Michelle Obama confessed one thing about Barack Obama that no one could believe

Michelle Obama continues to generate controversy and headlines.

The former First Lady let loose in a recent interview.

That’s when Michelle Obama confessed one thing about Barack Obama that no one could believe.

During her appearance at the Essence Festival, Michelle Obama made a startling confession.

She believes Barack Obama ruined the Presidency.

But this admission was filled with racist overtones.

Obama claimed that because Obama was so successful, the American people believed the job was easy because ‘a black guy could do it.’

Breitbart reports:

In a Saturday interview, former first lady Michelle Obama insisted that Americans now dismiss the U.S. presidency because a black man was recently in the office.

Speaking to TV host Gayle King during the 2019 Essence Festival at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Obama exclaimed that husband Barack made the presidency “look too easy,” Fox News reported.

“I guess it’s kind of like if the black guy can do it, anybody can do it — and that’s not true. It’s a hard job,” Michelle told the crowd.

This was a direct swipe at Donald Trump.

Like all liberals, Obama believes Trump is an incompetent buffoon.

And the former First Lady is rationalizing Trump’s Presidency as being the result of her husband doing such a good job that racist white people figured if a black President could succeed anyone could.

This is one of the ugliest and most racist remarks any American public figure – current or former – has ever made.

Do you agree with this attack on Donald Trump?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.



  1. Wow, I’d love to get some of those DRUGS Michy is on, sounds like great koolaid. She has to be on something to even think up that crap 💩. Obama divided this country and set back race relations a 💯 plus yrs. He had a chance to bring this country together but chose to rip it apart with his arrogant comments about our police. Thank god we only had two terms ofvthat disaster

  2. Proves my point that obama is, was the biggest racist, biggest reason there is division in this country. I never remember even talking racist stuff before he became president. After he became president that is all they ever talked about. Did i like him as president, no, did i respect the office of the President, yes. Did i respect him and treat him as a president, no. I thought he was the worst president in history! And the only thing that the pig faced mule ever brought to the whithouse was, vacations on the tax payor and free gowns. Terrible people.

  3. All the Obama’s did in my unesteemed opinion was give our Countries Moral Stance, God based Government and a whole lot of our Tax Dollars to our enemies and those wanting to do harm to U.S. and our allies. And spend more $ on vacations with an extremely large entarage on our dime. No Christmas at our White House, Muslim curtis, no visible U.S.FLAGS, shown when he was having a press confrontation, refused to Honor our Flag when it passed them. No Honor shown at the Unknown Soldiers Memorial, if he even showed up. And we’re the ones at fault? She’s definitely a RACIST!!! OH YEA, there’s no access to any of his records, what’s he afraid of, The Truth? He’s not even a legitimate citizen of Our United States according to the stuff I’ve seen. Both of his terms as POTUS should be negated and all his executive orders should be nullified!!


  4. I believe this does not say much for the former 1st Lady. I have never heard anyone say the President’s job must be easy because even a black man could do it. She’s absolutely incorrect in her analysis of the job, and of the people who do it. She’s being insulting to not only the sitting President but insulting in an off-hand kind of way to her husband. No matter who that person is, the job is going to be difficult, if for no other reason than you’re dealing with people who talk first and think secondly.

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  9. Obama was the worst president America has ever had, not to mention the most corrupt. He disgraced the office by lying about his citizenship, having a wife and children. Two men cannot have children. That’s right, Micheal & Barack paid the parents of these two girls and now they want them back. So many scandals coming to light however, the many acts of treason & sedition are so disgusting it’s hard to imagine. Child trafficking, child murders, child molestation, drinking the blood of children they tortured and then cutting them into pieces to eat. Puppets of Soros, Rothschild’s and Illuminatie they performed the hanis crimes against humanity. God will show the world his anger for their deeds when the Military Tribunal gets through with the both of them and all the others involved.

    • Angried deplorable I totally agree with your comments and discovery. I have seen more than a few damaging pictures, videos, documents and live feed that clearly shows Michelle is a man Micheal LaVanne Robinson. The fact that many believe Joan Rivers was murdered after revealing the truth about Micheal. People need to know the truth and soon God will reveal it all.

      • I agree Joan Rivers was murdered for saying Obama was our first GAY MUSLIM PRESIDENT & MICHELLE WAS OUR FIRST TRANNY LADY OF THE WHITE HOUSE. I heard more than a few times Obama refering to his wife as MICHAEL!!!!!


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      • Diane has the hots for Angela or Dan. I’m not sure which. Liberal idiots will swing either way. It’s evident she has a few screws loose Normal people don’t have liberal views. Only retarded commie assholes like Diane.

        • Jennifer, I have noticed all through this thread that our resident nut-case has never commented on the subject of this thread, only talking shit to every SANE person on here who can rationalize and think clearly. That’s typical for a brainwashed, head-up-their-ass obrokeback or killary supporter. And my guess is that Diane (if she IS a “she”) most likely has an IQ somewhere around 15 or 16.

  11. Michele, PLEASE don’t get me started on your ass_ole husband or is he the wife? People need to read the “Chronicles of Corruption” by Tom Fitton. This is a recap of the OBAMA disgrace!

  12. Darlene, you posted 7 words and made 3 mistakes in that simple post, I guess you are just another simple minded republitard!

