Melania Trump just dropped the hammer on this Democrat impeachment witness

Americans could not believe what they saw.

And Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee cannot believe how badly their impeachment stunt has blown up in their faces.

That’s because Melania Trump just dropped the hammer on this Democrat impeachment witness with one cold hard truth.

Democrats called Stanford Law Professor Pamela Karlan as one of their star witnesses in a Judiciary Committee hearing laying out the case for impeachment.

Karlan shrieked through her shrill, and out-of-control, testimony in hysterical fashion.

But her testimony crossed the line when Karlan used the President’s 13-year-old son as a punchline.

And Barron Trump found himself in the firing line as Karlan couldn’t resist launching into personal attacks against the President and his family.

“The Constitution doesn’t allow titles of nobility,” the Stanford law professor said Wednesday when asked how Trump should differ from a king. “So, while the president can name his son Barron, he can’t make him a baron.”

Karlan’s disgusting comments drew a rare rebuke from Melania Trump, who blasted the elfish-looking Left-wing hack for trying to smear a child.

Karlan’s out-of-control, hate-filled testimony summed up what this impeachment witch hunt is all about.

Democrats despise the fact that Donald Trump won the election and will do anything to reverse that result.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. What a hateful individual who feels EVERYTHING is okay in the dems maddening game against innocent humans! Shame on her!

  2. She was a wacko Liberal…what do you expect this nasty group of supposed intelligent group who testified against Trump because they are liars and haters they were told slap it on thick and they did…but the lies came out and the lack of 1st hand knowledge and this political idiot who mentioned the president and Melania’s son found out how that works when you mess with someone’s child…Pamela Karlan..what ever job you have… u should have been removed from it for that dirty little piece of testifying…she should be punished for the lowlife she is!! no one will ever trust her again I hope!!!

  3. Politicians Leave Children out of YOUR Party’s Politics! There is one thing I would wish Mr. Trump would have done was to have stood up for and fought hard for; Cleaning up Our and the World’s Environment, we do not have time to vote for another person in any Office we need to ACT Today and every day in the Future. a 50 year Democrat who will vote for MR. Trump in 2020 If he changes his ways and thoughts on Our World’s Environment and puts Harsh Corrective measures and making them go into effect a major fix immediately; and not wait another year or two (or Longer) in the Future. Go way beyond The Paris Accord Mr. President and show the World We Mean Business. Show them all you are no Puppet of any Party you are your own Man and a President for all America with Fair Trade for all the World. Regards Always!!

  4. Karlan should know that any Member of the Bar has a Title of Nobility, they are an Esquire, a Knights Aide. Research the Real 13th Amendment ratified in 1812, some say for sure in 1819. It is the Title of Nobility Amendment.

  5. Some one needed to punch that woman’s face in. Arrogant, hateful, liberal POS. And to think it’s ones like her that are brainwashing the young people. She should lose her job and never be allowed to teach again. Sick individual.

  6. They have been teaching there sick nonsense for many years brain washing students, many not smart enough to realize !! So here you have the liberal morons who are eventually will be suckered out of their Freedoms, that has already started !! Social Media is taking our freedom of speech, next it will be the guns, and then complete control ! But not to worry they will have free Healthcare (lousy H.C.) and no student loans and of course they will have no money to spend because they will be taxed to death !

  7. You do realize that “American” is a demonym for “United States citizen” or “United States national”, right? “American” can also be a demonym for anybody who has citizenship in any of the nations of the Americas, but citizens of nations in South America, or nations besides the United States in North America, have alternative distinctive demonyms available to them.

    By the way, to which tribes did your ancestors belong?

  8. @ Culper Ridge
    Thank You for that.
    A lot of Common Sense expressed in a short period of time. Enough so that I am now a subscriber to that channel.
    I’ve been opining on Disqus for “a while” now that we are drawing ever closer to open Civil War and I am of the opinion that we are on the timeframe equivalent to circa 1860 for the run-up to the outbreak of hostilities in the first Civil War.
    The Demoncrats [est. 2012] set the country irrevocably on this course at their 2012 National Convention when they placed themselves under a Biblical Curse by Denying God Three times in open and broadcast convention. It will take the shedding of much blood to bring the necessary epiphany for those remaining to repent and recant those actions.
    Everything I’ve said on Disqus is there for public inspection [close to ten years worth of opinion and observation] under the same screen name I use here.

