Michael Flynn just broke his three years of silence with a bombshell the Deep State fears

General Michael Flynn is an American hero.

But for the “crime” of working for President Trump the Deep State has tried to destroy his life.

And he just broke his three years of silence with a bombshell the Deep State fears.

For more than thirty-three years Gen. Michael Flynn served in the U.S. Army.

He was in some of the highest positions possible, and worked to the best of his ability to keep Americans everywhere safe.

His service was highly respected across the aisle, with him even twice being appointed by former President Barack Obama to positions that required a Senate confirmation, including as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

In those positions, he was also a life-long Democrat.

But all of that changed when he became a vocal supporter of President Trump, eventually serving on his transition team.

While serving on his transition team, the FBI zeroed on him, and eventually got him to plead guilty to a charge of lying to the FBI.

His charges stem from communications he had with a Russian ambassador.

These sort of communications are far from unordinary for someone in his position on a President’s transition team, but in the madness surrounding fake claims of Russia collusion, it was blown out of proportion.

But now, in a statement Flynn posted on his Twitter page, which was his first post in three years, he denies the charges he was convicted of, withdrawing his guilty plea and damning the Deep State actors who convinced him he did something wrong in the first place.

In the statement, he alleges that the Department of Justice withheld exculpatory information, and even alleges that he was “set up by corrupt agents” who threatened his son.

It is alleged that Flynn was warned that if he refused to plead guilty, prosecutors would charge his son with a felony for failing to register with the Department of Justice as a foreign agent.

Flynn’s statement shines a light on just how corrupt the Deep State is.

Following this, Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett stated that Flynn shouldn’t just be exonerated fully, but that he should sue his prosecutors.

“I think Flynn should be allowed to withdraw his plea. The DOJ should dismiss the charges and Flynn should sue his persecutors who were posing at prosecutors. And, the DOJ should also look at potential obstruction of justice by the government officials who breached their duty of trust to uphold the law and instead abused their power to prosecute an innocent man,” he said.

Should Flynn sue his Deep State prosecutors?

Share your thoughts with Renewed Right in the comments below.


  1. All the deep state actors should be lined up in front of a firing squad ! I volunteer to be a member of that squad !!! I promise I won’t missANZy of them !!!

  2. The noose is tightening around the necks of the traitors and corrupt Deep State, elected government Officials up to and including ex-President Obama, and appointed officials in the government. The list of thugs involved has ballooned to incorporate the majority of Obama’s cabinet, ambassadors, non-cabinet agency heads, most if not all of his advisors. The gallows must be built for multiple hangings at a time in order not to delay justice any longer. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” This one of those times.

  3. We must follow this investigation all the way through(even to the top of the government). It is the democrats who are always saying “what did they know and when did they know it”. So let’s find out once and for all what the white house of Obama/Biden knew. This could shake the very foundation of our country but we need to know so we can restore our faith in the greatest country in the world. Thahnk you Donald Trump for being our president at this time of need!

  4. Flyn should his persecutors but more important is the DOJ needs to radically cleans the corrupted FBI. We no longer consider them to be an asset to rule of law. They have becomed corrupted to extent they are an organized crime organization, rogue and above over sight.

  5. not only general flynn should be excoriated, but he should also be the commander of the firing squad to kill all these deep staters beginning the exususper blackyOB and his gay partner michael the moos, the 19 demorat lawyers, muellah, pete and his lover, susan rice, jarrett, all 229 demorat representatives participated in the impeachment hoax, lastly, the exFBI comey, and Chris Wray asap before november 2020 election.

  6. Both the FBI “leadership”and the gestapo agents personally involved anywhere along the chain in the FBI, DoJ or in Black robes should be executed.

  7. Everyone in this country is innocent until proven guilty or pleads guilty. All the fake patriots should wait for evidence to be presented and not take the word of what you call “FAKE NEWS”

  8. Absolutely he should sue them, he lost 3 years of his life plus his reputation and the fact that his son was threatened, is unthinkable.

