Megyn Kelly shut down Dianne Feinstein with one tweet

Megyn Kelly stunned NBC’s liberal viewers.

They expected the anti-Trump host to toe the NBC line opposing Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination.

But she left jaws on the ground when she shut down Dianne Feinstein with one tweet.

Feinstein once again demanded another delay in Senate voting on Brett Kavanaugh.

She issued this demand in the wake of a highly suspicious report in the New Yorker where a
woman claimed – without citing any evidence – that Kavanugh exposed himself to her at party.

Multiple news outlets researched this claim and not a single one could find anyone with firsthand
knowledge of this incident.

But that did not stop Feinstein from using it to advance her political agenda.

Kelly tweeted that Feinstein caused this mess by sitting on a letter from Christine Ford that made
the original accusations against Kavanaugh.

Had Feinstein taken action on the letter when she received it in July, the committee could have
conducted their investigation and moved on.

But Feinstein held onto it because it was a last chance Hail Mary to delay the Kavanaugh vote
past the midterms.

Democrats believe if they win the Senate they can block any Trump nominee for the next two

However, no one expected Megyn Kelly to call the Democrats out on their delay tactics.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.