Megyn Kelly was all smiles after she saw the epic backlash to this woke travesty

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The woke mob is continually trying to push the envelope.

One group of women decided to draw a line in the sand.

And Megyn Kelly was all smiles after she saw the epic backlash to this woke travesty.

Biological men identifying as transgender women are taking over and dominating spaces that were reserved for women.

One group of women decided to stand up for themselves after they were defeated by a biological man in a cycling competition.

Lesley Mumford, a 46-year-old biological man, took 1st place in the women 40-49 age category at the 100-mile Desert Gravel Co2Ut (Colorado to Utah) cycling race.

He demolished his female competition, finishing 17 minutes ahead of the second-place woman.

Mumford celebrated his victory on the winner’s podium but neither of the women who finished second and third joined him on stage.

After thanking his cycling team, Mumford wondered why no one joined him at the podium on social media.

“I have no idea why so many people bailed before the podiums, but they did. I swear I wasn’t the only one in my age group,” Mumford said.

Neither of the two women who lost to him commented on why they skipped the podium.

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly is one of the most outspoken critics of the radical transgender movement’s attempt to hijack women’s sports.

She slammed Mumford for competing in the women’s race when there was a transgender category available to him on her SiriusXM show.

Kelly pointed out that “there’s a story every other day now about a trans person winning a women’s cycling event.”

“Women’s cycling is all but gone to us. I mean it’s worse, I think, than women’s swimming,” Kelly added, referring to controversy surrounding transgender college swimmer Lia Thomas.

Kelly said that Mumford was a male sheriff’s deputy named Wesley “until two minutes ago” and that he was pretending to be a woman.

“He suddenly decides he’s a woman, and goes and steals all their medals. No wonder [female athletes] are quitting,” Kelly exclaimed.

Guests Carrie Prejean Boller and Britt Mayer, co-founders of a group dedicated to saving women’s sports, said the podium protest was a sign that women are fighting back.

“I think that what we’re seeing is that we’ve been polite for so long and we thought that being polite was going to somehow make this all go away but it’s getting worse,” Mayer said. “But as it gets worse, I think that women are becoming stronger in their convictions and realizing what’s at stake and saying that if we don’t protest this now, this madness is going to be this tidal wave that destroys women’s sports.”

Kelly previously urged women to find their voices and stand up to biological men invading their spaces.

Prejean Boller said that women were getting the courage to push back and say no.

The women who protested the winner’s podium stood up and refused to dignify the woke charade of competing against a biological man.

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