  13. Diane:
    Your adoration of Bathhouse Barry would have more credibility if the records of his life were released from seal. Why does he not release them? Is he afraid that it will show he registered as a foreign student? That he stole or forged his draft card? That he was really not born in America? He is a Muslime not a Christian? etc.etc.etc. Until he does, and his records are clean of question, he will always be a suspected liar and the Manchurian candidate. His actions while President makes on wonder if he really loved America. It will take a very long time to undo the destructive economic, political and foreign policies he implemented. President Trump isn’t perfect, no President is, but he puts America first, where it should be..
    Lastly, your arguments lose their effectiveness when you rely on vulgar expletives to try to make your points. Clean that up and stick to verifiable facts.

    • Mr. King, if you care to go back to the previous posts made by myself and others on this site you will see who really started all the name calling and insults! Now, as for economic policies President Obama saved this country from financial ruin, post President Bush. The economy continues to do well today and it is because trump has not changed any of the policies that Obama put in place. It is very frustrating to me that not a single republican has the decency to give credit where credit is due, and maybe if trump would produce his records we may not hate him so much. Until he does we will consider him a LIAR with lots to hide!!!

      • 1st of all, let’s get sometime straight about the financial collapse of banks etc. Bill Clinton caused this situation. On Clinton last days in office; he snuck in bills between budget whereby he told loan officers to issue loans to everybody; take out insurance policies (loan off. are beneficiaries) in case of foreclosures on these loans; sit back & collect. He wanted fin. collapse. After all, he paid Monica 3M to keep quiet. Needed money to keep Hillary in line. Since Obama, Hillary, Billy, Biden were all in to this; Obama knew how to clean it up. This conspiracy along with Uranium deal with RUSSIA made these people BILLIONS.

        • Angela take notice that Diane gets so upset she gets her words mixed up. The idiot claims to have her masters degree. From where? Her hate and anger are doing her in. Just wait until Trump wins again. It’s the looney bin for Diane. I doubt she even has a college degree. She probably slings hash in a greasy spoon dive somewhere.

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          • Dan, I, too, doubt dingy Diane has a college degree. But MY bet is that she is probably some 4-feet tall x 450-pound thing who lives in a green vinyl trailer and eats 2 whole fried chickens and half a dozen Big Macs for lunch, with 3 or 4 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts for a mid-afternoon snack … all paid for with her food stamps!

      • Diane, I suggest if you can read, get a copy of the Chronicles of Corruption by Tom Fitton and see just how barry saved us from financial ruin, when he actually has contributed to it by a great deal of theft from the treasury.

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      • Also, Angela, one thing I have noticed from this page is that we have people expressing their disgust with MICHAEL OBAMA and her hate for this country. We also have picked up a demented person (Diane) who, rather than making discussion on this topic, has lashed out in her RABID HATRED for every person who disagrees with MICHAEL OBAMA by calling them “assholes” and attacking them. It has been one person, then another, that this excuse-of-a-human-being has verbally attacked. I got pissed off about her personal attacks and made one of my own — just to prove a point that the “woman” (if you can call the reprobate that) is DERANGED, and a bit DEMENTED. It’s best to just IGNORE the mental-case and continue with the discussion.

          • When they start slinging insults instead of discussing facts, you know that they know they have already lost! I sure wish we had some of our Founding Fathers around, because they would HANG those despicable America-haters, starting with Brokeback Barry and his “husband” Michael … and race-baiters like Okra Windbag and Mad Max … and crooked Killary aka the Butcher of Benghazi!

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  16. Both Michelle and her former presidential husband, Barack, live in a delusional fantasy where they have convinced themselves they are still relevant. They still seem to think their former status as FLOTUS and POTUS is such that they can still call the shots regardless of the situation in which they find themselves. It’s kind of pitiful, really, to watch them scramble for the spotlight for another photo-opp. As for Ms King, would anyone even know her name if it weren’t for her “friend” Oprah including her in various excursions during the time Ms Winfrey was on the air?

  17. Foreign born non citizen bath house queer muzzie married to tranny, what else but try him & entire party for treason followed up by immediate firing squads!

  18. The Barack Obama Presidency….. well he was for America the very same thing as we see those “AIR MEN,” the fill of wind advertisers we see all over, tome he was and still”MR M.T. Suit” Full of apologies to all our enemies but the Crazy Mullahs in IRAN, to who he gave Billions is cash..go figure!

  19. Laughable, look at the economy, picture proof example the difference between the two!Obama did nothing to help this country, Trump walks in slashes Regulations and opens up the markets and Boom prosperity! Obamas are lying P O Ss.He was elected and re elected on his race. White people afraid of being called racist. F… him and anyone like him!!!! God bless America and Donald Trump!!!!!!

          • Angela you damn whore you SUCK IT, since you like him so well, eat the peanuts out of shit while you are there!!! I would not get near his stinking old FAT ASS, who is ridiculous and dickless!!! I would not walk around the damn corner of my house to see that piece of shit!!!

          • Diane wow lol. What other 4 letter words do you know? Is there anything KIND that you’d LIKE to convey to people that disagree with your point of view? I’d like to get your opinions on LOVE, HOPE or maybe even try something much more difficult for you but your party throws these empty words around to make them SEEM somewhat decent: KINDNESS, EQUALITY, TOLERANCE, APPROACHABLE, CIVILIZED, INTELLECTUAL DEBATE or many more to choose from but unfortunately these words seldom have any meaning to democrats. Your chosen party honestly needs to put the anger aside FIRST, SECOND try listening to the other side and AFTER you listen then CALMLY discuss your views while WE listen. Lastly, each side gets rebuttal time (hello? That’s not illogical ranting and raving) but maybe passionately expressing the reasons for disagreeing. That used to be what we call an interesting debate. But Diane you just sound ignorant and maybe psychologically challenged

  20. What M Obama stated is like saying that because Dr. Ben Carson is a black/African American, anyone can be an outstanding pediatric neurosurgeon. That is an absurd statement which could only come from someone with a biased and bigoted viewpoint to begin with.

