Merrick Garland is in hot water after he was caught in this disturbing cover up

Attorney General Merrick Garland is a shameless political hack who pretends to uphold the law.

But Garland just crossed a major red line with this one brazen move.

And now Merrick Garland is in hot water after he was caught in this disturbing cover up.

President Joe Biden’s classified documents scandal turned the world upside for the Justice Department.

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s witch hunt against former President Donald Trump was put in peril by Biden committing the same alleged crime.

The politicized Justice Department is now shifting their efforts to help protect the President from the fallout over stealing classified documents.

The double standards over how the Justice Department is treating Biden compared to Trump reached an unthinkable level.

The Justice Department allowed Biden’s personal attorneys to search for more classified documents at his home in Delaware and in other locations without the presence of FBI agents or federal authorities.

Since Biden’s personal attorneys don’t have the security clearance required to handle classified documents, leaving them alone invites the potential for a cover up of any evidence found.

Garland’s Justice Department offered up a laughable excuse for why they were allowing Biden to get away with an unsupervised search for classified documents.

Biden’s attorneys discussed the possibility of FBI agents accompanying them during the search with the Justice Department.

However, officials from the Justice Department backed off because they claimed Biden’s team was fully cooperating.

A law enforcement official told the Wall Street Journal that “one reason not to involve the FBI at an early stage: That way the Justice Department would preserve the ability to take a tougher line, including executing a future search warrant, if negotiations ever turned hostile.”

By allowing Biden’s team to conduct the search unsupervised, the Justice Department will never know if anything is being held back.

Constitutional law professor Johnathan Turley slammed the decision on social media by saying it’s “a level of accommodation that would make a Kardashian blush.”

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy said the Justice Department’s explanation for the unsupervised search is absurd.

“It is on its face preposterous that introducing the FBI at an early stage would preclude getting tougher — resorting to a search warrant, for example — down the road,” McCarthy said. “Not only is that common sense; we know it from experience: The Justice Department sent FBI agents along with a DOJ official to Mar-a-Lago in early June 2022 to retrieve documents with classification markings.”

This is a glaring example of the two-tiered system of justice that’s been created by Merrick Garland’s politicized Justice Department.

“That in no way prevented the Justice Department from ‘taking a tougher line’ by executing a search warrant two months later,” McCarthy added.

Merrick Garland is giving Joe Biden the kid glove treatment while dropping the hammer on Trump.

The Justice Department is working overtime to protect Joe Biden from the political damage caused by his latest scandal.

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