Merrick Garland is panicking after this disturbing Biden crime family cover up was exposed

The walls are closing in on the Biden crime family after their rampant corruption.

The Justice Department is desperately trying to protect them.

Now Merrick Garland is panicking after this disturbing Biden crime family cover up was exposed.

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s politicized Justice Department is working overtime to protect Hunter Biden.

The President’s son is facing a federal investigation for tax crimes and other charges in Delaware over his shady foreign business deals that traded on his father’s political position.

Despite a revelation from the Washington Post that federal agents investigating him believe they have more than enough evidence, charges still haven’t been brought against Hunter Biden.

Now, another troubling sign emerged that the Justice Department is running cover for Hunter.

Colorado lawyer Kevin Evans is an expert at using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), a federal law that allows individuals to get access to federal records.

Evans alleged that the Justice Department is hiding over 400 pages of “sensitive documents” that show the Biden crime family receiving money from Ukraine, China, and Russia.

Evans’ FOIA process started in November of 2020 and the federal government has spent two years throwing up roadblocks to his request.

The request asked for any documents related to Hunter and Joe Biden’s connection to foreign businesses, including “‘any relationship, communication, gift[s], and/or remuneration in any form’ between Bidens and China, Russia or Ukraine,” the Daily Mail reported.

He said that lawyers for the federal government admitted in court to having at least 400 pages of documents that are “potentially relevant” to his FOIA request.

Instead of following the FOIA law and handing them over to Evans, the Justice Department is changing its tune.

The Justice Department now says that they can neither confirm nor deny the existence of any such documents.

Evans predicted that the government is going to try and hide the documents by claiming privacy.

“I’m quite confident that they will move for summary judgment on the privacy exemptions under FOIA in an effort to avoid having to produce these documents,” Evans told the Daily Mail. “But I don’t think they should in this instance, particularly when they’ve disclosed and put on the record that potentially responsive documents exist.”

The Colorado lawyer explained that the courts aren’t following the spirit of the FOIA law and are “bending over backwards” to accommodate the government.

After confirming that the documents exist, the Justice Department is backtracking to say that it can neither confirm nor deny their existence.

In addition to the Biden crime family records, another major document dump could be coming on Hunter.

The National Archives is planning on releasing records from former President Barack Obama’s administration about Hunter and the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

Joe Biden can try to block the release of these records, but he hasn’t made a move thus far.

The evidence is piling up that the Justice Department is engaged in a cover up to protect the Biden crime family.

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