Michael Cohen’s guilty plea left Robert Mueller one step closer to bringing down Trump

Michael Cohen shook Washington, D.C. to its core.

He pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about his dealings with Russians in 2016.

And this bombshell development put Robert Mueller one step closer to impeaching Donald Trump.

Cohen shocked everyone when he made a surprise appearance at a federal courthouse in Washington D.C.

He pleaded guilty to making numerous false statements about a plan to build a Trump Tower in Moscow in 2016.

Fox News reports:

After entering his plea, Cohen addressed the court for several minutes.

“Prior to the 2016 elections, I was a counsel and advisor to Donald Trump Organization. By 2016, I no longer did that work, but I continued to work for Donald Trump who became President of the United States, referenced as Individual 1 in the agreement,” Cohen said in court Thursday. “I continued to follow the political messaging of Individual 1 and his advisors. I was aware that individual 1 said he was not tied to Russia, attacks were politically motivated, and all interactions were terminated by the time of the Iowa Caucuses.”

Cohen added that in 2017 when he appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee, he gave a “false” description of the Moscow Project.

“I asserted all efforts ceased in January 2016 when they kept going until June 2016,” he said. “There were more extensive communications. I said I never contemplated travel or spoke to Individual 1 regarding travel, but I did.”

The fake news treated this as a bombshell.

But Cohen still did not admit to anything that resembles collusion with Russia.

And no one has been charged with a conspiracy to collude with Russia.

This could be another supposed Russia bombshell that fizzles out.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. A genius. Ok, a genius at trading jobs and authority with James Comey making both men rich. Ok, a genius at taking a written appointment as special counsel to investigate Russian collusion in the 2016 election and turning it into a $25M prosecution for process crimes. 6 Russians, tax cheaters and a variety of people who Mueller continues to pound and threaten to sing or compose the destruction of Trump. A genius or a high powered thug?!!
    Then, as the ultimate betrayal of the American people, he has altered how law us made, all to satisfy his world class ego. Mueller attacked the jerk lawyer Cohen until he scared him to death. Cohen plead to a crime that the Election law did not make a crime. Mueller pulled a conviction out of a statute that makes the conduct in question legal. The right USDC Judge, the right US Attorney, immense pressure on Cohen and you have a brand new law created by prosecutorial zeal. You think that is genius. You lose, we all lose except for Mueller. Unethical, manipulative, no resect for the law, all the arrogance in the world. A bastard.

  2. You should refer to yourself as DrDelusional which not only are you but also in a complete state of denial.

  3. There would be NOTHING that MUELLER could find which Might Incriminating President Trump! NOT A THING!! May be we should investigating Mueller ~~ Often we are the mirror of our Accuser(s)!

  4. Meuller is as crooked of a lawyer? that ever lived, he has sent people to prison that he knew were innocent, and cost millions of dollars in payment to the families that he wronged, and he never was man enough to apologize !

  5. I said in previous posts that Mueller was several steps ahead of Trump, and was playing chess, while Trump and his people were playing checkers. New, from Fox News: Judge Napolitano, on Fox News, reports that in Paul Manafort’s guilty plea, Robert Mueller also required Manafort to plead guilty to uncharged state crimes in New Jersey, Virginia and California to “make it pardon proof”.

    Robert Mueller is a genius, and Manafort appears to be screwed!

  6. And, From Fox news: Judge Napolitano, on Fox News, reports that in Paul Manafort’s guilty plea, Robert Mueller also required Manafort to plead guilty to uncharged state crimes in New Jersey, Virginia and California to “make it pardon proof”.

    Robert Mueller is a genius, and Manafort appears to be screwed!

  7. JD, I won’t lower myself to tell you what you really need to be told. Let me say, if you don’t stop writing comments to me, you will soon wish you had! You are such a digusting arrogant person I have no more time to deal with you.
    Y-O-U P-H-O-N-Y…….

  8. Yes, Ronnie, one thing we have learned in the last few days is HOW OFTEN Cohen has not only spent on the federal special counsel Russia probe, but how often he has testified for at least three state cases in New York, one on Trump Foundation scandal, one on state taxes and money handling and the third one is under seal.

