Megyn Kelly took everyone by surprise with these three words about the future of Fox News

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Fox News is in a state of flux after the shocking ouster of Tucker Carlson.

Now the cable news network’s future is coming into focus.

But Megyn Kelly took everyone by surprise with these three words about the future of Fox News.

The shocking decision by Fox News to part ways with Tucker Carlson, the top-rated host in cable news, is leading to major changes for its prime time lineup.

Carlson leaves a massive hole at the 8:00pm time slot after his departure.

The Drudge Report exclusively reported that a major shake-up was coming to Fox News in the aftermath of Carlson’s exit.

Sean Hannity would move from his 9:00pm time slot into the 8:00pm slot previously occupied by Carlson.

Hosts Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld would also move into the prime time lineup at to be determined time slots as part of Fox’s reshuffling.

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly has been critical of her former network in the wake of Carlson’s departure.

She said that moving Hannity to the 8:00pm time slot was “not the answer” for Fox, which has seen ratings plummet after Carlson went off of the air.

“They need to do something,” Kelly explained. “I will submit for the record, this isn’t it. This is not it.”

Hannity is a mainstay on the network and is the cable news host with the longest-running prime time show in television history.

“They need a voice like Tucker’s and even that’s probably not going to do it because the audience very angry and they miss Tucker but Hannity is not the answer at 8pm,” Kelly said. He hasn’t been the answer at 9pm lately since Tucker left. We’ve been following the ratings. They’re hemorrhaging at 8pm and 9pm, where currently Sean is in right now.”

Fox News is taking a massive hit in the ratings after Carlson was sent packing.

Rachel Maddow on MSNBC has beaten Hannity in the ratings at the 9:00pm slot in total viewers and with the crucial 25-54 age demographic preferred by advertisers.

The fallout from Carlson’s departure is causing viewers to tune out Fox News altogether.

Kelly explained that ratings for the 8:00pm show, that’s been filled by a rotating cast of hosts, are less than half what Carlson drew.

She pointed out that Hannity has lost almost half of his audience for his show after Carlson went off of the air.

“So, the audience will have the last say on whether these are the solutions, but right now they’re still very, very angry at Fox News,” Kelly said. “And Fox hasn’t done much to assuage their concerns or make them feel better about firing their top star who remains under contract but silenced.”

Fox News is scrambling to try and save their prime time lineup after the infuriating decision to part ways with Tucker Carlson.

But Megyn Kelly doesn’t believe this is the way to do it.

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