Michelle Obama attacked Melania Trump with this jaw dropping comment

There is no love lost between the Obamas and the Trumps.

The American people elected Donald Trump to undo Barack Obama’s anti-American agenda.

But Michelle Obama escalated their conflict to an insane level with this jaw dropping attack on Melania Trump.

In an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America, Michelle Obama made Melania Trump out to be an ingrate.

She claimed Melania Trump never responded to her offer to help if the new First Lady ever felt she needed advice.

Obama wrote in her book that Laura Bush extended her the same offer.

Of course fake news reporter let Michelle Obama’s attack go unchallenged as Roberts never asked Obama if she reached out to Laura Bush.

CNN reports:

In her new memoir, “Becoming,” former first lady Michelle Obama writes a passage explaining how her predecessor, Laura Bush, had extended her help to Obama when she was an incoming first lady, telling her that if Obama needed help, she was “a phone call away.”

In turn, Obama writes she did the same for Melania Trump when it was her turn to occupy the role. Trump, however, has yet to take Obama up on the offer.

On Sunday, Obama was asked about the incident by ABC News’ Robin Roberts, “Has (Trump) reached out asked?”

“No,” said Obama. “No, she hasn’t.”

Melania Trump’s Communications Director Stephanie Grisham shut down Michelle Obama’s horrible attack on the First Lady in a statement to CNN.

The New York Post reports:

“Mrs. Trump is a strong and independent woman who has been navigating her role as First Lady in her own way,” the statement said. “When she needs advice on any issue, she seeks it from her professional team within the White House.”

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Please let me know how I can “unsubscribe”. I have no idea how I got on your list, since I had no intention of subscribing! My political views are in direct opposition to those upheld here! It seems to me that only the deaf, dumb & blind could be fans of our current president! I clearly don’t fit that mould, since I have a Ph.D.!! –From Princeton U.

    • Well just ignore it as we do you. As your Ph.D as Michael’s. PHony Di** right? Do you see how jealous they act of our President and First lady? She and her husband. Above all that the crimes are stopping.People are shaking in their pants now. Michael and husband have nothing to be scare of right? Then they need to stop all the stupid crap.

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    • Princeton, so you think that a PhD makes you more intelligent and superior than the rest? I see you lack the most important sense.. Common!

    • So what does that make you another presidential runner or just a disgruntled anti- trumper or maybe just a snot dont keep that nose up too high you might get a nose bleed.

    • You obviously have your opinions. That’s why America is GREAT. We as Independents and Conservatives have no wish to bully or berate your beliefs; It is an overwhelming sadness and concern that the LEFT doesn’t share the same values and respect for our Constitution and BILL OF RIGHTS.

    • Congratulations on your Phd, sir. Have you given God the credit for helping you every step of the way? Hopefully, you will use that degree for His glory.

    • Ph D? Did you mean Bs D? Bull shit demonrat? Woman, we do not care because you think you are above others? NOOO! You are nothing! lower than an elementary graduate. Look at yourself in the mirror and start worrying the horns coming out of your head.

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  2. What her name? Michelle or Micheal, always a mad ape look to her mouth and face and like what the hell would she know about anything! Abused every priviledge there was in the white house and moved half there low life family in w.h. had to be exterminated after they left! 25 servants to cater to her dumb ass! The rest of first ladys had 4! What possible need for anything would Melania need from her/him on anything ever! Unless she wanted to scrub floors or something! Melania is way to smart for her and if she needed advice she would ask a professional in white house! Cant believe the erogant ass attitude from Barack and Michelle like they were somebody! Obama thinking he paved the way for Trump!! What a joke! Obama did nothing but tear this country apart and brain wash people! Made this country weak! Never should have been voted in as president! Thanks to all you who bought his bullshit who voted him in twice!! Goes to show you what can’t run this country! Thank you electoral collage for seeing what a criminal Hillary was and helping get Trump in!! Thank you so much! Were forever in your debt!


