Melania Trump was snubbed in the most outrageous way

For “National Read a Book Day,” Melania Trump graciously sent out a collection of 10 Dr. Seuss classics to one school in each state.

It included Oh, the Places You’ll Go! which Melania noted “is a book my son and I have read over and over again,” and wanted to share with children across the country.

But that act was enough to send one liberal elementary school librarian from Cambridge, Massachusetts into a self-righteous partisan political tirade.

Fox News reports:

Liz Phipps Soeiro, a librarian at a public school in Cambridge, wrote a letter to the first lady, which was then published on The Horn Book blog, notifying Mrs. Trump that her school would “not be keeping the titles” for their collection, explaining that her school didn’t have a “NEED” for the books, due to her school and library’s “award-winning” status.

“I work in a district that has plenty of resources, which contributes directly to ‘excellence,’” Soeiro wrote. “My students have access to a school library with over nine thousand volumes and a librarian with a graduate degree in library science.”

Soeiro went on to slam the White House and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos…

What set this librarian off?

Well, besides her clearly skewed neo-Marxist political bias, she deemed Dr. Seuss’s books unfit for her library because . . . wait for it . . . Dr. Seuss is “racist.”

“Another fact that many people are unaware of is that Dr. Seuss’s illustrations are steeped in racist propaganda, caricatures, and harmful stereotypes,” Soeiro wrote, giving examples of “If I Ran a Zoo” and “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street” as clear “racist mockery” in Seuss’ art.

Fox News goes on to point out that Michelle Obama frequently read Dr. Seuss without controversy.

Twitter users also discovered Ms. Soeiro once dressed as “Cat in the Hat” to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday and were quick to point out the hypocrisy of her criticism.

But looking deeper at Soeiro’s letter points to more troubling statements than her disrespectful jabs at the First Lady.

Writing about her *elementary* school’s student body, she describes it as including “a spectrum of gender expressions and identities.”

But perhaps more frightening is Ms. Soeiro’s inclusion on The Library Journal’s annual “Mover’s and Shakers” list and her previous articles published on The Horn Book, like “Loud in the Library: Creating Social Activists at School.”

In it she advocates for creating young social justice warriors in here elementary school library:

This has led to some validating civic experiences for my students; they have led the charge to effect tangible change. After first-grade students read about the environmentalist Green Belt Movement and its founder Wangari Maathai (Seeds of Change by Jen Cullerton Johnson and Sonia Lynn Sadler), they met with a city councilor to talk about how their neighborhoods could be beautified to benefit not just the residents but also the Earth.

Fifth graders were dismayed when they learned the truth about Christopher Columbus and what his “discovery” meant for the indigenous people of Hispaniola and beyond. Our city’s vice mayor came into library class to educate them on how to build on their outrage: how to organize and grow a movement to achieve the change they’re looking for. And while these fifth graders have not (yet) been successful in changing the name of the holiday from “Columbus Day” to “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” in Cambridge, they learned a valuable lesson about committing yourself to and organizing others for a cause in which you believe. [EDITOR’S NOTE UPDATE: “The Cambridge City Council has voted unanimously to change Christopher Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day.”]

After another group of fifth graders read excerpts from Discovering Black America: From the Age of Exploration to the Twenty-First Century by Linda Tarrant-Reid, we invited one of the founders of our city’s Black Lives Matter chapter to come into the library to answer questions, teach us what an ally can be, and empower our students to be proud of who they are.

It’s common knowledge that Big Government propagandists have used the education system to brainwash Americans for decades, but it’s often thought of as taking place at colleges and universities — not at the elementary school level!

Parents should be wary if their school librarian is anything like Ms. Soeiro.

Now it’s no longer just what’s taught in the classroom parents need to worry about, but what their children as young as kindergarten are being exposed to in story time!

Let us know your thoughts about Ms. Soeiro and her “social justice warrior” brainwashing in the comments below.


  1. This stuff goes on in every public school. But, in schools where the parents are willingly clueless, this stuff is rampant. Parents, you must speak up and demand that your child is not to be indoctrinated into liberal ideology.

  2. The school systems in this country have been infected by the Marxist thought for three generations already. It is too late to do anything about it.

  3. Not worthy of dusting off Melania’s shoes! Grave danger to our children. Needs to be fired and barred from contact with them. Deport, as she is a terriost!

  4. The librarian shows her ignorance. Nothing was said when Michelle read the same books. She should have accepted
    and donated to a less fortunate school.

  5. SHE NEEDS TO GO ASAP GRADE SCHOOL IS NOT THE PLACE FOR LEFTEST POLITICAL INDOCTRINATION And yes all caps, because I feel the need to yell this out loudly & clearly

  6. Look at the librarian, how ugly, and hateful, can one person be? She is jealous of First Lady, Malania Trump! That ugly liberal skank looks as though she is pure evil, and guy of hate!

  7. Forget Right and Wrong, what happened to class, humility, honor and respect. They seem to demand respect, are incapable of giving any. How do you take morons like this seriously? And, two words, “Private Schools!”

  8. Melanie has more class in her little pinky than this four eyed scum bag has in her whole body. She should be deported to Russia.

  9. Back in the early 70’s, Gloria (What’s her name) warned us that the Gay-Liberal agenda would win out through our kids. She was right! Home schooling is the only way today to make sure that “Common Sense” is taught to our kids!

  10. Librarian clearly bought and paid for…as in who’re. Must be exposed and we should NOT pander nor allow our First Lady be disrespected. A phony p o s.

    • Well said Gregg.

      Such disregard and open hostility is beyond reproach. Surprised Trump had not TWEETED about this self-righteous, ignorant PIG.

