Megyn Kelly made an observation about Tara Reade that took everyone by surprise

Megyn Kelly made national news when she interviewed Tara Reade.

Now Kelly is back on the headlines again.

And Megyn Kelly made an observation about Tara Reade that took everyone by surprise.

In Kelly’s interview with Reade, Reade again told her story about Biden allegedly sexually assaulting her and that Biden should drop out of the race.

Kelly did say that these comments were powerful and the fact that Reade had corroborating witnesses made her case stronger.

“There has to be something wrong with Tara Reade if she’s made this up,” Kelly told Sinclair Broadcasting host Eric Bolling. “My own belief is that she has very good evidence she did tell at least two people about the alleged assault at or around the time that it happened . . . I think there’s a very strong case.”

But despite the corroborating evidence, Kelly claimed there were holes in Reade’s story.

Kelly remarked that Reade refused to take a polygraph.

“I’m not a criminal. Joe Biden should take the polygraph,” Reade told Kelly.

Kelly told Bolling that Biden supporters could say “that can be a sign of deception.”

Kelly’s comments come on the heels of a coordinated media smear campaign to attack Reade personally.

POLITICO ran a nasty hit piece where friends and ex-boyfriends attacked her character.

The New York Times accused her of faking her degree from Antioch University, which led attorneys in domestic violence cases Reade testified in to demand those convictions be overturned because Reade supposedly “misrepresented” herself in court.

Instead of investigating Biden, the Fake News Media is smearing Reade to discredit her charges.

Biden is the one who stands accused of wrongdoing, not Reade.

This stands in stark contrast to the hero worship fake news reporters heaped on Christine Blasey Ford during the Brett Kavanaugh saga.

The double-standard is on clear display and it is offensive to many Americans.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. That’s how liberal Democrats roll, the accused is guilty, the woman is wrong and our guy biden is innocent! biden is a creepy old man who has his hands, face, and nose in places they should not be….even young girls!! And that’s with cameras there!! What the hell has he done without anyone around? I don’t even want to think about it!

  2. Those of us with two cents worth of brains know the truth that biden did what she claims he did. It is disgusting how they protect their own predators and smear others who have no sin at all. These people and all their cohorts are demons.

  3. I think Joe Biden addressed the sexually allegations aproprately this morning. Quote: “I did not have sex with that woman! I licked it and sniffed it, but I did not inhale.”

  4. Well said Wyatt Earp. I don’t like calling names unless they are appropriate in julio’s case stupid seems appropriate. Joe Biden is a scum bottom sucker. Like many politicians, Democrats mostly they think all woman are sperm depositories. If I were a woman and wanted to get into politics. I certainly would not choose Democrat. But then I was raised to be smarter than to choose Satans party. But now the ignorant scum-sucking MSM is stooping to the tactics used by low life defense lawyers of the 1050’s they are trying Tara Reade as if she is the criminal. My advice to Tara Reade is to sue the suckers.

  5. Megan I wish I could trust you but you have proven you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I don’t think you can tell when it is true or not cause you are just looking for the big money not the truth….Joe is guilty and you know it but it is better for your career if you stand behind him and the dims…and the fake media…

  6. Just as Kavanaugh the same can be said for Reade, they are only accusations. The difference is the shoe is on the stinky democruds foot. Can I drop the mic now?

  7. Of course he can save the economy he’s a businessman and he will do what he hast to do to get us back on track. I believe in him totally and there’s no way anyone of the Democrats can help the situation especially by then there is no way this man could even begin to know what to do. All he does is sit in the cellar and play Monday morning quarterback. His wife even knows he can’t handle this situation. You can see it on her face. I will definitely vote for Donald Trump he is the best president we have ever had and we will have him the next four years as far as I’m concerned.

  8. Megyn Kelly is a “wantabe” come backer……did she take a polygraph regarding her accusations?…….how long did she wait so she could possibly climb the ladder and cash her big buck checks before she went on to what she thought would be greener pastures and got booted in the ass……she is told to be a very demanding witch to others……and as far a Tara, she is correct that Biden should take a polygraph for more than 1 thing……like, Tara and others, the bribery on tape, the spying on Trump, Hunter and his money deal, how much Joe knew AND has Joe been diagnosed for his DEMENTIA, etc…….”uncle Joe” has a ton to explain……and by the way why did he get the name “uncle”… me it has always been strange……think about it!

  9. If you keep pushing this issue Biden may have to drop out and get replaced by someone who may actually be able to beat Trump. Leave it till the election campaign is underway.

  10. Joe Biden is definitely guilty. He thinks if he googles women now and then everyone will think he’s just a guy who likes women but I do believe he saw a chance with this girl because she was younger and very beautiful and he just could not help himself he is a sick man. There is no way he could ever handle being president. I’m sure his old boss Obama knows that!

  11. As I say over and over, go away nasty Joe you are a pervert and a horrible man.You need to be hung and beat.As for Tara don’t give up fight and beat him down with truth.I will vote for Trump.MM

  12. Oh come on,she brought this issue to someone in the W.H about Biden, why won’t they release the documents of her complain, Ahhh because it magically disappeared along with Hilary’s emails and Obama’s secret’s that’s in the Obama library that he won’t release. Only way hair sniffing basement Joe’s going to be charged is more women need to speak up. The fake media, the Me too movement and Hollywofakes want all those dirty people’s crimes covered up.

  13. Who is Megan Kelly? If she doubts the testimony of Tara Reid, confirmed by witnesses and numerous evidence, then why was she silent on the false accusations of Judge Cavanaugh, a scammer Ford and two other fraudulent vile democrats? If Kelly believed all the women “ME TOO”, then why refuses to believe Tara Reid, which. in her opinion. must go through a lie detector like a criminal? Who is Megan Kelly?

  14. Joe hands the Sniffer usually does his touchy feely stuff in public under the guise of grandfatherly like attention. But in Tara’s case, “fingers” Biden saw an opportunity knocking in private and took advantage of it.

  15. Julio I know you were one of those loser liberals saying Kavanaugh was guilty but now Biden isn’t right? You liberals are worthless they’re never guilty when the finger is pointing at a Democrat right? God you people make me sick you’re the deplorable ones.

  16. Glad to hear what Megyn had to say & proud of her for at least being objective like she used to always be & then something changed ! I believe Tara & also agree about the polygraph – should also, if anything be taken by Biden who’s denying, not just her ! The democrats want to call it a sign of deception on Tara’s story, but it actually proves to me that they believe it to be true & afraid of this truth ! Carry on fighting Tara ! The American people are not idiots like the Democrats !

  17. Wyatt is Trumps private life is none of our business then do is Biden’s. Steveo, all Reade has is an accusation.

  18. There seems to be a history of obfuscation by Quid Pro Quo handsy Joe. Tara Reade’s comment about his taking the polygraph is correct. He is claiming innocence – prove it. My money would be on him failing.

  19. these are the same people who think sodomy between men is OK…and if you do not agree with them then you are not OK….it is called Delusion. Period.

  20. I have a big question that need answer. Did the University of Delaware say they will NOT RELEASE BIDEN RECORD TIL HE OUT OF OFFICE? Well my point is which office is Joe Biden holding now? I don’t think he holding any office! So a lawsuit should be file to get his record!

  21. Hey Julio why don’t you post their names? Since you think there are those who accuses Trump of sex assault. But remember his private life is none of your business! Unless you are going to tell us why you continue to post LIES!

  22. The Governor of Michigan said she was sexually assaulted in college, but no police report. But she stands by Corn Pop just the same, always double standards for Communist. Damn China your a prime example!!!

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