    • Agree that FLOTUS Melania is doing an excellent job without any advice from Michael or Michele. According to Field McConnell he has seen proof that whatever name she goes by, she still has male genitalia. Have seen a few pictures/videos on line that lends credence to his statement.

  3. Poor baby, her feelings are hurt that Melania didn’t “reach out to her”. Who does she think she is, the Queen of the White House? Melania has more intelligence in her little finger than that witch, and she certainly doesn’t need any input from her.

  4. Apparently she never took Mrs. Bush up on her offer and Melania is Proud to be an American even B/4 she became 1st Lady to which she needs Nothing Michaelle can offer other than how to Stumble around and look clumsy !

    • Who cares what she(?) has to say about anyone or anything – the press is attempting to make this person look intelligent – won’t work!! The only thing that I see this person is good at is the amount of money spent during their (both) time in White House – OH – that was our money!!!!!! Other than that both are useless and should be forgotten as the worst people ever in the White House AGAIN WHI THE HELL CARES WHAT THIS PERSON SAYS!!!!

    • I wouldn’t reach out to Michelle either. She thinks a lot of herself. Melania can run circles around Obama in the intelligence dept.To me, Melania shows how smart she is by not going to Michelle.


  6. What a crock. Michele Obama did NOT “attack” Melania. She made a simple declarative statement “No, she did not”. There was nothing personal about that- just recounting the facts. Just another example of the right wing echo chamber thriving on polarization.

  7. Melania hasn’t reached out to her because she’s got this. She’s doing great and doesn’t need any advice especially from Michelle!

  8. Thank God Melania has not reached out for ANY help from MO! That’s all we need for Melania to use any suggestions from her yikes thankfully we got rid of her .

  9. If she hasn’t called you, guess what? She doesn’t need your advice. Just go away. You lost everybody’s respect when you stated that you were not proud to say that you were an American.

  10. ╔══╗───────╔════╗─╔╗──────╔╗╔╗╔╗
    ──────╚══╝──────────WE ALL KNOW

    • Why would a REAL woman ( Melania Trump) want advice from a transgender Micheal LaVern Robinson aka Michelle obama ? It ( Michelle Obama/ Michael LaVern Robinson ) doesn’t know weather they/it is a man or a woman ! I’m going to take advice from someone who does not know what SEX THEY ARE ? NOT!

      • Moochie ! Baby ! You gots to be kidding, Sweet Darlin’. Why would a truly beautiful woman who speaks a multitude of languages,need advice from another woman who speaks only three. English (kinda) Geechee (for sure) and Profane ?

      • Charles, that’s exactly right! This fake “spouse” Michael and their two borrowed daughters has the nerve to “advise” a REAL First Lady. Top this that our REAL First Lady is super educated, has charm, grace and finesse. There hasn’t been one First Lady in our country since the Kennedy’s that our WH was graced with such beauty. Back of Michael!

  11. Look here Michael. You are low class trash and will always be so. This book and the so called miscarriages, well if you did have one or two then I am Princess Grace………Why don’t you just go take it up the pooper and leave America alone. Don’t you think that you so called family has done enough damage to the fabric of this country and taken more money from the taxpayers than you should have. I think before you get any more 1 million dollar vacations from the tax paying public, that all of you should have DNA tests and that Barrack should either show a REAL birth certificate or concede that he was never qualified and repay all of the money that he stole….

    • To Phil; Amen, Amen and AMEN! This impostor “family” should stay out of the news and public life. They are an embarrassment as it is. Is it any wonder that Oblunder’s first words after he was elected were “only in America can this happen”. How blind everyone was/is…. They’ve mocked the integrity of our election process, the Presidency and our White House.

      • I read these replies about the Obama’s & wonder how uneducated you must be to suggest the things you are. Melania Trump is very nice I’m sure but she is no First Lady. She hasn’t a cause or a care in the world or in this administration. I assure you Barack Obama is an American and so is his wife and his two girls are just that their two girls. For gods sake grown up and stop speaking as if Donald and Melania Trump belong in the White House. They’ve made the American people look the fool. If it makes you feel better talk till you turn blue because I must admit is quite funny.

