Melania Trump shut down a liberal comedian with one harsh statement

TBS comedian Samantha Bee kick started a massive controversy when she called Ivanka Trump a vulgar four letter word.

Liberals are used to one set of rules: they can say whatever they want about Republicans – especially Republican women – without any fear of consequences.

Melania Trump ended that when she shut Bee down with one brutal statement.

Bee ripped Ivanka Trump for the simple act of posting a photo with a baby on Twitter.

The liberal comedian used that heartwarming photo as jumping off point to rant about Donald Trump following the Obama policy of separating children from illegal alien parents scheming to sneak into the country.

Bee made a crude incest joke after referring to Ivanka as a four letter vulgarity for female private parts.

Melania Trump had enough and through a statement put out on her behalf blasted Bee and the liberal media for condoning this behavior through silence.

Breitbart reports:

“Stephanie Grisham, Press Secretary and Communications Director for First Lady, issued a statement on behalf of Melania Trump Thursday in response to comedian Samantha Bee’s vulgar attack on Ivanka Trump.

“Time and again the Trump family and members of this Administration are subjected to false reporting, hateful rhetoric and outrageous lies all in the name of freedom of speech or comedy, yet the main stream media stays silent,” Grisham said in a statement.

“The double standard is truly astounding.”

It is notable that the Trump-supporting Roseanne was fired by ABC even after she apologized for a controversial tweet.

But Bee faces no professional consequences and her show will stay on the air.

Do you believe there is a double standard for liberals?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. its called respect for the man running our country and his family and staff instead of self entitled bullies throwing fits that things arent their way,never noticing the good being done.they promote violence then blame our president if it offends your little feelers so much. leave

  2. she has no room to speak ill with a face like that jealously is there ,but she can catch up if if she pulls her pants down bends over really far and walks back wards people will see what a real as- looks like ,better than her face .people like her have to be crital because they can not live up to the true standers of real people of quality .trash is trash bee ,you lose OLD VET

  3. You don’t have to be a mindless twit to be a leftist, but it really helps them swallow those “smartening pills” they snack on.

  4. Again, liberal projection at its’ finest. Liberal S’hole Bee truly is a tramp and obviously would not have her show unless she was doing some athletic feats with her ‘C-NT’ to keep it. There can’t be any other reason her ‘show’ would be ‘aired’.

  5. Samantha Bee is so bankrupt of pure humor, contrived not to demonize or vilify any particular human target, but that is the extent of deterioration suffered by those who call themselves “comics.” Such “comics” see themselves as providing us with humor, most always at the expense of effort to assassinate the character of their misdirected “humor.” Unfortunately, a slot on a TV show enables someone with absolutely no gift of humor to believe they are funny. But, what’s so funny about demonizing a person in the public eye, who has never been guilty of nastiness, vulgar speech? Must we consider shocking language most of us would never use in our homes as funny on TV? Whether it is Samantha Bee or some other “shock-jock”, through such celebrated TV personalities taking to extremes, America’s sense of humor is being polluted and “it ain’t funny at all.”

  6. What strikes me most about Samantha Bee’s comments to Ivanka Trump is that “Put on something tight and low cut” before approaching her father speaks volumes about Bee’s own relationship with her own father. Apparently, in order to ask a favor of her father, Bee must entice him sexually?

  7. Sadly, they go to the same schools, as Republican kids. They are taught the “feel good” principles don’t apply to people who are not on the left. They are taught to hate all who are not wishing to adhere to the global village theft of freedom.

  8. Double standard??? How about a triple standard? A quadruple standard?? These MUTTS can say whatever they want and be proud of themselves because they know they can get away with it. IT sickens my stomach. Can’t even begin to imagine if God did not intervene and give us Donald Trump. Hilda-Beast would have outlawed the Constitution and put an illegal in every basement in every home.

  9. Dear Janet,
    What kind of excuse is that. I know lots of people with emotional challenges and none of them talk with such vulgarity. Seriously! No excuse for that. People need to check their mouths at the door. A mistake at the Mike is different from what issue is at hand. Being vicious is intentional and should be treated as an assault. FCC rules are not enforced, this is just bad business.

