Megyn Kelly is trying to sink Trump with this move

Senator Al Franken was pressured into resigning by his fellow Democrat Senators.

Now political opportunists see the potential for weilding the #MeToo moment as a weapon to bludgeon their opponents with.

And Megyn Kelly was out for blood as she seeks to exact revenge on her foremost opponent.

During the 2016 campaign, more than a dozen women came forward with accusations of sexual assault, harassment, or misconduct by Donald Trump.

While the news media breathlessly reported on the stories at the time hoping to sink Trump’s candidacy, the voters had their say on election day.

But now, Megyn Kelly, whose show has suffered from dismal ratings and embarrassing interviews, decided to rehash these stories by interviewing three of the women with hopes that the #MeToo moment might take down Trump.

CNBC reports:

In an interview with Megyn Kelly, Jessica Leeds, Samantha Holvey and Rachel Cooks spoke about their interactions with Donald Trump. The president has denied all of the accusations and during the interview the White House released a statement slamming the “false claims.”

The White House said in a statement that the “timing and absurdity of these false claims speaks volumes” and reiterated that the American people “voiced their judgement” by electing the president.

Breitbart notes:

The three accusers — Rachel Crooks, Samantha Holvey, and Jessica Leeds did not make any new accusations against Trump, but appeared heartened that the country was now taking harassment of women seriously.

“For us to put ourselves out there to try and show America who this man is and especially how he views women, and for them to say, ‘Meh, we don’t care’ — it hurt,” Holvey said during the interview with Kelly, calling it “heartbreaking.”

“So now it’s just like, alright, let’s try round two. The environment’s different. Let’s try again,” she continued.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) called on Trump to resign over the accusations, as Renewed Right recently predicted liberals would.

What are your thoughts?

Has the #MeToo moment been co-opted into a modern-day version of the Salem Witch Trials?

Let us know in the comments below!



  1. Megyn Kelly is a self-serving pitifully pathetic VIXEN who persists in believing that she’s the cream that floated to the top…

    • Megyn Kelly is a self-serving pitifully pathetic VIXEN who persists in believing that she’s the cream that floated to the top…while her ratings tanked.

    • Julia, this moron is no better than the three woman,As a man, I like women a lot, but this bunch including Kelly is a far cry of what is called a woman. Her looks are not as good as she thinks they are, a lot of make-up and cement.With enough of it you can make a pig look good.

    • Let’s take up a collection and send Megan Kelly, Barry, the illegal communist Muslim queer and his tranny wife to Iran where they would be more appreciated.

  2. One of them accused Trump of asking for her telephone number. Can you imagine that? I didn’t know her virginity was attached to her phone number? Better watch out guys. They may find you guilty of sexual harassment thousands of times.

    • I think that it is high time that NBC return to the reputable reporting it was once know for and put this lying to rest. You got rid of Matt Lauer now man up and start dumping the rest of your biased reporters. I can think of no one better to start with than Megan Kelly, oh wait, Chuck Todd, oh no, maybe Lyin Lester Holt, Savanah Gutherie or heck it doesn’t matter whose first, get rid of all of them.

  3. I seem to recall that a person is innocent until PROVEN guilty. Otherwise, almost all men could be falsely accused and be punished with the untruths foisted upon them by unscrupulous females who are out to try to STEAL money via threats of lawsuits for unfounded, unproven, unbelievable, untruths. Men always be on your guard. There are some wicked women in this world, as Megyn seems determined to reveal on her “show”.

    • Megyn Kelly is a big loser that can’t get a new show to “CLICK” and will try ANYTHING to get a favorable rating, as has been witnessed by the American Public in her failed attempts since she left FOX. Too BAD, MEGYN but you left the ship that was carrying you and kept you afloat,,,,,,Unfortunate that you had to learn the hard way, but that is LIFE!!!


    • you hit the nail on the head with that coment . there are so many women that if they learned how to dress they would not have this problem. gods word says for women to dress modestly.

    • Megyn Kelly is a stuck is in love with herself. She is a horrible person and I don’t understand, (other than being pretty) these stations keep hiring her.
      She should end up in a bread line, out behind the dumpster. That is what I think.

  4. There comes a point when “cutesy” no longer cuts it in the real world. Women like Kelly hit the wall, but are just too delusional to figure it out. Mangina male managers enable this, but the free market, or ratings, will determine her fate. If I were her, id have a updated resume on hand.

