Megyn Kelly just went off the deep end in this opening monologue

Megyn Kelly has been having a rough time over at NBC News.

Ever since her feud with Trump led to her departure from Fox, she’s never fully recovered.

Now she’s trying to fuel her ratings with expressions of outrage and indignation.

First it was the #MeToo movement where she tried to make it about Donald Trump and her former employers and coworkers at Fox News.

Now, Kelly’s trying to make the most out of the tragedy in Florida.

In her opening monologue, Kelly made an emotional appeal to her viewers to shred the Constitution and all-but called for guns to be outright banned.

The Daily Beast reports:

“Does anyone really think that we’re going to do anything after these mass murders?” Kelly asked. “I don’t. I don’t believe that. I don’t believe in a single one of these politicians. I don’t believe any of them have the courage it takes to push through reform. Why? Because, history.”
“And then there are the guns,” Kelly said near the end of her remarks on Thursday. “Don’t even think about it. No gun reforms are getting through. They’re not! And most of the ones that will be proposed in the wake of this shooting will be utterly meaningless and wouldn’t have even arguably prevented this killing.”

“The NRA is too powerful, our politicians are too weak, and the guns are too ubiquitous,” she continued. The audience audibly gasped when Kelly told them there are more than 300 million guns in America. “In the meantime, I and other parents have to send our kids to school and play Russian roulette with their lives.”
“I wish I had the solution,” Kelly said, letting out a deep sigh. “One part of it is courage. To get honest, to give a damn.” Like her former Fox News colleague Geraldo Rivera, she advocated redirecting the money Trump wants to spend a border wall to “this problem” instead.

She hit all the high-notes of the gun-grabbers, including citing inflated statistics of supposed “school shootings” put out by gun control groups like Michale Bloomberg’s “Everytown for Gun Safety.”

She blamed the politicians.

She blamed the NRA.

She blamed the American people for not “giving a damn.”

In fact, when it comes down to it, she apparently believes everyone is to blame except for one person: The Shooter.

When it comes down to it, it’s not even clear she had a purpose in her rant other than to pump up her ratings and attempt to endear herself to NBC’s liberal audience.

Money isn’t going to solve this problem. More gun control isn’t going to solve this problem.

If people want to get serious about ending school shootings, perhaps they should consider policy changes that are all too often ignored in exchange for the usual partisan playbook.

Instead of “gun control,” what if Congress considered legislation to allow God back in public schools, or ending so-called “Gun Free Zones” where the majority of mass shootings occur.

What are your thoughts?

Should Congress take action to end so-called “Gun Free Zones”?

Should teachers be allowed to carry concealed weapons?

Let us know in the comments below!


  1. I’m thinking that the liberals should lead by example and give up the security guards that accompany them where ever they may go. Such guards are paid by the taxpayers and, quite obviously, those monies could be put to much better use! If they survive to the end of their terms, I MIGHT be inclined to consider their point of view. The only other LOGICAL solution to the problem is allow sufficient monies for paying for security guards for each and every disarmed citizen (paid for, of course, from the empty bag of money that the liberals use to pay for all their other “entitlements”!)

  2. Doesn’t really make much sense to take away everyone’s Right to own guns…then the only ones with guns would be the criminals who’d then have Free Range over everyone else…..people have and need the right to defend themselves from predators that intend to do us harm…..DUH 111

  3. Allowing God into schools would be a start. And parents, you need to become parents to your children and NOT worry about being best friends. In the end you will be better than best friends with your children. Children today, not all, but many, have no respect for anything or anyone. Parents / guardians, in to many cases the government and politicians are responsible.
    And remember that law breakers seldom, if ever, give a damn about any rule or law. They will always find a way to get a weapon. And there are many other “weapons “ available to those sick enough to do kill in mass. Automobiles, buses, tanker trucks full of everyday things that could cause a very ugly disaster.
    And maybe you forget, but airplanes make it easy to kill large numbers of people. Remember 9/11?

