Megyn Kelly went on camera and revealed something about Fox News that no one ever knew

Megyn Kelly’s time at Fox News is back in the spotlight.

Hollywood just made a major motion picture about the sexual harassment scandal at Fox News that Kelly played a big part in.

And Megyn Kelly went on camera and revealed something about Fox News that no one ever knew.

The Hollywood movie Bombshell purported to tell the story of how Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson’s accusations of sexual harassment against former Fox News President Ailes brought down and nearly ruined Fox News itself.

But like all Hollywood movies that are based on true stories, Bombshell took dramatic liberties with the truth.

And in an interview with other women from Fox News involved in the scandal, Kelly detailed all the lies in Bombshell.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Bombshell” claimed that Kelly ran her question, which sparked a host of responses from Trump, by the Murdochs, who founded Fox News. Kelly said Thursday that this idea was “a fantasy.”

“The notion that Roger [Ailes] liked the Donald Trump women question because it created controversy in a TV moment was not true,” Kelly continued. “Roger did not like the question at all and was very angry at me for asking it and at one point actually said to me, ‘no more female empowerment stuff!’”

Kelly added that there were no protests of her at the GOP convention, as the movie showed. She also said the idea that current executive vice president of corporate communications for Fox News Irena Briganti would refuse to “hit talent” was a lie.

Bombshell was made by radical Hollywood liberals.

The point was to make Fox News and conservatives look as bad as possible.

So it’s not surprising the filmmakers stretched the truth in key areas as part of this smear job.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. They will never make back the money they spent to make this movie. I know I don’t go to any of their movies anymore I also don’t watch sitcoms I have no time for Hollywood losers. Theron has way too big opinion of herself, hasn’t done anything smart she thought dating Sean Penn was a good idea, complete idiot.

  2. racist to the core – prove Obama was Muslim – raised by his Christian mother and grandmother As a Christian he has attended a Christian church in Chicago. Your hatred will kill you: holding all that anger affect both body and mind which apparently is okay with you. Trump is also a racist who stirs up hatred, fear, anger, violence and racism proven by a recent FBI report which states that there has been an increase in hate crimes since he took office – he has so divided the country that our healing will only take place through the grace of Jesus – of course, trump believes he is god and you follow his lead which will lead to your own perdition – read your Bible when it comes to welcoming the stranger, care for the poor and enviornment.

  3. 90% of the idiots in Hollywood are Liberal rats and think their better than the average Joe. That douchbag Robert “De” No Nothing should brought down to Texas where we would make a fence post out of the dumbass. Speaking of douchbags, those idiots on the View would make a nice trophy on my wall…

  4. Folks let’s don’t fight among ourselves like the Demorats, it makes us no better than them…I always tell my wife,in the end the rats will be the demise of themselves, either disease or physically eating each other. Like I state in other post, Stalin say we would be the demise of ourselves without the USSR not firing one shot…

  5. Ice I agre with you. Sometimes I have a hard time speling correctly.
    If peepole only new I don’t give a darn.

  6. Bombshell?liberal Hollywood lies?theyve been groomed by liberal leftists very nicely but it’s not a bombshell.everyone knows how liberals live to lie

  7. Check out Google Nikita Khrushchev 1960 speech at United Nations maybe you can understand what is happening to our country. I tried to share the quote on face book it was blocked they said it was offencive

  8. True old time liberal democrats are very few today although they have been diminishing for several years thanks to the Muslim communist Obama including Michelle and the Biden’s along with majority of deplorable democrat politicians it has been a disaster

  9. Bombshell? The radical leftist in Hollywood and the media are the same. Real facts always be sacrificed for narrative. The movies and the MSM evening news are driven by the same narrative as the democrats. I can’t think of anyone who’s actually surprised by that, it’s just not supposed to be spoken in public.

  10. I didnt leave the dems they left us can anyone answer in the 90s hillary had truck loads of files of congress & CIA & fbi to her home personell files has she black mailed our goverment

  11. I didnt leave the dems they left us can anyone answer in the 90s hillary had truck loads of files of congress & CIA & fbi to her home personell files has she black mailed our goverment

  12. FOX news is not a conservative bastion of equality. LACHLAN, the boss, is a committed NWO dirtbag. They are all fake controlling the middle. A true POX on all of them. Give us back our society. !!

  13. Spencer, good that you figured the sick dems for what they are…hate-filled anti-Americans whose goal is total of this country

  14. I used to be a Democrat based on the belief that it was based on the word DEMOCRACY, which as far from the truth as I could imagine. I stopped listening to Democrat BS 30 years ago beginning with CBS, then NBC, ABC, CNN & the others.

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