  10. Dear Janet,
    What kind of excuse is that. I know lots of people with mental challenges and none of them talk with such vulgarity. Seriously! No excuse for that. People need to check their mouths at the door. A mistake at the Mike is different from what issue is at hand. Being vicious is intentional and should be treated as an assault. FCC rules are not enforced, this is just bad business.

  11. Dear John,
    There is a lot to say for freedom of speech, I don’t recall disrespect and using vulgar porphanity language as part of that right. It is not a matter of saying what you want that is in question, it is how one presents themselves. Civilization and the work place require professionalism. Bee violated that. Somethings are just wrong.Stupid is what stupid does… (Mrs. Gump, 2005).

  12. Yes, Rhana,
    Bee has not class or scruples. The first Lady has lots of both. Tired of double-standardand tired of it in a big way. There is no plan on far left’s side of argument. All they want to do is obstruct and resist. Have not stopped Pres. Trumps progress or success

  13. We should make a vaccine … and start vaccinating ALL this liberals against stupidity!! illiterate idiots!! AMEN!

  14. This is why kids are killing kids in school. They think it’s ok to bully any way they want to. Will this ever end??

  15. If it weren’t for double standards, the left would have no standards at all.
    Nuke leftists from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  16. You either have class or you don’t! Obviously this comedian Bee has none and the First Lady Melania has loads of it!

  17. Yes, you are correct. Fairness is gone–all in the interests of liberal bias and media attention.

  18. No one should be fired for saying what they think, let the watchers and listeners decide; if the ratings go down after a statement cancel the show because of that. Freedom of speech is precious and should never be obstructed. Double standards on the other hand must be stopped.

  19. Well done Ivanka I like the Mom and baby photo you posted; Samantha should be fired she is a hypocrite and the regulatory body should censor her in future if she gets out of line.

  20. You know we have a government agency that is supposed to stop the vulgarity on radio and TV. It’s called the Federal Communication Commission or FCC. I remember one time one of the news men when they were taken a commercial break did something and he said “oh S**t”. He thought his mike was turned off. It wasn’t and it went out over the air. The FCC fined the station #100,000- and the reporter was fired. Now anything goes. Where is the FCC? They have turned out to be another worthless government agency. They are being paid taxpayer money and the taxpayers are getting nothing for it.

  21. I no longer read or listen to the the main stream media nor do I watch ABC,NBC,CBS,TBS,BBC,CNN and MSNBC.All these networks liars & have nothing but fake news. Samantha Bee is a vulgar foul mouthed POS pulse she is definitely too ugly to be on television. She has no class at all & her mouth proved that without a doubt but Ivanka Trump has all the class in the world.

  22. Yes its a double standard Its sad that the media has to be bias toward Trump an Trump supporters it just proves that what Trump has said false news or fake news.

  23. Everybody needs to just stop all unjustifiable behavior. Im torally ashamed of everyone. Why do y’all have to be so negative and act like spoiled adults,that lije they have emotional issues. Rhe oeople chose. Quite yourselves. And support whats is truly rite. Im done with everyone.!!!!!!!!!

  24. Isn’t TBS owned by Ted Turner? That’s all anybody needs to know, once married to Jane Fonda. Never have watched TBS, never will.

  25. Melania Trump recently launched her Be Best program to encourage children to stop bullying. It is too bad adults like Rosanne & Bee are too ignorant to see the best way to teach the future generation is by example.


  27. I just wonder what school the Democrats go to. They only know ugly words it is a shame. Hate seems to be the only thing they know to bad there missing out on a good life.

  28. I will no longer watch TBS. just don’t understand
    Why you (TBS) continue to support such trashy people who have no self respect. Not funny at all.
    It needs to stop!!!!!!!

  29. I Agree with all of these. Comments, meant to Shut Up Nasty People like Bee! I have never even heard of her, Ignore her & She Will Go Away….

