Megyn Kelly took Donald Trump by surprise with these eight words

Megyn Kelly spent the entire 2016 election feuding with Donald Trump.

Their conflict sent her career into a tailspin.

But then Megyn Kelly took Donald Trump by surprise with these eight words.

Hillary Clinton is still whining about her 2016 election defeat.

The two-time failed Presidential candidate will tell anyone who will listen that she rightfully won the 2016 contest, and that the Russians stole it from her.

In a recent public appearance, Clinton told the audience that a candidate “could run the best campaign” but “still have it stolen from you.”

Megyn Kelly took a whack at this softball on Twitter.

Kelly clapped back pointing out that Hillary Clinton ran an awful campaign and that the election wasn’t stolen from her.

The former Fox News host threw it back in Hillary Clinton’s face that she never campaigned in Wisconsin because she thought she had the election in the bag.

Even since getting fired from NBC, Kelly has taken a new tact.

Her social media posting has become more pro-Trump.

Many observers think this is because she has few options in cable news and going back to Fox is her best bet to rejuvenate her career.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Megyn is correct Hillary had an agreement with the drug companies since 1993 that she would be president in 2016, that’s why she waved at the crowd after debates like a queen she knew she was going to win, it was in the of the reasons she did not think campaigning in Wisconsin was necessary. SHE HAS AN AWARD OF MOST CORRUPT WOMAN IN THE WORLD and her involvement with the drug company for there many donations was when she became preisdent she would give health care to the drug companies which would have been disastrous for all of us and they would be making billions.

  2. Hillary Clinton lost the election because many people didn’t like her message ie wide open borders and promoting more hatred of white males. In that bitche’s eyes, if you are a white male you are automatically born a racist unless you can prove it otherwise ie you are guilty until proven innocent.

  3. We all make mistakes, no one is perfect!!!!! If you all happen to know someone who is perfect, please let me know I would like meet him or her in person. Now, Hillary lost because she paid the prize of what she sowed!!!! Trump won because he earn it and worked hard of what he believe!!!! We fall down and we get ourselves up and move on. Meggie and everyone else can do if you or I wish to be successful in what want to be!!!!!


      • He’s a paid volunteer STOOGE. What MAN would just sit there and be wrong with his answers most of the time?

        • I have watched FoxNews exclusively for somewhere around twenty years. About a month ago I had to watch Donna Brazil all morning on Fox News. I really don’t know if she was on there more than one day because I haven’t watched it (Fox News) since. I’ve been trying to determine how they could win back my trust, but I really can’t think of anything after allowing Donna Brazil on their show (I’m probably spelling her name wrong BUT, I don’t care).

      • Juan Williams who seems to be fairly intelligent,after hearing facts and proof from the rest of the panel daily. Couldn’t believe the crap he spews. I believe he’s all for show.

      • Juan Williams still gives Obummer credit for the economy and everything else that Trump has done .With what he ” spews ” on The Five “..Fox Newa show…I think HE is a racist. Never give the President credit for anything.Btw..I’m a Canadian viewer of Fox News channel .

    • Nor can I stand him. Some say he is there for “show,” if so, he does a poor job because he just makes himself look foolish.

    • All the evil eyes are looking at the tempestuous and the evil eyes will take the souls of the good republicans . I hope no one will be tempted to enter to the evil gate May the Lord war hover us So President Trump do his MAGA without resistance. !!!Lets all pray for a common sense and honest government

  5. Sooo, i wanna Know, what the hell IS
    megyn Doing Now ? She ‘cooked her goose’
    W/0pening Pres.Debate. MAJOR DOWNSLIDE Since.
    However, w/financial management (which she no doubt has)
    IS Quite ‘comfy’. Just NO MORE ‘EGO fame’.

    • Probably your “goose is (not) cooked” if you signed with NBC and got millions and then got fired and got millions more. Megan followed a few others from Fox took a left turn to the drive by media but she just wasn’t prime time. But if she does a good job of managing her money she made her family secure for a generation. If I were Fox I wouldn’t sign her again, but as an American I am happy to see she is getting some balance in her perspective.

  6. A has been – follows the money – worthless witch – lies when it suits her – no different than CNN and all

    • Let you know A lot of people and I have same thoughts, I did not watch her at all after Her, Chris , Brett B bragged about they having some thing to take DT out before the debates

  7. 1- We Americans are the more prepare , educated audience and population capable to exercise the most important act on a DEMOCRACY , Which is VOTING THROUGH FREE ELECTIONS to elect their on government.
    2- Freedom of the Speech

    In 2016 a candidate label us as “deplorables”.

      • While it is EXACTLY the OTHER WAY around… democRATS = MOB rule, hillary PERFECTED just “THAT” by being ENDLESSLY CORRUPT, and “We the People” will simply NEVER get ANY “justice” when it comes to MOBSTER hillary…..!!!!

