Megyn Kelly told one coronavirus truth the media doesn’t want you to know

Americans are scrambling for reassurances that the government has control of the Chinese coronavirus outbreak.

In this time of fake news and political polarization Americans do not know who trust.

That’s when Megyn Kelly told one coronavirus truth the media doesn’t want you to know.

Americans are having trouble telling fact from fiction with the coronavirus because so many alleged “journalists” only want to make this story about Donald Trump.

The President and his Coronavirus Task Force appear for near daily press briefings where they try to inform the public as to their latest steps in combating the spread of the Chinese viruses.

But Megyn Kelly worries these briefings are not breaking through after years of fake news and hoaxes about Russian collusion and Ukrainian quid pro quos.

“I’m so frustrated right now . . . that we can’t trust the media to tell us the truth without inflaming it to hurt Trump . . . that Trump has misled so many times we no longer know when to trust his word . . . that even I as a journalist am not sure where to turn for real info on COVID,” Kelly wrote.

In addition, Kelly noted that when Trump appears at these briefings journalists do not use their time to pry information that could better inform the American people who to stay healthy and what their government was doing to protect them because all they want to do is scream at Trump.

Kelly also tweeted that, “I am so sick of seeking the news on Coronavirus and constantly getting bombarded w/how it’s all Trump’s fault or what Trump is calling the damn virus. Can we focus on what needs to be done right now and play the blame/political game later? Good Lord.”

A perfect example of this dysfunctional press behavior was reporters bickering with President Trump over the idea that calling the virus the “Chinese virus” was somehow racist.

It’s not.

The virus originated in China and the Chinese government covered up the virus’ existence when quicker action by the Chinese could have cut the number of infections down by 95 percent.

Instead of recognizing these facts, reporters parroted Chinese communist party propaganda that calling the virus the “Chinese virus” was somehow racist.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. It is so sad to see that in a National health crisis, the daily updates given by the Coronavirus Task Force are really nothing more than an anti-Trump rally for the liberal mainstream media, who unfortunately have lost the meaning or journalism in favor of being walking, talking puppets for the Democratic party. Every Presidential word is picked apart, with the ultimate goal being to deride and debase the President of the United States because he refuses to put up with lies and partial truths. Three cheers for all the media, who slap each others backs continuing to push their Masters agenda without using their G-d given brains, just marching along preaching their hatred and derision to the public. Even at a time when we as a nation should be united and supportive of each other, partisan politics still rules the day. Truth???? Most of the puppets preaching their version of the story wouldn’t know the truth if it were staring them right in the face. Political “correctness” unfortunately has overtaken real truth.

  2. PEG
    Please stop referring to the anti-Trump (and apparently anti-American and anti anyone or anything else they personally don’t like) as news media or journalists . They are neither – they can’t even be called just plain old (but
    honorable) reporters. They are nothing more than propagandists who want to run the world themselves.

  3. N0 VaCC’s DEADLY…
    Living a ‘normal Life’
    W/0ut ‘untainted’ Foods, etc.
    IS Better ! Learn HOW to Strengthen Your Immune system !
    > Can’t you All SEE What’s Going 0n here ? !!!

  4. Yeah: David Paul — Trump’s personal business acumen translated to a resounding national success.

    The bullying pettiness of political correctness and racism concerning WHAT to call the virus is ridiculous. Call it anything. It originated in Wuhan, China, so naming it the Chinese Virus would be geographically correct.

    Due to the Chinese government’s covert manipulation of hiding the virus for two (2) months, testing is an ineffective expense as it is likely many Ameticans are already infected due to Chinese exports (medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, food, goods) which were unrestrained until the virus became public via death. Self-Quarantine is the only choice until a vaccine is discovered.

    Perhaps, the virus is an apostolic sign of warning to return to God. God first, always.

    Thank God for President Trump. In God We Trust.