  21. President Obama was the very worst president this country ever had or could ever have. He did absolutely nothing but make our country get rotten. I don’t care what anybody says, he is from Kenya and should not have been allowed to be president as he was not born in the U.S. Even if they say he was born in Hawaii, that is a lie as Hawaii was not even a state when he was born so that is false. He and his friends like Hillary and the rest of those idiots need to get the hell our of our country and leave us alone. He stinks in plain English!!

    • Joanne you are a complete and utter nut!!! Hawaii was adopted as a state in Aug of 1959 and President Obama was born in Aug 1961, two years later! Why don’t you get your facts straight before you embarrass yourself any further! GOOD GRIEF!!!

    • Obama was definitely born in Kenya. His mom gave birth to him there because she was 9 mos pregnant & the military refused to fly her to Hawaii where she was transferred because of her condition. I have a copy of Obama’s birth certificate. Hawaiian personnel stated Obama/mother did not arrive in Hawaii until 2.5 yrs later. Afro-Amer he truly is. Born-Kenya America citizen from MOM

  22. She is just another liar, both Mick and that pig she is married to are both lairs and thieves, they belong behind bars, and then deported back to Africa that’s were they belong, we don’t want garbage in our beautiful country.

  23. Just read her ”thesis” and you’ll see who the buffooness really is. OH! And read her husbands thesis……..oh, that’s right, it’s been sealed so we cannot.

    • The worse thing she ever said: “I was never proud of America.” The instant she said it I thought of all the blood in the Normandy and Tarawa beach waters.

    • Michelle is delusional once again. I hope that she runs for president or Oprah. Her husband tried to ruin the country and was so lazy that he put his head in the sand time after time and had no clue what he was doing. His records are sealed and when anyone said a word against him they were quickly branded as a racist and disregarded. He was the most racist president in many, many years and wrong everytime he took sides.

      • Of course he was. I have a copy of his original birth certificate. Why do you think he made up the cliché “Afro-American…”Born in Africa and living in USA as Citizen. Because that’s exactly him..born in Kenya and made a citizen of the US because his mother was a citizen in the military; giving birth to him in Kenya Africa.

  24. Classic example of the Angry Black Women Syndrome on display. Having secured a modicum of political stature, Moochie Obama represents the first wave able to voice their inculcated race based animus. Looks for future diatribes to worsen as those demanding ‘get evenism’ and reparations attempt to gain traction.

  25. Thanks Bill. So true!
    Other presidents when they left office just faded away. NOT Obama. He moved to Washington DC and stirs the pot. I will NEVER vote for a Dem they are vomit!
    84 American and I have seen so much good in America.

  26. Obama was the worst President in History, besides Carter!!! Not only he was not born in America, but hates this country, its people and so corrupt, and a communist. Just be smart and go back and see the people he dealt with like Chavez, Castro all evil monsters. Under his presidency corrupted the FBI,DOJ,CIA etc,etc,etc, Karma is coming very soon!!

  27. It’s always about race, isn’t it? That’s such a cop-out. If things aren’t going their way, it’s because of race. Other Democrats believe that the border problem is racism. That is such a crock. It’s about criminals entering our country, and the Democrats wanting them to stay, in hopes of swaying the vote to the left’s advantage. Grow up, Democrats. Every senseless word out of your mouths makes The People like you less

    • Ironic how it is racist to want to control the border, racist to deport anyone who enters illegally now. Yet when Obama bragged about deporting more people than any other president, he was a hero and had our beat interestso at heart.

  28. Obama was the worst President in American history,it’s not because he is black,color of skin has nothing to do with it!He is a liberal radical,he has no respect for the unborn babies,no respect for the U.S.A,no respect for Israel,he is the worst!

  29. See, this is why you can’t let ignorant pawns in a position that needs adult skill. Take for instance the Un-ACA. No effort, just throw a bunch of shit in it and the Baby Murdering majority won’t even have to read it to get it passed. That right there should say we ha e screwed up as a country and our politicians don’t care about us anymore. Two, name me one thing the negro didn’t screw up on but it did not matter because the leftist media were still going to kiss his black ass for nothing. The job is easy if you never make a hard decision. Killing Osama, like the I tell community didn’t know a general location of his whereabouts for years. I do have to say Obama’s success was in Hillary and the skill she displayed. I wouldn’t let a nasty ass libtard even keep the Whitehouse pets. To show how stupid her black ass is and the level of her education. In most surveys Obama is considered to be of the Jimmy Carter level of accomplishments. When your talking in that survey, no # Jimmy Carter and # 44 Hussein Obama then he’s in good company. What I’m wondering is how many more treasonous acts against President Trump is he going to commit. I guess Michael forget the NSA and all that good stuff under retard. But you ha w to hand it to the Libs. Pick an unknown, very little qualification negro and as long as the Repubs are going to
    lay down again with a McCain or Romney the Whitehouse can be bought. All of the Repubs were to worried about being labeled a racist. I say come on over, I’m not a liar and the water in that pool is fine.

  30. Obama was the Biggest Fraud that was ever perpetrated against the United States Government and its people. But This fraud was committed by Hillary Clinton as well and the Democrat Deep State in partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood. The plane was to Rid the Middle East of the large Christian Communities by creating a caliphate by organizing a group named ISIS to carry out the mass killing. These Radicals would behead man women and children. This if you remember all happened in 2012 to 2014.

