Megyn Kelly just made the strangest decision of her career

Megyn Kelly’s career at NBC has been nothing short of a disaster.

Kelly has desperately been searching for a way to boost her ratings.

That’s why one interview she just conducted was the strangest decision of her career.

In an attempt to regain past glory, Kelly has attempted to reignite her feud with Donald Trump.

Kelly even turned her show into a safe space for multiple women had leveled questionable accusations of sexual misconduct against the President.

So when Stormy Daniels Attorney Michael Avenatti showed up on her set, everyone expected Kelly to place the ball on a tee for Avenatti to whack away at Trump.

That didn’t happen.

Kelly ripped his arguments to shreds.

The Daily Caller reports:

“One of Avenatti’s claims is that the hush agreement Daniels signed about her alleged affair with the president is invalid because Trump never signed it. However, Kelly pointed out that the agreement only required either Trump or his lawyer, Michael Cohen, to sign.

“[Cohen] could bind himself to that $130,000 and she signed it and she cashed the check,” Kelly argued.

Kelly also noted that the agreement required Daniels to turn over any proof she had of the alleged affair, yet Avenatti recently teased a DVD on his Twitter account, implying that Daniels had broken that term of the agreement.

“Well, so you’re saying they didn’t live up to their obligations, and now there’s a question about whether she did,” Kelly explained.”

Liberals were caught up in a fever dream that the Daniels affair – and the alleged hush money – would lead to Trump’s downfall.

It was a pipedream – as even an anti-Trump host like Kelly could see.

Kelly taking Avenatti apart will likely end any chance Kelly had of making peace with the liberal audience on NBC.
That makes her ratings slide irreversible.

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