  5. Trump is the BEST POTUS I have ever witnessed in my legal voting years. I was born 04/1955. Never have I seen a POTUS who ACTUALLY is doing things what he said he was going to. Gee, …”WHAT A CONCEPT”!!! I’ve been waiting for a “POTUS” like Don since birth…lol… actually 1972. He is at a 98.9% rate doing what he said on the camp-trail. The Repub’s use ‘way-more’ common sense than Dems at a 50%+ clip. Until I heard/experienced Regan. I was only 6 y.o when Kennedy was elected. Kennedy & Regan were more alike then NOT alike! HUGE RED FLAG==>BOTH WERE BOUGHT OFF FOOLS! Trump is not!!! He is his “OWN MAN” like me. He has his OWN AirTrumpForce owning a 737 & 2 helicopters! 5 to 10 Billion worth he needs NO-MORE “$”, …DAH DAH FAKE NEWS IDIOTS!!! To the so-called “educated” & or “elite”. Define education/educated. Without common sense, all the “education possible is “USELESS WITHOUT COMMONSENSE”…period!!! When I hired, I could care less about their education. A high school Diploma is all thats needed & the knowledge of the j.o.b. & COMMON SENSE. TRUMP2020

  6. Refresh my memory, did we not have a “Spanish Flu” and an “Asian Flu” in the past and NOT scream racist?! Why did we refer to them in those “racist” terms? Because they ORIGINATED (or were said to have done so) in those continents or countries.

    We had a “Bird Flu” recently. Should PETA (or the Boston Celtics) not be howling for singling out species or stars?!

    The Left has since the day after the election of 2016 attempted to stall and discredit the President, and THEY should be held ACCOUNTABLE this election for the offense to the American people. Their party puts their agenda and goals AHEAD of the interests of this nation–Open Borders, Outsourcing, ILLEGALS’ welfare AHEAD of the American POOR!

    Let’s clean house for good of the hypocrites and treasonous Leftists!

  7. The truth. This will pass. The media will continue to lie and attack Trump. The democrats will continue to subvert the constitution. Abortion will continue. Some will get rich and some will go broke. China will escape responsibility. No one involved in the attempted coup against the president will be punished or jailed. We will go back to politics as usual. Christians will continue to believe in an Almighty God and his Son as Savior. Secularists won’t. The effort to force one would government will go on.

  8. The Chinese will be fortunate if the only negative result from this is being called the “Chinese” coronavirus.

  9. This virus has an R° value of 2.2, that means the infection rate is high, we are smart to close businesses and try and contain this, however, politicizing this crisis is very irresponsible. Im a healthcare worker and we have presumptive cases of this virus and we are very worried about bringing this home to our families. So while we shouldnt panic over this, we should be prudent. Ive gone to the stores looking for basic supplies, due to panic by the media, and opportunists, its hard to find anything. Its always the panic, fueled by the media, that causes all the problems and not the crisis itself. Unfortunately the government might be purposely trying to cause panic and may even purposely trying to spread this disease to achieve their own objectives. Im just saying, yes its bad, but we need to exercise common sense.

  10. Had the Chinese not covered COVID-19 up for months, the world might have been more ready to cope with it. And while there are headlines criticizing– what else– Trump for suggesting that a malarial drug might be a cure, that drug is being reported as promising in France and Australia. Dr. Fauci has not contradicted this fact, only said it is premature to define it as a cure.

  11. One of the few times that Megyn Kelly Harv made a statement that was on the mark. I have watched the daily briefings of the Coronavirus Task Force and it seems reporters are trying to outdo one another with their idiotic questions trying to shame Trump
    and politicize what the Task Force is trying to do for Americans. I wish the media would just shut up instead of trying to sensationalize this pandemic and causing more fear in the hearts and minds of the American people!

  12. the media sponsored by globalist and George Soros Dollars are a hational disgrace. They have sold their souls when they had one. It is a disgrace that the MSM cab legally slander and libel anyone that they dislike or feel threatened about. PC and dummying down America for foreign money at tax payers expenses is a cancer on America

  13. I Can’t believe I Took ‘time’ to read this. Gak ___
    & 0nly responded so my ‘friends’ Know i’m Still HERE !!!
    > Also ‘certain Areas Including MI Are experiencing a
    “Soft Venezuela.” ie minimal Food / & Rationing in Stores.
    Kroger/Meier HERE. What’s like In Your Area???

  14. Megyn Kelly is IRRELEVANT.

    PLEASE just let her fade into political oblivion.

    She’s a nasty liar and hates Trump at heart. She’s two faced and only looks out for herself. Her veil of rationality is only a thin one.

  15. FOR A COUNTRY CONCEIVED AS A FREE NATION, far from the tyrant who ruled over our settlers our modern day press bears unspeakable shame for having abused a First Amendment which liberated them to fearlessly speak the truth. These perpetrators of lies deserve to languish in a Gulag for which they just might be bringing into reality.

