Michael Flynn just broke his three years of silence with a bombshell the Deep State fears

General Michael Flynn is an American hero.

But for the “crime” of working for President Trump the Deep State has tried to destroy his life.

And he just broke his three years of silence with a bombshell the Deep State fears.

For more than thirty-three years Gen. Michael Flynn served in the U.S. Army.

He was in some of the highest positions possible, and worked to the best of his ability to keep Americans everywhere safe.

His service was highly respected across the aisle, with him even twice being appointed by former President Barack Obama to positions that required a Senate confirmation, including as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

In those positions, he was also a life-long Democrat.

But all of that changed when he became a vocal supporter of President Trump, eventually serving on his transition team.

While serving on his transition team, the FBI zeroed on him, and eventually got him to plead guilty to a charge of lying to the FBI.

His charges stem from communications he had with a Russian ambassador.

These sort of communications are far from unordinary for someone in his position on a President’s transition team, but in the madness surrounding fake claims of Russia collusion, it was blown out of proportion.

But now, in a statement Flynn posted on his Twitter page, which was his first post in three years, he denies the charges he was convicted of, withdrawing his guilty plea and damning the Deep State actors who convinced him he did something wrong in the first place.


In the statement, he alleges that the Department of Justice withheld exculpatory information, and even alleges that he was “set up by corrupt agents” who threatened his son.

It is alleged that Flynn was warned that if he refused to plead guilty, prosecutors would charge his son with a felony for failing to register with the Department of Justice as a foreign agent.

Flynn’s statement shines a light on just how corrupt the Deep State is.

Following this, Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett stated that Flynn shouldn’t just be exonerated fully, but that he should sue his prosecutors.

“I think Flynn should be allowed to withdraw his plea. The DOJ should dismiss the charges and Flynn should sue his persecutors who were posing at prosecutors. And, the DOJ should also look at potential obstruction of justice by the government officials who breached their duty of trust to uphold the law and instead abused their power to prosecute an innocent man,” he said.

Should Flynn sue his Deep State prosecutors?

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