  30. It is most definitely a double standard which is met by silence on the part of the Dems. Disgraceful! I also find it disgusting that many of these “comedians” who are viciously going after the President, his family, staff and supporters are not even from this country. Let Bee stay in Canada and say whatever she wants, for example. I can’t imagine that this behavior would be tolerated if an American were to do it in Europe, Asia or the Middle East and be referring to their local leaders. I’m fed up with it!

  31. YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!,Democrats and Liberals are abusing the word “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” so much,if you KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT,nobody will say YOU’RE DUMB or STUPID

  32. It’s way beyond a double standard . . . it’s a well constructed conspiratorial system of hiding and protecting vile people from ever growing, reasoning and evolving in their life views. Even worse, it’s a diabolical plan for the voluntarily lazy, ignorant and venomous populous toremain the useless idiots they have been formed to be. These lazy excuses of air-breathing organisms are trained to respond to intelligent, impactful thought with RACIST, HOMOPHOBE, JINGOIST slanders when their limit bank of intelligence runs bone-dry ! I figure 1-2 minutes after a confrontation. It’s actually fun to confront my son who is ever-decreasing in his tolerance of his well-read right-thinking dad ! Unfortunately, the leftist incubation institutions (colleges) are cranking out idiots every season !

  33. Bee DOES face a justice applied by the folks who have control of the TV they allow into their homes. Bee, who wasn’t a top-flite comedienne in the first place, was obviously so beside herself over lousy ratings, that she gambled in the hopes she’d hit upon something popular with audiences. While she may be indecent enough to spew vile language, in belief that the class of people she appeals to, her errant effort back-fired badly. She was aiming at a supposed audience, but instead she could not believe that there are Democrat-inclined folks who are very fair, decent, and family orientated.That’s where Bee misjudged what audiences are composed of. Regardless of political affiliations,
    most of the American electorate are far more decent than Bee is…and the proof is in the overall rejection of her kind of monologue.

  34. Absolutely, Samantha Bee has no class at all. I feel for her children because they are going to be raised to be just like her and they will ultimately be hated by many people.

  35. There is definitely a double standard which must be ended Now. Our forefathers did not use crude language to describe their opponents. Wake up Americans. Stand up and use your voices.

  36. Yup, just ask one question. If a conservative has said the same thing to one of obummers daughters, it would be world war 3. No, there is no double standards LOL.

  37. Yeah, whatever became of the war against hate speech? Oh, I forgot! Only conservatives engage in hate speech.

  38. They never had any morality. The good part of all this is their true colors are starting to be exposed. Perhaps at long last the American People will FINALLY awaken to just who and what these bottom feeders really are!

  39. This Bee bimbo has less class then a year old pile of bull dung! Ivanka Trump has more class in her little finger than all the liberal shrews in this country. As for the double standard, if they didn’t have a double standard the libs would have no standards at all.

  40. I think the Democratic’s/Liberals have lost there morality. These so cal comedians like Bee should be put in the stocks like in the pass along with the liberal government official’s.
    These so call liberal christian who put up with this will have a lot to answer for, especially abortions killing the unborn.


  41. Not double standards just no standards at all they just want to shock conservative’s the FCC needs to get involved and start fining those individuals with the fines starting at one million dollars with half going to those they insult

  42. There’s no help for some liberals. Keep calm and vote Republican in midterms and 2020…we can finish draining the swamp!

  43. Absolutely! If the left did not have double standards it would not have any standards whatsoever

  44. There most certainly is a double standard in so many areas of our country.
    I have had enough!!!! This investigation is the single largest waste of time and money I have ever seen!!!! With one exception: Barack Obama. He started spending government money the day he was elected. “BEE” is a waste of time and wasting her life as a rude, vulgar, comedian. It’s time to clean up!!!

  45. Just support our duly elected and Make America Great Again President Donald Trump and quit trying to reach him through his family. Melania Trump is a Great First Lady and strong in her support of our President!

  46. Robert. Unfortunately Samantha has three children and is actually a liberal Canadian but did become a US citizen. She worked for Jon Stewart for many years. She is also a typical lying liberal hypocrite who sends her children to a posh school,and is now trying to keep minorities out of the same school! Is she obama-esque or what ? She is disgraceful and vulgar on too many levels to comprehend! Hopefully karma is not kind to her.