  4. Yah – All the ‘psycho drugs’ & Vacc’s Before Birth / After & 0ngoing…0ver 30 vacc’s Before age 7. It IS Just Awful – Big Pharma is Totally 0ut of Control & is a Substantial Percentage of US GDP__ I don’t wonder why things are the way they are – Isn’t it 0bvious__How can Any0ne ‘think’ Clearly. Add Steve Quayle to ‘the List’ …

  5. Anthony Manzo, Right On fight fire with fire, laws do not work with these people. A Good Guy with a GUN can stop bad guys with guns. Go for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Painting the NRA as the source of gun violence is the same type of thinking that blames the gun. Unless someone pulls the trigger no gun will ever fire. The NRA spent $200 million on lobbying efforts, compare that number to the $1.5 Billion labor unions spent. Who wins?

  7. In Switzerland ALL citizens (outside of those deemed mentally unfit) are required to keep a rifle and ammunition, to protect their neutral status.

  8. Yes, bladed weapons are much more pleasant than guns in Japan.
    In Germany, fully automatic weapons and knives are much more fashionable for the Middle Eastern set.

  9. I am in total agreement.
    The FIRST thing on my list is that the parents have to CARE and not to leave the schools to raise their children.

  10. I’m a Deist and I KNOW,instinctually, that crap is wrong.
    I love my parents, my wife, my daughter and my pets. Losing any of them would hurt me. I wouldn’t willingly take any of them from anyone else.
    Should anyone else take one of my family from me, there might be repercussions.

  11. One of the best ideas/thoughts yet !, former school teacher and principal when our safety practice was for fires and heavy dangerous winds. Would The American Legion be helpful, retired organizations and public adds in finding retired military,sheriff and police ? BLJA

  12. I’v always followed your career,Meg also consider your looks t/b bout a 10+,however,your a smart gal so I’m sure that you know the kids w/b alive today if the FBI had followed up on this “Whacko” months ago when it was reported he is a very delusional/dangerous person! His track record reported to FBI mentioned he had been in/out of many schools because he had passion for hurting/killing,don’t ya’ know,girl?
    Let da’ buck stop here & now!
    I was a level 3 Navy Seal in Vietnam (4) years so I know a thing or two about maturity/discipline. The best way my Donald will approach this is w/same character traits that I have. I had pleasure to meet him bout 35 years ago in “sin City” through his pal Steve Wynn. That prompted me to have a home built in “Regatta of Lakes” straight out Sahara Blvd towards Res rock mts’back mid 80’s. I was fortunate to pay it off through Texas Holdem’ tourneys hosted by Binion’s in those days!

    martini Gannini

  13. Since you never enter the Islamic ghettoes that your open borders policies have created AND you have a media much like ours you are never going to hear what atrocities are committed by the radical terrorist minority until there is a sufficient number of them to totally take over your country. Get a leg up by starting to memorize the Koran ASAP.

  14. When the NRA was allowed in schools, school shootings almost never happened. It is the left that is almost fully to blame. They have declared schools gun-free zones and left our children as sitting ducks—soft targets.

  15. Begin W / N0 OPEN DOOR Policy … Again – NO OPEN DOOR POLICY.
    Less than Complicated to Start there. 2-3,4 0Ptions can Easily be implemented… School ADMINISTRATORS in ‘gun-free’ zones Must be
    Held Accountable for NEGLIGENCE in an OPEN DOOR Policy ___ NO EXCUSE.

