Merrick Garland is facing one criminal accusation that will make his life a living hell

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Attorney General Merrick Garland got the letter he dreaded.

Garland now has the chance to prove once and for all there isn’t a double standard of justice in America.

And Merrick Garland is facing one criminal accusation that will make his life a living hell.

New York Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Michael Turned wrote a letter to Attorney General Garland recommending perjury charges for disgraced former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen over allegations Cohen admitted he lied to Congress during his testimony in Letitia James’ civil fraud trial.

“This statement by Mr. Cohen raises significant questions about his testimony before the Committee. Mr. Cohen’s testimony at the New York trial is inconsistent with his testimony before the Committee,” Stefanik and Turner stated. “That Mr. Cohen was willing to openly and brazenly state at trial that he lied to Congress on this specific issue is startling. His willingness to make such a statement alone should necessitate an investigation.”

Cohen testified as one of Democrat Attorney General Letitia James’ witnesses and admitted he lied to Congress in 2019 about conversations with Trump about inflating the value of his assets.

Stefanik said the Garland Department of Justice could begin to restore its credibility by enforcing the law as harshly against Trump critics as it does Trump and his supporters.

“The Biden Justice Department must take off its partisan blinders and investigate disgraced fraudster and disbarred attorney Michael Cohen, a felon previously convicted for lying to Congress, who just admitted to lying again to Congress,” Stefanik said in an interview with The Messenger.

Stefanik and Turner explained to Garland that if the Department of Justice allowed witnesses to get away with lying to Congress then the institution could no longer function properly.

“Congress cannot perform its oversight function if witnesses who appear before its committees do not provide truthful testimony,” Stefanik and Turner wrote to Garland. “Perjury and false statements before Congress are crimes that undermine the integrity of the Constitutional duty to conduct oversight and inquiries.”

The Democrat Party’s weaponization of the government is a major campaign issue in 2024 due to Democrat prosecutors bringing 91 criminal charges against Trump in the run-up to the Presidential election.

Garland claims there is no political bias at work but the kid gloves treatment in the investigation into Hunter and Joe Biden suggests otherwise.