  47. Robert. Unfortunately Samantha has three children and is actually a liberal Canadian but did become a US citizen. She worked for Jon Stewart for many years. She is also a typical lying liberal hypocrite who sends her children to a posh school,and is now trying to keep minorities out of the same school! Is she obama-esque or what ? She is disgraceful and vulgar on too many levels to comprehend! Hopefully karma is not kind to her.

  48. Agree…..
    The American people will come out in the 2018 elections; then President Trump/Pence can finish up throwing out the trash, Keeping America Great through 2020 ! Copy, share, post to all… not get complacent. Trump 2020!!


  50. No Names will do or say anything to get publicity. This slug of a female should be run out of town, evidently she doesn’t have children or want any. Her show should be cancelled and she should be fined and shunned for her gutter language on a public T.V. program. RUN HER OUT OF TOWN.

  51. Society has gone down the tubes for sure!
    Parent’s raise your children to be flowers.
    Do not neglect your duties for them to grow
    As weeds.

  52. 90% of the Hollywood TV and Movie Crowd are high school drop outs most only completed the 9th grade. Their comments comes from lack of education!

  53. As adults accept vulgar comedy, they are telling our children that it’s okay.
    This is absolutely wrong!
    Don’t forget, being a parent is setting an example for what you wish your children to be!
    It is no wonder we hear our youth talk trash on the street!
    Be an example. You are raising our future USA!

  54. Never heard of this witch till she made her comment. Guess she’s getting her moment in the news. And, the liberal media just ignores her trashy comment.

  55. There is definitely a double standard – If anything is said against someone who is liked/well known, nothing is done. On the other hand – someone who’s not liked, because of what they stand for, they are doomed…If you are a Trump supporter – you’re a target……


  57. I think its time we started forcing these commies brainwashing idiots
    out of the public eye, and out of our country. I am sick of their BS.
    If some of these so called american`s disappear ,like some of Hitlery`s foes do , maybe they would shut their mouths and respect this country and the true americans.

  58. Have you noticed that about all the so-called comedians now can’t complete a sentence without putting in a filthy word or two. They don’t think it’s funny unless if has some filth in it. They are sick, and the people that hire them are sick too. What ever happened to real comedians like Red Skelton, Carol Burnette and others like them. You never heard a Filthy word from them or anyone on their shows. Now all you hear is filthy trashy words in every sentence. Our children don’t need to be hearing this garbage.

  59. Big shame on modern journalism- devoid of standards,ethics,intelligence,respect,values and rules. Especially the losers’ media.

  60. We know who the ladies are and we know who the dirty foul mouth trash people are.
    The foul mouth disgusting person is the one who just lets the tongue wage without maintaining any control over its movements. Bible speaks about that in James which looks like that person has never read. Some day that tongue will get that person into a great amount of trouble. Note, I cannot call this person a “female” or a “her” because that person is not fitting for that title. Actually calling “it” a person is an insult to the word “person”…

  61. Agree…..
    The American people will come out in the 2018 elections; then President Trump/Pence can finish up throwing out the trash, Keeping America Great through 2020 ! Copy, share, post to all… not get complacent. Trump 2020!!!

  62. Unbelievable that TBS has not fired Samantha Bee for those vulgar comments. She is not a lady by any stretch of the imagination. She’s a low life liberal scum. If any conservative said what she said they would be fired on the spot. It’s a shame that there’s such a double standard in this country.

  63. Mac,
    WIFE??? How about ugly transvestite. Gobbling hormones. and throwing on a skirt, and “renting children” doesn’t make you a “mother”, “lady”, OR a “wife”, no more than breaking into a home to rob it, makes you “part of the family”.
    THAT anti-American pair (along with help from the DNC) broke into OUR home (America) and attempted to turn it into a third-world crap hole.

  64. “Democrats have rejected our system of government.

    This isn’t dissent. It’s not disagreement. You can hate the other party. You can think they are the worst thing that ever happened to the country. But then you work harder to win the next election. When you consistently reject the results of elections that you don’t win, what you want is a dictatorship. Your very own dictatorship.” Professor Minzey’s words are exactly what Dems want.

