Merrick Garland stopped dead in his tracks after Marjorie Taylor Greene said these three words

Chuck Kennedy for The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Attorney General Merrick Garland is a shameless political hack.

He might not be able to ignore one major red line being crossed.

And Merrick Garland stopped dead in his tracks after Marjorie Taylor Greene said these three words.

Democrats are melting down after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade with the Dobbs decision and put control over abortion back in the hands of legislators.

Seething with rage that the abortion-on-demand industry was coming to an end, threats and violence from the Left against the Pro-Life community are on the rise.

Churches, Pro-Life pregnancy centers, and Pro-Life groups have faced a wave of vandalism and even fire bombings from pro-abortion radicals.

Hollywood actress and longtime leftwing activist Jane Fonda crossed the line during an appearance on The View.

She said that women seeking abortions should break the law to get them and could even turn to “murder” if someone stands in their way.

“We have experienced many decades now of having agency over our body, of being able to determine when and how many children to have. We know what that feels like, we know what that’s done for our lives,” Fonda said. “We’re not going back, I don’t care what the laws are. We’re not going back.”

Host Joy Behar asked Fonda what she thought could be done besides protesting the Supreme Court’s decision.

“Well, I’ve thought of murder,” Fonda said.

After being asked to repeat herself, Fonda repeated, “murder.”

Conservative firebrand Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene didn’t take the bone-chilling threat issued by Fonda lying down.

She sent a letter to the FBI and the Department of Justice asking them to investigate threats against Pro-Lifers after Fonda’s disturbing call for murder and noted it was vital for “to take action” to protect the Pro-Life community.

“Calling for the murder of elected officials and innocent Pro-Life activists over a political disagreement is abhorrent and extremely dangerous,” Taylor Greene wrote. “Since last year, there have been nearly 100 recorded acts of violence and intimidation against Pro-Life individuals and organizations.”

Despite the rise in violence against the Pro-Life community, Attorney General Merrick Garland has ignored it to focus on targeting Pro-Lifers on trumped up charges.

“Fonda’s comments will embolden pro-abortion groups and individuals to attack and potentially murder Pro-Life lawmakers, leaders, and activists,” Taylor Greene added. “It is vital that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI take action to protect Pro-Life Americans from violence that directly results from Jane Fonda’s horrific statements.”

Taylor Greene asked the FBI and Justice Department if there’s been any uptick in threats against Pro-Lifers since Fonda’s “murder” comment and whether they’re being investigated.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) already said that she’s received a death threat following Fonda’s remarks.

While the Justice Department is dropping the hammer on conservatives, they’re ignoring the disturbing rise in political violence and threats by Democrats after the Dobbs decision.

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