  9. Now listen up all of communist liberals , Judgement Day is up on your door steps and HELL’S Gate is where your all going . The Old Devil Himself is standing at the ready , with his Razor Sharp Pitchfork in hand , for when you Heathens arrive at hells gate , he’ll be RAMMING his red hot pitchfork into your rear ends , tossing your butts into hells firey inferno ,turning all of you communist LIBERAL’S into Crispy Critters . You deserve that and more , for sins against God , Country and We The People of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA . ITS COMING YOU BUNCH OF IDOITS , YOU’D BEST GET YOUR ASSES READY FOR THE OLD GRIM REAPER , IS GOING TO BE COMING KNOCKING AT YOUR SOUL’S DOOR , WITH YOUR ONE-WAY TICKET STRAIT DOWN TO HELL’S KICTCHEN , RIGHT WHERE YOU BELONG . BURN BABY BURN !!

  10. on a recent talk show, a former federal prosecutor, Trey Gowdy, when asked by the host if the FBI committed any crimes when they set-up General Flynn, he said: “no, he didn’t know of any laws that they broke”. I’m not a lawyer but I bet there are lawyers that would say, “there were several laws broken’.


  12. We need to send a very strong message to traitors like Comey, Strock and Page for starters. The general should sue them for huge bucks after he is exonerated. And the three dirty cops shouls all go to jail and that is just for starters. Brennan, Clapper, Schiff, Pelosi will be next and all fingers point to the dirtiest excuse for a president in history……..Obama.


  14. Justice can be slow but it is coming. We may have several defending themselves in a military tribunal. I am sure they have room at GITMO.

  15. PRISON is to good for these TREASONOUS IDIOTS. Putting them in prison means we have to honor them. With food and shelter. A CREMATORIUM SHOULD

  16. As a person who has served this country it does my heart good to see General Flynn at the end of an ordeal that should never have happened in the first place. This man has served his country at the highest levels in our military with nothing but HONOR AND INTEGRITY and I would follow this man to the ends of the world. Gen Flynn please accept our most sincerest apologies for the coup that DEMOCRATS, FBI. CIA and the Justice Dept tried to pull on this country…People need to be held accountable and tried for Treason..

  17. General Flynn should sue his prosecutors, James Comey, all the FBI on the 7th floor and Christopher Wray for their wrong doing to include the financial losses sustained by General Flynn. The actions by these “yard birds” are abhorent, un-American and detestable. There is no place in America for them except in prison!!!

  18. General Flynn should sue his cheating, low class accusers for every dime they have. Then he should watch them go to prison. Then President Trump should appoint him as head of the FBI. Sweet Justice.

  19. General Flynn should sue these Communist bastards for every dime he can get. I would like to see every last one of those POS deep state Communist operatives tried for treason and given a life jail sentence.

  20. Why waste time suing people who will NEVER pay a SINGLE CENT out of their OWN pockets!! Pressing CRIMINAL CHARGES against ALL OF THEM is the ONLY way to put the “fear of God” into ANY of them, INCLUDING George Soros and his “merry band” of financial terrorists!!!

  21. General Flynn should sue the crap out of everyone involved in his set up. Including the high ranking Government officials behind this huge betrayal and abuse of power against this man, it is shameful at best.

  22. IN the game of chess that we call “election year”, we need to look several moves ahead and be careful. Pres Trump is wisely allowing Gen Flynn to make his own decision, and effect his own strategy during an election year. Flynn’s revelation will give moves to the Trump campaign that can help Trump. But if Trump got involved now, it would allow the Dems to use Flynn as a “liar” trying to support Trump, and those citizens who believe in the Democratic party would be further brain-washed as to what a terrible person Trump is, and it would backfire on him at election time. If Trump can win another term, then he will have a free wheel to “drain the swamp” the way he sees it needs to be done, because all the Dems could do is look for another reason to “impeach” him; but after their first fiasco, the public will be looking more carefully at that attempt, and many of the Dems in office may find themselves out of office, like Ocasa likely will be. Notice how quiet she has gotten since Bernie dropped out? Well, let’s not be fooled into thinking that her support system isn’t looking for ways to get what they want, with or without her. Her support group that plans her strategies, speeches, etc are well imbeded in the Deep State. So let’s keep an eye on unintended consequences of each move made by everyone in this chess game, and never forget that we, the people, are not playing the game, but are being played by the game. We are their chess pieces only.