  16. My family is 5th generation military and I was doing some research and according to the national center for education statistics there are some 120,000 public schools in America. Millions of citizens and vets would volunteer to protect our children. Two operators per school armed and geared with ballistic vest to run towards the violence instead of hiding and teaching our children to be scared sheep. Imagine this from a military p.r. standpoint, this would create a new wave of patriotism and restore the honor it is to serve our country, hell the military propaganda funds would probably cover the cost of the training and pay. Our teachers, politicians and the social media are teaching our children to be sheep and selling us fear and racism to steal our freedom. Let our children see that we are willing to stand and die for them, our country and our freedom. Our children know that there is evil in the heart of mankind but let them see that the nobility and brotherhood of good knows no race, gender, religion, political affiliation or creed. Let them see the pride and sacrifice that founded our nation, a nation of warriors and workers. Arm yourself. Train smart, train hard and stand proud. I know this can work, we need to spread the word. We need to demand safety for our children. Violence is a basic fact of the natural world but we as Americans owe every child the truth that we can and will stand and die with dignity and honor for them and our children will carry that legacy in their hearts. Please help, write and call any and all of your elected officials. Copy and past and spread the word. This is war on evil, we must see past all the idiots in Washington, this answer is for us the people to make. If 75% of our population agrees on this it will be so. Washington wants us divided. We the citizens all love our children. This is the only way I can see this situation in our schools being solved. All the politicians children are safe. Stop squabbling and push this plan to everyone you know with respect. Please help me here

  17. And that is why Britan went for Brexit. Too many ruthless aliens being imported through the “open borders” policy of the European Union. And the natives having nothing with which to defend themselves against these increased assaults. With a liberalized media in Britan, there is no wonder that we don’t heat much of this in the USA. And you want us to follow the group that champions “open borders”? (Like your hero, Obama)

  18. The “Bill of Rights” exists to specifically limit what the federal government is allowed to do. The signers to the Constitution would not sign the document until the “Bill of Rights” was added. The second amendment is a crucial pivot point for those first ten amendments. Get rid of it and the federal government can pretty much do whatever it wants without any fear of opposition from the citizenry. That’s why the liberals are dedicated to removing it.

  19. I’m thinking that the “liberal administrators” don’t want any competition. They don’t want anything that God has said or done to interfere with their opinion of themselves as “gods”.

  20. stay in the u.k any person from the u.k that advacates banning guns never heard of how the u.k had to borrow guns from the u.s to fight back in ww2! with your problems over there with the muslims etc you had better reconcider your mindset!!

  21. Go back to England if you feel you are safer their than in our Beloved Country. We will solve our own problems. Thank-You.

  22. I am strongly Republican but when it comes to guns something has to be done. I spend half of my life in England where owning a gun is a rarity and it has been proven the likelihood of gun – mass disasters is very much less. I agree with Megyn the influence of the NRA MUST be reduced. Politicians must stand by what appear to be obvious principles.

  23. And they are guarded by their body guards which carry guns to protect them. Hollywood sucks and we continue to support them by going to the movies.

  24. She’s playing to her crowd trying to gain what she had at FOX. Sad!! I thought she had some credibility when at FOX and was a serious conservative. When you change stripes you lose trust. Best to be who your are and take the heat.

  25. Why do Libtards always go for gun control as the answer to all crime? Why when a motor vehicle is used as a weapon do the libtards cry for more gun control? Lets demand a change in the gun control monologue! Lets hold the libs feet to the fire! Lets demand an inventory of all anti-gun laws, lets demand all duplicate laws be repealed, lets demand ALL UNFUNDED AND UNENFORCED LAWS BE REPEALED! Further demand that all laws be enforced with no exceptions! Dianne Feinstein, the GREAT GUN OWNING, multiple CCW Permit holder and her cronies should be as susceptible to her anti-gun laws as the average citizen.

  26. I agree! Rehab is not the answer. These people are ether sick, mentally or just plain mean.This type o action should only be punished by death. (Firing squad would be my first choice.