  8. Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million votes, the Russians propaganda machine that was embraced by Trump and his cronies tilted the electoral college vote to Trump. Also the Russians hacked into the voting machines, they were all vulnerable and still are and Trump the coward and crook does nothing about it. Read how the Russians fixed the votes in Florida but you idiots don’t care as long as your Mobster-in-Chief won.

    • Maxx your delusional. You really need to read the facts. Nobody and I mean nobody can hack into the voting machines, all electronic voting machines are not online. The only way is for voting attendants to maliciously alter the programs of the machine. Mobster-In-Chief REALLY, haven’t you heard who the real obstructionist, collusion czars really are. Stay tuned you idiot because we will all be watching at least a half dozen FBI,DOJ,CIA,NSA and even some dems walking off in silver bracelets. STAY TUNED MAXX because some have already turned on each other. Maxx you must be MADD

      • Rite. 3 million illegal ‘false ID’. dead. dbl voting
        in ‘loose’ districts ETC . some kinda popular vote.
        Also, some machines WERE actually ‘rigged’ & switched votes.
        Proven Factoid. Ballot boxes dumped & discovered.
        Could go 0n.

    • Mad Maxx: When my wife tried to vote for Romney in the 2012 election in Las Vegas, guess who lit up? Sure enough, it was Obama. She had to ‘undo’ Obama and press Romney twice more before ‘Romney’ stayed lit. How do you think that happened? The computerized voting machine was programmed to often vote for Obama, regardless of who was pressed. Neat, huh?

    • all you need to do is Look at where these so-called 3 million votes came from. she was a flawed candidate and that is all there is to be said on the subject.

    • Maybe she won the popular vote, if you deduct all the illegal multiple votes, the dead people that somehow came back and vote, yeah maybe, but she still didn’t win the election. All of her votes seem to have come from major liberal cities, and three or four cities cannot and should not elect a President to represent the entire country. Thank God the founding fathers had the sense to incorporate a fail safe against this by including the electoral college into the election process.

      • She lost by millions if you deduct just the OVER VOTING in districts with well over a 100% voter turnout.

        A 90% trunout is unheard of, and yet a 145% overvote is normal and ‘acceptable’?

    • The ‘reported’ OVER VOTING of districts across the nation showed MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD, and yet… you choose to ignore a 145% voter turnout in places?

      What a brilliant mind you wasted by becoming a liberal.

    • well maxxine the wornout old drunken hore DID not pay enough illegal aliens and immature uneducated children to vote.. maybe even two or three times and the Founding Father’s very special device AKA the “Electoral College” came into play in order to keep all of the illiterate ghetto city’s votes from counting more than the Real Americans that work and pay for this countries functions.. need to trot right on down to your local starchuckies coffee and cake shop to commiserate with other democrapo voters and to cheer on the latest crop of perverts, parasites, and commie $luts that are running on the Godless democrapo ticket..

  9. Yeah, can’t trust Megyn. She will be best remembered as “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.

    Had she stayed with Fox News, she would be a pain in the axx, but she ran to the other side. And that’s good. Liberal viewers knew not to trust her after she shanked Trump in the back.

    Now she’s standing at the crossroad out of nowhere. Where can she go? I wouldn’t care. Bye, bye, Megyn!

  10. What she said about Hellary is completely true. She lost that election because many people didn’t like her message, wide open borders for one. She would’ve lost the election with or without Russian help, besides the Russians didn’t need Trump’s help as they would’ve done it anyway if they did.

  11. I cannot think of the Democrats without a mental picture of them in the bottom of a commode complaining about the stench.

  12. Shep Smith and Juan Williams both turn my tube off FOX News automatic.Juan speaks only Dem talking points regardless of the story.

    Shep is a hard news guy who slants every story in a liberal way regarding the Trump Administration.

      • Hahn must have a deal with the Fox higher-ups because he is one dumb SOB and I mute him whenever he appears. I am waiting for Bongino to ask him to step outside. Then there is Jerry Rivers who comes up with the most obtuse analysis I ever heard! Fox needs to clean up its act or lose a lot of its audience.

        • I LOVE watching Bongino take on Hahn and/or Geraldo (when Rivera is wrong). He puts/keeps them in their place!

    • Juan the swan is disgusting and ignorant. When he comes on the five I immediately change the channel. He is so stupid,who could listen to his lopsided reasoning, if you could even call it reason.!?!

      • Like you, I turn the channel when Juan starts his junk mouth. If I were some of the other folks at the table… not sure I could be professional with my response.

    • Choose…Juan the dummy or Sheppie the contemptible-left-wing-liberal-one-digit-IQ-Phag who is in big trouble for his most recent sexual exploits on another male. But sheppie will survive, he will join the rest of the degenerates…donnie lemon,andy cooper As for juan the dummy he will join the rest of the hand puppets…fredo cuomo, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT, WP,….