  31. I believe that Michelle made such comments because that is how she feels about it not that other people feel that way, no matter what color they are. These kinds of statements coming from soneone who is supposed of high standards and good character is what brings down the value of the office. That is why during Obama’s reighn the entire country was devalued by his poor behavior and his degrading attitude for our country. He sold us down the river as a country and President Trump is having to rebuild America both at home and around the world to our former greatness. If you don’t get this you have closed your eyes and your ears and your heart. America has one more chance and that man is President Donal John Trump! Now, stop attacking him and let him do his job and vote for him to continue doing it for another 4 years. Thank you so much. GOd bless America and GOd bless President Trump.

    • The narssacist Obama’s are the reason the USA was damaged. The audacity of Obama to assert that America needed to be transformed into his believes,rendered him and his administration incompetent. Race had nothing to do with it!

    • Trump is disgusting. Michelle is correct. He’s not a war criminal yet like Bush jr. abd Cheney. Let’s hope it doesn’t go that far.

      • Gary I suppose you would rather have Barack the mulatto back. A no good piece of crap commie Muslim We are all disgusting sometimes. I voted for a president. Not a pastor.

      • I thought obama was disgusting he stole his wealth from real america` people and lied at every turn in the road….Michelle brought hate and did her best to cause rioting between blacks and whites…thank God yes the real God that they are gone….

          • Pathetically and embarrassingly wrong!! Be we have come to expect this rhetoric of lies from liberal hate mongers. Nothing new, only stepping deeper into their bubble life and stay disconnected from the truth. You’re sick, twisted and have no honest response for anyone who disagrees with your insanity.

      • Really… Let’s add all the money to Iran. By the way- they are a terrorists society. Go visit that country please….let me know how that works out for you. Oh…and good bye. Idiots like you will not survive there. they like to “thin the heard”.

  32. Barack Obama made the Presidency look easy because he used a head-in-the-sand governing methodology. Obama just ignored problems, denied them, and pretended they did not exist. Obama was absolutely the worst President of the modern (post WWII) age.

    • Obama will go down in history as the very worst president in the history of the US.
      And just like Jimmy Carter gave us Ronald Reagan, Obama indirectly gave us President Trump.
      I thank God almighty every day for giving us Trump!
      Trump will go down in history as one of the best Presidents ever!

  33. The one thing they absolutely have to do and I mean both of them is just go away.Between the two of them they have done more than enough damage.

    • The title of the worst president is to be shared between Obammass and I did not have sex president who also lies about not knowing about trafficking with Einstein. Then the tranny Michelle who needs new face and a brain. She speaks from her butt.

      • So you say, and they are the two in the lead! I do believe your POS Liar will come in dead last!!! Poor Babies, LOL!!!

        • Awww darn it did somebody upset this liberal to the point of all CAPS and exclamation marks? All you’re missing is a little angry emoji. But I’m sure we’ll see plenty of hysterical crying emojis on election night and days after. I watch highlights of 2016 election night if I need a good laugh, or if I need to give a friend a little reminder of why we will always vote conservative, and of course to keep a great party going we tune into #walkaway (It’s a real truth teller) That seals the deal for anyone undecided on which side to take. Trump 2020 🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏

  34. The Presidency is a very complicated job with many facets. It just took a man of color to screw up the Presidency and AMERICA. ObamASS caused more racial problems then any other President in the history of AMERICA. The war on Law enforcement was the worse thing that has ever been used to widen the racial relations gape. WE ALL ARE AMERICANS NO MATTER WHAT THE COLOR OF OUR SKINS IS.

    • Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Biden all made millions when Obama closed up the Phoenix University for the Veterans. The stock closed at $3 a share after selling the day before at $115 a share. Obama told his friends to buy 300,000 shares at $3 each because he was opening up the University a month later & the stock would jump to $125 a share. They made millions. Inside info….

      • GOOD INFO-never heard this one before-but that definitely is “clown”pattern behavior!-notice i did not say black or white behavior-it is not about the color of ones SKIN-it is about the color of one’s HEART! …and clowns do not have heart-that is why they are cannibals-only way they can have any taste of a real heart.

  35. The Presidency is a very complicated job with many facets. It just took a man of color to screw up the Presidency and AMERICA. ObamASS caused more racial problems then any other President in the history of AMERICA. The war on Law enforcement was the worse thing that has ever been used to widen the racial relations gape. WE ALL ARE AMERICANS NO MATTER WHAT THE COLOR OF OUR SKINS IS.


    • She was close he almost did ruin the presidency. Clinton was the first with monocun in the oval office. After he was gone I thought the American will never do that bad again. WRONG along comes barrock bin obama ali criminally

  37. Jeez, I thot the Kong twin was going admit something we didn’t know. Like Hussein is a faggot and the two brats were not his or she was so ugly he had to pay somebody to knock her up. Given long enough and put a mike in an idiots hand and they will out themselves every time. This was possibly one of the most racist administrations in our history. Yeah, there were some bumps in the road before but we were pretty much getting along and working things out together. Now the divisions are there.and guess what? It wasn’t whitey who created them this time. All this racism and bigotry took its cue from the two con artists and if someone doesn’t believe that, all they need do is read what they put down in ink while attempting college…

  38. I’m not a “liberal.” I believe Donald Trump should resign his presidency in return for being pardoned for any criminal acts he has ever committed. He is not ready for a job in which he must share power with Congress and the courts. He only knows how to lead when everyone agrees with him. The job of president is way above his ability to do. For that reason he must resign and be pardoned so he doesn’t have to face a prison sentence in his old age.
    Mike age 83

    • WHAAATT? For making this nation so much better? 10X better with Trump than any other recent President. Never before have we seen more wrongs righted! It would cause a riot or war if they tried to do anything other than honor him! The right has his back….and we, the people should have a say in what is done!! TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!!