  5. Kelly began her anti-Trump rampage during the Republican Primary debates. Now that she works at a network more to her disposition, she is doubling down on her “Get Trump” activities. Has she no professional values? Why doesn’t she hold Al Franken’s feet to the fire regarding his “no resignation” resignation if she’s serious? Franken did not resign in his “I’m good. I’m smart, and doggone it, people like me” “resignation” speech before the Senate, in which he said only that he would resign “in coming weeks”? Her weak TV ratings show that she does not have following she thought she had when she was a top talent on Fox News. She’s now a loser trying too hard to get the attention she had on FNC.

    • Meghan isn’t going anywhere with this garbage. We do not believe this nonsense. President Trump has proven he is not someone who does this. So Meghan keep your paid cryers going. It is not going to get you anywhere. Your career is down the tubs since leaving Fox. Sorry

    • Megan Kelly is a “BITCH” and I am surprised that she still has a job. I don’t watch NBC because it’s a liberal station. The only show I watch before was “The Apprentice” until that no longer was shown.

  6. Megyn Kelly is the epitome of “hell hath no fury that that of a woman scorned.” She is a vindictive, vengeful creature who will stop at nothing even parading women on her show who have no proof of their accusations against our president. For instance, the one on the airplane: how do you get molested on a airplane full of people? As to the others, if anything happened likely it was beyond consensual in that they probably came on the him and their advances were shunned, so now in this present climate of sexual abuse, they are coming out of the woodwork. Good job, Megyn, sleeping with scum. Your short skirt, low neckline didn’t work with Putin and parading a bunch of liars isn’t working either. Time even for NBC to pull out of a bad deal.

  7. We, the people, put President Trump in the White House and if it comes to that WE should be the ones to decide if he is still a good candidate for bringing America great again.

  8. All of these perpetrators have been brought down by allegations. The left and the right are engaged in a mud-slinging contest for the purpose of claiming that YOUR bad actors are worse than MY bad actors. I am well aware of the tendency for men to act in a predatory manner, but I remain highly suspicious of women that have waited for YEARS before coming forward with their “me too” accusations.

  9. Gloria Allred and darling daughter Lisa Bloom must have abusive bagworm men hanging from every branch of their family tree to be these ambo-chasing beeotches in defense of every broad who crawls out from under rocks alleging a whoopin’. Remake of Fatal Attraction coming soon to a theater near you…*starring*…guess who?!


  11. Great comments regarding Megyn and all the accusers that have waited until now that they are no longer young and appealing what do they want now someone to grab their tush so they can get tingle up their leg like Chris Mathew WOW what can I say.

  12. Well…looks as though Me-Again Kelly is attempting to go another round with the most famous of them all-the Trumpster (Sorry POTUS…I had to say it) Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, Me-again Kelly……………….

  13. Megan, Give it up, they proved that at least some of them were paid by Hillary to say what they said about President Trump. I know this kind of thing can happen because it happened to my husband, but when his boss found out, he was rehired. His wife had been around my husband and he didn’t act like that, then he found out that she had quit and went to another job and he called and told on her and she was fired.

  14. Megan Kelly is A Trump hater. No one gives a shit what she thinks. She’s an ungrateful opportunist who sucks up to powerful men to benefit her career and then she turns on them!

  15. Bill- You are so right, Megan please quit.. I used to be a fan of yours till you showed your true colors. Someone recently gave me a copy of your book. I have always been a reader but this I will not read. Disappointed in you, That book will be donated.

    • Yes! The same here! When I first started watching her on Fox News,I was truly admirable of her seemingly tough conservative stance,but it appears Megan Kelley has become,an opportunistic shill with no substance. The only thing she truly wants to advance is her career,never mind principled journalism. She is also blinded by her hatred towards President Trump. She has gone from what seemed a true patriot to a liberal feminist with an agenda of hatred. Something happened in these latter years and I think she hates men in general. Feminism has taken a huge hold on her in my opinion.

    • Megynkelly also referred to viewers as her “fans”. Question: is she a news person or a rock star.. Allow me to list some names: Walter Cronkite, Mike Wallace, Edward R. Murrow, Huntley/Brinkley and Douglas Edwards. If ANYONE should have fans it would be one(or all) of these guys. Why? Because they REPORTED the news. They made every effort to NOT be the news. This woman (Kelly) is way to full of herself. Keep hawking skin cream Megyn. News is not about the reporter.

  16. Kelly is a has been who needs to be gone. The public knew of this and still voted the man in as President. She is a poor loser as are all Dumocrats.