  9. Josseph: You need to go and f@#k your poor, hateful self. We are indeed fortunate that a weasel like you will never be elevated out of the gutter, where you live.

  10. @ Robert
    She is reportedly Autistic, which helps to explain her off scale responses to events completely beyond the comprehension much less control of a 16 year old person in that situation.
    In my mind this child has been subjected to some rather Pernicious Child Abuse and the parents need to be investigated for perpetrating this on a child who already has issues in dealing with the day to day world.
    In addition, this appears to be a Minor Child who is rattling around the globe unescorted and unsupervised by a responsible adult, leading to additional concerns about her possible exposure to predatory adults.

  11. Actually it should be a stay in mental facility to ascertian her med needs as she looked bedraggled like going into the first stages of menapause flare . In which she may be a danger to herself and others !

  12. Maddy, the RedIdoit hasn’t any excuse for his or hers mentally ill state of mind . OH yeah , it could be a IT also , which is most probably the case . Redman , ” The Far Side ” , way out there !!

  13. If she is the “Best” Stanford has to offer, God help her students. She knows the Constitution from a Democrats position. And even then she washed out. I wouldn’t let any of my kids near her.

  14. Exactly Joseph is jealous , I’ll say this , Melanie Trump is a great First Lady . She brings Class , Grace and Convidence too her role and not to mention just simply , the Most Beautiful First Lady in our nation’s history . I’d say the liberals are very jealous of her and they can’t stand it , because she absolutely isn’t bothered , by their smartass remarks and childish ways , the liberal media treats her . Hats off to a Very Gracious , Smart and Beautiful successful Lady , Our First Lady Mrs Melanie Trump !!

  15. @ William Rook:
    Simple Answer:
    You have rung the bell on the first swing.

    I deplore Child Abuse in all its forms. If I couldn’t make an analogy using adults as the example then I would keep my ignorant trap shut.
    She could as easily have used Barron Hilton as an example [for those of you too young and clueless, this is the Founder of the Hilton Hotels Organization] and demonstrated a little class, but no, she has to prove what a truly low class guttersnipe she is by using an innocent child in her diatribe.

  16. Simple reply/question: What does this say about the democrats? To me it says they are: grasping at straws, have been for a long time. They know they are done so will do as much damage on their way out. They are supposed to be adults. Would YOU resort to using a minor like that?

  17. She was born in Slovenia and made her millions as a model. Went to school and learned six different languages that is why she is a big asset to the office of President. She can speak to almost any dignatary with no help fron a signer or some one translating what they are saying.

  18. @ Sparky
    The adults are public citizens but the Minor Child, Barron Hilton is a ~private~ citizen who is also a minor.
    For this Ivory Tower Hack to use this Minor Child’s relationship to POTUS in this fashion should subject her to legal liability and careful review of her Tenure Arrangement.

  19. Well the first lady is a public citizen and this hack of a professional is also just a public citizen. So the first lady should take her to court and sue her for all she has. She has a winning case any lacky could win for her.

  20. Trust me, Baron will have NO trouble with his name given the class of kids he’ll be socializing with. You won’t find many BuBas or Billys in his peer group.

  21. The Demoncrats [est. 2012] actions continue to become ever more the actions of desperate tweens who don’t know how to respond to the adult world in an adult fashion.
    If it wasn’t such a serious scenario that the rest of us are being forced to deal with it would be to laugh at.
    The remedy is to vote Demoncrats [est. 2012] out of office.It won’t shut them up but at least it will turn their rage into something that may safely be ignored, but must constantly be monitored.

  22. What the witness Karlan said about the poor Trump´s son = hate crime I would sue her , the only apology is not enough

  23. Alex, you also need to learn how to spell (An accusation made below) The correct spelling is Peers. The word piers refers to something you tie a boat up to.

