Megyn Kelly just made the strangest decision of her career

Megyn Kelly’s career at NBC has been nothing short of a disaster.

Kelly has desperately been searching for a way to boost her ratings.

That’s why one interview she just conducted was the strangest decision of her career.

In an attempt to regain past glory, Kelly has attempted to reignite her feud with Donald Trump.

Kelly even turned her show into a safe space for multiple women had leveled questionable accusations of sexual misconduct against the President.

So when Stormy Daniels Attorney Michael Avenatti showed up on her set, everyone expected Kelly to place the ball on a tee for Avenatti to whack away at Trump.

That didn’t happen.

Kelly ripped his arguments to shreds.

The Daily Caller reports:

“One of Avenatti’s claims is that the hush agreement Daniels signed about her alleged affair with the president is invalid because Trump never signed it. However, Kelly pointed out that the agreement only required either Trump or his lawyer, Michael Cohen, to sign.

“[Cohen] could bind himself to that $130,000 and she signed it and she cashed the check,” Kelly argued.

Kelly also noted that the agreement required Daniels to turn over any proof she had of the alleged affair, yet Avenatti recently teased a DVD on his Twitter account, implying that Daniels had broken that term of the agreement.

“Well, so you’re saying they didn’t live up to their obligations, and now there’s a question about whether she did,” Kelly explained.”

Liberals were caught up in a fever dream that the Daniels affair – and the alleged hush money – would lead to Trump’s downfall.

It was a pipedream – as even an anti-Trump host like Kelly could see.

Kelly taking Avenatti apart will likely end any chance Kelly had of making peace with the liberal audience on NBC.
That makes her ratings slide irreversible.

Do you think Kelly’s career is over? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. James Neumann, She may try to befriend him, but he’s not gullible. He won’t fall for her B.S. He’s a bit too smart for Megan Kelly and he’d see rigtht through her plot.

  2. Megan Kelly git a little too big for her shoes when she left a successful career in FOX which for the most part is a conservative network. And, it tops all the “Fake News” networks combined. She should stop her whining and start being honest. Going after President Trump is going to totally ruin her career. That is what’s left if it. Remember Megan “You reap what you sow.”. Your
    Would do yourself justice if you decided to befriend him rather that trash him.

  3. She moved up fast as at Fox. Dhe took Hannity’s spot. She wsnted more, She started afted on O’Reilly. Getting more arrogant by the day. She was out of control by the time she did her little number on Donald Trump.CNN loved it, made her an offer. Wow, she thought she was now hot stuff. She went for it and found out she wasn’t as hot as she thought. Now the piper gets paid!

  4. Megyn has only one problem. She thought we thought as much of her as she thinks of herself. That was enough!

  5. She just loves to playwith fire and she has a family to think of. She was so good when she 1st started out but our of bounds now no matter what she does. I quit listening to her years ago. I know of no one who listens to her.

  6. She just loves to playwith fire and she has a family to think of. She was so good when she 1st started out but our of bounds now no matter what she does. I quit listening to her years ago. I know of no one who listens to her.

  7. Kely knows she is between a rock and a hard place and will do whatever it takes to keep her overpaid job. If she supports NBC’s views, she loses audience; if she doesn’t she loses job. She’s in a tangled web because of her deceit.

  8. Kelley’s decision to change her way and attitude is positive for her ratings but negative for NBC acceptance and support. Kelley’s new way is not playing NBC way and they pay her salary wanting what they want and pay for. If Kelley leaves NBC for this reason she will end up ahead and better for herself by getting more support.

  9. How in hell can a Candidate file suit against the winner? This is Nazism coming from the Democrat Nazis. Has any Politician ever filed suit against the winner? This is ignorant Hillary thinking she is Queen of America. Send her back to the Pig Sty.

  10. Main Slime Media will never be relevant again. Not in my eyes. They’re done. They dove head first into the swamp Tank & won’t be coming out,even if they try. They already think they’re still all that.
    Soros’ money means way to much to Megyn & libtards.