        • Dear Brenda, I know Obama’s brother, who lives in Framingham, Massachusetts. He states that Barack was born in Kenya, at an American Concilate,(sp) which is equaled to American soil, information regarding the birth was wired to Hawaii stating he was a child of an American mother and a Kenyan father. His mother was an American diplomat, thus Barack qualifies as an American. Michelle is crass, is not proud to be an American, dreaded living in the White House that slaves built, refuses to honor our flag.

  12. The Obammas, the two most divisive people in government. They used the Presidency as a joke. They proceeded to bring this country to the edge of doom. What advice can she give beside pardoning murderers. Why don’t they crawl back under the rock they slithered out from. Lowlife phonies! Classless people!

  13. Why would the real FLOTUS seek anything from
    the former “ghetto trash” and her traitorous, islamic sympathizing, mulatto
    ol man ? Then try and talk shite about the best POTUS and First Family EVER just to sell a ragg (book) !

  14. Why in the world would Melania even want to associate with Moochelle. Our First Lady Melania has more class and intelligence than Moochelle ever had. She didn’t love our country, took so many vacations on tax payers expense and doesn’t appreciate all that she does have. All the Obummer’s want is more power and money. They have done nothing but try and divide our county and set back races relations. Melania nor any real American would have the need to talk or ask the hateful Moochelle anything. Hey, Moochelle Melania she got it! Why don’t you just go away.

  15. Melania Trump doesn’t need advice from the woman who thought it appropriate to take two Boeing 747s to Barcelona to transport her “closest friends” on vacation. Michele Obama was always an ungrateful, grasping woman. Go away Mooch. You are yesterday’s news, even if someone is paying you and your husband tens of millions of dollars for services previously rendered. No doubt you will use the money to make your daughters even more vulgar and grasping than you and Barack.

  16. Do the Obama’s even know why Trump won? They were stiring a race war up in our country.They we’re disgraceing our flag and the men and woman that fought and died and still do for our country.Everything Obama did was anti-American. He did more for his Muslim buddy’s than he ever did for any American. He made millions of life long Democrats turn around and vote Republican. They think people are to stupid to see what they really are and that’s traders yo our country!

  17. Melania does not need any advice from this communist tranny. Who does she think she is constantly making derogatory remarks about Trump and his family. She needs to just disappear so we won’t have to look at her ugly face.

    • All the plastic surgery to try to make her look womanly did not work at all for her. He is still manly looking. Even the voice. She-he should disappear like a bad penny. Further who wants advice from a bigot?

    • Trump won because he orally gratifiedbputin on daily basis without Russia’s help and paying his whores to remain silent until after voting h sadly his followers are mindless cult followers

  18. Why would Melania want any advice from this communist tranny? Who does she think she is by putting the President and his family down? She needs to just go away so we will not have to look at her again.

    • Thank you Jacob. No class. Melania is a beautiful, unassuming, in the background First Lady unlike grotesque Michelle who never stayed out of the lime light. She even told children what to eat. Looking at her, she should have followed her own advice. She’s totally jealous of Melania and I do not know why. The press was all over the Obamas. All over the Trumps with negativity no matter what they do. Sick of the Obamas. Unlike past pres, and their families.Obamas can’t stay out of the lime light even staying in DC. SICK

    • The problem is that she’s jealous of Melania We finally have class and elegance back in the White House with Melania. The last time you saw this kind of elegance is with Jackie Kennedy. I’d wish Michael and her husband would just go away.

  19. The Obamas and all these other worthless pieces of shit democrats need to go the F away and admit there defeat do the country a huge favor and let Trump continue doing the great job he is doing God bless American and the Trump administration.

  20. You can see the bitter woman like Michelle Obama is a very bitter, ugly person just like her husband. NOW the FIRST LADY is the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN and she has SO MUCH CLASS compare the others. That is why they hate the FIRST LADY SO MUCH has nothing to do with anything they hate her because she is beautiful. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP and THE FIRST LADY! GOD BLESS USA!