    • President Trump is there by the hand of God. You are fighting God.
      President Trump will not be impeached but watch for Obama & Military Tribunals.
      It may be a few months from now but be patient. The day is coming.

    • Obviously you don’t understand how the government is supposed to work under the constitution. Three co-equal branches does not mean that each branch shares power. It means that each has a specific job to do. The job of the courts is to interpret the law in light of the constitution. The job of the executive branch is to enforce the law and the job of congress is to make the law. When all of these branches do their jobs properly, the government runs smoothly. When one branch tries to exert authority over another, there is conflict and chaos.

    • It is so tiresome reading about President Trump’s so called crimes and the rights we are losing under him, yet not one of you people ever say what those rights or crimes are. Why? Because they can’t. These are none. If you don’t like him that’s fine, but stop with this garbage. No president is liked by all, but at least you should look at what he has done to help America.

    • Mike, you proved by your bloviating that you are not only SENILE, but you are DERANGED! WHAT criminal acts? Were you spewing that same bullshit when brokeback barry told Congress he would do what he wanted, since he had a pen and a phone? Were you spewing your bullshit when he freed those five Taliban leaders and freed Bergdahl, knowing that this action was REQUIRED BY LAW to have Congressional sign-off before he did it? You and your braindead ilk all need to be HUNG for misprision of treason!!!

  39. Just more trash talk from the most racist arrogant brain dead tranny on the planet. Point to remember here is O’bumbler did not do a great job as Michael has stated, as I recall he was every bit as inept as jimmy Carter was maybe worse, that was 8 nauseating years I would rather forget as would many others. My hope for the future is these two idiots would just disappear

  40. This is nothing new. Hell, anybody could tell that administration was racist to anyone that wasn’t black. Name one stinking thing they did for Asian americans, white americans, native americans or polynesians/islanders that wasn’t just lip service. When the guest lists were predominantly black and from the entertainment or sports industry should have been a clue. The lists heavily favored blacks in the face of demographics. The again the preferred entertainment usually included if not centered around Rap “artists” making millions and whose lyrics centered around tape, murder, violence and racism usually directed at wbite people. Truthfully the only advancements were for blacks, muslims and homosexuals and perverts. Even Hispanics were to a degree given short shift. Mean while our infrastructure, military, finances, world standing and credibility went in the toilet. Hussein and Moochie did more to set race regulations back in this nation more than most can conceive of. Now even the House is becoming embroiled in race baiting. Yup. Mikey Obama is right. He did make the job look too easy. He never performed it.

  41. What would you expect from the wife of Obama??? And to say what she said is “racist against her husband”. What will happen when people realize that the only racist politics are the statements from the Liberals accusing Trump and his supporters of being Racist!!

    • It seems to me there are serious bigots on all sides of the equation. Things seemed to be getting more tolerant until the Dems started their policy of hatred. Where will this end?

    • He didn’t say that she was racist against her husband. Go back and read it again, and try to keep your mind on what was written.

      • It was a very racist comment. The liberals keep bringing up race to keep the division going. When is the last time you heard a conservative accuse someone of racism. Heck, they are now calling each other racist.

  42. well i guess the job was easy , when you spend most your time on late night tv and taking vacations , other then that what did they do for americans other then call us racists, i wish i could get a job where you don’t have to do anything and take as many multi- million dollar vacations at the tax payers exspence , go crawl back in to your cage michelle

  43. Michael obamer is full of sh**, hussain was not a good president, he should never been president, one of these days the truth will come out about where he was born and then history will have to set the recode straight, I won’t be here to see it but it will be revealed just like the Kennedy truths are coming home to roost

  44. Obama a good president what a joke he was the
    Most racist president in history of America along with
    His wife what did he do for America NOTHING that’s what he did he went around the world kissing everyone ass how the hell did this scum bag get
    Elected thank god for DONALD J TRUMP president of the greatest country in the world

    • Yeah, right on!!!! Trump is only kissing the ass of POOTY and ROCKET MAN! trump tweeting his little tweeter off, just recently making some unmistakable racist tweets. I WISH YOU COULD SEE MY SHOCKED FACE! He is the MOST mentally challenged president EVER and we probably will never see the equivalent of him again!!! I am hating it for America, he is a damned disgrace! Don’t blame God for this one, it is on the republitard’s backs!

  45. He / she / it whatever Michael Scumbama (not a typo) is clearly delusional. He passed Jimmy Carter to claim biggest failure as potus of all time. Remember this is same person who said “I was never proud of my country until Barack (Barry Saetoro the college drug dealer from Kenya) was nominated to run for prez!!! Hos did this moron get into Princeton if deprived or The Muslim raised kid even if born here I bet records are sealed because he went to Columbia ( almost as radical as Berkley) as an exchange student!!!

  46. She is a moron ! Her and her husband are. It’s racist and all he did was to divide the races. Also he started the war on police officers , one of the worst president’s ever !