    I bet Megyn is on Soros’ payroll & has been for couple few years now.

  11. Editorialized opinions are not news, when the “talking heads” become “news readers” I may again watch MSM, until then NO thank you.

  12. Ya know Jack, I’d say that that Hillary SHILL Megyn already cleaned house at the very beginning. She’s now looking at any scrap of Democrat LIES she can run with. We know she’s licking her lips at this new lawsuit the Democrats filed today stating that Trump, Wikileaks,& Russia all joined together, causing her to lose.
    The sick SWAMP is so thick & full of lying thieves that it won’t be long before that demtard party literally COMES AFTER us Trump supporters. If they could jail, kill, or confine us, they would or will. It’s THAT BAD.
    LOCK & LOAD my friends.

  13. wow, really, You must fit in the same keyhole with her, It opens nothing simular to the brains of you both

  14. Megyn Kelly “Top Shelf” on what planet, Not only is she NOT a has been She is positively a “NEVER WAS” She is rude crude and her 15 minutes is long past

  15. She should be setting at a small desk with a coloring book & crayons. Someone should watch her so that she don’t eat the crayons.

  16. I’ll have to say that Kelly did right by President Trump by calling these 2 out. Might get her something good in the future. Maybe she is trying to redeem herself when it comes to President Trump.

  17. I’m really glad that happened . It’s a slap in the face for the accuser and it negates any validity of claims . Also Meghan Kelly has no career her methods are always self serving and evil . She wanted to crush President Trump but it backfired on her. She is not a person we need on TV . Anytime .

  18. I am so happy that M. Kelly is so much disliked. She has a very provocative manners for putting her questions as she did w our President without any respect . Her inter view w President Putin also showed her desire to be admired. Which to me never happened

  19. I am really happy so many enthusiastically dislike Kelly who has a very provocative manner of asking questions . Example is her rude ones to the President. She is not a kind of journalist u can trust

  20. I know that Megyn Kelly’s career was over the day she bailed on FOX News….it just took the slow road to death…….

  21. Absolutely the truth Mo. She sunk herself at the first when she attacked Trump and has gone down hill all the time. I think she was afraid and had to leave Fox because her contract was up (making 6M$ per year) that was not going to be renewed because of her falling numbers after she attacked Mr. Trump.

  22. Surely you jest Robert…she is a has been from way back and Fox did right in accepting her resignation…welcome NBC, no one else wants her

  23. I think M Lelly does a terrific job and does everyday. She has something different everyday. She is top shelf

  24. Kelly was apparently a conservative; but evolved into a liberal because she wanted to move to the big time. But her interview skills have always been poor in that she would grab onto a single point whether important or not and derail what could have been otherwise great interviews. But she was pretty and likeable so the conservatives accepted her anyway. In politics, you can’t change sides. When you take a position, you please some and anger the others. When you change, that angers the ones you previously pleased, but the people you angered originally will never come to like you. Megan, pretty, and sometimes charming as she can be, has become a bat, rejected now by animals and birds alike.

  25. The only way her ratings would improve if she did her show in a itsy bitsy tiny bikini and doing exercise in it.

  26. Kelly is a jerk. I always thought so, and now she’s proved it. Her looks will only get her so far – people will soon realize you need a brain too. What an ass! Drop dead Kelly.

  27. I think that Kelly screwed herself over a year or two ago. Leaving Fox was not her best plan. I an suprised that the attorney in her came forward and she called BS on stormys attorney.

  28. What the heck does anything that happened years ago have to do with today. It was not a criminal act and Stormy just wants to get in the News Spotlight as a cheap hooker with no Morales. What did she look like ten years ago? After so many sex films, she probably looked drawn out and not so enticing.

  29. Megyn is a hateful skank and deserves all the bad ratings for having the guy on her show that said Sandy Hook was faked. She lost me before that but I feel that was her downfall to question grieving parents. Time for her to sit down and shut up.

