Megyn Kelly shut down Dianne Feinstein with one tweet

Megyn Kelly stunned NBC’s liberal viewers.

They expected the anti-Trump host to toe the NBC line opposing Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination.

But she left jaws on the ground when she shut down Dianne Feinstein with one tweet.

Feinstein once again demanded another delay in Senate voting on Brett Kavanaugh.

She issued this demand in the wake of a highly suspicious report in the New Yorker where a
woman claimed – without citing any evidence – that Kavanugh exposed himself to her at party.

Multiple news outlets researched this claim and not a single one could find anyone with firsthand
knowledge of this incident.

But that did not stop Feinstein from using it to advance her political agenda.

Kelly tweeted that Feinstein caused this mess by sitting on a letter from Christine Ford that made
the original accusations against Kavanaugh.

Had Feinstein taken action on the letter when she received it in July, the committee could have
conducted their investigation and moved on.

But Feinstein held onto it because it was a last chance Hail Mary to delay the Kavanaugh vote
past the midterms.

Democrats believe if they win the Senate they can block any Trump nominee for the next two

However, no one expected Megyn Kelly to call the Democrats out on their delay tactics.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I hope who ever is running against her kicks her sorry vile lying rear end and sends her back to the ilk that have kept this witch in the Senate. She isn’t worth her next breath. Every single one of you voters in her district need to search their soul before they arbitrarily waste a precious vote on anyone that can ruin a mans life and his family knowing they are propagating a lie, Remember this when you face your Maker you will have to answer for your actions. Ask yourself how you would feel if you were innocent of a claim so horrific that it brought immense shame to your wife and children without any evidence. Really are these the leaders you want to support – if it doesn’t matter to you then you deserve what you get.

  2. Marti, I don’t think All Senators are ii insane just the Democratic ones. Well they
    are not crazy just does not have any respect for the people they are supposed to represent.

  3. Leigh, I’m afraid that all to often that we forget to ask God for our wants and, or, needs. In this case I really don’t see God putting off your request.

  4. That’s not good enough for me Megon. You should also send a letter to President Trump apologizing for the rudeness of yourself and Cris Wallace before the election at a televised Presidential debate signed by you both you and Mr. Wallace

  5. RE Meg. Kelly saying “a lot of nerve” re Feinstein??? really,LMA0 kelly.
    & you don’t ??? No matter what you say now, kelly – You ‘blew it’ __

  6. RR. DROPS Many, Supporting USA, thru posts.
    > However, there Are a ‘few’ Smack Lib
    Dems that ‘infiltrate’/dissent/ disrupt &
    seem to hate USA ,while taking ‘advantage’
    of ‘free’.
    > Start Your own site. ‘Wallow’ in it w/your own.
    & ‘good luck?’ .

  7. Bob, many posts for E’0ne have been dropped repeatedly,
    and/or words dropped, therefore posts appearing
    convoluted. Many times, i come back in short speak, for
    Correction of sorts.
    > I would Not Necessarily Say this is a liberal Democrat site,
    for sure.

  8. I just answered your comment, but the moderator of this site chose to delete it. So what I gather from this is that this site is a liberal Democrat site and will censor people.

  9. too many words ‘dropped in post’. I Said: in short, No
    “hurting” was reported, & a crucial word in your comment.
    In days gone by, these activities were called s-X orgies.
    “Be there 0r Be Square”. Walk In 0r Walk 0ut.

  10. Shellbells. >>”hurting” <An Aside: Ford Should be ‘tested’ for various drugs. (ahem) &
    hope E’0ne has researched her background.

  11. steel magnolia
    September 26, 2018 at 11:28 pm

    Feinstein, born 1933. 85 yrs old. Shall i
    ‘hint’ at her possible ‘health? Regimen 0F
    ‘partake’ ___

  12. Hey DanT. etc, Sure hope you saw my recent post,
    on previous blog ie “cocktease”. Backup &find it ___
    (Dan, saw M on posts lastnite.) & ‘Pammy/Foxylady’
    seems to have ‘ditched’. Also ‘beware’ of dr”jellyfish’
    JD’. You get ‘it’, rite ? Hope so.

