Merrick Garland was blindsided after FBI agents made one shocking demand

Attorney General Merrick Garland thought everything was going according to plan.

But he had a monkey wrench thrown in his plot against Donald Trump.

And Merrick Garland was blindsided after FBI agents made one shocking demand.

Donald Trump’s Presidency exposed how deeply broken the FBI is as an institution.

The Bureau has been thoroughly politicized and weaponized by its out-of-control leadership.

After the raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home crossed a major red line, rank-and-file agents are starting to speak out.

Kurt Siuzdak is an ex-FBI agent who left after 25 years because of a lack of accountability for the Bureau’s politicized leadership.

Today Siuzdak is working as a lawyer for whistleblowers in the FBI who come forward about serious problems in the Bureau.

In a bombshell revelation to the Washington Times, Siuzdak claims that agents have said they’ve “lost confidence” in FBI Director Christopher Wray and want him to resign.

“I’m hearing from [FBI personnel] that they feel like the Director has lost control of the Bureau,” Siuzdak said. “They’re saying, ‘How does this guy survive? He’s leaving. He’s got to leave.’”

According to whistleblowers, despite agents coming forward about problems in the Bureau, Director Wray only brushes their concerns aside.

“[The FBI agents] are telling me they have lost confidence in Wray. All Wray does is go in and say we need more training and we’re doing stuff about it, or we will not tolerate it,” Siuzdak said.

After years of blatant political bias by the FBI, the rank-and-file agents have had enough.

Siuzdak’s bombshell comes one day after FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Timothy Thibault resigned over allegations of political bias in his handling of the investigation into Hunter Biden’s infamous “laptop from hell.”

Earlier, FBI Director Wray removed Thibault from the Hunter Biden case after whistleblowers came forward about political bias from multiple Bureau leaders.

Social media posts revealed that Thibault was a rabid Trump hater whose posts were so disturbing that even Wray called them “deeply troubling.”

An FBI whistleblower came forward with the claim that leadership delayed the investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop because they didn’t want to “interfere” with the 2020 Presidential election.

The FBI first acquired the laptop in December of 2019.

Leadership in the local Delaware office reportedly told agents not to “look at that Hunter Biden laptop.”

After Attorney General Merrick Garland ramped up the weaponization of the FBI against conservatives, more and more whistleblowers are coming forward.

Jim Jordan (R-OH) said his office has been contacted by more than a dozen FBI whistleblowers over a variety of problems, including the targeting of parents protesting at school board meetings as “domestic terrorists.”

The FBI’s politicized leadership is fomenting a revolt by the rank-and-file agents with their out-of-control behavior.

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