school reunion. We picked up and took to town on a regular basis a man who referred to himself as n… Jim. He had no car and lived back in the woods. We were never permitted to take him home but only drop him at his lane. Everyone in neighborhood did the same. Sometimess folks are victims of not knowing and I am willing to help them. Those that are ablebodied should work just as we did. I am 78 years old and the youngest of 12 children whose family also took in the unfortunate even as we were struggling to make it ourself. Wake up America and make sure that we are not just a handout country put a hand up when you need it!!!!

    • I would have to agree with you; I too am a deplorable. Oh, wait! Isn’t that PC? I mean, we shouldn’t put labels on others, should we? Just because someone is white and follows follows Trump doesn’t make him/her deplorable does it? What happened with the right to think freely without someone else telling me I’m deplorable. Where has the respect for one another’s right to think, speak, color, or even eye colors. If you want to get realistic! Remember we all were created by One God and He looked over the earth and said; “It is good!” Meaning mankind and animals and people were good to Him.

    • You’re one of those ugly baiters not worth the effort of a response, other than to say that I’ve been a “Dick” all my life and you’ve likely been a bit backside all of yours!

  15. Absolutely right, Marty. The indians in Arizona or anywhere else for that matter could live where they please but they live in a dump in nowheresville like rats in a trap. At least they do in Arizona. And we are the ones with the problem according to the know it all Redman.

    • They live there only because they pay absolutely no state and Federal or sales tax there. No Taxes are paid what so ever from any of them until the leave and work outside of the reservation area. That is why the stay there oh and no Property tax either. They have no laws to tell they how to build buildings no state and federal codes to follow they build how they want when they want and where they want. They can dig their own water wells and have their own septic systems and when it fills they can either drain it or go build another home???? They don’t care how polluted they make the land they buy car and when the engine or drive train dies its parked and parted out and rusts away. they don’t care. But off the reservation they figure it that about 64 cents of every dollar goes for paying Local state federal SS and property taxes not metnion Car registration boat and plane and other things. So yeah a person needs 2 full time jobs in eah house hold to survive. Then you pile on PC into your lives hell social media bans or temporary blocks you now for PC violations on everyone except Muslims. Its almost not even fair to live anymore and maybe it is time more and more states vote in assisted suicide to help those who decide to end it all???????

  16. Make no mistake. Political correctness could well bring this country down if it is not ignored or stopped. We pay MUCH too much attention to this crap. Let’s be real people, people!

    • You sound like a “native American.” I love what I see when I go through the reservations here in AZ. They are like one grand garbage dump. You’d think that having the government provide for you would help things out. You’d be wrong.

      • Again, Mar-te-ah. No good white-folks like you, yo tramp mama, and racist like trump-ah-hump ruined America long ago wit white privileges, and now most other countries hate America because of you demonic pinkies. hahahahahahhahahah

      • Absolutely right, Marty. The indians in Arizona or anywhere else for that matter could live where they please but they live in a dump in nowheresville like rats in a trap. At least they do in Arizona. And we are the ones with the problem according to the know it all Redman.

    • If you really are an injun, it doesn’t get more inbred or loser than you moccasin wearer laggards. America was made great by white men who civilized and tamed what became the greatest nation ever! Injuns massacred and enslaved one another and treated women like farm animals. That’s why we had to put you in your place, the rez! We’ve given you redskins no taxes, free roam on all income from peddling vices, unfettered welfare, and you still wallow in self induced drug addiction and misery. So go pound your tom tom somewhere else, chief, we ain’t buyin”!

    • You all wered oing so well murdering and stealing from each other before we came along. At least your old people and babies aren’t starving to death every winter anymore.

  17. I agree the political correctness is way out of hand and think they are just trying to change america into something it was never meant to be “Backwards”

  18. I never though I would ever agree with Megan Kelly or Bill Maher, but this is one time they are spot on . good for them.

  19. I agree with the many comments that say “Political Correctness” has gotten way out of hand, and is actually bad for helping us have honest discussions about things we need to talk about. I like Megyn Kelly, and think she is helping by not “apologizing.”

  20. Perhaps Megan Kelly is through being all full of herself and slowly drifty back down to Earth from her self-imposed Kellyworld! I used to be a fan but she switched tracks and left her Conservative base attack the President Elect and doing her won PC thing! As for Mahr I disagree with 99% of what he says and does. However, on the matter of PC Correctness and everyone being fed up he is absolutely correct. We Are Sick Of It! Enough with the insanity already! I was originally a Cruz supporter and, of course supported Trump when he received (and won) the nomination. As the media, including MS Kelly, started to attack President Trump I supported him more. Now that he is getting unduly attacked for all sides, and doing a great job by the way, I love the guy. Here’s the deal, the more the Left attacks, the more the come up with the PC Crap, the more radical the Left becomes I love Trump even more. The more Mahr bashes him the more I hate Mahr and love Trump. This is pretty much the same for everyone I know and talk to across the country. So keep it up………. Perhaps the Left will get the message and back the hell off!

