Megyn Kelly quickly regretted ever picking this fight with Donald Trump

Megyn Kelly bit off more than she could chew.

Once again, she has picked a fight with Donald Trump.

And it’s one she quickly regretted.

Kelly – whose NBC career is failing miserably – attacked Donald Trump for his reaction to the scandal surrounding Minnesota Democrat Al Franken allegedly sexually assaulting Leeann Tweeden on a 2006 USO Tour.

Trump blasted Franken on twitter for a photograph that showed him groping her breasts.

Kelly blasted Trump because during the campaign a dozen women accused Trump – without providing any evidence – of sexual assault.

Breitbart reports:

“Friday, NBC morning host Megyn Kelly said President Donald Trump was “tone deaf” to criticize Sen. Al Franken (D-N) over inappropriate sexual behavior.

Kelly said, “We could soon have not one, but two sitting U.S. senators accused of sexual assault. Not to mention our president. Fear not, women of America, all is well. All is — it’s fine. Senator Al Franken of Minnesota has been accused of forcefully kissing radio personality Leeann Tweeden without her consent and also groping her breasts while she was asleep during a USO tour to the Middle East in 2006. Two years before Senator Franken ran for office. This picture appears to show Mr. Franken’s hands hovering over her breasts.”

She continued, “Last night President Trump felt the need to weigh in on this tweeting ‘The Al Frankenstein picture is really bad speaks a thousand words.’ He went on to ask, ‘Where do his hands go in picture two, three, four, five and six while she sleeps?’ And then this from Mr. Trump, ‘And to think just last week he was lecturing anyone who would listen about sexual harassment and respect for women.’ I Know. Who that has been accused of sexual assault would have the gall to preach to others about sexual misconduct?. How infuriating that would be. How tone deaf, Mr. President.”

These timing of these accusations was very suspicious.

They all came forward after the Access Hollywood tape sneak attack one month before the election.

Buy Kelly should take her own advice and not throw stones.

One of the top executives was just dismissed because of sexual harassment allegations.

Kelly picked another fight with Trump and came out on the losing end.


  1. Al Franken admitted the photo was sexual and real. Why wouldn’t he claim the photo was fake or non sexual if indeed it was? In fact he’s apologized for his sexual harassment behavior in the photo.

  2. Well, Megan, the difference is that WE have a photo of AL Franken doing his “deeds”, and NO Proof of anything other than “nasty language” regarding President Trump.

  3. As Hillary was so quick to call Monica Lewinsky a “narcissistic loony tune,” so too is Megyn Kelly who failing ratings are causing her to do anything for attention. When she did whatever she had to do for fame and fortune, now she will do whatever it takes to retain them. What a loser! Hope to see her show come to an end very soon.

  4. Melody…
    Very, Very well put!
    While I abhor ANY type of sexual harassment…as a married man of nearly 19 years to my Beautiful Bride! Why is it that women feel the need, desire, etc…to wear a skirt so damned short they must keep tugging at it to attempt to pull it down?
    Why is it they feel the need, desire, etc…to have their “girls” out on the front porch screaming…”Hey – – – Look at us?”
    Women are blessed creatures & I can appreciate that a woman wants to “look nice, feel beautiful etc…” My Beautiful Bride worked in the insurance field & as a Realtor as well but NEVER, NEVER flaunted her body! Her Momma taught her well!

  5. Amman to what was said here! It is true that many woman put there assets (ass) out there daring for some man to try and touch them. Lady’s we are all animals including Mogen Kelly. You should have seen and heard her on Howard Stern show. She came off as a slut talking about body parts and her husband.

  6. I totally agree, women are as guilty of false reporting and retaliation. They can be conniving, deceptive, and violent…. allegations are not proof.

  7. Lets face it…women are giving MIXED messages in both their speech and actions. They want to be equal in all things…but stay silent and say nothing, do nothing till decades later…then emotionally blame men for their inaction. Sorry, but I have called a man out directly on thier behavior….many times….thats the only message they need to GET IT.! And by the way ladies, you are so guilty of doing the same to the men with your flirting, inappropriate dress, touching, and sexual innuend comments, conversation, and jokes. And finally, homos and lesbians are incredibly vulgar, crass, rude, and disgusting. One last thing…you teach people how to treat you…and the raunchy liberal, social experiments shows its results.

  8. Funny how soon the media forgets. What happened to former President Clinton for messing around? NOTHING! Ms. Kelly only hangs Republicans, not good Democrats like the Clintons, Sen. Franklin, etc.

  9. Ed -Don’t be too disappointed; you and a lot of other Fox fans have just been exposes to the “real megyn”- -she is, simply, all about megyn and always has been.

  10. You dick head, I guess you came out first in all your schooling.Stop playing with your ding dong and let the person do the best he can.Don,t read it and you will not miss it,

  11. I think she is trying to save her face. She won’t admit her mistakes. She needs to look smart. Too bad that she left FOX at the peak of her career. She would been something had she stayed with FOX. What a waste of opportunity.

  12. We have an abberation in our justice system. The premise that the accused is innocent until proven guilty is no longer in effect. A female can accuse anyone of sexual misconduct without physical evidence. The accused is then obligated to prove innocence which may be impossible unless he was an astronaut and on the moon at that time of the incident.