  21. One Michelle Obmama is worth more than 5 hundred meliana trumps. At least, Michelle’s husband choice was a MAN, A REAL HUMAN, INSTEAD OF THE ORIGINAL BLOND ORANGUTAN!

    • Why would a CLASSY LADY like MELANIA seek ANYTHING from someone that could never be in her class? michelle has NEVER reached the level as LADY, and SURE NEVER kept the title classy! Her extravigance in her white house staff was totally exorbitant and she needed 5 times as many “assistants” to try to turn her into a lady than ANY OTHER FIRST LADY IN HISTORY! The BIG ZERO and family spent more taxpayer money on vacations than the previous 6 Presidential families! CHECK THE RECORDS! His “WORLDLY TRIPS AROUND THE GLOBE WERE AN EMBARRASSMENT AND EXTRAVAGENCE THAT HE ONLY USED TO SET HIS FALSE AGENDA! He is STILL traveling around like he is +1, and trying to break down PRESIDENT TRUMPs accomplishments, like the fool that he is!

    • Lady go get a life. Sounds like you are in the same class of people as Maxine Waters. I bet you did not complain as your stock portfolio went straight up. I bet you don’t bitch and complain when you fill up your gas guzzler. You must lead a miserable life. I feel sorry for your husband. I imagine he wants to put his boot through the door.

    • Hey betty! “Boop-Oop-a-Doop.” Or,in your case; Boop-Oop-a-Dope! You spelled Black wrong. It’s Black not Blond. There was only one three legged BLACK ORANGUTAN to ever stink up the WH. It was the one that was bending over for the commander and Chimp….

    • A huge “THANK YOU” for saying it clearly and right on the head ch!! Best comment ever describing exactly why Meliana would never want that tramp’s counsel — nor would the U.S. ever want Michael to run it!!

    • Really? You are going there?? Michael has as much “CLASS” as a hog in heat. She was the worst FLOTUS to ever hit our White House and she was there fraudulently! She has NO CLASS JUST A BIG ASS and that doesn’t make her FLOTUS NOR POTUS MATERIAL. THAT JUST MAKES HER A HOOKER WHERE SHE CAME FROM AND WHERE SHE BELONGS!

    • Oh you’re an expert on monkey’s now? 🐵 If P.T. is an orangutan, than Obama is a “Screeching Howler”, skinny, black and afraid of his shadow. Michael is just a larger assed Howler with a bigger mouth and less brains! Now that’s a better description.
      However, should an Orangutan and Howler ever meet, the Orangutan would tear the Howler apart, piece by piece and eat him/her for lunch!

    • You are talking Bathhouse Berry right? I never did get it straight as to which was the husband, Berry or Michael.Enlighten us. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

    • Michelle’s greatest skill is pumping iron. She uses man-weights in the gym while Barack uses sissy weights in the gym. Melania speaks several foreign languages and can speak to foreign leaders in their own language. Michelle speaks Ebonics. Melania is familiar with the arts. Michelle is unaware of Black artist’s accomplishments in classical music, such as Winton Marsalis. Michelle has insulted the President’s family on several occasions and then wonders why her advice is not sought. Melania simply replies that her staff gives the best advice available, which is true.

  22. Why in GOD’S name would she want advice from a AMERICA”’hate’r she told all AMERICAN’S she was ashamed to say she was a AMERICAN”’and went around the world saying so””’as her AMERICA”’hateing husband”” Malenia has more class in her little finger the Michelle has in her whole body””’ i’m so tired of the Obummer’s trying to stop TRUMP from makeing”AMERICA”great”’

  23. Whatever Michelle thinks is of no matter to anyone cause she can’t hold a candle to Melania. Michelle is jealous since nothing she did in the past eight years would Melania want to use. Melania has give parties for years and decorates head over hills better than Michelle and not at taxpayers expense. Michelle is trying to sell her book and she is going about talking bad about Melania to help herself. But I just bet her book will be a no sale and if that’s the case she and Obama should exit Washington it’s OVER for them. They do not have a place they are wanted in DC so they need to give up and find an island far far away. I feel we have the best First Lady and she does us proud.

