Melania Trump just dropped the hammer on this Democrat impeachment witness

Americans could not believe what they saw.

And Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee cannot believe how badly their impeachment stunt has blown up in their faces.

That’s because Melania Trump just dropped the hammer on this Democrat impeachment witness with one cold hard truth.

Democrats called Stanford Law Professor Pamela Karlan as one of their star witnesses in a Judiciary Committee hearing laying out the case for impeachment.

Karlan shrieked through her shrill, and out-of-control, testimony in hysterical fashion.

But her testimony crossed the line when Karlan used the President’s 13 year-old son as a punchline.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Democratic impeachment witness Pamela Karlan took aim at President Trump during the impeachment hearings by bringing up the president’s youngest son, 13-year-old Barron Trump.
“The Constitution doesn’t allow titles of nobility,” the Stanford law professor said Wednesday when asked how Trump should differ from a king. “So, while the president can name his son Barron, he can’t make him a baron.”

Karlan’s disgusting comments drew a rare rebuke from Melania Trump, who blasted the elfish-looking Left-wing hack for trying to smear a child.

Karlan’s out-of-control, hate-filled testimony summed up what this impeachment witch hunt is all about.

Democrats despise the fact that Donald Trump won the election and will do anything to reverse that result.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. What a hateful individual who feels EVERYTHING is okay in the dems maddening game against innocent humans! Shame on her!

  2. She was a wacko Liberal…what do you expect this nasty group of supposed intelligent group who testified against Trump because they are liars and haters they were told slap it on thick and they did…but the lies came out and the lack of 1st hand knowledge and this political idiot who mentioned the president and Melania’s son found out how that works when you mess with someone’s child…Pamela Karlan..what ever job you have… u should have been removed from it for that dirty little piece of testifying…she should be punished for the lowlife she is!! no one will ever trust her again I hope!!!

  3. Politicians Leave Children out of YOUR Party’s Politics! There is one thing I would wish Mr. Trump would have done was to have stood up for and fought hard for; Cleaning up Our and the World’s Environment, we do not have time to vote for another person in any Office we need to ACT Today and every day in the Future. a 50 year Democrat who will vote for MR. Trump in 2020 If he changes his ways and thoughts on Our World’s Environment and puts Harsh Corrective measures and making them go into effect a major fix immediately; and not wait another year or two (or Longer) in the Future. Go way beyond The Paris Accord Mr. President and show the World We Mean Business. Show them all you are no Puppet of any Party you are your own Man and a President for all America with Fair Trade for all the World. Regards Always!!

  4. Karlan should know that any Member of the Bar has a Title of Nobility, they are an Esquire, a Knights Aide. Research the Real 13th Amendment ratified in 1812, some say for sure in 1819. It is the Title of Nobility Amendment.

  5. Some one needed to punch that woman’s face in. Arrogant, hateful, liberal POS. And to think it’s ones like her that are brainwashing the young people. She should lose her job and never be allowed to teach again. Sick individual.

  6. They have been teaching there sick nonsense for many years brain washing students, many not smart enough to realize !! So here you have the liberal morons who are eventually will be suckered out of their Freedoms, that has already started !! Social Media is taking our freedom of speech, next it will be the guns, and then complete control ! But not to worry they will have free Healthcare (lousy H.C.) and no student loans and of course they will have no money to spend because they will be taxed to death !

  7. You do realize that “American” is a demonym for “United States citizen” or “United States national”, right? “American” can also be a demonym for anybody who has citizenship in any of the nations of the Americas, but citizens of nations in South America, or nations besides the United States in North America, have alternative distinctive demonyms available to them.

    By the way, to which tribes did your ancestors belong?

  8. @ Culper Ridge
    Thank You for that.
    A lot of Common Sense expressed in a short period of time. Enough so that I am now a subscriber to that channel.
    I’ve been opining on Disqus for “a while” now that we are drawing ever closer to open Civil War and I am of the opinion that we are on the timeframe equivalent to circa 1860 for the run-up to the outbreak of hostilities in the first Civil War.
    The Demoncrats [est. 2012] set the country irrevocably on this course at their 2012 National Convention when they placed themselves under a Biblical Curse by Denying God Three times in open and broadcast convention. It will take the shedding of much blood to bring the necessary epiphany for those remaining to repent and recant those actions.
    Everything I’ve said on Disqus is there for public inspection [close to ten years worth of opinion and observation] under the same screen name I use here.

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