  13. Mrs. Kelly, you can be a trouble maker or a trouble solver. You appear to be running in a contest with your other media whores to see who can be the number one bias, openionated, subjective queen of fools. For once why not use your throne as a positive force for the truth and honesty and add in a little integrity. John

  14. According to the original report, she was still wearing a flack jacket. Anyone else here besides me ever worn a flack jacket. Well then. For your information, it is designed to stop bullets. That means Mr. Franken never actually could feel her breasts and she would not have been able to feel his hands IF in fact they actually made full contact. That would have awakened her. He did this trying to be a smart ass. That’s all.

  15. Susan Dix,Is it possible you are unaware of the of democratic President William Clintons multitude of reprehensible misconduct events? How could you have missed the Monice Lewinski spectacular show of the little blue dress?

  16. Susan Dix,Is it possible you are unaware of the of democratic President William Clintons multitude of reprehensible misconduct events? How could you have missed the Monice Lewinski spectacular show of the little blue dress?

  17. This presents even more evidence that we must dispose of personality ” news readers”. This unfortunate development results from the near-deification of Walter Cronkite who parlayed his voice and appearance into a fortune.
    Trying to capitalize on this formulae by inventing news stories cost Dan Rather is job.
    Lets use the Brits system of using unemotional news readers.

  18. This presents even more evidence that we must dispose of personality ” news readers”. This unfortunate development results from the near-deification of Walter Cronkite who parlayed his voice and appearance into a fortune.
    Trying to capitalize on this formulae by inventing news stories cost Dan Rather is job.
    Lets use the Brits system of using unemotional news readers.

  19. It seems that we have “professional accusers” coming out of the woodwork at Fox.
    It seems that the women there are so irresistible that only Republican men are
    guilty of sexually abusing them. Liberal men are too strong to not behave unseemly
    with them. Very interesting, indeed. That only the high profile Republican men at
    Fox get fired, after years of the alleged abuse.

  20. You really have to be a special kind of stupid to publically brag to everyone about your stupidity. Megyn, if you will allow me to give you a small piece of advice: James 1:19 “Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak …”.
    Translation: Shut up.

  21. Thank you, I’ve been saying this all along. The “forceful” kiss may have been unwanted, but certainly not unexpected or without permission as they were practicing the kiss for a skit. Well that’s what practice is for. to get it right for the skit. If she objected then practice the kiss a different way. No news here.
    President asks “where do his hands go in picture 2,3,4,5,6” Well I can tell you if they were any worse than this pics don’t you think they would be used by LeeAnn to prove her point. She said after viewing the photo for the first time “I felt violated all over again. Embarrassed. Belittled. Humiliated,” she wrote. “How dare anyone grab my breasts like this and think it’s funny?
    “All over again” Really? When was the first time I thought you were asleep when the photo was taken and didn’t know it happened (the pic not the grope that didn’t happen) until you saw the pic. So your whole story is a fabrication made up after seeing a pic that proves nothing more than a bad opportunity for a photo op. I think she is a thirsty attention whore jumping on this band wagon. I agree Tom Tom, even a bad attorney could win this case based on nothing more than this photo as evidence.

  22. will MR goody too shoes get a life democrat all of you are the same got your head up Hilliarys butt so far you will never see day light again

  23. How much long will NBC ‘ride’ this supposed thoroughbred news bunny? She’ll most likely end up like the Ford Edsel, a financial AND organizational boondoggle.

  24. you might want to read your comments and edit them, so that there are complete sentences and don’t make you sound like a third grader. I think I agree but………

  25. I really liked Megyn Kelly’s you points because she’s a staunch conservative but when she attacked our president Trump and continually try to trash his policies instead I consider her trash now I believe in everything that Trump does is for the people we’ve got to get the fake news the swamp out of the way and let Trump do his thing for the people and by the people we’ve had too many years of Obama and Clinton’s who have weakened our country and now Megyn Kelly

  26. I am in no way defending Ahole frankenstein, but it seems that the political trick of the day is to hire a bunch of women to say that your opponent has in some way sexualy assaulted them !

  27. I have no use for Al Franken but even the devil deserves his due. Any attorney worth his salt or any media who looks at this photograph objectively will not see what the sexists claim. I see a woman in a flight vest and a helmet in a posed photograph. The obvious intent is to produce a gag photo. She may or may not be a willing model. Franken’s hands are posed with the finger tips maybe touching the flight vest. By the photo that is unclear. One thing that is clear, the photo itself does not indicate anything that could be termed as “groping”. This woman wants to join the sexist complainers so bad that she remembered the photo and used it to make her accusation. Why did she not complain then? Her story about the forced kiss is after the fact. She knows, like the rest of the sexist accusers that there is no evidence to prove her “kiss” tale. She could easily have made up anything not shown in the photo assuming the picture would validate whatever she wanted. This is another case of innocent until proven guilty. Until the photograph is put before a Jury it is just another piece of liberal trash.

  28. I wonder what she could be thinking, and her angle of reasoning this situation, that makes what Al Franken did okay. For some reason, she’s always struck me as a bit of a feminist. Seems like she should be rallying AGAINST Al Franken. What happened to turn this woman into a brainless Liberal?? Did she get some huge payoff or something?

  29. Who didn’t?? – However after thinking “Hillary” one could claim he had cause. Ms Kelly is a flop @ NBC. Glad she left FOX News, she is not missed & really like the “blonds”w/brains who have replaced her.

  30. Someone refresh my memory. I don’t remember 12 women accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault. I do remember the Billy Bush tape and I remember the New York Times doing a hit piece on Donald Trump involving four women. I also remember all four women coming forward to contradict what the NYT had written, stating that their words had been taken completely out of context.

    Perhaps Megyn Kelly’s ratings would improve if she stopped the petty childishness.

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