  24. I do not care for the Obama’s but name calling, Really! When we insult each other with negative comments are we any better. I voted for President Trump and will again.

    • Agreed but it is amazing that Roberts never asked her if she reached out to Bush. So by her not asking she knew the answer and didn’t want to put Michelle in the position to lie. Another hypocritical Democrat who said when her husband was elected President this is the first time I am proud to be an American

    • Michaelle Obama is a threat to our Nation’s Sovereignty! Blog against her NOW before she gets any momentum to run for our Presidency in 2020! She would be the worst thing to happen to America — besides she has no class, but is just gutter trash!

  25. What a joke! Michelle’s job in the White House was to spend as much of our tax dollars as possible with her extravagant shopping trips and waste. She dressed like a frump and damn near got all the school kids to stop eating lunch! She accuses Melania of not asking for help or advice when she didn’t ask Bush either. That is two faced hypocrisy! She was a bight to America and insulted good manners and decorum everywhere she went. What a pig!

  26. What could be the purpose in attacking the First Lady? She wasn’t elected to an office and she has no power except persuasion. Obama’s meaningless attack says far more about her than it does about the First Lady.

    • Problem with the Obamas they still think they are in office. And they want Obama to be put back in office, they seem to forget you can only serve two terms thank God. They ought to do what most of the ex-president’s dif get a hobby. President Trump is doing a great job.

      • Well Mrs Obama even called herself “the forever First Lady”. Just shows you their mindset. Who would even care to read anything she wrote. And not only did she spend extravagantly, it was money we didn’t have because of the huge deficits Mr. Obama created for us. My, we are well rid of that pair.

  27. What in the world could the First Lady, with the class and intelligence that Malania has, learn from a third world America hating POS like Mike Obambam. The Obambams showed the world what kind of trash they were for 8 years, we don’t need either one of them advising anyone. They, with the help of Soros and Blumturd continue to undermine us/US to this day. Go away “N” and stay away.

  28. Keep talking Michelle, every time you open your silly mouth, your credibility takes a bigger dip! The rats haven’t figured it out yet, but they keep shooting themselves in the foot with every nonsensical claim!

  29. Michelle Obama is an antiAmerican, White-people hating, bitter RACIST..!! Smart, beautiful people don’t need her “help”…!! Go back to your man cave, Michelle..!! STFU…!!

  30. There is no reason for Melanie to talk
    to Michelle. Melanie has more class…
    more brains…more compassion than she
    will ever have.
    President Trump and the first lady are
    Americans and love this country…
    Michelle could teach her to be a two faced
    racist…how to steal money…how to be a
    traitor…but Melanie is smart enough to
    stay away from that.
    A true classy lady and I am proud that she
    is our first lady…..
    I am proud to have President Trump as my
    What is the latest thing the Dems have done
    to be proud of……Oh yes they are trying
    their best to STEAL the elections in Florida
    The same way they tried to steal the election from President Trump.
    They have Hillary down there trying to
    help them…..believe me…if they don’t
    find a way to steal it….Hillary will
    step in and heads will roll….LITERALLY.

    • This “ingrate” comment comes from a POS that said “I hated America until my husband was elected elected President.” (my take on this is that Soros [one way or another]baught him the election). Now, her crowd is trying to steal the Florida and Georgia elections. They are “miraculously” finding boxes of ballots in “rental cars” parked at the airport as well as ballots “misplaced” on shelves in lection headquarters and peoples cars. Football players don’t have this much padding! And the democrats are blatantly trying to pull this off without any shame or even trying to hide it. Now they are trying to get a Federal judge to re-write the election laws. Everyone knows what is going on. So WHEN IS SOMEONE, WITH ENONGH GUTS, GOING TO STEP IN A PUT A STOP TO IT?

  31. First Lady Melania Trump doesn’t need the like of Michelle Obama…!! Who in their right mind would ask Michelle Obama for her help with ANYTHING….! Michelle should go back into her man cave, manspace, manland, mantuary and STFU…!!