  27. The inability or refusal to share viable information within the intelligence community has been a problem even at the NSA level; they are paranoid pukes; FBI CIA NSA each think they are the smart ones

  28. Kids are put on psychotropic drugs right out of the cradle. Enormous data indicates these drugs make kids suicidal or homicidal. The sinister hidden hand of a cabal so powerful none dare speak its name actually WANT these things to happen. Then, these globalist swine who hate us can cry, “Take the guns!’ Take the guns!”…and once we are disarmed we will no longer be able to have freedom, or safety or any quality of life. Their plans are very dark for humanity. Call it the Illuminati, call them whatever you want. These international bankers and luciferian elitists want it all for themselves, and the rest of us gone. Educate yourself by checking out Hagmann and Hagmann, Kevin Shipp, Jordan Maxwell, Infowars and Stew Webb on You Tube. This is a primer for your upcoming education. And no matter what, keep your guns.

  29. I recall a character from “Peanuts” named Freda. She was always asking people what they thought of her naturally curly hair. Somehow Kelly reminds me of Freda.

  30. Strange. “You shall not commit murder” has been “on the books” since the time of the exodus. It was ordained by God and published by Moses. Since it was a part of the ten commandments it has been banned from schools and official buildings. Perhaps the liberal administrators can tell us why they choose to ban it and the other nine basic laws.

  31. Let’s start by putting in records of known kids with possible mental issues, expelled students, etc and when they get old enough to purchase a gun, they can’t, background check will show an issue. Let’s also let the punishment meet the crime, your obviously insane if you commit these types of crimes, so why rehabilitate when they’ll stay in prison rest of life, execute these pieces of crap. This will save taxpayers a lot of money by not taking care of them for the rest of their sorry lives.

  32. Hey John I have another idea. Let’s make schools “gun free zones”. Now that will surely take good care of the school shootings. That murder one is a wonderful idea also.

  33. I want to KNOW what the “Perp” did to get EXPELLED from 3 schools. I want to KNOW if what the “Perp” did that got him EXPELLED, were actual CRIMES, that could have been prosecuted, & would have made him buying a gun legally, Impossible! I worked in local school district, 9 years in high schools. I KNOW that students in high schools do commit CRIMES, that the administration works assiduously to KEEP QUIET! I have heard them congratulating themselves, when they got a parent to NOT press charges! MORE Investigation is called for here.

  34. Sorry I think Hell is way to good for them. Perhaps Dante’s 7 lever might be as good a choice as we can get but it not near enough pain and agony!

  35. >BLJA – PLEASE Take The Time to Send your ink to the Appropriate ie
    WH / Pelosi /Schumer / Graham / the List is Long… Make a Selection… USA thanks you .

  36. So look at the data resulting from laws pasted that banned guns like in Chicago, Austrialia, etc., and then tell me that anti-gun laws do anything except disarm honest citizens and make them sitting ducks for the stinking gun toting criminals that will take your life for your wallet, or maybe they’re just having a bad day or maybe no reason whatsoever. Meagan is an idiot…Only out to pump back up her ratings.

  37. Living in my grandfather’s restored farmhouse, in NW North Dakota, my nearest neighbor is over a mile away. The crime increased with the oil boom and still remains higher than when neighbors never locked their doors. I took gun training for protection of my body and life. Night was my worst fear so my handgun is loaded and next to my bed pointed in the direction of my door. All I have to do is reach down, pick it up and pull the trigger if someone shows up uninvited. I have it with me during the day when I am at home. I never thought this would be something I would have to deal with. When my trainer said shoot to kill and I responded I cannot kill anyone, he described horrible possibilities if I did not protect myself. BLJA

  38. Marc C.& To All. – the ‘Mental Health’ > rap IS > an GDP BIG Pharma >Lobby push… BEWARE_ > B0TT0M LINE > The Human Illness BEGINS W/ Spiritual Soul,
    & then ‘spreads’ to Physical.
    > Bullet proof Glass/Walls/Barriers Everywhere Is an ’emotional’ reponse…

  39. The problem is with the laws/punishment and greatly so,just think if we applied the death penalty as we should,expedited the process for appeals in these cases, forget a life sentence!! This case and many others are a slam dunk guilty verdict. What does justice mean anymore?Liberals and progressives have ruined our system of law and order and the enforcement of the rule of law.