  24. He hasn’t sunk, he has lived his whole life in the sewer that’s why his vision of the world is so twisted.

  25. Obviously, you know nothing about the world of teaching. I had the most wonderful career as a high school English teacher here in Virginia Beach, and I was honored by awards on local, state, and national levels.
    Over those years filled with fine young women and men, many of whom still stay in touch with me, I taught students named Prince, Duke, Earl, Princess, Queen,Precious Daughter, Lady, and Lord. Not a single one of those students was ever bullied because of the names they were rightfully given by their parents. There are, unfortunately, many cases of bullying in the schools of today. When that bullying is not stopped at once by teachers, counselors, and administrator, then the fault lies with students who must be immediately taught to understand the consequences of bullying. When the administration does not follow the system’s inherent rules against bullying, then the problem is with the heads of school who are more worried about not sullying their own chances of advancement rather than the children for whom they must be held accountable at all times. Such accountability includes continuing conversations with the parents who should be at all times be respected as partners in the education of their children.

  26. Your post was disgusting. From the verbal caricature of Melania’s name to your haranguing about her background…BTW where was your vitriol when Obama had thousands more caged chidren then Trump ever has? Where is your rage when Hollywood and pop culture “stars” parade in the undress and when the intellectually challenged illegal immigrants and elected members of Congress rant at how they are singled out and mistreated. Melania didn’t run for POTUS! what have you ever done to be respected for?

  27. So, Robert B., how fo you feel about Trump attacking Greta Thunberg for her beliefs about global warming? You seem to be another neo-christian fruitcake afflicted by a terminal case of intellectual dysfunction and fear of facts and reality.

  28. Joseph,
    Your ignorance astounds me. President Obama was the one who separated juveniles. President Trump stopped it. Melania is not a melanoma which is a cancerous growth, perhaps like you. She is a beautiful intelligent woman who adds grace to the White House. If an American mother or father who has a child is incarnated they do not get to take their child with them. These people crossed the border illegally and committed a crime. It even turns out that a lot of the children they bring with them are not even their children. Just a way to sneak into our country. By the way on the tour of the White House showing Christmas decorations, her outfit was simply stunning. The coat which was criticized added a touch of glamor. I can not believe the press criticized it. I and many of my friends wear coats such as that with our outfits. Melania came in fully legal and not cross the border illegally.

  29. Greta put herself out on the porch to be seen. If you play in the grownup world, you have to bear with what comes your way. Barron Trump just mind his own bussiness.

  30. I am so sick and tired of people claiming to be native Americans because they are in a tribe that came to the US a while ahead of white Europeans I am French and German my ancestors came here in the 1700, fought in the revolutionary war I’m am a native American as I was born in America. One of my relatives came from France with Lafayette and fought for American freedom from the Brits.He was given a plot of land as a reward in upstate NY and settle here I am a NATIVE American

  31. Mary: Precisely and I suspect he is on the staff of I have other reasons for this suspicion!

  32. Think this thru my friend…I suspect he was named several years before his parents were in the White House. Do you really think all children with this name are born into aristocratic families? I suspect the “stable genius” parent in this instance might be more so than you.

  33. You know, if Professor Karlan carefully painted her face green, she would have a striking resemblance to the Wicked Witch of the West. Her demeanor is just as wicked as the witch, too. What an ugly, egotistical, self centered, sleaze ball witch see is.

  34. Can’t believe what I haven’t heard from Melanoma. Total silence about her husband’s harangue toward Greta Thunberg as well as his incarceration policies for juvenile detainees and separating them permanently from their parents. And why has Melanoma been appearing in public fully dressed instead of nude? Of course, there needs to be a Congressional investigation about Melanoma’s “genius level” immigrant status for this intellectually dysfunctional skank.

    But, you people are too consumed with fear of facts, logical and analytical thinking, an

  35. I hope that big Russian-American woman “Melania” catches up to that @itch sometime and loosens her teeth for her trouble.