    TRUMP, OR ANY PRESIDENT, CAN PARDON FOR STATE CRIMES. That means that Pence may pardon Trump after Trump is gone, but Trump will face numerous state cases and civil lawsuits.d

  9. Actually, Dan, many Democrats do not mind Trump beat Hillary — frankly, she was not liked by many Democrats. While you simplify everything to absurdity and make it all about 2016, most Democrats are totally celebrating the midterms of 2018 and are planning for the next election in 2020 since people have already announced for seats. Hillary is old news, the only ones who talk about her are Trumpers.

    I am learning to greatly appreciate Trump – – – he has done more to activate the Democrats and the young and females for the Democrats than anyone! Look at how much money was raised by Beto O’Rourke alone!

  10. Geez, M, if you cannot make a salient point, you just call people names — the logic of a middle schooler. Eric is (again) right, it is the house that decides whether to impeach. Can’t you admit that is correct point of civics?

    Second, I will add that people need to quit just personal attacks and better realize that Trump will be impeached by the House. He is unlikely to be removed, because that would take 2/3rds of the Senate. Now this failure to protect America by his lies about the Murder of Khashoggi is enough to impeach Trump right now!

  11. Good point, O Possum. There is so much hyperbole in this article to distort and frame Mueller, one of THE most respected people in DC, by both sides of the aisle, just because Trump’s followers do not wish to hear the truth about their leader. Trump admitted that when he said he could kills someone on 5th avenue in broad daylight and his (cult) followers would still support him.

  12. Dan, forget “Truth >hurts” etc TRUTH
    DO MORE than ‘hurt'<<< . Ahem, cough-cough,
    'Rules' TO BE 'Adjusted'. STAY STRONG.

  13. ps. POTUS relayed Major INFO re
    ‘playing Games’ re 1 mo ago.
    > WILL FIGHT ‘fire’ W/FIRE.
    Did you catch ‘that’ ???

  14. just remember, 0.poss. You GO DOWN as well
    As 0pp. Choose your ‘side’ Carefully.
    >Mueller HAS ALREADY ‘been busted’.
    > The Righteous IsWaiting FOR Appropriate ‘Time’.

  15. >Mueller WILL ‘have his Ugly DAY.
    POTUS ‘plays’ him etc 0UT.
    to POTUS.

  16. You’ve said it Roberto. Mueller and his gang of treasonous cowards should all be investigated. An “investigation” based on factual and proven lies has no merit any where in any an honorable and decent society. The whole muellers’ and democrats’ intent amounts to treason.

  17. Warning- this article contains fake news. It is not Robert Mueller’s job or responsibility to “impeach Trump”. Mueller job is to follow the evidence and report his findings to the American people. If there are grounds for impeachment, they will be brought up in House of Representatives, not by the Special Counsel.

  18. I agree..Cohen is a proven liar..Mueller is a hired assassin raking in millions of our tax dollars while running in circles!

  19. WOW! ALERT! BOMBSHELL! ALL HANDS ON DECK! So, summing up, Cohen “lied” to Congress about something that IT’S NOT ILLEGAL! Mueller is not as bright as the Democraps claim, and he must be really DESPERATE to get ANYTHING hat bears the name “Russia”. Pathetic. In a year and a half, with unlimited resources, a team of rabid Democrap anti-trumpers, and he has been able to indict only people for LYING (a “process crime”). Good luck trying to get a conviction from a jury based on a confessed liar. But Mueller has no option, he needs to push to try to “get” Trump for SOMETHING, and more important, keep the Deep State and Hillary Clinton safe. What a corrupt and despicable person. But we already knew that.

  20. The collusion with Russia was by Hillary, who as Sec. of State sold some 15% of US Uranium to Russia for a commission of some $$Us 215 Mio. to her Foundation.

    Why is Mueller not investigate this real collusion and of American Interests to the Russians??
    More telling, why is the US Justice Department not starting an investigation into this treasonous action by Hillary??

  21. Mueller and team need to STOP! We the people are fed up with the shenanigans they have perpetrated the last two years. We are tired of it and want it ended forthwith! They have come up with zero evidence of Trump collusion, but are ruining lives of witnesses by tricking them into modifying their stories so they can then charge them with perjury. The only impeaching that needs to take place is of Mueller for his un-American traitorous actions!