  13. That FOOL Feinstein not only held the letter by the from the looks of the Letter altered it to fit the LIE she and Ford were trying to peddle. The last woman provided nothing and the second one had even more people calling her a LIAR than Ford. Then there are the 85 who stayed on the record where none of the ones making claims against Kavanaugh are willing to do. The last really helped her case by hiring the morally bankrupt lawyer that the lien star is using and we know his past and his desperation for money makes him a lousy choice to have pressing anyone’s case. Feinstein screwed the pooch in both holding on to the letter and then when she did release it she did not have any proof that it was not altered in any way which if you look at the letter it is easy to see it was Altered which makes the letter is a fake or made up just for the charge after Feinstein got it.

  14. So, Feinstein is going to ADVANCE her career with THIS stunt….???? I am calling for HER to GET LOST….How is THAT an ADVANCEMENT for her “career”..?? INTO RETIREMENT…83-year OLD “W(B)ITCH……!!!! Just like Harry Reid and his “claim” that Romney DIDN’T pay TAXES…Well, don’t we all KNOW “who” really ISN’T paying his TAXES…SHARPTON…!!!!

  15. My question is why all of these accusers and no one called the police at the time.not one of these cases were reported at the time.dont make any sense to me.if he were any way connected to these allegations a police report would be the best witness they could have.

  16. I agree Thomas. They are truly acting nuts. Feinstein should have retired years ago to her mansion in San Francisco. I really hope Kavanaugh overcomes all these lies. A terrible thing to do to his family.

  17. These last two accusations are so flimsy I am not sure what they would show. I am not sure any of us – men or women – want our HS and college years looked at closely. Most eveyone I know would be guilty of something. Democrats should be careful because if this is the new standard where HS and college escapades are in play, then us conservatives may finally get what we want. A small Government!

  18. Yes they are despicable, but please don’t take away our “deplorable” title….let us embrace that name and LAUGH about it….(sort of how the gay population embraces the intended “slur” on them as queens). It can be a teaching point or just a laughing point to allow us to point out the nastiness of the democrat party!

  19. I think you are confused,,You libtards have already convicted Kavenauh without hearing are presenting credible evidence. So get off your high horse and look in your mirror and repeat over and over, I am a HYPOCRITE!!! Lets revisit bill and hillary’s shnanigans over bills, er, ah loss of judgment. Remember, no statute of limitations, and bill was not a teenager at the time. Of course he probably did the things Kavenauh is being accused of with no credible evidence.

  20. One thing the Democrats are very good at is double talk.
    This What Joe Biden had to say about FBI investigations during the Clarence Thomas hearing.
    Oh I forgot this was 27 years ago and what the Democrats said then means nothing to day.

    “The reason why I have worked so hard to keep FBI reports totally secret is because they have little or no probative weight, because they are hearsay,” Biden said. “The FBI does their interviews by walking up to person A and saying will you speak to us, and the guarantee is anonymity. That is what the FBI tells the person, and the FBI speaks to the person. Now, for us to summarily go back and say, as a matter of policy, that we are going to break the commitment the Federal Government makes to an individual, in order to get that individual to cooperate in an investigation, is disastrous.”
    Joe Biden

  21. We know that there is a connection to Soros thru her lawyer. So it wouldn’t be too far of a step to think maybe that is who.

  22. The second “accuser” has refused to come before the Senate. There is no “third” accuser, at this point; just Avenatti saying there’s one. If she wants to be heard, where is she? Oh, right, she doesn’t want to be “heard” until right before the confirmation vote.

  23. It is time for the real conservative/moderate Democrats to take a stand… regardless of party… right is right and wrong is wrong. It’s never right to do wrong and its never wrong to do right….. STAND UP conservative/moderate Democrats..

  24. Time is up! Vote now! Confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh now! It’s time to move forward and confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed immediately! I’m a woman and I don’t believe these women Ms. Christine Blasey Ford and Ms. Deborah Ramirez. These ultra-leftist women will never vote for the Republican Party, so quit letting them lead you around. You can see that this is manipulation. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed now! Vote the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in Supreme court justice now! If the Republicans don’t confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, I will stay home on Election Day!!!

  25. Who is paying Ford to make these accusation? Where is the evidence? Why did Feinstein sit on this information for weeks before presenting it? Isn’t withholding information like this criminal?