  32. Milania doesn’t need advice on how to get your mother paid by the government to babysit your own children or how to take on vacation,and have the government pay for , your complete posse. Most of all she doesn’t need advice on how it is living with a bisexual child molester like Bath House Barry.

  33. She is a joke, she claimed she was proud to be an American for the first time when her half black husband got elected and she made a statement at a flag ceremony “all this for a stinking flag”. I buried a lot of young Marines under that flag. She pays all of this money to look white and have her hair permed but if you look at old pictures you can see her true hair looks like a nappy Brillo pad, so if you hate America and white people so bad, why do you try to look white? Feel free to move to a different country at any time…

    • There is NOTHING Michelle Obama could teach Melania…so why would Melania reach out to her.

      Now Michelle could learn a lot from Melania…how to be gracious, how to be sincere …and how to keep a trim body to begin with.

    • Michelle, please, we have heard enough. We love Melania, she is the best that can be, no-body compares, she can’t be beat. She is beautiful, you are a no respectful nit-wit.

    • When you are as big a Cow as Michelle Obummer You would have to try to belittle Melania in a feeble attempt to make yourself look better

    • Agree with all of YOU who spoke before a fool!
      This Man/Woman who is from the root of those who have no understanding of what the word “SHAME” means! Where that that place might be! This he-she will faces his/her REALITY before God in the fullness of TIME! He-Mike/She -Michelle should best: ” REPENT and be saved!” As they claimed they are Christians! She did say that after O. was unworthily elected to the White House that she did not love America! For that STATEMENT alone, he/she PROVED that he/she is a Person of NO VALUE ~~ Substance! She is not an American! Every American was born with the LOVE for his/her country. Those who do not LOVE AMERICA have no Right to be HERE! LOVE TO SEE THEM MOVE BACK TO WHERE they were from! They are NON-Beings! They are moving bag of PROTOPLASM!

  34. We all know Roberts is a lezz,,and we also know that the Ali-Bama are pro gay,,We also know that Michelle is indeed “Big Mike” a transgender,,and those two children are both adopted plants.Michelle can not mis-carry a child because she/he has no female organs.If I didn’t know better I would think that Michelle/Big Mike was hitting on Roberts with those cut little smiles

  35. Melania Trump has FAR more class than Michelle. She is greater in all aspects. Melania is fluent in many languages where Michelle has a hard time speaking English.

  36. This country would be better off if the Obamas, the Soros, the Shumers, the Pelosi’s, the Schiffs (just to name a few) would leave this country!!!! However, back to the subject at hand…..if I was Mrs. Trump I would not have responded to Michelle Obama’s offer either. As far as I know it is not written in any etiquette book that that would be required. If Laura Bush offered her assistance, I would have accepted her offer any day over Michelle Obama. Laura Bush is a terrific, gracious lady the same way I see Mrs. Trump. Thank you, Mrs. Trump, for having the common sense to know which person has the better character!!

    • Dear Lulu, your grammar is incorrect. Your comment, “If I was ” is incorrect. It should read ” if I were” This is taught in elementary school. Spend more time working on your language skills.

  37. It makes no difference what this #@#$!! says, thinks, or does. She is what she is and it bothers her to know it. She is a positive hypocrite and would desert the African American race if she could, A REAL OREO.

  38. I think all should shut the hell up…Quit feeding the fire, who cares what was said , it doesn’t change anything, except feeding the fire, the sun shines where it shines, enough said, writers, reporters, trying to be noticed, truth doesn’t change… The American people could care less about this gossip, Get a life, then you won’t have to write about such trieval , who cares subjects…

    • Hey Phyllis…I must agree. No different than what FOX did with the Californais shooter…they refused to publicize his name. Why give her publicity she doesn’t deserve? And further more… who the hell cares what Michelle Obama thinks…I surely don’t…forget the Liberal media like Roberts who refuses to conduct a meaningful interview. Maybe she doesn’t know how. Or, maybe she’s forgotten what a reporter’s job is and how to do it.

