Megyn Kelly made an observation about Tara Reade that took everyone by surprise

Megyn Kelly made national news when she interviewed Tara Reade.

Now Kelly is back on the headlines again.

And Megyn Kelly made an observation about Tara Reade that took everyone by surprise.

In Kelly’s interview with Reade, Reade again told her story about Biden allegedly sexually assaulting her and that Biden should drop out of the race.

Kelly did say that these comments were powerful and the fact that Reade had corroborating witnesses made her case stronger.

“There has to be something wrong with Tara Reade if she’s made this up,” Kelly told Sinclair Broadcasting host Eric Bolling. “My own belief is that she has very good evidence she did tell at least two people about the alleged assault at or around the time that it happened . . . I think there’s a very strong case.”

But despite the corroborating evidence, Kelly claimed there were holes in Reade’s story.

Kelly remarked that Reade refused to take a polygraph.

“I’m not a criminal. Joe Biden should take the polygraph,” Reade told Kelly.

Kelly told Bolling that Biden supporters could say “that can be a sign of deception.”

Kelly’s comments come on the heels of a coordinated media smear campaign to attack Reade personally.

POLITICO ran a nasty hit piece where friends and ex-boyfriends attacked her character.

The New York Times accused her of faking her degree from Antioch University, which led attorneys in domestic violence cases Reade testified in to demand those convictions be overturned because Reade supposedly “misrepresented” herself in court.

Instead of investigating Biden, the Fake News Media is smearing Reade to discredit her charges.

Biden is the one who stands accused of wrongdoing, not Reade.

This stands in stark contrast to the hero worship fake news reporters heaped on Christine Blasey Ford during the Brett Kavanaugh saga.

The double-standard is on clear display and it is offensive to many Americans.

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