    • Apparently Megan went to NBC after her and Laur press the special button at his office to discuss how they were going to trash Trump. But guess who got trashed MEGAN the wanna be big time. The chickens have come home to roost.

  17. Bottom suckers like Kelley will go to all ends to get notoriety when they are being flushed down the toilet !!!
    How long is it going to be before men come out with their stories of being taken advantage of by women ??? Don’t tell me there is not any !!! I can think of a couple of school teachers, so there has to be more in corporate America or may be congress ???

    • Don’t worry, pretty sure it’s coming down the road. In the meantime I guess Megyn wants to become the next Jerry Springer or Morey Provich.

      • will not happen. Her show is sooo bad I do not know how long NBC will keep her on.
        Tired of looking at all these women who are looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Didn’t we go thru all this during the election. Megan if you can’t find decent subjects to put on your show then you better throw in the towel because your show are unwatchable.

    • Timothy you are so right. I am a woman and men are abused and take advantage of by many women. Men just want speak up as the law sides with women in abuse cases. Many marry for money and it does not have to be a lot of money just more than they make. I could write a book on it.

    • This one was debunked before the election. There was a man who came forward that said he was on the flight she was talking about and sat across from them. He said she was the one all over him. That President Trump was polite to her and when he got up to go to the bathroom, she told this gentleman “I’m going to marry him”. Then years later there was a run in regarding property or some issue that she was very angry at him. I can’t believe she is coming out with these allegations again. Does she think we don’t remember what was said before?

  18. OMGOSH….what a farce. I purposely watched the Megan Kelly Witch Trial to see if she would dig the hole digger that she is in, and sure enough she did.
    First, Miss North Carolina was clueless saying “Mr. Trump acted as tho he owned the pageant”. Earth to Miss N.C., HE DID!
    Then she makes the statement “He looked me over like I was a piece of meat.” Earth to Miss N.C. IT’S CALLED MERCHANDISE, THAT IS WHY THE CONTESTANTS WEAR REVEALING EVENING GOWNS AND SWIM SUITS! Then Miss N.C. had the audacity to say, “I didn’t ask for this.” OH YES YOU DID, WHEN YOU ENTERED THE MISS NORTH CAROLINA BEAUTY PAGEANT!
    The next woman up worked @ Trump Towers and she approached Mr. Trump! HE NEVER APPROACHED HER. So he hugged or kissed her when parting as he has done with millions of women all over the world. IT’S A SALUTATION THAT IS DONE IN A LOT OF COUNTRIES. NO SEXUAL IMPLICATIONS HERE.
    Now the last woman who spoke up was ridiculous. Her encounter with Mr. Trump was over 40 years ago and I don’t believe a word out of her mouth. Possibly she saw this scenario only in her dreams.

    • Way to go – Ms Kelly is a flop – her show is a boring re-hash. Does it matter what this loser says or does on any given subject? Well not to me,’I remember how she “acted on Fox News playing cute little new girl on the block to ALL of the Male Hosts especially Bill O’Reilly. She is a farce, she should thank President Trump who made her her “news worthy” with one really misplaced inappropriate remark to her during Presidential Campaign.
      Fox News doesn’t appear to miss her and NBC deserves her.

  19. She needs to up her TV rating. That’s it. She already entered the point of no return to the conservative realm. She’s dead to us. And she knows it. Sad.

    • Go home’re a has-been and no one is listening…guess you’ll have to find another subject. Don’t know anyone who watches you anymore.

      • Megyan has a chip on her shoulders that some one needs to knock it off. She thinks she is beautiful, but Meghan beauty is skin deep and you do not have it. In fact you are ugly.

        • Tutu, I agree it is very true that when a person becomes as despicable as Megan Kelly is then they really do have an ugly appreance, she is very ugly. Its a sad thing that she will not see any of these truths about what she has become

  20. The election is over Zpredident Trump is our President get over it. There will be another election in 2020 the Democrats can put up a decent canidate someone like James Webb and they may have s chance.
    What do the really want to put so much stress on the President that he falls ill and is replaced by VP Pence for the remainder of the first term followed by a possible two subsequent terms. Giving Pence ten years or longer. They wouldn’t like that too much. As with Pence the wouldn’t have any mud to throw at him and he would drive the Liberals Mad.

  21. what ever it takes to keep your face on TV Megan. I bet if you took their credit cards and make up with out permission they would have the cops beating down your door and it would not take 10 or 15 years and a approaching. election. when the bitch who went after Moore confessed to lying a few days ago it was hidden in the back of the News papers. Not front page like when the story first broke. LIBERAL PAPERS love fake news along with TV. This is why Trump always tweets so they cannot twist what he writes.