  36. Does she also denounce everyone name Earl and Duke? They are titles of British nobility just as surely as Baron is.

  37. There is nothing wrong with Baron’s name. Only to you, perhaps. And the witch most definitely did use a 13 year old child in her biased pandering, BY NAME.
    Way to go, Melania. Classy response and DEAD ON.
    Pamela the witch did apologize, although it’s a little late.

    There is no reason whatsoever to even MENTION a child’s name during such an attack, ESPECIALLY when you are aiming at that child’s father. DISGRACEFUL.

  38. aren’t there suppose to be people checking these comments for rude,sexual,disgusting comments? Redman should be banned

  39. Melania Trump has every right to be angry already just plain nasty and stupid remarks you made about her son she has every right how dare you make remarks about a 13 year old be sure your ignorance when they went after his family

  40. good grief are you an idiot. your pretend street talk and your hatred is more than disgusting,it is a show of your low class-no matter how educated or rich you may or may not be. prayers for you will not come close to helping you.

  41. Yo momma suck dem long dark rods with dem big helmets like Darth Vader. Lick around the edge and cream in da middle. Cums squirtin’ out ahahahahahaha

  42. Granted that the President RESPONDS rather acidly to attacks on himself, his family or his policies, but these are by way of answering very biased attacks, many unsubstantiated, such as accusations of racism, wanting to b an all Muslim travel, being anti-Hispanic by being against illegal immigration. So I wish to emphasize that the majority of his posts online or his tweets are normally in response to some ill informed accusers that a. are ignorant of history b. ignorant of the Constitution (cannot differentiate between quotes from the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution) and most definitely ignorant of what consttutes “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”

  43. The REDMAN is a SICK, DEMENTED, HATEFUL & DELORABLE human being. How dare you say that about President Trump’s 13-year old son. A child that can’t defend himself. My God! I don’t know what this world is coming to when a grown man has to pick on a defenseless child. Have you really sunk to the lowest point in your life or WHAT? You and the other DEMORATS are hateful & despicable to all other human beings just because your party lost and mainly because you are a DEMORAT. This has become a pretty sad world. Hope it really makes you feel like a real man? I don’t know what this world has come to, but it is SAD to say the least. Get a GRIP RedMan and grow the hell up. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  44. You are exactly right…that troll is a low class liberal and uneducated to boot. Such a sickenlycomment but that’s all you get with low class fools.

  45. This is not an insult to the child, it is the insult stable genius parent.
    I would like to know how you would survive in a public school with the name Baron. It is cruel to the child to select a name that will expose him or her to the ridicule of their piers.

  46. It’s a waste of time to call out this hate-filled imbecile. He is only posting to create dissension, and delights in any chaos he creates.

  47. You sir are one sick puppy. Your parents must cringe at the though of you ever returning home,or perhaps you live like a pig securely ensconced in their basement? While it’s highly likely you have never married and produced any progeny,God help us all, and them as well.With you as their parental guideline,your mental impairments will do them some serous harm!

  48. And you, sir, are an idiot troll. Feel really sorry for the angry life you must lead to have such hate in your heart toward an innocent child.

  49. Mo-lania is a second-class tramp like the trump-butt-bump follower mothers are who post on here. Bare-ron, more den likely is not trump-ah-hump’s son by mo-lania, he’s an inbred. hahahahahaah

  50. Karlan shouldn’t have even been there. Why was she called to testify in the first place? She’s no witness. All she offered was her opinions. No facts no evidence.

  51. She didn’t offer a real apology by claiming someone else should apologize too.
    But why was she there in the first place? She isn’t a witness. Why did they have here even testify?

  52. Chelsea Clinton is an adult with a public life. She has spent years sanding on stage proudly with the sexual predator that is her father and the corrupt politician that is her mother. She herself is making plans to run for office, so this is no child. And that she barks when she speaks only adds to the Rush-mans observations.
    No, there was no public attack on a defenseless teenager here.