  26. Don. Please don’t put all women in the caregory with this moron that is full of false accusations. She needs to be jailed for her lies. The Demi-cats pulled in a big fish and filled her with big bucks(I’m sure}. The public always jumps at this kind of gossip and now even our elected officials can;t go out to dinner with their family without being attacked. Shame!!!!! We need to get these devils out of the Senate.

  27. wee bit short on details there buttercup.

    The ford twit lost credibility when she couldn’t remember about the event, and NONE OF THE PEOPLE she mentioned as being there have no clue of what the hell she’s talking about.

    She ‘passed a lie detector test'(?) (polygraph maybe?)

    She asked the letter, and her identity be kept secret.

    REFUSES to be PUT UNDER OATH. REFUSES TO MEET with the Senate committee members under any circumstances.

    There’s a LOT MORE, but the rest just make you look dumber than jim carrie.


  29. Hard to remember, are we against Megyn Kelly this week or not? Seems like sure have been a lot of right wing postings that hate her and says she is not credible. But when she says something you like, you now find her credible? Kelly has been saying clearly what people have been saying, listen to the evidence and people’s stories BEFORE you make a decision . . . but most of you here have already made up your minds before Dr. Ford has even met with the Judiciary Committee. That is also true about Trump, McConnell, Grassley and other Republican members of the Judiciary Committee – -it is a kangaroo, sham of a hearing where the jury has made up their minds even BEFORE listening to the accusers and/or all the evidence. They won’t even let the second and third accusers they know exist even have a say. What a sham!

  30. Ann, I agree. Also my experience in high school – if someone was hurting another whether male or female someone ALWAYS stepped up. I have not been around males that have let another male hurt a female, slapping, punching, or sexual assault. High school has clicks, most people do not want to be associated with people that do “bad things” “criminals” if this assault did occur his friends would have left him especially in the prestigious circles these students were running in. These democrats have no shame in their game. I hope charges are bought against dr. ford.

  31. From the dem’s point of view, it appears the answer is yes, being part of what is discovered as the swamp drains, we cherish that. We want to be a part of that. We do not care what happens, so long as we keep our seat in the government, and that lucrative retirement, and all of our other benefits. America can just go away, so long as we keep our elected positions. Who we might hurt along the way is of no consequence to us.

  32. Dems can’t come back to the real world. They are not just lost in space, but have their collective heads jammed up in their anterior hole.

  33. Feinstein is a two-faced liberal suck up. She does not have the credentials to be an experienced senator as she does not understand innocent until proven guilty, a first year lesson in law. This Ford woman has not provided a shred of evidence, only demands to slowdown a Senate vote. As a Judicial Committee ranking member Feinstein certainly lacks the proper attributes of her office and hast lost the respect of the nation.

  34. As the opportunity arises, I think it would be good to toss the trash that the liberal media is tossing around, back in their faces. Let’s see how they handle the same things they are doing now, when one of their own is caught doing far worse than they want to believe Judge Kavanaugh has done.

  35. Truly unfortunate that the DEMOCRAPS lower their level of HONESTY, and the RIGHT way to handle complaints! We have a loose cannon that is loaded with stupidity that is being fired into their Leftist members that cannot tolerate an HONEST JURIST on the Supreme Court, such as Judge Kavanagh! The thought that there would be one more FAIR, Compassionate Judge that would rule according to the LAW OF THE LAND as ORIGIONALLY WRITTEN, and NOT AS BIASED LOW-LIFE BONE-HEADS AS ARE ATTEMPTING TO BAN THIS JUDGE FROM HIS RIGHTFUL PLACE ON THE BENCH!!! SHAME ON EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU THAT HAVE DEFACED, DEFILED and brought SHAME to your DEMOCRAPS!!!! I WONDER IF THERE ARE ANY HONEST MEMBERS LEFT AMONG THE ENTIRE PARTY???? NOT!!!!!!

  36. Has anyone not read that Christine Blaisley Ford wrote a procedure called HONEY TRAP while working for the CIA? Or, that her father was an Important CIA executive manager of so called BLACK MONEY?

  37. FedUp, I agree with you, especially on questioning whether, or not, she’s (Ford) receiving death threats. That’s not the MOD of the conservative people

  38. Totally agree! Stop with this insanity and drive the Dems to some reality. The Senete is insane and an embarassment to the USA.