  22. We’re the accusations truly perverse moments or merly a moment that can be misconscrewed as a flirt, that could characterized as an attempt to grope because an inoscent flirt can be taken both ways depending how you WANT it to look , think about it seems very fishy to me , timing , the me too moment makes news remember that !!!!! You can defiantly tell when someone is groping you just ask Harvey, big differance don’t you think

  23. This is old news Megan now you are really digging a hole deeper for your self, I guess you are desperate for attention and ratings.
    We have chosen the best president., Trump is God’s
    gift to America please be real look around you and see the prosperity in our country.

  24. Well, things were a little quiet for Gloria the attorney so she needed to find some women looking for fame and fortune to rebuild her bank account. That’s why every picture you see of these ladies you see her next to them telling them what to say. So sad.

  25. At the time these women claim Trump did something untoward to them, he was a
    very rich man and they could have sued him or at least made an accusation to
    authorities. However, nothing was ever heard. He never had to pay off any bimbo
    or sexually raped any woman like the other men who have resigned .
    This is all created to discredit Trump and they need to go back to their mundane
    lives .

  26. Well Megan Kelly, she’ll do anything to draw attentiin to herself, and now she show she’s also a vengeful bxxxx!
    She’s simple minded n she’s a ddisgrace to n journalism, n channel 4 nbc is desperate, also they twist n turn words n make little sense.

  27. Why is this bitch still on the air? she has the lowest ratings in history a fan base of 0 and a huge salary – shouldn’t the network just cut their losses and move forward with someone new? They will still have to pay her so she will technically working for them – maybe she can clean bathrooms or sweep up – with what they paid her she should be cleaning until she dies.

  28. Megan is a loser no ones listening to her but she will keep pushing because that’s the dog she really is
    Peter and Clark are dead on right we support trump no matter what

  29. I am so sick of these people waiting for years before making a statement. Some don’t even have to be touched but still ruining a man’s life. I bet not many of these so called abused women ever said the little two letter word “NO”.

    • Amen, and they are making it that much more difficult for the women who have actually been abused to be believed. So far not one of them has come out with any proof they have ever been in emotional pain or distress.

  30. So tell your local priest! But ENOUGH already! These women…never chuckled in mixed company over an off-color joke? never recoiled in sheer horror when a man touched her arm or elbow or shoulder during pleasant conversation? never participated in office water cooler banter? never dressed for attention? GET OVER IT! GET A DAMN LIFE! 20-30-40 YEARS AGO? GROW UP! PERSPECTIVE, girls! And that goes for YOU, Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)!…now wasting time calling for Trump’s resignation? I’M OKAY YOU’RE OKAY…Virginia Satir…LOSE what no longer works and REPLACE it with stuff that does! The MEN on this planet are not responsible for your ‘coming out’ party…YOU are! OWN IT AND MOVE ON! Sick of hearing it. Oh, poor YOU! YOUR fault for not establishing boundaries from the get-go! Takes two to tango! If you LIKE the man, it’s flirting! If you DON’T like the man, it’s sexual harassment! Choose your battles wisely, girls, because you won’t win the war you started! I am woman…hear me roar…for the men out there being unjustly accused WAY beyond any statute of limitations! PERIOD.

    • Ashey Judd sad (I’m a BAAAAAAD Woman.) She had to be to go to bed with Weinstien,
      she would have bedded a snake to further her career,I’ll bet she even smells baaaad.
      When will they put a time limit on these abuse claims??
      Maddona said she thought many times about blowing the White House Up, wonder what
      else she’s Blown up???

  31. I am so done with Megyn Kelly, She really ticked me off today. She has an unnatural obsession with President Trump and I am sick of it. I will post likely stop watching her show and I think her bosses need to have a chat with her about this and while they are at it talk to her about wearing her clothes a size too small. Its not becoming at all.

    • If I read the article correctly, Franken said he would resign in a short time, did not say when he would resign. Wouldn’t surprise me if he waits to see how Alabama goes, and then try some tricky stuff for the Democrats. I also agree with Cheri about Megyn Kelly, her clothes have always been at least a size to small. I also am sick and tired of her obsession with bad mouthing President Trump

  32. The left don’t realize that we are behind President Trump all The way thru all the lefts lies. He will go down in history as one of the best Presidents in history. Keep up the great work.

    • I agree He will be the best President in History. Just think of all he could accomplish if the Senate and House would work with him, instead of stabbing him in the back every chance they get.

