Megyn Kelly just made the biggest mistake of her career

Trump-hating Megyn Kelly is at it again.

The NBC anchor is attempting to reignite her feud with Donald Trump.

But she ended up making the biggest mistake of her career.

On a recent broadcast of Kelly’s low-rated morning show, she discussed the controversy over the Donald Trump pointing out the double standard concerning Roseanne being fired, but Samantha Bee keeping her job after calling Ivanka Trump a vulgar name.

Kelly claimed the White House had no leg to stand on to call out a double standard.

Kelly siding against the White House was as predictable as the sun setting in the west.

She is desperate for attention and the easiest way for clips from her show to go viral is to pick a fight with Trump.

But Kelly is scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

A conservative would have been fired for making any derogatory comment about Chelsea Clinton.

And one Congressional staffer was run out of town for suggesting one of Obama’s daughters “show a little class.”

Samantha Bee suffered no consequences for smearing Ivanka Trump with a disgusting vulgarity.

Instead of sticking up for what was right, Kelly tried to score cheap points at Donald Trump’s expense.


  1. Talk about wasted money, look at the Mueller witch hunt that is totally caused by the lying Clintons and the demorats who can’t stand to lose the power they held.

  2. You people at Renewed Right are very terrible you dont like the truth to be seen on your comment section.

  3. lets face it Megan Kelly is trying to hang onto her job, or whats left of it. Shes her own worst enemy.

  4. Are you really this ignorant or are you here just to stir up trouble? Either way you look like a fool.

  5. Trump is using propaganda to frighten voters. There is no open boarders look he is spreading. He mislead the numbers of actual crimes being committed. More then 70% of deaths are caused by the White Supremacy group. Less the 1% has be committed by illegals. But he does not care about the truth just so he waste tax dollars on a wall that is not necessary.

  6. Hasn’t she learned from her past experiences that nothing she does against Trump will ever work???? Maybe she’s just another bully…….

  7. Deep State traitors are everywhere!!The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs (Ryan, Gowdy, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc..,) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  8. What are you talking about ,ALL OF MEGAN’S MISTAKES HAVE BEEN OFF THE CHARTS, And personally i DON”T waste my time reading about losers over and over again. that is always the news about her, PLEASE!

  9. I remember one show after their show down that the Meg was obviously about to wet her pants when someone implied Trump watched her show afterward, she got into a real dither about it, like a schoolgirl crush. Ha, as if, has she even looked at Melania, observed the sophistication and sweet disposition? Pathetic Megan

  10. Here ya go, Mary Jo. Yep, Meggie drools on
    DJT. Remember the Trump Tower int’view Trying
    to make amends. V.0bvious. Then Later DJT
    goes to J.Jeanine (whatever) at her home.
    That just burned Meg. Anyway – this is a Diff.
    & shortened version. Enuff of this ‘bull’.
    U saw/see it (re Meg) as Many ‘others’ LOL
    Eat your heart out Meg, NO WAY. Bye.

  11. Uh-oh Mary Jo, 2x blocked a really good
    comment. May try later . HaHA, U et el
    Will ‘like it’ . Check later.
    ps. i bet RR posts this. Come RR, DO IT.

  12. Dan,re your cooment “whom pays attention” U/me/us that comment on this/her crap. LOL.
    & i’m NOT Commenting re her ANYMORE.
    10-4, 0ver & 0UT.
    read my post to BUTCHY.
    MEG….. STFU. Thank you.

  13. Yo’ – well,normally i wouldn’t waste Any more time on
    Meggie. I SAID IT ALL on previous blogs. I forgot
    one thang – ok here ya go,
    ‘This one’s for You Bud’ BUTCHY =
    >>> Meggie… STFU. 1 more x STFU MEG__
    IT’S OVER. OK? 0KAY. GO ! & take care of
    your children.
    ps. Butchy, i Almost deleted this tab,/ senseless.
    Buttt, someting made me go back/take a peek.
    IT WAS YOU !!! HAha HAAAA. Called a “GOD WINK” __
    See ya ‘around town’ __

  14. From the monent Samantha used her terrminology to try and be “CUTE & FUNNY” (BY-HALF) I AM NOW DUBBING HER 2 B CALLED SAMANTHA “C” Has a nice ring to it and MOST IMPORTANTLY IT FITS HER LIKE A TIGHT LITTLE “C” SHE IS

  15. It sure does not have to be accurate to convict ordinary citizens. No one in Washington goes to jail. The only way is to shoot them.

