Megyn Kelly pointed out one humiliating truth that CNN is trying to hide from everyone

CNN is trying to change their image.

But the makeover is not going as well as the new management would like.

And Megyn Kelly pointed out one humiliating truth that CNN is trying to hide from everyone.

New CNN President Chris Licht is trying to convince everyone that the network is pulling back on the left-wing partisanship and returning to CNN’s glory days.

One move Licht made to bolster the network was removing Don Lemon from his primetime show and making him a co-host with Kaitlan Collins and Poppy Harlow on a revamped version of CNN’s morning show New Day.

Lemon claimed getting sent from primetime to the morning show was actually a promotion.

“I was presented with an opportunity that I can’t pass up on this network,” Lemon said on his show when he announced the move.

“And we have a new boss who is a morning show impresario, and he wants a morning show that will kick off the editorial direction of the network every single day, and I am honored that he would ask me to do it,” Lemon added.

Megyn Kelly scoffed at Don Lemon trying to save face.

In an interview with Newsmax’s Eric Bolling, Kelly ridiculed Lemon’s attempt to pretend that losing a show with his own name on it was somehow not a demotion.

“It’s such a joke,” Kelly said in the interview with Bolling. “I love it. All I could think of when he got booted out of his own show with his name on it in the primetime down to the morning – where he has two other co-hosts sitting there next to him of equal importance – and said it’s a promotion was, sure, Jan, sure Jan.”

CNN moving Lemon, Collins, and Harlow to the morning show also makes a mockery of the network’s supposed plan to move to the middle and abandon the anti-Trump partisanship that drove the editorial content for the last six years.

Since Lemon, Collins, and Harlow are pro-Democrat Party cheerleaders, shifting them to morning is more like CNN rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic than actually making some kind of actual real changes.

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