    • I agree with Peter T. Clark, he will go down in history as the only President that has conjones to drain the swamp and have a good night sleep because he is helping the American peoples. The Legal ones. His a US citizen.

  33. I agree with Virginia. If there is concrete proof or evidence of sexual harassment, then the perpetrators deserve everything they get. But to come out many years later with nothing but accusations is suspect. And if any of these women have been found to have made false accusations, they should be prosecuted. They need to learn there are consequences for trying to ruin someone’s life by lying about things that never happened. And as far as Megyn Kelly goes; I lost respect. Try telling your kids when they get older how you tried to sell your soul for some fame; and how it didn’t work.

    • That was really terrible and disrespectable of Megan to have these woman on her show to incriminate Trump. She will regret doing this as people already don’t like her. Terrible to do this to the President of the U.S. Bad move Megan. Your show is not bad but needs a new person to do it not you.

      • When Megan Kelly left Fox News she thought she was the Queen however Queen`s do not have a white stripe running down the middle of it. She is more in the image of a skunk she will be gone soon but like a skunk if someone want`s to find her it will be easy because SKUNKS HAVE A FOUL odor that lingers on for a long time.She should climb back in the hole she crawled out of I don`t think anyone will be looking for her. Losers are a dime a dozen.

  34. Her hatered has become a total mental disorder as well as all these other incompetent losers that just don’t have any type of decency. We have also made a miss trying to show women that they are worthy teaching them how to protect themselves from unwanted sexual advances some have gone so extreme that its a disorder. For a man to be blamed for assault for shaking her hand and kissing the check most of us where tought that this was part of being a gentleman. But a lot of these women have been puched to the extreme and are so scared that they go over the line especially with what happened. And all parties involved should be made to pass a polygraph test do to the damage it can cause if the person isn’t guilty.

  35. well the ointone woman Ms Leeds I believe it is just happens to be a secretary for the Clinton Foundation and the woman who was a Miss World Contestant claims Trump walked around the Hair/Make up area while she sat naked with only a robe on??? excuse me but women go into mens sports locker rooms where men often are coming out of the shower with only towels wrapped around them. Come on Democrats, stop wasting taxpayers dollars with bogus claims

  36. I find it very interesting that these women wait years and years to report harassment. I believe anyone making harassment charges should have proof before ones name is blasted all over the media. We should not take this crap to heart unless there is credible evidence of wrong doing. I believe opposition forces are paying people to come forward and make these accusations to put doubt in peoples minds. I do not buy this at all. I still support the elected president of the United States President Donald Troop.

  37. It’s so clear the Dems strategized this to ultimately bring back around to Trump. WH stated, these bimbos surfaced in 2016. Allegations were proven false then. Just another shot at an old story. Ignoring it totally. Yawn!

  38. Megyn Kelly !??!?!!? You mean Begging Kelly…..begging for attention !
    What a piece of crap she is !!!!!!!!!!!! She started out alright but some where along the way she lost control !!!!!!
    She’s made enough money ….stay home and take care of your kids !!

  39. I am a Democrat myself and am ashamed to have admitted it. I will rectify that when I go to register again. As for the women coming forth stating all this crap, it was so long ago it would hold no water with me at all. The President should just not pay any attention to any of it and if they want to press charges, let them. Could pretty much guarantee not a one could prove anything at all.

    • You are so right Douglas!!! They have tried and tried to discredit him and probably will never stop! President Trump keep on making America great once again!! Don’t give up!🇱🇷

        • I think the Soros schemes that majority of Americans would not approve of. Should come to light. That is every politician who has received donations from him or one of his entities. Needs to be made public. So voters know who they are really voting for.

    • A smart lawyer would ask them, first, How many times did Mr such n such act inappropriately? And second, How many jobs did he hire you for. I do not think that there are very many of us women who come through unscathed. Most, if honest will admit to their own responsibility, however small it was. Millions of us could have reported at least one incident where we were frightened by a man and caught with no way out. For whatever reason we were not more cautious, we were intelligent enough to own our own part, small as it might be, and move on…smarter, more cautious, with eyes wide open. NEVER would a woman continue to be around a man who hurt her, over powered her, and scared her, without conscience. You don’t go back….You steer clear, and if you moved to Hollywood from Podunk USA, you now finally get it. All the jokes told by both men and women about the famous ‘casting couch’ have some raw truth to them….. According to many of these women, the man did this multiple times. Really? So, you decided to become a volunteer?
      Get real! Shameless opportunists then, and now!

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