  22. Mueller does not need last say. A man that has waste Americans taxpayer money. Cohen has proved who he is. Bury him under jail. Would you trust either of these 2 men?

  23. Your very correct here WM.this entire deal is dirty. I’m waiting for president Trump to call a time out and mount up the citizens and the militias and I’m betting 80% of the milatery and clean house.

  24. Remember, former President Barrach Obama said if you like your doctor, you can keep them in Obamacare, that was a lie, but like the others, democrats just mispeak. What hypocrisy really looks like.

  25. Cohen has lied so much and about everything he has told! He has changed his stories so many times I’ll bet he can’t keep them straight. How could a jury ever convict someone indicted based on something Cohen stated? He is definitely a flawed, tainted witness.

  26. Eric Granberg, I have never read a comment from a person more stupid than you. So buzz off and stop trying to bring conservatives down to your level, creep, excuse me, you stupid creep!

  27. Let’s see. Bill’s wife lied to congress, Holder lied to congress, Comey lied to congress, McCabe lied to congress, Lynch lied to congress, Brennan lied to congress and the list goes on. Why have they not been charged? Why are they still walking around doing everything they can think of to bring down the duly elected President? When will we see justice? As soon as the Democrats take control of the house, all of the documents that show the collusion and corruption in the democrat party will disappear. I’m sure they will be taking a page from Bill’s wife’s playbook.

  28. Muller has nothing,We all know that there was nothing from the get go, it was a fabrication made up by the Democrats and spread by the bias media, and now after two years they have stopped with the collusion crap and are now looking for anything that they can get Trump on!!! They have used intimidation tactics, threats, and you name it just to get people to even lie!!! It is outrageous what this scumbag Mueller is getting away with and it is so plain to see why!!! There is a lot of heads that will roll if the truth comes out and all the Democrats know it and it there heads on the line!!! You can’t ignore the comment that Hillary said for if she goes down a lot of other heads are going down with her!!! That comment alone explains the reason for all this crap of collusion!!!! The only collusion and conspiracy that was done is by the Democrats and with a lot of help from the FBI and the president Obama!!! I can tell you all this is going to all come out when Trump get an investigation team put on this and they will do everything that they can too prove it , and you can bet it won’t take two years to get the truth!!! And all those that Mueller gave immunity to will get prosecuted for we are not that stupid we can see that Mueller went all out to protect all these people from prosecution!!!

  29. So he lied about a crime which was never committed and was a business affair which was none of Congress’s business and now he must be punished for it? Maybe the same as a reprimand for jay-walking?

  30. This is ludicrous. Mueller is not responsible for impeaching anybody. That would be the House. Are conservatives just stupid? And yes I am being rhetorical. Of course they are.

  31. Mueller is a partisan hack and this whole thing is a conflict of interest for him and his partisan mongrel of democratic DOJ lawyers

  32. once a lair always a liar and Cohen fits the bill– and of course Mueller jumped on the lair’s wagon for another reason to take more money from us– Mueller needs to be stopped NOW

  33. This Mueller guy is not much different than his buddy Comey. With just taking a good look at this (definitely not)”honorable” subject .. any a good judge of ‘human character’ could easily tell that (mueller) he’s just as arrogant and as much a fraudulent “uppity” crook .. as most any who support the liberal progressives. Most decent people can tell that the mueller ‘investigation’ IS NOT looking for any truth so that he may deliver real justice .. for, if in fact, the finding of the truth about the “Russian collusion” was his real mission, by now he would have already called to testify, or have already indicted or, more likely sentenced and send to prison FOR LYING all of them known treasonous, lying crooks .. starting with crooked Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, and the rest of the well known rats .. like ‘crapper’ and others traitors who ‘served’ in top-most positions during the 8 years the worst known of US Administrations. Clearly .. there’s no honor in what this coward Mueller’s been doing. Enough with the stealing of taxpayers’ money just so that the cartel of liberal progressive cheats can get their revenge and continue on living like parasites that they are .. at our expense. Two years with nothing to show for, for what should be directly related to the main reason for what this so called “investigation” was started. The ‘with hunt’ should end asap. It is time to get serious about draining the DC swamp

  34. Cohen is negotiating for a better judgement…a pardon is certain…just tell the truth. Trump can pardon at will…anyone being investigated by MUELLER.

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