  47. will you writers ever acknowledge that Our Belle Michelle is a Tranny, she has a penis, never gave birth to those to RENTED girls, and can’t write…see her Senior Thesis at Princeton…Barry slipped up and called her Michael before about 10 generals and admirals one speech…you can see Michael’s penis while dancing on Ellen’s TV show….geeze

    • I agree with You Michelle Micheal is a Tranny and from the looks of he has a Bigger Dick then Barry Barack! I seen an Interview and Michelle Micheal admits that he didn’t carry those Girl he has something “Wrong” with his Plumbing ( yeah he’s a Man that’s what’s Wrong) He/She’s Face looks like a Mans Not to mention the Body Structure is to Manly! And I too saw that Speak Barack/Barry gave and referred to him as Micheal in fact I have seen a few time that Barack/Barry called him Micheal claiming it was a Pet Name for Him…. What a Joke they Both ARE! Obama was the Worst President Ever, I’m so Thankful he is No Longer the President and I look forward to the Day that He and his Circle of Criminal Friends all get Busted and the Truth comes Out!!

  48. Michael Obama was “married” to the first illegal alien president (prove me wrong) should realize that playing golf is not being president.

    • You are exactly correct and can not be proved wrong! To think he send our soldiers to die and spill blood on Muslim soil! He must get the death penalty

    • John, no one could prove you wrong. Yes, Obama was born in Kenya and had no business being in our White House. He is a traitor and belongs in prison at the least.

    • John, someone needs to tell trump that being president doesn’t mean playing golf!!! He has been on the golf course MUCH,Much more than Obama ever dreamed. Now, I know that you rethuglicans are never going to admit that but I know you know this as a fact also. But, I would not ever expect a rethuglican to come CLEAN!!!

  49. Both Obamas hate this country and need to leave. satan has taken over the dem party. he will rule for a time and the dems are in his army. But we know how it will end. Jesus will come and rescue us and there will be no more hatred. satan and all of his followers will be thrown into hell and there will be peace.

    • i agree the Obama’s brought the hatred and the racism worst than it has ever been. they really need to go hide somewhere and just shut up. so many people hate them. also he did not do a good job as a president and he should have never been a president. they have did everything they could to hur president trump but trump keeps on wining because he has God on his side.

    • Such a profound truth!! It’s unfortunate that the democrats are so full of hate that their lies and deception have become a normal way of life for them and this way of life is spreading like a plague. Always, and especially in times like these, I know I’m so blessed and thankful to be a Christian

    • You have got that right,just waiting for everyone else to understand that hopefully it won’t be alot longer the way this world has gotten.God is not going to let it continue

  50. Sure he made the presidency look easy. That’s because he didn’t do anything that required hard work. He ran the Whitehouse like it was his personal clubhouse. He never really took the job seriously enough to make it seem hard. The picture of him sitting with his feet up on the Resolute Desk tells us all we need to know about his lackluster attitude towards the history and greatness of this country. Though they like to portray him as the first black president, the truth is, he is half black. Somehow they keep missing that fact. In my opinion, he has ruined it for other blacks wanting to run for president because they will always be compared to him and there are a lot of people that refuse to make that mistake again.

    • bIGJOE YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD. Your right he didn’t do anything. They both acted like everything they did was so overwhelming that we all were just in Awe. He has ruined it for other Black People. He did nothing but play golf and act like he was so important. He never did anything but borrow money from other Countries. Michelle on the other hand made sure that there was no Meat Commodities for Children’s lunches in school. They made sure that no History was being taught as they didn’t want kids to remember History. Then He turned Muslim and that did it for me. I wanted people to March on Washington and get rid of him. Mrs. AJB

    • I agree with you Big Joe. I would wager that no future US President gets elected just because they are black. Obama set back race relations 40 years in my opinion. Blacks are leaving the Dims in droves now, because it has finally sunk in that they are mere pawns to the left. The DNC has brushed them under the rug now that they are no longer useful to them, and are importing illegal migrants to take their place. Perhaps it is because blacks have become better educated, and see through the bullshit lies and promises of the left. People from Honduras, or El Salvador are much easier to manipulate, They are but mindless votes to the DNC. Promise them free money, and they will tear through fences, and break any law to get into our country.

    • When they are sentenced to Eternal Hell, they will demand endless appeals. The Heavenly Father will laugh long and hard and sends them to the rear of that line.

  51. What an astounding, racist comment from a supposedly well educated woman?! I’m sorry madam defender, but Barack Obama was a terrible President! Would you like a list?

    1.Bailing out institutions that should have been submitted to Bankruptcy Courts.
    2. Negotiating a surrender agreement to Religious bigots in a half baked agreement that solved nothing but filling the coffers of a terrorist regime.
    3.Pontificating about so called human rights, but saying nothing about the treatment of women, Christians, and other religious minorities living under terrorist, chauvinistic regimes.
    4. Accomplishing nothing on our mass illegal immigration problems, except to encourage the increase in flow by the so called DACA program when he himself originally sated it was unconstitutional.

    I was marching with Dr. King in the south before you were born, and have seen first hand how much race issues have changed for the better in the south, and the rest of the nation, and would be in fact much better without the professional race baiter’s stirring up ignorant and unfounded tensions.
    The matter of fact of how such issues never affected the city of Atlanta was because politicians and Dr. Kings supporters cooperated so diligently with a since of Unity and purpose with each other to promote his vision of “non-violence” while Watts, Chicago, Detroit, et al, enveloped the country’s attention with violent race riots. Barack Obama, and the “Demoncrats” focus on identity politics has done more to set this country backwards in eight years than at any time since the Civil rights struggles.