  40. Now really think about it…If Sharon Tate had a Gun Free Sign in her window, I’m sure Manson would have left…………NOT!!!

  41. thnx for sharing info… ‘0ption’ Yes, 0nly w/ ‘Training’ /Approval/ Total Check etc… an aside: i live in an supposedly ‘affluent’
    community, maybe re 7-8 yrs ago, 3 blocks away – our Bank was ‘stung’ several x’s … No incidence since …

  42. That was a very good and complete comment. Those who focus on guns are not really thinking about the problem fully. Sadly, they speak from emotion and not from logical common sense. Trump will fix this honorably.

  43. Personally, I think her days are numbered. This is last ditch effort to get attention. I don’t know what happened to her. She was against Obama. Then against Trump. She’s lost.

  44. In Switzerland every military person past and present has guns in their household. They are part of the military if they were to be attacked. They have plenty of guns.

  45. Guns are not the problem, the person on the other end of the trigger is. If a criminal wants a gun, he/she will get one. Trump is right, do something about mental health, but than won’t all criminals start saying they have a mental health problem. My solution is to change the laws. DO NOT give several appeals. If caught red handed, they don’t even get an appeal. If they are sentenced to the death penalty, use it right away. There are no consequences for people who break the law. I also believe if a person under the age of 18 commits a murder, he/she should be tried as an adult and given the same adult consequences

  46. PS. School Events ARE under the Jurisdiction OF
    School ADMINISTRATORS . ‘They’ 0R ANYONE Else
    Should N0T >Push ‘the Blame’ Elsewhere.

  47. > CORRECT___ Does Any0ne HERE REALLY KNOW What the
    ‘recycling’ IS All About … perhaps mg ‘partakes’thru
    her doc’s & doesn’t Even ‘KNOW’ – SIC__

  48. > Saudi ‘style’ ??? 0u. Certainly Would get ‘a’ jobbee Done. haha
    > Not USA ‘style’- YET _
    > hmm – we 0nly Need 1-2 Snipers to Target ___ you fill
    in the blank__ 0u.

  49. The governor of Florida reported in the news that he didn’t think guns were responsible for the the deaths and injuries during the Florida school shooting. This article has Ben posted on Tweety and Facebook if anyone is interested.

  50. Yeah, you’re right. It’s not the religion that fixes people but every religion teaches the fear of God and that’s what keeps people decent towards each other. Without that higher authority looking over you, watching and seeing everything, you’re prone for mischief. Taking God out leaves a vacuum, mortal beings are hard pressed to keep from vile encroachments.

  51. > EXCUSE me! GERMANY ??? whoa.
    > Germany IS Planning Military Force Upon
    Hungary/Poland to Relieve Themselves of
    a Huge Irreversible Trojan Horse, Not to mention More
    Arms ( for Big Biz) … E’one entitled to an 0pine, but
    Certainly Face ‘FACTS’ FIRST__

  52. Multiple ‘Parklands’ .thnx correction.
    I see/read Tons of ‘stuff’ … Impossible
    to ‘vet’ e’thing & that’s why we have each other
    to share info etc.

  53. “Gun Free Zones” crack me up! That’s like holding up a sign that says, “come on in, we’re unarmed”! What a joke! I grew up with a number of guns in the house at any time. My dad was the “unofficial” gunsmith in our town. But he taught us how to shoot them, clean them and respect them from the time we were old enough to hold them. I’m for arming the faculty, administrators, secretaries, and yes – even the custodians. Also armed guards at the ONE unlocked door. Cameras and metal detectors as well!

  54. I am anti gun, but see your point. Perhaps the idea that someone else may have a gun is a deterrent as opposed to saying no one has one, its safe to come in and shoot. Still, there is no reason or basis for military style weapons to be sold to anyone unless you believe the 2nd amendment entitles us to establish militias with all available weaponry to check the government. If so, I want a tank and a ballistic submarine.

  55. MARK C!
    Such a sane reply. I agree with IAMMAD-5 stars.
    Also, how does one explain Chicago, with it’s gun-control-and one of the worst murder rates in the USA?

