Megyn Kelly said the last thing anyone expected about a Kavanaugh accuser

Megyn Kelly keeps making enemies.

The NBC host is in the middle of the Brett Kavanaugh storm.

And she just went on TV and said the last thing anyone ever expected.

The FBI is refusing to investigate claims made by Julie Swetnick that Kavanaugh attended parties where she was gang raped.

They do not believe her story to be credible.

Megyn Kelly shocked her liberal NBC viewers by listing all the reasons why Swetnick’s claims should not be taken seriously.

The Daily Caller reports:

Kelly pointed out that Swetnick has a history of lying and being involved in scandal, such as an old company claiming that she was sexually inappropriate with coworkers.

“She faced her own accusations of misconduct at a Portland company years ago — that company claims she told them she graduated from Johns Hopkins but they learned the school had no record of her, she also falsely described her work experience … she engaged in unwanted, sexually offensive misconduct herself, they said she made false and retaliatory allegations against her coworkers that they had been inappropriate with her, that she took medical leave and simultaneously claimed unemployment benefits at the same time in DC, there was a restraining order filed against her by an ex-boyfriend.”

Kelly concluded that there are “reasons” the FBI is not investigating Swetnick’s claims of gang rape, and suggested that Avenatti is looking for attention with the outrageous claims.

“He has been begging for TV cameras,” she said.

Swetnick’s claims are ridiculous.

Kavanaugh denied them as a “joke” and a “farce.”

Swetnick has a history of legal issues and lawsuits surrounding false claims of sexual misconduct.

Her claims should not be taken seriously.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Who would believe a lair like Blumenthal anyway? Vietnam war Hero and never step foot on its soil? Lair Like Hillary Clinton’s claim about landing under ‘sniper fire’ in Bosnia.
    Obama Judges should have all been fired, just like Bill Clinton did to all of Bush’s Judges were. These Judges are still doing Obama’s bidding doing Treasonous things to the Trump Administration. Just Like Obama and Comey and Rosentein covered for Hillary and Mueller’s sell of America’s Uranium to Putin. The Uranium One Deal was a act of Treason and Mueller OK’D this deal, Hillary got 145 Million in Bribe Money from Putin. Bill Clinton went to Putins Home visited and then gave a 45 minute speech Titled: It Pays To Play with a Clinton” and he got 500K in Russian Money right from Putin’s hand.
    Yet, Democrats says this is usually business and its ok! Mueller is covering for his own collusion with the Russian’s for he is the very one who delivered the Uranium Sample to Putin and Ok’d the Deal. Comey got great corporate jobs through Hillary as rewards. Yeap, I can see you are a OBAMAMITE with special Ostrich Blinders!!!!!!

  2. I personally miss seeing and hearing Megyn on FOX, and would like to see more of her. I think she made a HUGE mistake by ever leaving, and should try to get back.

  3. Megan belongs back at Fox. She is a truth teller. Has more guts than lots of those no balls and liars like the Dems.

  4. OMG what a surprise, an MSM reporter actually trying to dig out the truth instead of slanting everything to achieve their political agenda. Megyn is usually her own person, and is not normally “bought off” by the Left agendas of distortion. And of course the Left will probably take their revenge, so she may pay for straying from “The Cause”.

  5. It’s okay for a Dem to do the crime they just cover it up and smear anyone to talks about the crime look how Hiterllery acted when Bill was accused several times by different women

  6. New witness just came forth, name not known at this posting:
    The says she “witnessed firsthand” Kavanaugh and Judge *spiking party drinks* with “Quaaludes and/or grain alcohol”—which CORROBORATES Swetnick saying she “became aware,” via circumstantial evidence, of likely attempts by Kavanaugh and Judge to spike drinks with grain alcohol.

    More and more HS and college classmates are coming forward, like Lynn Brookes, Liz Swisher and others that testify that Kavanaugh was lying at his hearing about his drinking and how belligerent he became while drinking.

  7. I’m confused as to the location of said”party”. Was it at a country club, where it is very unlikely there are beds in an upstairs residence, or was it at someone’s house, and WHERE WERE THE PARENTS? What parents would just look the other way if there were such shenanigans going on under their roof? Who were the kids living at that house when this “supposedly” occurred? If at a country club, underage drinking would not be permitted as per managerial rules and regs, and the club manager would indeed be in deep trouble if he/she allowed it to go on. More holes here. We didn’t have cell phones until the LATE eighties, if then, so Dr. Ford could not have had access to one. Need I continue?

  8. P.H.D. means PILED HIGH AND DEEP! No one in their right mind would or should believe anything that comes out of her mouth! I wonder who she went to bed with to get her PhD. She sure as HELL didn’t work for it! I wouldn’t trust her as an instructor in a day camp, much less a COLLEGE professor! Give me a break!

  9. Meghan You gave a very honest assessment. Dems can’t handle the truth, but I feel you are correct. Unlike many pundits and anchors, they are not lawyers like you, so your assessment is more factual.

  10. Sen. Blumenthal needs to recuse from the hearings. Blumenthal filed and had 200+ democrats back an emollition lawsuit against President Trump which just got its second push forward by a judge appointed by Obama. Soon on appeal it may go to supreme court and if found guilty could face impeachment. Nothing to do with Roe vs Wade.