  65. You have it right Don, all we heard during the BHO presidency was “how beautiful his wife is”. Anybody want to hold a beauty contest? Oh, and smart too. Let’s have that contest too!

  66. These kinds of subhumans are regularly engaged in unAmerican vulgar attacks on our President and other decent humans. Foul-mouthed media bots are an excellent example of their level of devolving Into the abyss of smut. I know God will take care of these evil subhumans. You betcha He will Just wait and watch.

  67. The first lady is recovering from surgery now but wait until she is healthy and those idiots that have been attacking her family better have fire protection underwear on because the first lady is going to scorch their butts.

  68. If you get my drift, whatever happened to “Duelling Pistols? Maybe, if they brought that back, people would “shoot off” their mouth less often.

  69. Political correctness on the left only. Lewd, putrid stuff.
    None of this crap should be tolerated on either side.
    It puicks.

  70. Barbara: I believe your comment wholeheartedly! It is disgraceful what is aired on the radio and TV. Those who make these disgusting comments are supposed to be role models! My children are grown; however, I empathize with any parent who has to deal with the sadistic and disrespectful so-called “journalists,” who have no values!

  71. its time the republicans fight back against the dems whos real issue is they think that they are better moral people and think they are perfect examples to live by ,But the longer it goes the worse example they are , doesn’t matter the topic

  72. Liberalism is a mental disorder . I think there is no cure for it except possibly a frontal lobotomy for them .

  73. It’s slutty whores like her that have our young girls going by the way side. Her sponsors should drop her ass. She’s not funny, she’s disgusting. I hope if she has kids we can mock the hell out of them. PLUS HER FAMILY

  74. If Roseanne had said what she did about a conservative she would still have a job, the double standard is unbelievable, I am sick to death of the liberal media, I don’t even watch any of them any more. Why hasn’t the Bee woman lost her job, and a lot of the black comedians (and I use that term lightly) say terrible things about the President, they still have their shows. The double standard needs to stop!!

  75. It is time for all this BS to end right here. This despicable individual needs to be fired and her so called social show cancelled. We on the right are fed up with the liberals saying anything and not suffering any repercussions. Can you imagine what would happened if someone on the right called one of Obama’s kids this or God forbid called his other half this name. We’d probably have riots in the streets and every liberal calling for their head. What I want is her head on a pike, then add Kathy Giffin and Sally Fields to the same pike.

  76. Yes Oh Yes It doesn’t take PHD or even an Associate Degree to read through the lines

  77. JHW,
    You forgot the fact that he wasn’t even eligible to BE president. He even said so himself when he was a “present” senator. Just a worthless piece of MOOSLIME garbage,a “puppet of soros and the COMMUNIST (democrat) party.

  78. Everything liberals say is some form of double standard. It’s easy to identify these loonies! They only need to open their mouths without making a sound!

  79. Your being kind to Obama. He was a lot worse then that. Starting with the biggest racist we have had for a president.

  80. Liberals fall over each other trying to outdo the other guy with their snarky, gutter-talk aimed at conservatives. But woe to the conservative that attempts to turn the tables.

  81. If ABC can pull Roseanne Barr’s show off air, then TBS needs to pull Samantha Bee’s show off air as well.

    There is a double standard for some.

    All of the alt-left are still mad as everything because Hilliary Clinton lost the face to become the next President, so that she could continue with former Obama’s bull-crap.

  82. Of course there are Liberals who truly believe in their program which is another discussion. But there are so many who are nothing but “pond scum.” That goes for the MSM as well. I truly believe much has to do with lack of intelligence. If you listen to many of them, they appear to be articulate but do not know grammar or proper pronunciation. In addition, they are very shallow. They know very little about things that the average person knows. This includes Fox. The Kimmell’s, Colbert’s and Bee’s hide under the guise of Comedy to get away with what they say. So glad to see Melania speak up.

  83. Of course there’s a double standard but this just shows the true colors of these low life liberals civility. We are better than that.

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