    • Funny…I did the same as you….supported Ted Cruz in the primaries and gradually learned to love what Trump stands for. ME! And YOU! He wants what is best for this nation, and heck with what others try to do to stop him. Other nations want a Trump also! Can’t have ours…sorry!! TRUMP 2020!!

  21. NBC was just looking for a way to get rid of Megyn. She didn’t bring ANY conservatives to NBC instead of Fox. Although I don’t like her, OR Bill Maher, they’re 100% right about the political correctness. It’s gone WAY to far, & only applies to conservatives for the most part. I’ve yet to see a liberal get caught by the PC police. America is in SAD shape. I don’t believe that we should mistreat others, no matter who it is, gays, trans, atheists, Christians, even Muslims. But, there is a line that has been drawn in the sand. We conservatives have been dared to cross it. But, if we don’t do something, & soon, our beautiful country will no longer be ours.

  22. Maher and Kelly both are spot-on regarding political correctness…it has compromised reasonable debate, polarizing the country, and slowly killing this nation from within.

  23. I loved Megyn Kelly, she was not being a racist by making this statement! What happened to the “american melting pot”? It worked very well until this new PC wave. Who cares about cultural appropriation? Queen B with blond straight hair does not offend me!
    Please teach your children or students peace, respect and justice for ALL, teach them to fight for their freedom of speech in this beautiful free country. God Bless Predident Trump.

  24. The liberal way is to want something for nothing. One way they do this is by analyzing everything that is said to see if some part of a statement offended them. If so, they announce the offense with the intent to get money or ‘power’. All people are guilty of saying things that offend someone. This real problem is intent. This overly sensitive word play is a ridiculous way to look at the world. You can always find some words that offend. A better practice is to turn the other cheek and no be so darned sensitive. Bunch of crybabies!!!
    This all stems from doing things like giving out trophies for “participating”, rather than for winning. Teach your children the value of hard work! And studying school lessons is hard work!

  25. I don’t understand…When I find abortion or a TV show offensive. I’m told to, “suck it up and just not get an abortion” or “then don’t watch that show.” And yet when “they are offended” by something, “it’s a travesty/racist and must immediately be ended/removed.”

  26. PC HAS BEEN OUT OF CONTROL SINCE DAY ONE. Trump saw that and ran like hell against it and that’s why he’s sitting where he is. Bless you President Trump for all you have done for this country. My whole family will be voting for you in 2020. KAGA. KEEP AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  27. Offending someone is a “Croc”! You can find almost anything to be offensive, if you let it! Whatever happened to “Get your feelings off your shoulder?” Of “Brush it off and go on”? I’m sure those that claim to be offended will at some point say something that others find hurtful, or just may not like. It’s just too convenient, since 2012, to claim anything that is divisive. So, suck it up, snowflake and ignore what you don’t like>

    • Political correctness is a parasite on society besides being a divider. If one wants they can find hirt in anything said. What ever happened to the old saying sticks and stones may break my skin but words will never harm me physically. Get over it folks people will always say things that hurt your feelings best response is to ignore it and get on with life.

  28. My kind response to all Leftist, PC, SJW, Anti-American, baby murdering, immoral, Godless idiots is simply, “STFU!”

    • Yes. All of the B. S. about being politically correct is driving people apart. This “you can’t say this and you can’t say that” because it hurts someones’ feelings has gotten to the point where people are afraid to say anything. I’ve been called many things, some nice and some not so nice. These “things” are just words. I have never heard of anyone bleeding to death by being pierced by a word.

    • Hey, jimmy-jo-vetrone. You 4 got 2 mention dat most of you pinkies love to rape ya own brats, worship guns, and let yo dogs lick you in yo snake-mouth. hahahahahhahahahah

  29. The pc police are just another way to turn this country into a people afraid to think and speak their own mind. If we don’t do something about it we will find ourselves in reeducation camps.

    • Jack, I agree! Reinstate the draft. Females, too. Make more choices for enlistments such as, perhaps, a PeaceCorps-like entity (if they choose to opt out of military.


  31. Like most everyone has said, progressives are out of control and have shut down comedy completely, having to watch out for every word coming out of your mouth gets real old and these morons are watching every thing that is said and twisting it to their agenda. While the left can do and say what they want, any Trump supporters is watched like a hawk and attacked when something it said that they can spin it to be so called bad. People need to get a life and go back to the days where everyone was not walking on egg shells, or better yet, get rid of these whining Progressives.

  32. Get rid of Political Correctness it’s just a liberal way to force change so they can have more power, that’s their addiction power. To force everyone to do things their way, screw them. Do it the american way.

  33. Political correctness is nothing but an attempt at dictatorship. Restricting conversation only gives dictators more power. Like obummer outlawing the term common sense in the white house. It’s a refusal to hear anything that might make you wrong.