  23. First of all, they are all guilty of abuse of power. The FBI found nothing wrong and was dropping the case. However, two of Obama’s cronies decided to re open the case and charge General Flynn. They even blackmailed General Flynn by stated that they would have his son arrested for failure to register as a foreign agent, if he did not do as requested. Recently, the documents were located that showed that the case was being dropped and that General Flynn was innocent of any wrong doing. The reason that they went after General Flynn is that they wanted him fired and they wanted him to lie about President Trump. Flynn should sue all those involved including Obama who probably was behind it. Not only should they be sued, they should be arrested and tried for their illegal actions including Obama.

  24. Someone needs to make a run on the money behind all this BS, repay what can be repaid to General Flynn and put the rest of these people in line for a firing squad.
    America is being Attacked by Domestic and Foreign Insanity. It must stop and may end up being by True American People taking to the streets and trees…
    Trump 2020!!! Give me Liberty or give me Death…protect from all enemies, foreign and domestic…

  25. There was a time that I had unbending faith in the FBI and those who defend the Constitution of the United States. However, in the past five decades of my life I have witnessed the most corrupt, lying, deceitful organization of those who are to protect the American people slide down into the pits of hell and no one is doing anything about it. I am also disappointed in those who make their careers as lawyers, because they are more so corrupt as those politicians who have made a career in politics. Think about it for a moment. Who wins in all these law suits? Lawyers. Then think about this. Everyone who has made a career in Congress have become multi-millionaires and they have done this by voting for their own salaries. There is right and wrong and no in the middle. Lawyers manipulate the law to their agenda and how many lawyers are in Congress? I was always told that a conflict of interest was not acceptable. Why then, is it allowed within the Congress of these United States?

  26. I am anxiously awaiting Comey’s public hanging! I’m betting he could do a hell of a good Mussolini two step upside down from a lamp post.

  27. what’s the point of the investigation that took a long time and30 millions of dollars of the taxpayer money, if the justs department cares about the traitor’s rights, more than the victims. if there is no punishment for all the traitors in this big crime in the history of Amerca, folks! our justs turn to be a joke

  28. The people who were complicit in the political effort to set up Mike Flynn need to be held accountable both economically and criminally. There should be no politics in the FBI or the courts. There should be no communist influence in either political party.

  29. The deep state back stabbing idoits , are in need OF severe punishment , as in Being Hung by there Necks till dead . Lt General Flynn , will get his payback against these commie TRAITORS . Stand Fast America , the communist Libbys are not taking over our great country , the USA . Not on our watch there not , that’s a fact !

  30. Yes he should sue and for a huge amount! He needs to be reimbursed for every penny this charge has cost him! Then he should sue for every single thing he has gone through… emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and same for his family! How do these people even look in a mirror? Thoroughly disgusting acts by people who sure wouldn’t want it done to them!

  31. @KEN
    Trump is not FAILING to take action.
    Trump is allowing a chance for the Judge and others to correct their mistake.
    But he will take action when given the chance the judge fails to correct the mistake.

  32. All criminals of the Deep State who have turned the life of military general Michael Flynn into hell should be in prison, if in our country there are still some kind of justice.

  33. Craig Michael Vandertie, I have to agree about President Trump needing to take action – and that he should have defended Flynn long ago. Now, when he has been using Executive Orders to get a lot of things done, he hesitates to pardon Flynn, since now it appears that won’t be necessary. So much of what we’re being reminded of in the last couple days has been known since the beginning. The FBI who interrogated Flynn said they didn’t think he was lying, but that all changed soon after. Strok told agents if they hadn’t closed the book on Flynn, to keep it open. They could smell blood on the water. Problem is VP Pence had to explain that Flynn was fired for lying to him. I’m still not sure about what- unless Pence believed some of the lies told about Flynn.

    julio richard laredo, Flynn pled guilty of lying to the FBI, to protect his threatened son (whose wife had just had a baby). He is now trying to have his confession, and that charge, erased. The court is working on it. Being exonerated is better than a pardon – but Flynn still needs to sue a lot of people to get at least some of his life back. I’m sure there are many conservative lawyers who will be happy to represent him, even pro bono, to do so.