    • Charles King – thank you for that comment – I wish I could have said that – Obama got in for 1 reason & 1 reason alone he is a black man – & it was time to have a minority in that office
      personally I would have preferred Collen Powell – Obama was totally out of his depth – and truthfully he DID NOT HAVE A CLUE – so I have no idea whose hand was up his pants to make him talk – never cared for his wife – she hates America always has & always will – however his daughters seem to fit right in – both dating White guys.& before anyone calls me a racist my father family have been here from the very beginning & I have both North & South African blood running through my veins & I am very proud of that. Everybody needs to get a blood test especially Michelle O. you might be very surprised.

      • If they would do a DNA test they would find a XY(male)chromosome. LOL LOL LOL!!! The “daughters” are the children of friends. They are spitting images of their REAL parents.

        • Mary you are absolutely correct. Obamas Daughters are his lawyers girls. Chelsey Clinton is also not Billy Clinton’s daughter. Billy is sterile. Hillary and her law partner and Chelsey’s parents.

  52. Obama damn near ruined our country financially, never did a thing for our military and veterans, but he sure was buddy buddy to his MUSLIM brotherhood. AF Vietnam Vet

    • Robert W – Give me a break! He brought us back financially from the cliff that Bush created. Too bad your racism is showing with your oatethic post.

        • Little Pearl, you know it tis true!!! Lol!!! That is what is so funny about you stupid ass republicons you have follwed that lying POS trump so long you are liars just like him! Wow!!!

      • Robert I laugh at the libturds calling us racist. I don’t care if I am or not. I know the truth about racism. They just think we must always agree with people of color or else. The commiecrats are a racist party. They teach minority groups that they are too stupid to make it on their own. And Diane is a prime example of bigotry.

        • What do they call a black that doesn’t agree with another black? If it’s white/black it’s racism. If it’s black/black it’s a disagreement.

      • That is the dumbest thing I ever heard. Obama gave millions to our enemy’s, lost hundreds of thousands of jobs to other countries and added so much to the deficit it was rediculas. He bowed to Arabs and got 4 men killed in the Middle East stupid policies and I can’t name all the other bad policies he was responsible for!

  53. Took the words right out of my mouth Munge…
    How Michael & Barry continue to get away w/ all their BS is beyond me! Besides, Barry knew all about the fake ass dossier & was fully aware of each & every SCANDAL that plagued his administration! Talk about Treason…

  54. Michelle needs to be straitjacket with her mouth covered and transported to notorious New Jersey State Lunatic asylum (probably abandoned but should be re-activated for her need), not far from her mansion located on Belmont Street in the Kalorama neighborhood in Washington, D.C.

    Her husband is the true enemy of the American people. He do not care for the American people vote when he tried to steal the election for Hillary. He shunned the American voice when he had the super majority passing his Obamacare package. He formed DACA without the legislative process. He ignored the CDC quarantine process regulation to prevent EBOLA virus from spreading in the US by hauling some people from Africa into the US hospitals.

    I 🖕 them.

  55. What??? That Obama was born in Kenya?? We already knew that and he himself admitted it. Oh, wait, that’s not it. She is a racist and certainly not a lady

      • Diane, what I said is the truth and the truth is never racist. It is obvious from your postings that I am much more intelligent than you. I am a college graduate, but you seem to have an IQ of about 30. So it is racist to tell the truth about where Obama was born??? You are a FOOL. I am not, nor have never been, racist. God created and loves all races and commands that we love everyone. But YOU hate anyone who does not agree with you and have only sick name-calling. Grow up!

        • bj – See? You’re making shit up AGAIN. I highly doubt you’re a college graduate (most Trump supporters can even spell), but I have my Masters. If you were a college graduate you’d see through Trump’s agenda unless you, too, are a racist, then that would explain why you support this asshole.

          • Diane…Dear, you may have your Masters Degree but you should learn to proofread your work before sending it out. You see Diane Where you said “(most Trump supporters can even spell) Dear I am sure you meant “can’t as opposed to can even spell” It makes you look a little well you know…….A Trump support

          • Diane, you prove every time you post that you are the asshole. YES, I am a college graduate. And YOU are a LIAR!!!!!!!!!!! You do not even know any Trump supporters. That is very obvious. I know HUNDREDS and ALL OF THEM are far more intelligent than you are. And they are all loving caring people who do a lot for others. YOU have only hate. sad

          • Diane, PLEASE take an English course. You have no concept of the English language. However did you get a Masters Degree????????z

          • i don’t know what you got a Masters Degree in, but you obviously wasted your money, because you are dumb as a box of rocks.

          • there are several pics of Trump being a racist Diane…shaking hands with Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson…getting awards from black organizations, hiring workers of all colors and both sexes…so Diane use your skills and prove me wrong…

          • Diane, what does having a college degree have to do with racism? You are one sick, deranged bitch! Seek psychiatric help!!!

          • Enough name calling. Everyone has a right to their opinions. Its so childish to act like you are in grade school to resort to calling each other names.Do you eat with that same mouth. Bet your kids would be proud of your kind names that you call other’s that disagree with you.

        • How many of Obamas relatives saying Barack is from Kenya, will it take before you stop saying it isn’t true. Hellhis home village in Kenya even brags about him being the first Kenyan to become a US President. His brother posted his Kenyan Birth Certificate on the internet, If you dont want to believe it then fine, but don”t call those who believe all of the evidence stupid. The only evidence that said Barack was a natural born US citizen was proven to be a forgery, created long after Obama had become an adult. Obama was registered in college as a foreign student.

      • What exactly did she say that was racist? I see nothing racist about what BJ said. I do find what Michael Obama said to be very racist.

