Megyn Kelly’s career was ruined with this one word

Megyn Kelly continues to drive her career into a ditch.

The former Fox News anchor has not found success on NBC.

Now her bosses are using word to describe her and it is ruining her career.

When Matt Lauer was fired from NBC for sexual misconduct, Kelly figured she could replace him as host of the Winter Olympics opening ceremony.

But that job went to Katie Couric.

And that’s when she threw a fit.

The NBC brass didn’t care because they described her as a “diva” who would never be one the networks top news anchors.

The New York Post reports:

“She thought she had it all played out perfectly, by saying ‘no’ before the Matt Lauer scandal. [The network was] stupid enough to put in her contract that she could say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’”

But we’re told that after execs instead gave the gig to Couric — who co-hosted the “Today” show with Lauer from 1997 to 2006, at which point she left the network — Kelly wanted to have it on principle. “[Kelly] complained to her staff, she complained to her agent, so that [NBC News chairman Andrew Lack] would hear about the fact that she was unhappy, but he didn’t care.”

The source added that Lack — who originally signed Kelly to the network amid much fanfare in January 2017, starting with “Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly” in June — has finally realized she is “a diva” and that “she’s not going to be part of the NBC News . . . inner circle.”

But an NBC News insider told us that there’s “zero truth” to this, adding that it’s “laughable since [the opening ceremony is] the least desirable gig in broadcasting, given the inevitable brutal reviews.” The insider also disputed that Lack — the man who personally fired Lauer — thinks that Kelly is a “diva,” insisting that “no one at NBC has ever heard him ever use the word ‘diva’ about anyone.” NBC News and reps for Kelly declined to comment.”

Kelly’s two shows on NBC have been ratings disasters.

Had she shown a better ability to connect with her audience, NBC might overlook her “diva” personality and trust her with prominent anchor positions.

But her move to NBC has been a ratings failure.

So it’s not surprising the network would pass her over for talent that was easier to work with.