        • The whole demoncratic party is racist, thug, bullies. African Americans have the nerve to say President Trump is racist & they vote religiously for this jim crow, kkk, welfare, free stuff party.

          They voted black not issues or platform. I know this issue is w/ a man/woman trying to give advice to a truly classy real 1st lady. But it relates to their racist agenda. Not all black people ok (the 5%) who did not vote for the Kenyan born fake America hater Barry. They really should go away. Has anyone noticed how Joan rivers 50th + surgery went awry😕after she said & I quote “we have the first gay President & tranny”?She is evil as is barrack HUSSEIN obama. The very name exacted fear in me.

  39. Michelle Obama is a vindictive, viscious B*TCH. She speaks with a forked tongue and LIES just like her SCUMBAG husband did for 8 years. So I DON’T GIVE A CRAP about anything she thinks or has to say. She had her 8 years and has nothing to show for it except HATE and DIVISION. GLAD TO SEE HER GO!!!

  40. Mrs. Trump has more class in her left toe than anyone in the media has in their whole body. I doubt that anyone who can converse in as many languages as she can needs a whole lot of help. MAGA RVN 68-69

  41. What would Michelle Obama have to offer Melania? How to be a Zero? Melania, without doubt knows Michelle O is a loser. makes me cringe just typing her name.

  42. She really is uncouth and divisive. Just a hater and a sore loser. I can’t stand her, but looking at our FLOTUS today, it’s a grand comparison of grace vs moo-chele’s lack of grace. Not only that, but today’s FLOTUS is so beautiful than the previous one, you know; the pig’s pet monkey! LOL I wish I could say I’m sorry for feeling this way, but I’m not. I’m so grateful for our POTUS and FLOTUS today. He might not have a filter and says some really “off the wall” stuff, but he’s talking to people like me!! I see his frustration in his remarks, AND then I see his actions! He’s the greatest POTUS in the past 2 decades!

  43. That just proves that Michelle is as dumb as a rock. Even twice as dumb for answering the question herself and leaving herself wide open for the obvious answer. The silence of our First Lady should give “Dumbama” a clue. If she’s trying to defame our First Lady it boomeranged on her. Why on GODS GREEN EARTH, would Melenia ask her advice or opinion on anything? Michelle wreaked the White House, the only taste she has is in her loud mouth and she dresses like a slut. So I ask you, what would the most Classy First Lady of The White House want to ask Dumbama?

    • I so much agree with your statement. Melania is so way above Michele, why should she go to her for advice. Michelle is as dumb as they come. Melania is as stunning, elegant, intellectual, sophisticated in every way possible, unlike Michelle she is the worst Former First Lady we ever had in this country.

  44. Michelle says she told Melania if she needed help to call so when she hasn’t called it’s evident Melania needs no help. Then again I wouldn’t take any help nor ask for any from someone like Michelle. She spent her time there griping about everything and everyone,when she went anywhere she complained about racism. This woman really is a bad example for all of us here as she is so argumentative,it’s hard to listen to her.

  45. So “What difference does it make?” if Melania did not ask for Michelle’s advice? Big deal which it is Not. This is really rather petty on Michelle’s part but then the Biased News Media could care less as they Love Any and All criticism of President Trump and his household. Considering Michelle’s terms as First Lady, whomever gave her advice, it did not stick.

  46. Michelle obumer is a big fat manly excuse for a first lady! She wore cheap clothes looking more like something from a muslim hood! She is a disgrace to the position of the first lady, because she’s no lady! She’s a disbarred fat loser who needs to be stopped with BS book offers! There just lies and the book was never written by them!
    If it was we would know where and how much money they stole from American Taxpayers! just like the clintons, America wants the obumer to just go back to Kenya! muslim rats!!

  47. Let’s see, she’s an immigrant married to a successful wealthy man, who has dealt with people of myriad backgrounds and probably had assistance from some Republican women, why would she need Michele?

  48. Michelle obozo is an anti America witch. She needs to shut up let real Americans run this country without input from her and her faux president. He almost tore this country apart.

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