Megyn Kelly made one comment about Trump’s debate performance that surprised everyone

Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump will never be confused for friends.

The two famously feuded during the 2016 Presidential campaign.

But Megyn Kelly made one comment about Trump’s debate performance that surprised everyone.

The second Presidential debate was held in Nashville on Thursday night.

It was very different from the first encounter between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden did not call the President names or interrupt him as much and the moderator – although she asked ridiculous and biased questions – did not debate the President like Chris Wallace did.

During the debate, Joe Biden laid out his agenda to lock down the country, raise taxes, and eliminate the oil industry.

President Trump – on the other hand – presented an optimistic vision of ending the coronavirus pandemic through vaccines and therapeutics and opening up the economy and schools.

After the encounter was over, Megyn Kelly declared Donald Trump the hands down winner.

Many Trump supporters were surprised to see this.

Kelly and Trump feuded at the first GOP Presidential debate when Kelly tried to take down Trump with her first question.

Later, President Trump skipped a debate right before the Iowa caucuses because Kelly was the moderator.

But now it appears Kelly is willing to put that controversy behind her and offer an honest analysis of Trump and the Presidential debate.

That stands in stark contrast to so many in the Fake News Media who destroyed journalism’s credibility because of their personal hatred for Donald Trump.

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