  30. Our President is brilliant, Megan isn’t, she didn’t even see it coming. Her bias was her fall, her ego was her dimise.

  31. CRUSTY – She’ll do about anything for attention. I fully expect her to reincarnate her early tactics of more leg and cleavage exposure. Even her (like a lot of them) earlier offer upskirt – more often and “daring” – up skirt flashing. Maybe like some weather girls, stripping to lingerie while interviewing guests. Just one problem!!! Her “age” has become obvious and that will make such obvious behavior seem even more ridiculous.

  32. Donna, I think you got it half right. Absolutely she is desperate and will do just about anything (wouldn’t surprise me if she did a big upskirt flash) to boost her ratings. Second, as Mo says, she finally realizes her downfall started the minute she attacked POTUS Trump. So, she figures, maybe her rating will go up if she changes tactics and DEFENDS Trump. We’ll see!



  35. I was also a fan of Megyn’s until she unfairly and disrespectfully addressed Donald Trump. If nothing else, she could have asked her questions with objectivity and respect to his office.

    I feel that our President is a generous man and if she apologized to him for her misbehavior, even in private, he would forgive her. On the other hand, it would be up to him what he would do. He does as he feels, and that’s OK with me.

  36. She was toast the minute she attacked Donald Trump before she ever left FOX. Just like al the Liberals, never pays attention to the facts only the agenda, facts just get in the way.

  37. I can Not believe ANY ONE FOLLOWS T.V. Anchors like ones that Have An Ax to Grind. they ask Question to People ,Knowing they don want to ANSWER. Just like themselves. then they get a grudge and want others to feel sorry for them. Another that got Burnt by then Mr Trump. Mick Wallace and his (what if ) Program.

  38. I have a suggestion for Megyn Kelly. Why don’t you grab Rosanne and both of you try to get on “The real housewives of New York”. You both have enough drama and baggage for the show.

  39. Amen. That’s my thoughts exactly. She comes across as a mean, bullying, controlling person. She probably would put a knife in a friend’s back if it was for her gain.

  40. I believe M.Kelly is doing her job as allowed but,not always understood.Actors come in many,many forms.I believe she is a good one.

  41. The article is correct. The news is about ratings. It no longer has focus on covering actual events that affect us. We have been watching “One America News”. They are more focused on covering events than giving opinion.

  42. Megyn, your such a scab, people like you do not belong in the media, if you think your tactics are going to up your ratings, think again, your show will soon be cancelled, your ship sailed long ago, you have no leg to stand on.

  43. Stormy is nothing more than a prostitute trying to scam more money through a shyster lawyer! Even Megyn could see that. The real miracle was getting her to say it on camera!

  44. Once mean, always mean. Most people don’t change, even though they try to fake it for a while.

  45. I think Trumps election win finished her off – she looked like she was going to vomit. I had never known she was that liberal until election season. She hid it pretty well. But she sure didn’t mind running to NBC when Fox wouldn’t meet her salary demands.

    I do wonder if NBC is questioning her worth. I do not watch broadcast tv so I really don’t know what she is like now.

  46. Danny, you’re right. I liked and watched her to until she decided to play SMEAR TRUMP 5 nights a week.
    She wasn’t able to handle the criticism on her, but she sure did DISH IT OUT. Relentlessly. Non Stop.

  47. Was it a mistake or is she returning to professionalism? I was a huge fan when she was at Fox before she got mean. Then she sued everyone in sight on her way to The Today Show. I figured she had herself set up for life, didn’t need more money and could do as she pleased. But she has actually made an accident of journalism and did the right thing rather than just more Trump trashing.

    Maybe the left is worried their vaunted Blue Wave won’t kill us all.

  48. Maybe she saw Rosanne’s ratings and wants a slice of that pie.
    I think she possibly could come back.

    I look at it like this:
    Get RIGHT
    Get LEFT

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