Megyn Kelly just went off the deep end in this opening monologue

Megyn Kelly has been having a rough time over at NBC News.

Ever since her feud with Trump led to her departure from Fox, she’s never fully recovered.

Now she’s trying to fuel her ratings with expressions of outrage and indignation.

First it was the #MeToo movement where she tried to make it about Donald Trump and her former employers and coworkers at Fox News.

Now, Kelly’s trying to make the most out of the tragedy in Florida.

In her opening monologue, Kelly made an emotional appeal to her viewers to shred the Constitution and all-but called for guns to be outright banned.

The Daily Beast reports:

“Does anyone really think that we’re going to do anything after these mass murders?” Kelly asked. “I don’t. I don’t believe that. I don’t believe in a single one of these politicians. I don’t believe any of them have the courage it takes to push through reform. Why? Because, history.”
“And then there are the guns,” Kelly said near the end of her remarks on Thursday. “Don’t even think about it. No gun reforms are getting through. They’re not! And most of the ones that will be proposed in the wake of this shooting will be utterly meaningless and wouldn’t have even arguably prevented this killing.”

“The NRA is too powerful, our politicians are too weak, and the guns are too ubiquitous,” she continued. The audience audibly gasped when Kelly told them there are more than 300 million guns in America. “In the meantime, I and other parents have to send our kids to school and play Russian roulette with their lives.”
“I wish I had the solution,” Kelly said, letting out a deep sigh. “One part of it is courage. To get honest, to give a damn.” Like her former Fox News colleague Geraldo Rivera, she advocated redirecting the money Trump wants to spend a border wall to “this problem” instead.

She hit all the high-notes of the gun-grabbers, including citing inflated statistics of supposed “school shootings” put out by gun control groups like Michale Bloomberg’s “Everytown for Gun Safety.”

She blamed the politicians.

She blamed the NRA.

She blamed the American people for not “giving a damn.”

In fact, when it comes down to it, she apparently believes everyone is to blame except for one person: The Shooter.

When it comes down to it, it’s not even clear she had a purpose in her rant other than to pump up her ratings and attempt to endear herself to NBC’s liberal audience.

Money isn’t going to solve this problem. More gun control isn’t going to solve this problem.

If people want to get serious about ending school shootings, perhaps they should consider policy changes that are all too often ignored in exchange for the usual partisan playbook.

Instead of “gun control,” what if Congress considered legislation to allow God back in public schools, or ending so-called “Gun Free Zones” where the majority of mass shootings occur.

What are your thoughts?

Should Congress take action to end so-called “Gun Free Zones”?

Should teachers be allowed to carry concealed weapons?

Let us know in the comments below!