  11. It looks like Megyn Kelly finally got one right, even if it is fairly obvious. Swetnick is the most obvious liar in the whole world. Avenatti would not know what to do with a legitimate client.

  12. You hit the nail on the head, if people were put in jail for this B.S. this would stop.
    I want to thank Megan she showed that she learned the law unlike these liberal wack jobs
    that are running around the country with no proof, but believe every word.

  13. Why are all the accusers democrats? Most high school/college students don’t ask for party affiliation before dating someone. Or doing anything else with them.

  14. This is exactly the kind of testimony that will not only help her career, but make her a very rich woman. Remember, she is at a California university. She could expand and add liberal talk show circuit to her teaching(?). What I have been wondering is how her best friend, from age 15, is taking the news that Dr. Ford “had to rush past the other partiers to get out of the house” and she didn’t bother to try to get her bestie to leave with her. Instead leaving her behind, the sole female, with four drunken hormonal males who had just “attempted to rape Dr. Ford.” With friends like that who needs enemies. Dr. Ford is lying through her teeth. Let’s just say it’s women’s intuition.

  15. If Swetnick would end up in jail cell for a week she would stop making false statements! Do her and us a favor and jail her together with her crooked lawyer!!!

  16. Just because someone has a degree it doesn’t mean they are successful, so whether or not she put anything on the line is still up to debate. I have a very hard time believing she is successful when she holds a P.H.D. in the very field of treatment for problems like this and she can’t overcome her own issues after 36 years and a doctor’s degree in a mental health field. She had to read every answer she provided which to me proves her experiences are false. Typically a real attack is a life defining moment and you can’t forget the details if you want to. Instead she can’t remember the details well enough to testify of her experiences without them being written out and reading the answers!! I don’t find this credible coming from someone smart enough to have a doctorate degree.

  17. this just a dog and pony show because if their no statue limitations on this crime all she needs to do is file charges and this thing would be over so ask your self why has this not been done I`am sure all the dems and their lawyers know this

  18. This is exactly why Senator McConnell is going to schedule a vote for the full Senate. He allowed the Dems to play their stall tactic. This is the Democrat version of the Battle of the Bulge. There is no ‘there, there’! Don’t be surprised to find that W also had a hand in seeing this to a succesful end. Now it’s onto November, retaining the House and electing at least 5 new Republican Senators. That will mean more Federal judges confirmed and new trade agreements ratified and put into play. Promises made, Promises kept. It’s that simple. MAGA

  19. why would someone with a PHD licensed doctor put her carreer a on the line testify against someone running for the highest seat in the Supreme Court??? Doesn’t make sense i will believe Mrs. Ford over MR.Kovanaugh this is not political matter. This gal was raped and i believe her statements to be 100% TRUE!!!

  20. If you think Fords story has holes in it, Swetnick’s story has CRATERS in it. Anyone watch her interview? I refused to watch on TV but listened on a site today. OMGOSH, Avenatti sure knows how to pick em, he must refer to his “lil black book” for clients. With this woman, he has hurt his sleazy porn lawyer image even more than! Can you image him running in 2020? Man oh Man, his “crew” would be made up of smut sluts, male & female, and talk about scandals!! Pres Trump would embarrass & humiliate him and that would be in the 1st 5 mins.
    Swetnick, Ford and Ramirez – they all should be forced to stand trial for perjury. The “go fund me” funds, 100%, should be awarded to the honorable Judge and if/when it can be determined who paid these females – they also should be ordered to pay millions in pain & suffering to Judge Kavanaugh!
    If Soros is the financier, he should finally lose his US Citizenship for crimes against America. I’m sure Hungary would be pleased to get their hands on him. We need not waste $ having to House him in our prison system. We can deal with his lousy offspring soon after.

  21. Kelly may be the only reporter brave enough to look at the reality of this situation. It is tough to knock heads with all the Liberals. She has courage.

  22. Megan Kelly could become THE journalist telling the real truth again! That could start others vying to tell those truths. Let’s start a journalistic truth forum!

  23. Well Diane F accosted me by trying to pull my zipper down,but my wife intervened and kicked Diane in the seeds

  24. It is surprising that the DumboRATS did not believe her. They seem to believe any and all female crackpots that craw out of the woodworks and claim that they had been assaulted by anyone that is or connected with the Republicans. This is insulting to anyone that has been abused. This is true when it is used for Political purposes. ALL PATRIOTIC AMERICANS MUST VOTE IN FORCE IN NOVEMBER.

  25. SweatHog seems to like talking about rape on TV. She’s sort of like a Stormy Daniels clone. Same level.

  26. Kelly is Koming…around. Seems a little ‘fair and balanced’ followed her from FOX News to FAKE News and her FAKE producers don’t scare her. And what she’s reporting is TRUE News! Hope YET…for the FEW!

  27. At this point, after all the rotten garbage thrown, I’m so disgusted with dirty Democrats You couldn’t pay me to vote for any Dem!

  28. “The tree is known by its fruits!” Judge Kavanough is consistent all thought, but his Accusers…. God help them to find
    their hearts! Hope their blood will not clout too soon…..

  29. The commiecrats don’t really care if a teenager copped a feel from some drunken little cocktease It’s all about sticking it to president Trump. And I don’t care. They never proved it. Also bill Clinton raped women. Where was the outrage?

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