Merrick Garland is in hot water after he was caught in this awful cover-up

The White House is trying to do damage control for Joe Biden.

Biden’s Justice Department was sent in to do the dirty work.

Now Merrick Garland is in hot water after he was caught in this awful cover-up.

Biden Justice Department tries to hide damaging audio tape – allegedly because of AI

A smoking gun of President Joe Biden’s alarming mental decline is in the hands of his Justice Department.

Biden gave a taped interview to Special Counsel Robert Hurt last October for his stolen classified documents investigation.

That interview produced two bombshell revelations about how bad the President’s memory is these days.

Hur’s report said that Biden couldn’t remember what years he served as Vice President under former President Barack Obama.

And he could remember what year his son, Beau Biden, died of cancer.

A written transcript – that was cleaned up by the Justice Department – of Biden’s interview was released.

But the Justice Department is trying to keep the audio recordings of it under lock and key.

House Republicans tried to get copies of the records, but the Justice Department refused to hand them over and Biden asserted executive privilege over them.

The written transcripts of Biden’s interview with Hurt are already out there.

No new information is coming out of the audio recordings but they could pull back the curtain on how severe Biden’s mental decline is for the public.

That’s why Judicial Watch and the Heritage Foundation sued the Justice Department to get a copy of those audio recordings.

Biden’s Justice Department cited in a court filing the threat of deepfakes made with artificial intelligence (AI) to block their release.

Except the President’s voice is readily available for anyone who wants to create a deepfake.

Biden Justice Department slammed for deepfake excuse 

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley ripped the Biden Justice Department for using deepfakes as a justification to hide the audio recordings of the Biden-Hur interview during an appearance on Fox News.

“It is neither legally nor practically sensible to make that argument,” Turley said. “The fact is, that if you release the audiotape, it’s going to make it easier to refute any deepfake version.”

“Right now, AI could produce that, because you have the transcript and part of the problem for the Department of Justice is their position has never made any sense,” Turley added. 

The only reason to keep the audio recordings is because of how incoherent Biden sounds in them.

All of the information in the interview is a matter of public record.

“You release the transcript as unprivileged, that you are claiming the audio version is privileged, as if this is sort of a Voldemortian ‘he who shall not be heard’ type of candidate,” Turley continued.

Turley said the goal of the Justice Department was to keep those recordings hidden past Election Day.

“The impression is that they’re not worried about a false version of the audiotape, they are worried about the real audiotape being heard before the election,” Turley said. “It is a transparent effort to get the court to hold the audiotape, or at least keep it in litigation, until people have voted.”

Joe Biden’s recorded interview with Robert Hur could be the smoking gun that torpedoes his Presidential campaign.

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