  53. Karlen was one of those who were leading the charge in the Blasey-Ford hoax. She is a strong supporter of Sen. Feinstein’s efforts to unseat the President, and she is now trying to pass herself as an expert on impeachment charges. This broad is a failure on all three fronts. Karlen, and fellow Stanford professor Blasey-Ford, are continuing co-conspirators along with Feinstein in the effort to overthrow the President. How Karlen expects people to believe that she is not partisan is beyond belief.
    Karlen is part and parcel of the coven of California caballers, includng Pelosi, Feinstein, Harris, Waters, Schiff, Speier and Swalwell, California Marxists all. Pelosi is on record that she believes that choosing a president is too important a task to be left to the voters as she continues to press her efforts to overthrow the president. Voters will need to bring a big broom to the polls this next election to sweep this Congress clean…

  54. a person shouldn’t be degraded for truthful statements. Chelsea Clinton is not a child and she is a dog. Just like the rest of the Clinton crime syndicate, she is up to her head in criminal activity. Just search through many of her cases. She is not opposed to lying, cheating, deception. In other words, she is a good liberal and a good Democrat. She is not Christian and cares nothing about GOD. Again, just like her clan. Her parents taught and mentered her in the Clinton crime family way.

  55. Dan T. Agreed Karlan should not have even mentioned Barron’s name. However, to call what Karlan said is “attacking a child” is just more Trumpism nonsense. Read the quote. How is this an attack?

    “And I’ll just give you one example that shows you the difference between him and a king, which is the Constitution says there can be no titles of nobility, so while the president can name his son Barron, he cannot make him a baron.”

  56. These are the people teaching, indoctrinating our kids and grandkids for the last 30 years. No wonder our country was going to HELL.

  57. Robert I’ve never seen or heard of Trump attacking a child. He responds to the people whom attack him. And Hunter Biden is no child.

  58. Blair, REALLY??? There were other people here before what you call Native Americans. Try reading history. And anyone who is born in America is a Native American

  59. Semantics, polemics and everything including the “kitchen sink”.. Well, democrats have proven “low” is lower than anyone might have imagined…leading one think that perhaps worse than delusions of grandeur we’re dealing with the debauchery of self-deception.. This is a hard “nut” to crack and is a result of rationalizations over paranoia.. possibly the “over-compensating” due to regarding The President as a singularly intimidating Soul..

  60. I watched the Nadler Show and was amazed at the animosity on display by the three law professors. Pamela Karlan was the worst. Her TDS was on full display when she admitted that she had to cross the street because she couldn’t bring herself to walk in front of the Trump Hotel. Her answers to questions were often rude, snarky, nasty, and filled with disdain toward President Trump and his supporters. While she acted as if she thought she was better than others in the chamber she actually showed that she was lacking a good character. Even her apology about using Barron Trump’s name showed her lack of character. She even used that to take another swipe at our President. She is the last person I would ever want my child to take a class from. I personally think she should be fired for the way she was distorting the law to try to bring down President Trump.

  61. Good for you Blair. Now stay out of the fire water. By the way, it was a commiecrat that caused the Cherokees to walk the trail of tears. You dumbass. There were other people here before the known indians

  62. Dan. Karlan should not have made the reference to Baron, but she immediately apologized. For you to say liberals have no boundaries when attacking the people opposing them just shows your total hypocrisy. Just read your Leader’s daily Tweets for a huge dose of attacks on the opposition, and never an apology for anything.

  63. I agree with Robert E. Compared to Trumps daily beratements of anyone who disagrees with him, Karlan’s comment was more than mild. It was a stupid thing to say, but she apologized right away. Has anyone ever heard an apology from Trump for anything.

    Dan T. Wake Up. To say liberals have no boundaries when attacking people just shows your absolute hypocrisy. Just read your hero’s daily Tweets for boundless attacks on everyone. Impeachment is about the Constitution it is not about attacking Trump personally. He frankly is not worth attacking, something you will never be able to see.

  64. Just like the low life DemonRats to bring a childs name into the mix . Barron Trump a 13 year old , Melania Trump has every right to kick Karlan’s Ass up between her shoulder blades . The level of Stupidity is absolutely off the charts , when it comes to the DemonRat party of communist heathens !!

  65. I think it was a poor way to make your legal point. However. TRUMP constantly berates and tweets awful things every day. He brings a lot of this on himself because be cannot shut up.

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