  56. The part that irritates me as well is when the so called celebrities come out crying that we need more gun control when a lot of their movies glorify gun violence and nobody ever says anything about that

  57. Look to any country that has been disarmed I don’t think you’ll like what you see the second PROTECTS the first!

  58. > INK Your Thoughts to NBC re this, megyn person …
    > Better THERE than Here …INK / CALL the WH as well .
    > ‘Crossroads’ Getting More Dangerous All the Time__
    > 0pposition IS N0T Going to Stop Until USA IS Taken down
    per NW0 Agenda. USA IS Last Country Standing…MUST
    Preserve. BLOODY Revolution = Quite Ugly__

  59. Don’t be to hasty about carrying guns, in schools or malls and gun free zones. To carry each person should attend classes: Gun Safety, to protect themselves and others around them. Guns are only as safe as the hand that holds them. The other required course is the use of deadly force. If you pull the trigger and miss, where is the bullet going? Its not the gun that kills or wounds, it’s the individual holding it. Guns are a tool, without some human action, guns will not fire. Forget Political Correctness, think safety. Take responsibility, “If you see something, say something.” The life you save may be your own, your child or your neighbor’s child. Nearly all, all incidents of gun violence could have been prevented, think about that.

  60. NO ‘gun free zones’! It is a shame we have come full circle to the wild west but it had to come to that before our citizens
    learned to respect each other enough that the guns were no longer needed. I guess that is what we are going to go through again, but in the meantime, we are all safer with trained and armed citizens amongst us for protection and intimidation of the potential criminal. There is no simple solution but eliminating ‘gun free zones’ will make a good first step and that can happen quickly, unlike all the other potential ‘laws’ that will be put forwad for debate prior to voting on them.

  61. Who listens ??? Too Many Brain-dead ppl. that have Lost Ability
    in Intelligence/ Intellect & most of All – Common Sense…
    >Seems like N0 0ne Taught them History & If ‘they’ Were Taught –
    They Don’t REMEMBER…

  62. 2x -try diff spelling…

    .> this, this kelly IS Ignorant of History…
    1) m*o DISARMED = Millions DEAD.
    2) h-tler DISARMED = ww II = Millions DEAD.
    3) cooba = no escape. trapped in fear.
    4) n.k*rea = no escape. ” ”
    5) vene*uela … ETC.

    N0 0PEN D00R Policy – what’s so frickin’ hard to understand re
    that … Less than Complicated Measures can be taken – even
    w/out bullets… ALL school Administrators in ‘gun-free ‘ zones
    Should be Charged on some Level F0R NEGLIGENCE heretofore. Especially Parkland, Now – especially given all info. wow…

    An aside: some hawk inked that in ’63, Parkland was where jfk was taken.


  64. I don’t think there is ‘one’ solution to mass murder. Multi faceted approach might include mental health would certainly be important. How about stressing family values, like eating together and turning off the TV and video games and be a real family. How about stressing the value and sanctity of life. How about stressing people get involved in their local houses of worship. How about stressing doing volunteer work and helping other, putting other before yourself. How about making schools safer, like bullet proof glass and walls, barriers to keep vehicles from smashing through the front doors, armed security, etc. How about not only reporting possible dangerous people to more than one source. How about making sure those with violent mental tendencies for sure get on the background check. And the list goes on.
    Basically the kids need to be taught how to be responsible adult human beings. We need to look out for each other. In all these mass killings, the warning signs were there. That said, if somebody wants to kill people, there are many ways to do it. Pressure cookers, vehicles, arson, knives, poison and the list goes on. They don’t need a gun. People kill people, not guns.

  65. You are exactly correct but these liberals don’t even know that they’re stupid and Megan Kelly is the stupidest of all of them

  66. Amen!! Amen!! A dozen amens. As long as an deranged person can simply walk up to a school, at any time, with a rifle in your arms and enter the building without being challenged… have seen the results.

