Megyn Kelly shut down Joy Behar over this awful public display

Joy Behar may be the most obnoxiously liberal cohost on The View.

But this time Behar stepped way over the line.

And Megyn Kelly shut down Joy Behar over this awful public display.

The View co-hosts giddy over the Trump verdict

Members of the press were overjoyed at Alvin Bragg and Judge Merchan engineering a rigged guilty verdict in the sham trial they put on in Manhattan.

The ladies of The View were among the most intolerable in the press in terms of their complete inability to contain their glee over the moment they spent eight years waiting for.

But no one was more odious in their response than Joy Behar.

Behar told her fellow co-hosts that she was buying coffee at Costco when the verdict came in shortly after 5PM on May 30.

When Behar heard the verdict was guilty, she claimed she wet herself in sexual ecstasy after being overcome by excitement.

“My reaction was I was at Costco buying 10 boxes of Keurig coffee and my watch started to buzz, and I got so excited I started leaking a little bit,” Behar exclaimed as the other co-hosts roared with laughter.

Megyn Kelly obliterates Behar

Megyn Kelly didn’t find this story amusing at all.

“Just when you think you couldn’t be more upset, you have to picture Joy Behar’s vagina. I’m sorry, leaking at a Costco,” Kelly chuckled to her guests, the Washington Free Beacon’s Eliana Johnson and the Federalist’s Emily Jashinsky.

Kelly said she didn’t want to hear about the guilty verdict, and she especially didn’t want to hear Joy Behar’s crude reaction to a jury in Democrat Manhattan convicting Trump. 

“I don’t want it! I didn’t want any of the events that happened late last week,” Kelly added.

Kelly couldn’t believe Behar would say such a thing on daytime television or at all in public for that matter.

“What’s going on? Why? There’s such a thing as TMI, there really is. It was inappropriate. She’s inappropriate. It was disgusting, and no one wants to be thinking about that,” Kelly stated.

Kelly said as gross as this story was, it did illuminate an essential truth about the media.

And that is how crazed Democrats were so desperate to get Trump on something – anything – that they erupt in pleasure even though the charges Trump faced were completely made up and the conviction is likely to get tossed on appeal.

“But on the larger point, that’s how rabid they are. Like, it literally caused her to owe her pants. She was so excited to see Donald Trump convicted. Like a three-year-old seeing Goofy at Disney for the first time,” Kelly stated.

Kelly told Jashinsky and Johnson that “you can actually hear their smiles” of liberals in the media over the Trump verdict.

“But for the word ‘Hallelujah,’ it’s all in there. They’re overjoyed,” Kelly concluded.

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