  39. This is really about the democrats possibly loosing the Abortion debate.
    Think a minute, they are fighting to keep the “right” of a woman to Kill her most innocent unborn child. If people vote for any democrat person in any office, they are enabling such evil.

  40. There’s also a small, overlooked aspect, called that “statute of limitations”, and that’s in the law FOR A REASON! I don’t think there’s a chance in hell that Kavanaugh did this, but whoever MAY have done this was a minor at the time, anyway. Dems, come back to the real world!!

  41. I think the second they found out that kavanaugh has a calendar from high school that proves he wasn’t even in town the day she claims this happened they started backtracking and decided Ford wasn’t going to show up and be humiliated in public. Time to press charges on Ford for false allegations against a sitting judge and eject Feinstein, Shumer,Hiron,Blumenthal and every other senator that has been pushing a false narratives and claiming guilt with zero evidence. Then revoke the law license of the foul mouth avenatti for losing and making false allegations as a an attorney.
    The circus ends today. CONFIRM KAVAVAUGH NOW!
    But oh my….watch the frantic meltdown and chaos thays going to follow from the left. Prepare yourself

  42. It must be a tough pill to swallow, when one realizes the move toward a career improvement, that one jumped to has turned sour.
    Maybe, had the plans and dirty money invested in the HRC Presidency not fallen through,and become a waste, Ms. Kelly would be in the position she expected to hold. No matter who is the chef, Crow never tastes good.

  43. Senile Feinstein obviously forgot that she was elected by and works for, the American people not some birdbrain who doesn’t have a clue as to the date and reality of her own accusation. Had she turned it over, under a security cover, no one but the committee would have known anything about it, except, for the Democrat leakers. She should definitely be charged for her malfeasance.

  44. Ann, Exactly, but if you have seen her Year book photos and stories you would see that she and her little group loved to get Drunk Screw anything and Everything with 3 legs so IF she was ever groped as she claims it would be nothing new for her. and it’s very possible she is the one that wanted to Screw Brett Kavanaugh and he wanted NOTHING to do with her and she resented it for years ???? this lady sounds like she was and maybe still is quite the Tramp.

  45. I was glad to see her reply. Perhaps she
    will in time realize you can be a Democrat or a Republican
    Soros..Obama..Hillary and their cronies are attempting to lead this country into a very dark place. Our President is Donald Trump who was elected by the people if this great country. He is trying to drain the swamp and
    as the swamp goes down more and more Swamp Creatures come to light…

  46. what do you expect when Feinstein can’t see the forest for the trees, a spy working for her for 20 years should tell all we need to know.

  47. Amen….go and VOTE. USA needs to keep President Trump in. The Obamas are out working very hard to get the Dems out to vote. Let us not allow this to happen.

  48. You do not need to have a brain to know that this woman and the leftist are all brainless. Esp. That Senator from Hawaii. No DNA, no timeline, no place where it happened,and no witnesses how can you do an investigation? If Feinstein and brainless Sen.Hanori wants to do the investigation themselves probably they can solve the puzzle. Please do not waste the people’s dollar for being a Senator with no brain.Other country might think all American are like them.

  49. Megyn Kelly is not stupid. Her NBC show is failing. Maybe she wants to return to the conservative side of sanity and is sorry for disin Trump.

  50. We must put a stop to the lies and deceit of the scum of the earth Democrates and make sure
    that we defeat every demo. primary candidate running for office either for congress or the
    senate,we need to keep Trump in power and cannot let the opposition take over,get out and
    vote at all cost in order to keep america great.

  51. Lets get rid of these liars on the left can’t do that there would not be a democrat party left there is nothing there but liars and low lives PERIOD !

  52. As a woman, I find it incredibly difficult to believe Dr. Ford. As a high school aged young woman, I believe she would not have told her parents or an authority figure, after all, she was supposedly drunk at a party, BUT I don’t know a single teenaged girl who wouldn’t have told her best friend, I don’t buy it. And if for some strange reason she didn’t tell a friend, I know from personal experience that an attack such as she described would have sobered her up pretty quickly and she would have remembered every detail! Then add in the fact that D. Feinstein held onto this letter for several WEEKS! Where is her outrage for this “poor victim”? Why didn’t she stand up and scream for her rights the second she heard about it? Because it’s all a fabricated lie. The democrats are desperate and their behavior is shameful!

