Michael Avenatti made the one announcement that Donald Trump never expected

Michael Avenatti has been a thorn in Trump’s side for months.

Avenatti built a national name as a nonstop cable news presence representing Stormy Daniels and constantly accusing Trump of criminal behavior.

And he just made the one announcement Donald Trump never expected.

Avenatti made noise the last few months that he was running for President.

He traveled to over 20 states and set up a PAC ahead of the 2018 midterm election.

But his Presidential aspirations came crashing down when he was arrested for felony domestic violence.

The Los Angeles District Attorney downgraded it to a misdemeanor but the damage was done.

In the #MeToo era, a Democrat arrested for domestic violence was toast.

Avenatti made his intentions clear in a tweet where he announced his family did not want him to run for President.

Avenatti would also have found out that his media allies were going to abandon him.

They found him useful to attack Trump with the Stormy Daniels case, but they would have given his platform to other more viable candidates in the primary.

Avenatti was polling around one percent and there is a strong likelihood that was his ceiling of support.

Do you think this is the right move?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Avenatti is a looser who represents loosers. He may think he is qualified to be President but he is not really qualified for working at anything. Just look to his clients and what has happened to them. Poor Storm Drain has to pay Trump!!! and his other so called clients have been proved to be liars. He personally owes the government lots of money and can’t seem to pay his bills. Most likely his family has made it clear he needs to shut his mouth. He’s also been accused of abusing his wife. Just what USA needs as a President. Looser, Looser, Looser

  2. Yeah a woman beater pump n dump tax scam artist a bad attorney 293,000 legal fee’s to President Trump and no geopolitical experience and I know your come back would be that President Trump has no geopolitical experience except he has built structures and golf courses all over the world and has to deal with politicians in other countries

  3. That’s exactly the way I feel. I get sick of these wannabes thinking they can be elected to the highest office in the land and in my opinion they couldn’t be elected dog catcher

  4. He could run with slut stormy as his running mate. A real crowd draw. He could suck them in and she could suck them off.

  5. The guy is a leech who takes money from people on pretense alone. If the BAR had an ounce of respect for the profession they would disbar the pos. To say he is a disgrace is an understatement.

  6. When we heard that Stormy Daniels did not know that he had filed a lawsuit against Trump until after the fact and then she found out that he was asking for donations unbeknownst to her and she had not gotten anything from him in payments yet it confirmed what most observers already knew he is a scumbag

  7. Before Donald Trump because president, nobody had ever HEARD of Avenatti. His 15 minutes have been up for months. Trump would’ve mopped the floor with him.

  8. Like domestic violence would be the only thing to stop his Presidential aspirations. How would he have covered up stupidity, tax evasion; FELONY, sleazy even for an attorney, etc….?

  9. Sorry, I find this article rather, especially the title, inaccurate. Remember what Gen. Mathis said when someone asked him if he looses sleep over something. Mathis’ response was “I cause other people to loose sleep.” I suspect President Trump feels the same way about Avenatti. Rather than President Trump loosing sleep over an useful idiot like Avenatti, I suspect Avenatti loose sleep over President Trump. The whole jest of this article is fake news at best.


  11. He took so much pride in representing a whora that sucks dick for the whole world to see! That says alot for the kind of people that support the DemoRats needless to say. DemoRats have no concience, they have no morals, they are lawless, corrupt, unethical beings!And stand for everything ungodly!Sorry for the first comment if it’s disrespectful to those reading this , but it’s true!

  12. I think he realized he had NO chance now that all his scandals are appearing – I am convinced his family had nothing to do with it. He is garbage.

  13. If he had any regard for his family he wouldn’t be operating and acting like a total sociopath that he is. He’s obviously using his family as an excuse because He would be lucky if he got 1% of the vote to become the nominee and had no chance of ever winning the nomination. He allowed his own narcissism and arrogance to get in the way of common sense, but then again maybe he never had that, and allowed the corrupt biased lying fake news media to use him as their puppet And they are now dumping him because he is absolutely toxic

  14. just shows how desperate the MSM is to bash Trump for anything. This guy should have his law license pulled. He as thrown out of his law office for owing back rent of $240,000
    and lost a lawsuit against him from his former partner for keeping all the money his partner won. Judgement of $4.5 MILLION against him to his former partner. Deadbeat doesn’t begin to describe him. He was trying to raise money to run for President to pay off all his
    debts…..and two ex-wives and three children…..he should crawl back under the rock he
    lives in.

  15. I cannot imagine what possible idea he had to think he could even entertain the idea to run for National President

  16. M we have another troll. Daniel has joined us. Shame. My name is Daniel. I’m called Dan Shared name with an idiot.

  17. Avenatti … is probably a cursed name now and his relatives hate him for smearing their last name. It was funny when he brought one of his clients to the Senate Judiciary Committee. I think his situation helped getting Kavsnaugh of the political chaos. The liberals swore that Avenatti was really working for Trump. Lol.

    Hope that he will come back for the election year.

  18. Avenatti would have used campaign funds to bail his sorry hind end out of the millions he owes everyone.
    Can’t do much campaigning on negative dimes.
    I guess Stormy Daniel’s go fund me account wasn’t enough.

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