  35. This is the greatest thing to happen to this Great General. I can only thank him for his service with hopes these Agents that caused all of these problems are brought to justice.

  36. Along with the prosecutors what about the judge that saw all this unfolding who has refused so far to grant General Flynn a new trial as to date. This judge has seen how corrupt all this is and has done nothing to stop it. This judge should be disbarred.

  37. Yes, Micheal Flynn General Flynn ougt to sue then have all DOJ/ FBI people whom were involved in this scheme brought up on all treason charges & put in jail for no less than 25 years prision time. Including the following James Comey, Andy McCabe, Strozk, Page, Rosenstein, Rod, Bill Prestapp, Wrey, Barrack Obama, ex-president of the US, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Eric Holder, Robert Mueller, Andrew Weisman, the whole Mueller team of lawyers, DOJ, FBI, CIA, National Security, State Department high ranking officals, etc.

  38. John,

    It’s a hard choice to make. If we cannot do a Donnie Donowitz dance on their skulls, I would love for Commie and company to wake up every morning hearing a big ol’ cell mate asking, “Does you wants to be da husband, or does you wants to be da wife?”

  39. If they can do THIS to a 33yr Hero THREE Star General~~what chance does a “regular” person have. He lost his job, home, he’s broke and his DIGNITY/INTEGRITY were trashed by the Government he served and the MEDIA WHO LIED ABOUT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The TRUE REASON: He was one of the few, in the beginning, that KNEW his way around Washington and THEY had to get rid of HIM First!!!

  40. I want perps charged and jail time. I do not care if you are FBI or prosecution team, you will pay for this treason.

  41. Mr. 75th,

    Why hang them? I’d much prefer to have a group of patriots perform a remake of the scene from Inglorious Bastards where Donnie Donowitz and plays baseball with Commie, butt Fvck Stroch, and Weasel dick Adonis McCabe’s heads. I’d buy tickets to watch that. A million times!

  42. All this makes me wonder who was really in charge of the “Mueller Investigation”? The Mueller we saw in Congress could not have been in charge of a bake sale, so who was actually running the show? Comey? McCabe? Rosensetien? Strozk? Who was in charge of this tainted witch hunt? Because who ever it was should be prosecuted for everything that they can be!And Flynn should be compensated for more than what he lost. He should get to work in President Trump’s second administration because he would be awesome in whatever job he takes!

  43. He will get restitution ( a law that provides the recoup of all money lost plus , anything else he feels appropriate).

  44. We’ll hang Gene Ryan and show it on 60 Minutes. Comey is going to be right next to him. It will make a better broadcast…

  45. The man needs hung for treason and is a two faced spy for pututin. He also lied to the FBI representing trump. Hang him.

  46. He should sue everyone involved in this rotten coverup. And I hope he gets every damn dollar that Comey made from his dirty lying books . Flynn had to file bankruptcy because of these dirty cops and he deserves justice and an exoneration.I hope that Hillary gets what’s coming to her also.

  47. This was a travesty of justice. Never again can America trust the FBI nor the FISA court. Corrupted from top down.

  48. Michael Flynn really is a hero. But he made the mistake of working for the Oblabber Administration and for that, because he knew where ALL the bodies were buried, he had to be gotten out of the way. I hope he prosecutes every last one of these TRAITORS to the nth degree possible-including, but not limited to, BH Oblabber.