  16. Trump is trying, which a complete change from the BUSH’s, Clintons and less we forget Obama Jama who all specialized in excuses. George Bush the First” read my lips, no new taxes” and the list is very long.

  17. Don’t worry…we will if given a chance. Maybe it’s time our governor go…he’s nuts if he wants to put Cincy in…what are her qualifications? And…I have no respect for her. She knew McCain was married when she started screwing around with him. She has the morals of an alley cat…and he married her for her dad’s connections….

  18. Why waste your time talking about her? She is not on any channel I watch. Her looks are non-existent. Personality? None. Attitude, not good. Not the least bit amusing.
    She is a multimillionaire, so why doesn’t she just finish “Drying up, and blowing away”?

  19. Another disgusting leftist in conservative clothing. It’s time to flush out these Arschlochs and flush them down.
    Leftists must hang no matter where they hide.

  20. I also believe that God put Trump in the White house. Every week you see more dirt come out by these evil democrats, you can see that Trump is there by divine intervention and he will be exonerated from all these fake charges against him. I pray every nite this farce will end soon, but our time and God’s time are very different but he is certainly going to take care of the swamp.

  21. Geez- i thought she ‘cooked her goose’ a awhile back. Guess not.
    Pretty big ‘goose’ i’d say & still hasn’t ‘burned it’. wow.


  23. I would not give up the “GHOST” as the saying goes,,,,,,the groundwork is being laid, but must be extremely accurate and detailed, or it can be thrown out of court for one wrong detail. I honestly believe that the “CLINTON CARTEL”, and her “band of fallen angels” will face the judge before long, and I am, like you and the hundreds of thousands of other “like-minded” American citizens, anxious to see the “LADY OF JUSTICE” and her scales weigh in on the guilty,,,(ALL OF THEM) including the group that signed to allow the sale (ILLEGAL SALE) of 20% of America’s URANIUM to RUSSIA, and then the CLINTON FOUNDATION ACCEPTED THE $145,000,000.00 in (ANONYMOUS) DONATIONS FROM FAR-EAST EUROPEAN DONORS, not to mention the increase in SLICK WILLY’S speaking fee from $100,000.00 to $500.000.00 overnite! The CLINTONS CAN ALSO BE ????? ABOUT WHERE THE DONATIONS THAT WERE MADE TO HELP THE POOR PEOPLE OF HAITI AFTER THEIR STORM A FEW YEARS AGO??? THOSE POOR FOLKS ARE STILL LOOKING FOR THOSE FUNDS FROM THE CLINTON FOUNDATION!!!!!

  24. “Cheap points” is all Megyn Kelly has left these days. She is unpopular, and that is not going to work for a morning social show. Kelly is dead.


  26. number one problem standing in the way of justice is a loser called Jeff sessons . tell me this sob is not somehow protecting them and the reasons behind it. fire the sob now! its our country and we demand justice.

  27. I think Magyn K likes Donald Trump, so she says all these negative stuff to get his attention! She would love to be in Melania’s shoes……

  28. I wish someone would tell me why if they have so many illegal things done by Hillary and other people why are they not held accountable. I am sick of all the BS If they have the all the proof why aren’t they doing anything about? We are sick of all the crap they are finding and everybody is still running free and working on the same job. Arrest them already. Do your job. the one you are getting paid too much. Just sit on your fat asses and not do a thing.

  29. GOD choose Donald Trump To Be Our 45th President,(believe it or not!) And GOD said,Don’t mess with my Anointed One!! If you do I will deal with you!! Evidently Megan K and a few others have not got the message yet!! But they will, for little by little GOD is slowly DRAINING THE SWAMP!! AMEN!!

  30. Meygan Kelly sucked on FOX, was a loser then. She was a contractual waste to FOX and NBC took that miserable money pit off their hands. It couldn’t have worked out better for Fox. Martha McCallum, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham have brought in more viewers and revenue then expected. NBC on the other side, are paying her a fortune, she has the lowest viewership on morning TV, Revenues are down substantially and ratings are not only in the toilet they’re flushed! FOX management and their shareholders have a world of Thank you for NBC (Comcast)! The only show she ever did that was the highest rated show for NBC, was when she “Apologized” to President Trump and granted her an interview. It’s clearly demonstrated the forgiveness and generosity of our President and the lack of sincerity and commitment of Kelly to say and do anything to boost her ratings. President Trump tells a story about a down and out Snake (Kelly). What she doesn’t know is she has no venom, so when she bit the hand that helped her (Pres. Trump) she killed herself. That’s the real Meygan Kelly.