  67. It isn’t religion that will fix crazy people. God allows crazy people. We need to stop the media commentators from feeding the frenzy and motivating the next crazed idiot from having his massacre. No advertising. No moments of glory and they will go away!

  68. She think she is such a big shot. She don’t realize she is no body. I have never seen her program on NBC. It is a waste of my time.

  69. She’s done a has been now ! absolutely nothing in their ! She lost it when she thought she could take down Trump ! She needs to go back to Howard Stern and get a real job !

  70. People ask, “Where was God when all these murders were occurring?!” Oh, that’s right. We barred Him and any mention of Him from our schools and many other areas of our lives. So He hasn’t been there to offer His protection.

  71. Europeans spent a couple of hundred years killing off anyone with a set of balls with one war after another.
    That left only sheep. Sheep breed sheep.
    I think this goes a long way towards explaining the European situation.

  72. who care what this ditz has to say? she is trying to save her career and will do/say anything to keep some type of status in the buss….just another ill lib

  73. The real bad guys in your country still have guns.
    Guns are the last word. The only reason WE still have ours is because the government is not quite in the position to take them, but they are trying.
    And were not ready to give them up.

  74. There is a VERY GOOD reason the FRAMERS of the CONSTITUTION included the SECOND AMENDMENT, which was to prevent a tyrannical government from infringing of the rights of a free people. As the British Government had done to the Colonist. Having the right to defend our persons and our homes is a right not only granted to us by our Constitution but by God. No government, no person, has the right to take that away from us. In fact, that is what our Founding Fathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence, “that these rights were endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable to be self evident that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

  75. 10 4. Each morning ALL students walk through the scanner. They have very good scanners now days.
    Each school hires retired cops or vets as security.
    Each teacher carries. If that coach could have returned fire he might still be alive.
    Patroll the parking lots too.

  76. Lock the school’s doors and give teachers who want to “carry” a gun. That’s how Isreal deals with this issue and they have never had a school shooter issue.

  77. It isn’t a love affair, but more like an engrained tradition of being self sufficient. Americans embrace the pioneer spirit as many of our families were those that homesteaded out on the frontier, something that is lost on you Europeans. Americans still take responsibility for their own safety and security. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

  78. AND Europe already has enough illegal aliens to cause the to have “no go” zones where their law enforcement agents refuse to go. And their open borders have seriously degraded their national identities and increased their level of illegal alien violence. That they seem to look down on the USA for not having attained their level of amorality (as yet) is a positive for the USA, not a negative.

  79. Maybe when Europe gets as many losers crossing their borders with evil intentions, Europeans will wish they had weapons to protect themselves. BTW Italy, thanks for sending the Mafia to our country! England…good of you to deport your criminals to America and Australia !! Need I continue ? Don’t be fooled my European friend…more and more of you folks are getting guns….and it’s about time.After all, your criminals have guns…why not good citizens?

  80. Hey, Everybody, I’m a conservative Trump supporter just like you but what makes me different is that I live in Europe – in a country where guns are very strictly controlled – so much so that our police don’t pack them!

    Is that conceivable to you?

    When the whole world considers America’s love affair with guns crazy maybe, just maybe, Americans should stop and consider their gun obsession.

    No doubt it’s a fundimental symbol of what you stand for and uphold but, sometimes, everybody – yes, everybody – has to stop and think “Maybe I’m wrong about this or that”, especially when everyone else suggests so!

  81. I don’t patronize businesses which have the No Concealed Weapons Allowed signs in the window.
    There are some places I HAVE to go where guns are not allowed.
    When I have to go into the bank, my wife is outside and armed and the opposite applies (we were in our bank when it was robbed last year).
    I don’t wish to REQUIRE teachers to carry, but it should be an option.
    These murderous nutjobs don’t generally hit places where they are likely to meet armed opposition.
    Give me the “suspect”, a camera crew, a set of shackles, my pocket knife, access to the football field and 48-72 hours and the next “misguided person” will probably reconsider his/her next move.
    If they go ahead with it they might have a pretty good chance at an insanity defense.