  49. And it all starts with SCOTUS and interpretations of law that steal from the citizens as in the Eminent domain issue- Kelo Vs City of New London. Now private organizations get to steal your property for pennies on the dollar. Not to forget the ” The police have no constitutional responsibility to protect you” decision in Castle Rock v. Gonzales, No. 04-278- Yep NOW you know why there is a Second Amendment and to add to more “let’s crap on the people” from SCOTUS don’t forget the Civil Forfetiure debacle now plaguing the land in when it was changed to “preponderance of evidence” instead of actually having evidence. The cops have stolen BILLIOINS of DOLLARS with this one and they keep doing it and while doing it charge some people for crimes that they did not committ and the DA know’s tehy did not committ. There is hope in the “Timbs vs. Indiana ruling recently. and finally the coupe de egra- the ability to use Qualified immunity as set forth in the case of Harlow v. Fitzgerald, and now we have mnass shootings of the populace where the “protectors” get of scott free- see “Daniel Shaver murder by Philip Brailsford, of Mesa Police. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/mesa-police-shooting-daniel-shaver-seen-crawling-begging-in-disturbing-video/ So yes it is SCOTUS that has allowed the Law of the land to be turned on its head and the police now are the crime bosses of RICO and they do it well with the courts in their pockets and they get to maime and murder across the land with impunity as they are protected where as you, the United States citizen is seen as not worth the trouble of having Constitutional rights as prescribed by the Founding Fathers. Until the scale is set to balance once again we WILL have ANIMAL FARM and “Some are more equal than others.”.. This has been going on a long while but it is now to the fore of the American public. “Ahhh, I LOVE the smell of Naplm in the morning Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore (Robert Duvall) APOCALYPSE NOW. and then “Cease transmission”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gn5kuDdeGzs The TrUMAN SHOW

  50. THE SCUMM of the EARTH have done so much DAMAGE to OUR GREAT U.S.A.!!! MOSTLY since 2016 ,but many years ago in the making up to present time!!! It’s way past DUE TIME for all these DEMO–C–RATS to COLLECT THEIR DESERVING “DUES” & see if they like doing “unto others ” when its themselves that” GET DONE TO” !!!

  51. Yes, Exonerate Flynn and sue all those involved.
    Everyone needs to check out Christopher Wray, another DIRTY COP.
    Check into the Manafort mess, how can 2 men be involved in the same mess… Manafort and John Podesta’s brother. Podesta’s brother gets protected to testify against Monifort.
    What kind of S..t is that?

  52. I would say no because their judgement by God shouldn’t be made less by actions against them here, unless Gen. Flynn wants otherwise!

  53. Trump should hire Gen’l Flynn and out him in charge of a task force to decontaminate the Deep State . Provide him with a staff of investigators and lawyers. He also should be permitted to sue the prosecutors and investigators and the FBI lawyers supporting them, who targeted, entrapped and prosecuted him, as well as their superiors, including but not limited to McCabe, Comey, Baker, Brennan and Clapper.

    The offenders also should have any government pensions they are vested in terminated. They should be disbarred, prosecuted and imprisoned for obstruction of justice, conspiracy, abuse of prosecutorial discretion, and perjury for lying to the court!

  54. Yes, he should sue each one individually so that he can recoup all that has been taken from him fiscally. His reputation and humiliation need to be compensated for immediately.

  55. He should be exonerated!!! Sue the parties involved, for all his expenses and loss of pay. The persecutors should also be required to personally pay for their own defense and expenses, as Gen Flynn had to do. Time to put them in jail, for their corruption. What they did was despicable. They committed treason in my eyes, trying to get a president out of office for political reasons. Lies, Lies and Lies with the help of MSM.

  56. This is not about President Trump as such. Someone said DEMON CRATES. Please understand the first word. The number of people who “hate” our President could not have reached this point without help from someone or something. How many times in the past have the Democrats said openly they wished all of the Presidents supporters were dead? This is in my own opinion a true battle between Good and Evil. This has been escalating for several decades. When will it stop?


  58. General Flynn should sue the deep state and all those who took part in his prosecution, especially Strozk, Comey, Brennan etal. They should all lose everything like he did and they should go to jail or be shot for treason. Flynn would make a great new leader of the FBI. Dump that loser Wray.

  59. Gen Flynn should be set free. He should be provided with a house paid for by the Government and he should sue the government, every agency involved and very person involved. Everyone involved should get prison time. We need to make sure this does not happen again.