  31. No, the way it works is the state governor can APPOINT any person to complete the person’s term in office. Frequently, the spouse of the suddenly dead politician is appointed to fill the position (call it a sympathy appointment). If the term is more than a year, the state is supposed to hold a “special election”. If a general election is schedule within two years, the appointee must “run” for regular election and WIN the position or be OUT.

  32. President Trump has done more for this country than the last 4 presidents combined. He has gotten Americans released, he has got North and South Korea talking, has not taken any guff from spoiled North Korean “Leader”, etc. Yes, he has made a couple of boo boos but for the most part he has done great. He should do something about that female comedian?? that insulted his daughter, but he is better than that, she will get her comuppance.

  33. During the 2016 season , I had to laugh at the media. Stupidly, because they hated him so, the libturd media “GAVE” candidate Trump $Millions in free publicity. Because of the libturd media attacks, Americans took a much closer look at ALL the GOP candidates and screened out the RINOs. The media is still doing it. Americans have now learned toi examine anything the media puts out and mostly screens out the garbage. We have learned HOW to unmask libturds AND RINOs AND we insist GOP politicians be true to the Constitution and to conservative principles.

  34. And Debbie Dingell from Michigan took her husbands seat a few years ago as well.
    I am not sure how that works – I “think” the wives can finish out the existing term and then they have to run for re-election. In this case both Dingells are/ were die hard flaming liberals
    Go Trump 2020″????????????????????????

  35. Trump has been a light shining through the darkness. Once we get rid of the 7 or eight republicans who will not support him we will be in great shape. We will help him as we get out and vote in the mid term election. Then he can do even more to make America great again.

  36. It is heartening to know that
    I am not alone in my belief that President Trump has and will make a huge positive impact on our country.

  37. Meghan Kelly , Cindy McCain will do any thing to be a Thorne in America’s republican agenda and the people of Arizona should call for a special election , while the Anerican people should reject the Meghan Kelly PROGRAMING another looser !!!!

    Joseph St.Clair

  38. Kelly is trash. Money grubbing trash. All there is to it. I remember her getting mean just before she left fox. Had a feeling she got a hot offer at the time.

    Hey! Maybe they could put her on together with Rachel mad-cow.

    Megan and mad-cow, that’s the liberal ticket. Add lying brian Williams for comic relief.

  39. Most major TV news media refused to give Trump the fair coverage, but Trump used the social media to spread the word and won the presidency. Now the major social media such as FaceBook and Google are trying to change the tide. Remember the Berkeley situations?

    Many RINO senators are not doing enough to stamp out this problem. How can Cindy McCain take over the US senatorship? John McCain remains the thorn of many things. The conservative Arizonans must act to end the McCain dynasty.

    No more dynasties. No more Bush, Cuomo, Clinton, and Kennedy. None of them put America first. OUT!

  40. Ronnie: your comment is accurate and very valuable. It is a serious problem to see how third class experts downgrade possible serious political and educational analysis. However we must understand that our public freedoms require the survival of empty-clueless statement vomited on the readers.

  41. You nailed it Richard. It will be a sad day for America if Conservatives get complacent and stay home and allow the useless Liberals to affect the vote tally.
    America should be proud once more with a president like Donald Trump and keep up the momentum. Liberal Democrats will try every underhanded method to upset the 2020 election as already seen with the upcoming 2018 midterms. Drain the Swamp; Lock Them Up; MAGA!

  42. I agree with all of the above. McCain has done much damage to the country because of his hatred for Trump & many of his positions against conservatives. He is reckless as he has always been in life.

  43. Megan Kelly is a has-been who is trying to be relevant again. Give it up, Megan. Stay home and raise your three kids. You have enough money.

  44. The American people will come out in the 2018 elections; then President Trump/Pence can finish up throwing out the trash, Keeping America Great through 2020 ! Copy, share, post to all… not get complacent. Trump 2020!!!

  45. TRUMP IS attacked like no other president in recent history…as if he should have no opinion. Yet, his opinions won him the presidency…his ideas improved our evononmy…his leadership has gotten tax reform…and after 70 years…there may be an end to the Korean war.
    His action versus DEMOCRATIC and LIBERAL non-actions will win a end yerm.

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