    • Yes, she did. They couldn’t stand her and her ratings s*cked. PC was their excuse to can her. It never ends well for people who go after Trump.

  34. Oh,BTW,It was Perfectly FINE for don lemonHEAD of commi news network to say White males were the biggest Threat to this country.Cant Make this s… up Anymore.

    • Exactly Art. PC only applies to white people. PC takes away free speech. I’ve never been a PC guy and never will be. I’ll say what I want when I want and how I want to say it. I never understood why someone would ever want to wear black on their face. Who the hell is white and wants to be black. I’m white and love it. Love your color. White people have built the most prosperous & civilized societies in the world. Without white people, we’ll just look at the countries built by people of other colors and that should tell you all you need to know.

  35. They saidMARY POPPINS was RACIST because it showed white Chimney sweeps coming out of the chimney with BLACK SOOT on their faces!! Naaaa,It Hasent gone too Far….;) You Gotta Laugh or you*ll Cry.Semper Fi

    • So sick of people using the racist card I could puke..not ladylike but that’s how disgusted it makes me.I am throwing that card out of the DECK.

      • Hi Shirley I threw that card out of the deck when I first heard it. Grow up people get a pair. You are what you are be it color race heritage or find another word for it. I’m 75 and I’ll be damned if you babies who are still wet behind the ears are going to tell me what I can or cannot say. If you are offended then that’s on you. I’m entitled to my opinion on you and everything else upon which I care to expound. Most of you can’t even speak english, spell correctly or understand the rules of grammar!

  36. I was raised in a mixed community where all kids of all colors got along wonderfully!! At Halloween, I can remember white kids wearing blackface as well as black kids wearing white face! This entire PC crap has gone WAY too far and is typical of those who profess the need for the progressives to cause problems!!!

    • You are so right.

      You hit the nail on the head, Things have really gotten out of hand, Most Black and White kids have played together for a long time. My husband was a brick mason and hired lots of Black men and taught the ones who wanted to learn to lay brick, Also our children had great respect of them and t some ate meals with us.

      everyone in this country is not a racist.

      when I was a teen my Dad was building a hotel in SC and one day I was walking down the street and a Black man c0ming towards me to pass and got out in the street and I could not figure out why he did this. I had to ask my Dad when I got home. What a shame.

  37. Oh, yeah. The PC police are definitely out of control. Look at Omar, AOC, and that Palestinian wacko from Minnesota starting with “R”. The Democrat Party aren’t jumping on them for their shit comments, probably due to their diversity status. To them, being white is a no-no. They wanted the whites to take the back seat and shut up. Even Biden and Swalwell are struggling with their white skin. Swalwell had to apologize for being white. So ridiculous that we have to come to this day dealing like this. This is really 1984 shit. Amazing that the liberals can even manage to put men in women/girls restroom by saying there are +500 genders out there!

    We must END it now. Stop this shit now.

    Vote Trump 2020!

  38. It seems that the public has dumped Christianity for humanism and in the exchange they now depend on each individual’s idea of right and wrong. Laws and ageless morals have been throng away for idea of the moment. I think this is a perfect example of original sin.

    • What on earth does Christianity have to do with this? You might want to look at your Pope and the Bible Thumpers to understand why people have dumped religion. They’re as obnoxious and intolerant as the PC crowd. You don’t need religion to have a relationship with God, or know right from wrong. Just follow the 10 commandments (which is from the Old Testament.)

      • Sorry you’re wrong. We do need Christianity..This world has turned into Sodom and Gomorrah. You mentioned the Old Testament, then you should know about that. This is satan who is trying real hard to flip this world…..he won’t quit until his has control. People who don’t have any religion also have no morals. There is no right or wrong for them…… such as abortion, transgender and gays/lesbians…etc..This country was built on the founding fathers who had Christianity.. we are a really long way from that now! “IN GOD WE TRUST”. I will continue to pray for our president. He is trying really hard to keep our America worthy……..

  39. As much as I’ve lost respect for Kelly, I think NBC was looking for anything to fire her. Also hate to agree with Maher but he’s right every now and then. I can’t believe he said what he said about Trump and his supporters. Look at all the hubbub about how the U.S. soccer team was accused of being insensitive to Thailand’s loss. Progressives just don’t get it.

  40. I also agree they’ve gone over board . You can’t say anything without them having a commit . Then again Misery loves company .

  41. I am NOT a fan of Megyn Kelly but I really don’t see that she was making a racist remark when she addressed the subject of Halloween costumes where people use black face makeup. People still use the black makeup on their faces as part of a costume for Halloween & other events.My husband & I once went to a costume party dressed as a black pimp & his “black prostitute” (we are white as snow). No one recognized us & we won first prize for the best costume! NOBODY saw it as a racial issue or a racist jab to black people. No one was offended! This is part of what America has become! If people aren’t complaining about things that are taken so out of context they are NOT happy.

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