  16. The Chinese Covid-19 virus is a nasty bug and very infectious but shutting down our economy out of fear is very disastrous to our economy. Look at what has happened to the stock market in the last two weeks. The Russians and Chinese are happy as clams that we are panicked and fearful of this infection. We need to be cautious and remain alert and stay clean but we do not need to shut ourselves away in our homes and abandon our jobs. Less than 1.2% of our sick people are dying from Chinese Corona, far more die from regular flu and previous viruses like e-bola, mers, swine flu etc. More Americans have died in auto accidents this year so do we ban driving? No! We go on and try to drive safer and saner, we should do the same during this so called “pandemic”. The 1918 Spanish flu killed 18,000,000 Americans. How many has this one killed in our country? Come on Mr. President, don’t let the fear mongers control you. Get our country back to work, we will survive this by being careful and taking care of each other…..MAGA KAG

  17. Peter Alexander a whiter house reporter is the scum of the earth for the way he treats Trump .he should be bared from press conference.he only cares about trying to make Pres. Trump look bad

  18. why would anyone with half a brain believe anything that the fake news or democraps have to say. the russian hoax didn’t work, ukraine quid pro quo didn’t work, impeachment didn’t work now we have the coronavirus. all in an aempt to take trump down. the coronavirus is a virus and it’s nothing new. read the back of a can of lysol. it’s listed there. the flu has killed more people in the usa then this virus has world wide. all the fake news is doing is mongering and instilling fear into the american people. wash your hands and use common sense i no for some that’s hard to do. quit buying toilet paper by the case, scott towels, bread ,can goods, meat and baby diapers and adult ones. when this is over all you are going to do is give away everything that’s in your freezer because you and you won’t be able to eat everything that you hoarded away. stop and take a breath.

  19. The Media should be licensed by the Federal Government so that there is accountability for lies. Some will say that would be government censorship. With a supervisory board,
    censorship could be guarded against. As it is now, the Media is running rampant with
    lies and wielding detrimental influence on the American people.

  20. Imagine that! Even a nasty little Trump hater like Kelly sees how filthy the fake “news” has become.

  21. When in the Hell is the Media and their Companies ever going to be held responsible for their lies and deception ? Freedom of speech is one thing but all these lies are creating more and more panic and rioting ……they should be held accountable.

  22. Now is the perfect time for the White House to weed out the White House Press Corps.
    Trump observed today that the “reporters” were “way too close together” at this mornings presser.
    It’s the perfect time to crowd out the nay-sayers in the name of “public safety” by restricting the number of reporters enough so that the majority are dependent on “Pool Reporters” who will be forced into the position to make accurate reports or else surrender their own credentials.

  23. China is a nation, not a race.
    If you go the that so called journalists standard the term “Mexican restaurant” is racist.
    Instead of nit picking, report some news.

  24. Democrats are communists, and the media is the propaganda machine of the American communist party. Why should we expect our communist party to act any different than the Chinese communist party? The Chinese communist party lied about the coronavirus just like the democrats are lying about it right now. That’s what communists do.

  25. There’s only one true news station left in America on TV and that’s OAN . THE REST OF THE MEDIA NETWORKS , HAVE GONE TO THE COMMUNIST LEFT WING LIBERAL LOONEY TUNES WAY . TRAITORS , THAT’S A FACT !!

  26. he never called the virus a hoax.he called the democrats using it against him a usual julio watches cnn everyday and sees only what they julio show me the statement and every word not a condensed version.please we’re waiting!

  27. Media and Democrat are in the back pocket of Chinese leader! Due to fact Joe Biden son has Business agreement with China! Even Pelosi husband has Business agreement with China! So who trying to DESTORY AMERICA?

  28. Media don’t want to be be honest with AMERICANS CITIZEN! We need a constitution laws holding them for contempt the laws of the country.

  29. The media has played a large part in the panic buying going on. They have no other news but corona virus, it’s like all their Christmas’s have come at once. They are revelling in the hysteria that they provide to their audiences. The shark frenzy is fully geared and it keeps going on.

  30. ” “reporters parroted Chinese communist party propaganda that calling the virus the “Chinese virus” was somehow racist.” “, It is also demonRAT party Doctrine..
    The FACT remains that whether they Created it, or just covered up its existence until it had Spread far and wide.. it is The Wuhan Chinese, Corona Virus AKA covid19

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