  53. Great comments Lizzie, very well thought out and written! The only thing I can add, is that IF it were a crime for a young teen to roll around with a girl, (fully clothed) and possibly touch her breast in the process, then HALF the teens……no, make that three-fourths the teens in America, would now be serving “time”!

  54. Great comments Lizzie, very well thought out and written! The only thing I can add, is that IF it were a crime for a young teen to roll around with a girl, (fully clothed) and possibly touch her breast in the process, then HALF the teens……no, make that three-fourths the teens in America, would now be serving “time”!

  55. Because this is a SCOTUS HEARING…I keep wandering…is legality going to be used as a factor? So far it has been a complete political whitewash. It would seem so much more of a PROPER HEARING if legal means were used to find answers. Accusations have never been an actual proof of any hearing. If accusation becomes a standard for stopping legislation and confirmation of individuals throughout the government NOTHING WILL EVER GET DONE…simply because one political party or another will use the tried and true ACCUSATION plan to stop legislation or confirmation.

    This is not the way I as a VOTER want my CONGRESS to act. When accusation without real proof or evidence can create the stoppage of a candidate with impeccable values over the last 35 years to be withdrawn…a stand must be made. I expect my public servants to act legally…to judge the accusations based on FACTS found NOW…based on testimony…witnesses and evidence. IF NOT DONE IN A PERFECTLY LEGAL MANNER…I expect to see REAL STANDARDS not political agenda.

    Everyone is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

  56. I am not that surprised that Megan Kelly FINALLY responded in the way she “use to do” when w/Fox – Fair & Balanced News. I am actually surprised that NBC permitted this statement/Tweet of Ms. Kelly to make such a rational statement known to the public. I am a female therefore I can understand the horror of rape,however this has always been referred to as “attempted RAPE and/or I got away from him”. Therefore, it ( the rape) even in the accuser’s blank memory did not occur. This entire happening more than likely did not
    take place, when, where or whatever a muddled mind of a 15 year old female, who was apparently unchaperoned and who had been drinking, even drunk thinks she remembers. Those were her words, i.e. drinking, drunk and I don’t really remember or told anyone – per all the shameful finger pointing Fake news outlets who have been accusing Judge Kavanaugh of this “now stated crime” and have decided he is guilty. Without hearing one single word or any actual proof, the Media states he is guilty. He is a white privileged, well educated, married w/children, not quite considered old yet, Conservative male with an honorable reputation, therefore, he must be “guilty” of something. Oh, yes he was selected to be a nominee for Supreme Court by President Trump, that appears to be “his apparent crime” via the Fake News.

  57. I for one, simply do not believe for a minute that Ford is receiving death threats. Everyone knows that the Demonrats are the ones that try to get their way by intimidation and violence. Ford is so afraid, and she was so traumatized from this farce of an event, that she is now too claustrophobic to fly. But she will drive all the way from Californication to DC, which puts her on the road for hours, having to stop for gas, to eat, etc. She is so fragile, but she has no problem going out in her pussy hat to protest our President.

  58. What about the death threats Judge Kavanaugh and his family have suffered from? They are innocent! They are not lying like the accuser! No witnesses, no evidence and admittedly she was drunk on alcohol! Yes that is a reliable witness, NOT! And the New Yorker and others including the Demos do not care right from wrong. They have become evil. And Obama’s wife? How dare she belittle Melania’s position. Michelle you are out of there! Thanks to the Republicans! And you no longer have anything to say about it. How rude to bully the current First Lady! Arrogant and uncivilized. And to pay her to spew her idle biased lies & opinions? Foolish on anyone’s part. Everyone backing this propaganda violent drive to oust the duly elected current Commander in Chief should be prosecuted by law. Treason! Can we all say death penalty?
    Trump needs to get Kavanaugh in there and at the least stop some of the rhetoric crap flying!

  59. We all must vote on November 6 MAGA, lets start the Re-Conquest of our Great Nation. MAGA 100%. We cannot let the Demagogue’s I mean the Democrats continue playing with our people, and making a circus of our political system. Let’s clean the SWAMP.

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