  60. To All Real Patriots,

    Yet, after all this and much more, good men and women, Patriots All, still serve and give their lives for this Nation. I pray he is restored with a National Open Apology. All The Rats in their collective Deep State Rat Holes should be prosecuted to the fullest extent and “Tried For Treason” before all the people of America…

    “BZ” General Michael Flynn


    Master Chief US Navy EOD/CB SCW Retired

  61. Lieutenant General Michael Flynn should receive 10 billion dollars from the federal government. He should also get 20 minutes with everyone that falsely accused him and set him up in a empty room somewhere in a undisclosed location & be allowed to punish all these pukes anyway he sees fit for his restitution. This is crap that happens in third world countries with dictators and leaders of Mafia type countries. The people that did this to him should be prosecuted to the fullest and never see the light of day again, after the Lieutenant General gets his 20 minutes alone with them . This should be a extreme example to stop it from ever happening again in the USA!

  62. The FBI, CIA and DOJ commiecrats used General Flynn to make it look like Trump team were Russian puppets. These guys did not do this on their own volition. Who do you think ordered this to happen? Obuma, Biden, Hillary, F-ing Democrats! SO BAD FOR AMERICA!

  63. Those that did this to Gen. Flynn should be PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE and should be sued for ALL damages to him and his family and should be subjected to paying punitive damages as well, then they should go to prison for a LONG time.

  64. General Flynn…so sad you & your family had to go through this horrible hoax. I hope & pray you will sue EVERYONE involved….I hope you can recover your reputation, your home, and be reinstated with back pay as well as interest & personal security all paid personally by the very thugs that were involved. I’m so glad you fired your so called attorneys & got a REAL attorney that knew what she was doing! I pray the rest of your life is peaceful & make up for lost time with those you love & care for.


  66. I cannot believe that the hatred for POTUS is so great that there are those who will do anything to get to him, including ruin life after life. I am sure there is special place in hell for them. And may they rot there.

  67. General Michael Flynn is an American Hero, who was illegally coerced into a guilty plea for something he didn’t do. He should be fully exonerated, and then he should sue everyone involved! He and his family should be made whole, for everything he has lost, which was everything! Then the lying cheating prosecutors should be disbarred and sent to prison!

  68. The General should sue all involved barring none!!! Make them all second class citizens! At least until the left releases all convicts to vote for the DEMONcrates!!!

  69. If possible, send them to Jail. If not, Bankrupt the lot of them. Abuse of Power is NOT to be tolerated in this Republic.

  70. This Coup de’ etat has been ongoing since 1913 by international banking cabal. Great thinkers, writers, economists, Congress persons. religious persons and others have been trying to bring attention to this since that time. Finally we have someone in office who can and will do something about it! our duly elected and beloved POTUS, Donald John Trump

  71. He deserves every dime he can get and each horrible involved in his case sent to a dark hole. I can only pray God will restore all he lost plus a whole lot more.

  72. Crooks need to pay for their crimes. Financial penalties and prison!These crimes are an abomination of this country and immoral. They all should go to prison and perhaps their ilk will think twice about this behavior!

  73. Not only yes but he’ll yes. They all should be bankrupt like they did to him. All their money given to him. Some how he should get every penny back he had before then add a few zeros on the end of that. If these corrupt people aren’t brought to justice Barr has to know they’re will never be any faith what so ever in the justice system. That could lead to a very serious uprising.

  74. This is one for the history books.
    Gen. Flynn should be totally exonerated, all his expenses reimbursed, including the loss of his home, reinstated in the military with all back pay & benefits, bring charges against his tormentors and given a medal for his actions.
    Those traitorous sob’s should be charged, arrested tried & stripped of everything they owned & spend life at hard labor, no parole …ever, or firing squad.
    Then go after who the ring leader was. That one gets a public hanging.
    That is my opinion.
    Gen. Flynn… I am truly sorry this happened to you & your family.
    People… This should never have happened…certainly not in AMERICA!

  75. Can you think of a better man to head up the FBI? Who better to clean out the DEEP STATE.

    Are you listening President Trump?

