Megyn Kelly walked into work and got the bad news she was dreading

Megyn Kelly was on thin ice at NBC.

She made comments on the air about Halloween costumes that liberals pounced on as racist.

And then on Thursday she walked into work and got the bad news she was dreading.

Kelly found herself in trouble when she appeared to be defending white people dressing up in blackface for Halloween.

The New York Post reports:

Megyn Kelly is out at NBC following controversial comments she made about blackface this week, a source told Page Six.

It took just 48 hours for Kelly to be cut from the network.

During a panel discussion on “Megyn Kelly Today” on Tuesday with Jenna Bush Hager, Jacob Soboroff and Melissa Rivers, Kelly said, “You do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface for Halloween, or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween. Back when I was a kid, that was okay just as long as you were dressing as a character.”

The former Fox News host, 47, apologized to her staff in an email later that day and on Wednesday, she made a public apology on-air.

NBC staff was outraged.

Colleagues fired off angry tweets.

Kelly apologized by email and on camera the next day.

But it was not enough to save her job.

NBC News President Andy Lack fired her.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Don’t blame the parents. They are too busy doing other things to even be involved with the kids. But it all does fall on the school systems that have become nothing but liberal indoctrination centers.

  2. Hi Shelly, I was just about to write the same thing. I am from Aus. and don’t usually see any US daytime TV and wouldn’t bother any way, except I saw MK was on and thought I would have a listen to what she had to say…and it was at the time when she said some quite reasonable things about Kav, and also said to co-hosts “Can you imagine what Liberals would say if Trump had said that?” I don’t remember what those comments were, as it could be about very many hypocritical things NBC hosts have said…and right then I said, they will sack her for that.
    They just needed to find a PC enough reason, wouldn’t surprise me to find out they introduced that topic just to catch her out. Verministic infestation that they are.

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  4. Glad you came to your senses, America is better today than ever. As for Meghan Kelly, they “Paula Deened” her. No big deal when “The Community-Organizer-in-Chief” allowed Paula to be smeared out of business. Meghan is truly a shrew, and hope she’s out of the future.

  5. Not a Megyn fan but she did nothing wrong and said nothing wrong. Just an excuse to fire her and hire a bona fide left winger.

  6. Megyn Kelly walked into work and got the bad news she was dreading


  7. Meghan Kelly accused Ayers of sexual harassment. After that came out publicly, it wasn’t a surprise that she left Fox.

    As for the debate where she came after Donald Trump: For one thing, I don’t believe she wrote the debate questions. Regardless, he had made very harsh comments against women and it seemed the questions were merely trying to get him to own up and explain the comments. It’s the Trump supporters who made HER seem like someone on a witch-hunt.

    Donald Trump was the one coming after every other candidate with anything he could come up with, true or not. When he came after Ted Cruz and Cruz’s numbers began to drop, I was livid.

    So, please, give Meghan a fair break here.

    She is smart, savvy, mostly conservative, kind, articulate and always looks pleasant. I don’t get the angst against her.

    With all that said, I will add that I have come to support President Trump 100%. I asked God what I should do after Donald became the nominee and he gave me a clear picture to get behind Trump. God works in mysterious ways and this was one of those times.

    Getting fired for the “black face” comment? Ludicrous, nit-picky, double standard, and as others have said, probably just an excuse for the network to fire her. If I had a network I would be happy to hire her.

  8. How very sad it appears the left can lie etc etc & say & do what ever they want & nothing happens. This innocent remark Kelly said & she is fired her boss has absolutely no back bone. What would have put him on a higher platform with respect would have been to defend what she had to say & defend it was not racist. Which it was not just another way to try & shut up the RIGHT.

  9. I think it was more than that. I’m not a fan of Kelley’s in any sense of the word, but I think this was retribution for her standing up for Kavanaugh.

  10. That’s what I was thinking. She’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. NBC will presumably have to pay out her contract which is $69 million. Time to buy an island in the Carribean and retire.

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