    • She should be kicked to hell out of Cambridge Massachusetts the city I was born in. She is nothing but garbage. Go away you slimy slut.

  11. Where did she come from? Parents need to become involved in their children education, or they will be the first true zombies. They’ll be like sheep; if one goes over the cliff they all will go over the cliff. The way you load sheep on a truck, is use a bell goat to lead the on. People get involved in your children’s life!!!!!

  12. She is a very screwed up person. I am glad I don’t have any children that can access her library. I am 75 years old and read Dr. Suess to my children and they all turned out marvelous. Never did they or I think racist.

  13. She’s not a liberal, but I think she is a ISIS sympathy for their their cause or the member of the KKK or Neo Notzi should be fired. No wonder why we have ball players sitting and on on knee.

  14. This librarian is a total liberal LOSER. The first lady is the most wonderful first lady we have ever had. This librarian is about on the same page as the football players! Creeps and unamerican!!

  15. As a retired teacher Again I say I am disgusted with this woman’s attitude towards Melanie’s gift. She should be honoured that her school was chosen and she ought to apologize to Melanie.

    Who is she that she can decide what is best for the children in that school to read or not to read – it should be a consensus of children, parents, governors and teaching staff not just one woman’s crooked judgement. She needs her head examining and should resign or I re-iterate send a letter to Melanie apologising for her rudeness.

    I pity the children at that

  16. The Liberal Teachers are “Brain Washing these children as young as Fifth Graders.” This how Communist Country were trained and they become “Robots” doing things without thinking for themselves. These teachers would be fired for not teaching the Basic Americanism. I am afraid that this country is turning into Communism. Thousand died in Korea, Viet Nam to preserved the American Way of Life.

  17. This so call educator has her head up her a_! If I had a child anywhere near her I would pull my child out and find another school ( private or otherwise). She is one of the reasons this country is as screwed up as it is!!!!!

  18. WOW!!! A degree in library science!!! Does that mean you know where the geography section is and can find
    Canada on a globe??? So your life’s dream has been fulfilled!!! Good for you!! Do you spend all of your $400.00 a week salary in the clubs in Harvard Square? I’ll bet the next time your at Elizabeth Warrens house won’t be the first.
    Get a man in your life, would you please and get rid of whatever her name is!! You are an idiot!,

    • I was thinking that it was more along the lines of ” We know you are stupid and can’t get a real job so here’s a degree in library science “.

  19. IF that Librarian had any class…she should have just kept her nasty mouth shut.
    The libtards never miss an opportunity to express their hateful opinions and frankly
    everyone is sick of it. Since she doesn’t like Melania – keep it to yourself and
    keep your mouth shut! Btw – I’m sure the kids at your school would’ve loved those
    books, you cheated them out of…

      • Amen & Amen….. i understand their numbers are plumishing!
        They are Traitors & should be a Law to Leave our FREE Country.
        Other skilled people have “defected” to come here & these ungrateful Sinners are supporting the “division” of our patriots. Unfortunately it is working…Thank you God fir Trump..Continue protecting him

  20. I had a really impressive answer before this last short one and you didn’t even post it, what kind of news agency are you? This is second time I’ve had too get on to your comment section about not posting my comments, makes me wonder if you are really a right leaning news agency!

  21. What? “Cat in The Hat” is racist? That is simply absurd. How does anyone even reach such a conclusion? The race card is wearing so thin that it is falling apart. While America has had racial issues in the past it is not by and large a racist country. Race relations had actually been improving until eight years ago. Now there are people actually attempting to cause racial divide and claiming to see racism in everything.

    • Texan, you are so Right. With Jillary & Obana together doi g “their thing” & NOT “our thing” we have gone dien the tube. There Love is Solinsky, comminist/Fascist & his teaching is a list of steps to convert a group to communism.One was “start w children” to remove them from the “family” & 2 to “divide the people”. HC & BO have done that & Very Successfully. Governed by the Illuminati to create NWO to kill the people & Save the Elite because “we can no longer exust w this nany people on this earth. We will Starve & fight disease & ignorance”.
      Thank GOD the He has postponed this preposterous WAR. IF we could get Hillary & her Blinded puppets to Shut the Heck Up !!!
      They FLY with a Thought & it Grows. They do not know an ans as tonWhy they are doing it.

  22. This librarian should be publicly shamed and condemned for her lack of respect for our Fist Lafy and her hypocrisy with regards to her celebration of Dr Seus and the bias she shares with young children. Melanie Trump is a far better person than this librarian and we look forward to at least eight years of sharing that goodness with young children and hopefully mothers who have not had such goodness to admire and emulate for the entire Obama term. I am disgusted by this librarians actions and she should lose her position.

    • Well said, Brenda. I totally agree with you, and am appalled by what is happening all around us. This has been the agenda for many, many years, slowly but surely infiltrating our young children’s education and minds, and now look what we have. It has finally caught up and been exposed, much to our astonishment. Many people did not see it coming, because they refused to believe it, stating you were a “conspiracy theory” nutcase when you tried to warn them. I simply cannot be denied any longer, and we the people had best do something about it. Although these evil people are very powerful, we still outnumber them. Let’s fight back!!!!

  23. I think “political correctness” is merely a Liberal term for, “If we put enough icing on this excrement patty, it will taste like a cupcake.”

  24. “Parents should be wary if their school librarian is anything like Ms. Soeiro.” Are you serious ?? This feminist,Godless, hack is the NORM for women her age throughout education from day-care to protesting after graduation. Any parents who don’t know this are part of the problem…..let alone moronic.

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