  76. I want to see these commiecrats get cuffed & given some striped uniforms…Obama, Hilliary, Comey, Schiff, Strzok, Page, McCabe, etc. The Deep State.
    Unless this happens, many prosecutions… we will never bring honor back to the FBI, our justice system & our true democracy! Tic-Toc you lying rats!!!

  77. I think the FBI screwup and lied to make it work for them there is to much wrong doing in this country let get it to get her and get this country back on track and stop this crap and work together like that’s going to happen

  78. Absolutely YES!!! What the Deep State operatives did to this man who was operating to protect the country of this United States and it’s citizens – without a doubt, General Flynn in my opinion should pursue every aspect of the law to sue them for wrongful charges and incriminating slander!!

  79. He needs to be granted the ability to sue and recover from the actual people who participated and BANKRUPT THEM ALL. MAKE THEM LOSE THEIR HOMES to LEGAL FEES and NO TAXPAYER BAILOUT OF THESE CROOKS!

  80. Yeah and the Legislature Judges are mainly black women and Obama left overs that hate everything about our nation.

  81. I am most upset with and disappointed in Trump, still waiting on all those charges he promised against the enemies of the true patriots of this nation and that includes all those criminal and treasonous Activist/Legislating judges that prevent him from carrying out the will of the true patriots of this nation.

  82. Lying bastards in DOJ, FBI & our entire alphabet agencies, supervisors on up should be shot dead by our US Army Firing Squads!

  83. Every soldier knows he is fighting not only for his Liberty, but even more for the Liberty of the human race for all time to come. These vile domestic tyrants like Rice, Holder, Comey & Schiff have never served their country in any shape, way or fashion other than being traitors & part of the weaponized Muslims screwing of the United States.

  84. Not only sue all the evil deep state slimes, but also knock the crap out of each one of these pussies-S/F

  85. Add up all your legal expenses and everything you lost, house, pain & emotional suffering, etc. Sue everyone that was involved. I wish you the best & hope you can get your life back Gen. Flynn.

  86. DOJ should drop all charges against LTG Flynn. Based on the suppressed evidence, He should be exonerated. And, the people responsible for this travesty must be tried and imprisoned. This should include the lawyers at Covington who aided in this outrage.

  87. He should sue til e recovery all his lost. We know who the ring leader was. Hillary and Obama! FBI leader shall face a firing squad. DOJ shall face a firing squad. None of this would happen if we didn’t elect Obama! Democrat has been trying to DESTORY AMERICA every time a republican get elect president. When everything point at them!

  88. “As ye sow so shall ye reap!” We all must live in Truth with Love for all that is Good! Those Three WORDS RULE every life! When living oppose anyone of the THREE, trouble will pays its visit in the FULNESS OF TIME!!

  89. The only way the FBI and DOJ will be able to re-establish trust with the American people is for these criminals involved in the Deep State attempted coup be brought to justice by imprisonment for life or for some execution for their treason. Anyone can make an “honest” mistake in judgement, but these traitors planned to ruin people’s lives as well as take over the government. Execution method could be hanging, firing squad, or lethal injection. If it was up to me right now, I would vote for the guillotine.

  90. Yes let’s hope Flynn gives it to the deep state. And yes he should go after them for sure. The disgraceful lies and all the crap they use to try and get anyone who supports Trump. Isn’t it amazing we finally get a President that loves America and the people he serves here and fights for our country and the demoncraps just can’t handle that our President is all about making America great again and the Democraps just hate that we the people have a president for us instead of lining the pockets of demoncraps.

  91. This kind of prosecutorial malfeasance is occuring at all levels of government. Prosecutors want that conviction whether legitimate or not. The higher their conviction rate, the better posturing they have for higher positions, more money and a stronger professional reputation.
    They don’t care about justice as long as they get a notch carved into their gun grip!

  92. The DOJ and FBI must be held accountable for their prosecutorial malpractice. The Feds, even before Obama, was always worrying about their conviction rates even if they invented the crime. That’s where the abuse of the “process” crimes come in. Essentially it’s where if there wasn’t an investigation, there’d be no crime.

  93. Every deep state operative in the FBI that worked to trap an innocent man in perjury should be put behind bars and have their private estates seized to pay back Flynn all the money he lost.

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