  82. (Speaks a Vet. & retired Cop). Can’t even begin to tell you how many times a Law Officer
    arrives on scene to find a victim injured or worse, killed because Mr. or Ms Victim “didn’t ,like those bad ol’ guns”, etc. etc. blah blah blah. Keep hating guns, the perp’s love you. EVERYONE (qualified) should carry. Be a damn sight better society. I’m an NRA Life member & proud of it. Everyone who cares should be. If your not…keep your trap shut. This has NOTHING to do with politics…it does have to do with plain old COMMON SENSE.

  83. Since most of the current teachers are liberally indoctrinated, it would serve no purpose to “allow” them to arm themselves to protect the students supposedly in their care. They simply would’t arm themselves because they have been brainwashed to believe that these weapons are evil. Those who use weapons to commit unspeakable acts are merely poor dears, that society has failed. They will NEVER believe that more gun free zones only disarm honest folk and that more LAWS will do nothing to change the situation. Gun free zones only attract those prone to violence and all laws only affect honest folk, because, after all why would those bent on breaking the law be swayed by MORE laws?


  85. Here we go again with her blame game.
    Kelly Me-again…simply trying to insert herself into the top issue of the day, To: make herself relevant!
    Too late Me-again!
    You are more irrelevant today than you were @ FOX

  86. The best deterrent to prevent copy-cat killers would be a public execution(by firing squad or hanging)of this cowardly murderer….ASAP. Let the ‘copy-cat’ see how short lived the ‘fame’ was and how quick was the end of the culprit.

  87. I like your idea, it’s quite intelligent. And how about taking the fire alarm and putting it into the principle’s office to reduce availability to anyone devious, as armed teachers will not be effective enough in time if the the children are gathered in one place as easy targets.

  88. Kelly is a full fledged liberal with the same mental illness. So glad that normal people are seeing this. Her inflated opinion of herself has her fooled into thinking that men are drooling over her and hang on her every word. In other words, she thinks she is an influence, like Follywood. She needs to be taken off the show and admitted into a rehab facility. She needs Jesus.

  89. Gun free zones are a joke like everything ” liberals” dream up. How about ONLY ONE DOOR ACCESS on every school? All others are locked unless there is an emergency. If the locked doors are forced open, an alarm sounds. An armed person guards the UNLOCKED DOOR plus a camera monitors it at all times OR a metal detector with an alarm. All teachers will be armed after receiving training. Same with office personnel.

  90. Well Megan let me explain something to you, you outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns. Just look at other countries that outlawed guns and armed robberies went up %60 so did breaking and entering into people’s homes, rape is at %70. Do you really want that here?? Plus there will be No protecting your family against a corrupt politicians and gov. What we need to do is have you media idiots stop making hero’s out of these idiots that want their fame and stop wasting taxpayers money and put a bullet between their eyes.. then that will make them think twice or they might just kill themselves instead.. the only thing you care about is your ratings you could care less about the safety of the American citizens.. Do you lie like this to your family or do you tell them the truth and say i just have to lie to keep my job..

  91. No argument here, Mike W. But you didn’t address the REAL questions of…should teachers carry? should we have gun-free zones? Your thoughts?

  92. Airline pilots carry guns to protect the souls onboard! Teachers pilot the classrooms! YES…CARRY! Designated “Gun Free Zones”?…an oxymoron. Just COMMON SENSE, for crissakes…in these UNcommon times! And Megyn “Settle For More” Kelly will wind up with much LESS before much LONGER!

  93. “Does anyone really think that we’re going to do anything after these mass murders?”
    The only ‘mass’ murders taking place in America is the killing of millions of preborn babies…which doesn’t seem to interest the prima donna of NBC. Ever since God was expelled from our public schools, problems increased. Let’s bring Him back and see what happens.

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