    • Both should be fired! 🔥
      I ❤️ “The Five” but Juan monopolizes the conversations! 🙉
      And it is always ragtag!! You can tell the other guests can’t stand him but I’m sure they have been warned to be polite! 🙄
      As for Shep, never watch him anymore … drives me crazy! 🤪
      Hates our President and it shows! 😖 So I have no use for him!
      Brett is great! Just states the news with no inflections! 😇

  13. Brett Bair needs to exit also ! He doesn’t care for our president,,, he is for the democrats ! Brett & Shep both were in favor of getting rid of our Judge Jeanine when they wound up suspending her for 2 weeks !

  14. This maybe a case of too little to late for Megyn Kelly. As for Hillary the election was not stolen from her the election was win by the best candidate for this country President Trump. Hillary had nothing and will always be a criminal.

    • Mary. Hillary provide she was not only crooked but didn’t trust her own knowledge when she got the answers to the debate questions so she would know the answers. That was just as much stealing as if she had put a gun to someones head and took their money. She was the thief not Trump.

  15. hillary said one could run a good campaign and still have the election stolen and that is almost what she and the democrats and the corrupt FBI did to Trump. Everything that they could do to steal and thwart the election. . Her paying for a fraudulent dossier. Her supporters and obama’s administration covering up for her criminal activity. Unscrupulous voters in CA and Mich. voting multiple times. She got 145 million $ from Russian donors given to her Canadian charity. Why? What was she promising Russia when she got elected?

  16. Nobdy stole the election from Hillary. People just started finding out how crooked and corrupt she was and they are finding out more all the time. She needs to move to Venezuela or some place like that.

  17. Crooked Hillary and many other of the administration of the world’s biggest liar and the worst and most incompetent and divisive president in history should have been thrown in jail years ago for their multitude transgression, most notable spying on Trump during and after the campaign. They are all utter disgraces and embarrassments to themselves and the country!!!!!! They’re all sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry excuses for human beings!!!

    • Bruce, I think you will agree that spying on the Trump campaign is the least traitorous act to come out of eight years of Hussein and Hillary. If the DOJ’s Horrowitz and Barr’s other investigations don’t turn up more leads of even greater crimes against the state I will be surprised. E.mail.server, BENGAHZI, pay to play, Uranium one deal and a whole buffet of crime is about to be placed before us. It is time for every one of those involved to pay the pioer and their feet dance in the air.

  18. The problem with Trump Haters is that they’ve dug such a DEEP hole for themselves that they not only can’t come back to the light, they can’t even SEE it to know which way to go. FOREVER LOST!!!

  19. Hillary Clinton is the biggest Criminal in the US, and she just can’t see the truth. America hates her!!!!!!!!!

  20. Hilary clenton is in this for one thing, and one thing only….money. She could not care less about you, or me, or our country. Funny thing, in the last three months, you have heard nothing out of her or her comrade Obama. Is it possible that they are burying their cash and looking for ways out of prison sentences?

    • DGcooper. They are together planning their next coup since their last one failed. With the help of the Federal Reserve they are planning to crash the Stock Market and blame it on Trump. The Federal Reserve is not part of the Federal Government. They set the interest rates. They kept the rates low for Obama. Since Trump was elected they have been raising the rates. If they can get the rates high enough the Stock Market will Crash. Then the people will blame the President. It will be the consumers fault for buying so much on credit. It has happened before by accident. This time it will be on purpose. Poor old Jimmy Carter got caught in one. That’s why he lost. Obama won because the Republicans got caught in one. Keep your eyes on interest rates and the Stock Market.

      • Nice observation. Didn’t think about that one. God help us if Dems win in 2020. Remember what the never Trumpers were saying? “If Trump wins I’m moving to another country.” Does anyone know of even one nay sayer that followed through? As far as Megyn Kelly, she got what she deserved, stay there!

  21. Megyn would sure be hard to trust after putting herself up to the level of not yet President Trump with her debate question handling.
    She surely got what she deserved…just trying to make a name for herself.

        • Howdy Otis. Same here. Time was when I welcomed an opposing opinion because they made sense and the truth or best option usually lay somewhere in the middle. Now all I hear is profanity, lies, finger pointing, name calling, and proposals that are so farfetched or revolting that I don’t know how they could come from the mouth of a human being. Williams just runs off at the mouth because he thinks that’s what everyone wants home to do so he can keep his job. Never anything of substance. Smith is just an imbecile they drug off the street one day and they managed to get him into a suit and tie.

    • Not only Donna, but for crying out loud, why do they keep that whining jerk, Juan Williams around? He says the stupidest things, and keeps on yammering louder and louder whenever anyone else wants to interject some truth into his lying diatribe!

        • MaryKay, I’m with you on that, “Let Me Finish”….Watters and GG keep Williams in his place, though, and Emily Compagno makes these legal arguments that go right over Juan’s head

  22. Hillary’s photo is in the dictionary beside the word “Whinie loser”. Sort of like a marathoner who lost by 4 miles and claims the winner cheated.

  23. Actually, I would love to see Megan turn toward Donald Trump. She has been a class act and probably sees how awesome Pres. Trump has accomplished so much in these few months. She could be a good partner.

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