        • First of all Obama is not the first Black President. He was half black. Maybe the white have did all of the little bit of work he did do

    • She did admit it. She once said in a speech that Barack was her Kenyan husband and they were traveling in his home country, Kenya, It is on youtube, or was

      • You are correct. She said that he was born in Kenya. But the dems deny it. Obama himself said he was born in Kenya. But the dems deny it. Dems live on hatred and deny the truth.

        • Bj Diane’s mother probably gets angry every time she remembers getting drunk while the special olympics was in town. I also know people with their masters that are not liberals. My niece being a Christian conservative with 2 masters degrees.

  56. The statements made by Michele Obama may be the most ignorant, the most racist and the most inane ever. Barack Obama was such an abject failure at the presidency, not because he was half-black, but because he was a leftist, spendthrift ideologue who doubled the national debt that had been generated by all previous presidents COMBINED?? And then there were the plethora of serious scandals that occurred during his 8-yr. “reign”…from Eric Holder’s “Fast and Furious” gun-running to Hillary’s use of unsecure communications for top secret information, the Benghazi lies, the spoliation of subpoenaed evidence and her pay-to-play influence peddling to the “weaponization” of federal administrative (IRS & State) agencies plus the enforcement (FBI & DOJ) agencies to attack political opponents.

    • radman414;Have you ever heard the old saying,”Tell a lie long enough, it becomes the truth”. Well this is EXACTLY what these low life Leftists keep doing. And because they have control of most of the mainstream media outlets, they will continue to broadcast their propaganda.Its outrageous just how their corruptness has spread.
      Oh and on a personal note, every time they refer to Michelle Obama as a “first lady”, I want to vomit, for numerous reasons…

  57. What a crock!! Those two hate whites and America so bad that they would say anything, They are both traitors. Obama was the WORST president in history. During his term he made sure to keep blacks in the picture encouraging blacks to go against whites. He started the racists thing again not the whites. He was a George Soros puppet and was put into office for eight years to take this country down. How are they getting away with all their lies.

    • Nancy Grove – Obummer was selling out America. It was part of the 16 year plan. Hitlery was supposed to finish us off. It was part of the NWO. They are traitors to the United States. It will be made public soon when the FISA docs are declassed and released, the Horowitz report is released, the Huber report is released, the Durham report is finished and released and Jeff Sessions crimes against humanity report is finished and released. There are 100,000+ sealed indictments for persons of all walks of life. Treason, sedition, corruption, crimes against humanity, pedophile/pedovore. Their days are numbered. So we can let the blind and ignorant believe that their heroes are the latest saviors for a little while longer. The evidence is overwhelming. Gitmo is waiting for those that aren’t executed for their atrocious crimes. The military tribunals are waiting.

  58. I thought that she was going to say that Barack is gay and she is a transgender. Not that he was the best president, which he is not.

      • Linda M – You mean like the current Liar-In-Chief that currently sits his fat ass in the White House? He wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him upside in his head…..which I would LOVE to do!

          • Larry, I would NOT touch his FAT ASS! I bet you are the man that could get it done though!!! You SUCK IT, since you like the cocksucker!!!

        • Diane: Do I really care what you think? I’m really sorry your evil queen wasn’t voted in. Oh wait, no I’m not!!You are just another brainwashed Democrat with no reasoning. Please read the comment Larry Kuhn left for you.Enough said…

        • Diane…It is YOU who has no clue about the truth. That is very obvious. You attack Pres. Trump for lying but Hillary lies every time her lips move and that is fine with you.

          • Diane, Hillary has lied FAR MORE and that is okay with you. BOTH Clintons are extremely corrupt and that is okay with you. Obama is a muslim traitor and that is okay with you. Take your extremely sick hate somewhere else. You are not wanted here

        • Diane: First let me say that you have lots of time on your hands if you are sitting around counting how man times Trump lies if, in fact, he does. But then we could discuss all of the Dems. who spread lots and lots of manure…gee, I wouldn’t have in my hand what they have in their mouth or your mouth for that matter. You seem like a very adversarial person…..Have you not heard of the 3 R’s you can respond, react, or you can retaliate. Dear, you seemed to be filled with just a lot of hostility.

        • Diane, you have to be the most ignorant excuse-of-a-human-being to troll these pages, because every single thing that spews from your communist-loving, manure-swallowing, vile fingertips is a crock of shit! Our Founding Fathers would have HUNG a traitor-worshipping jackass like you!!!

  59. I guess that’s why she received her $65,000,000.00 book ADVANCE! Another Hillary in the elite making…sickening! The first black president had a chance to heal the racism divide and bring us closer, but instead helped create the widening of racism on the black side, inviting immigrants with open borders, and (by his actions allowing) ANTIFA and all the left wing hate groups to flourishing now. His legacy I’m afraid will be another civil war. I hate to write this as I’m not a racist, but I am a 100% Total and Permanent Disabled/Handicapped Veteran who loves his country!

    • What did Obama ever create or build before some how becoming president? Trump built his fortune by building a hotel chain worth Billions by being a very smart business man, Obama and his flake wife built NOTHING

    • Scott I agree with everything you just said.only you forgot one thing the muslim never did anything for the vets.Thank You very much for your service.Let’s not forget “Home of the free because of the Brave”MAGA

  60. Being a realist, I am often referred to as a racist: nothing could be further from the truth. What Michelle Obama said was racist, my calling it that is not, but many will translate my post as being from a racist. Had President Trump made a similar statement, the media would be all over him for being a racist. That is a fact, and each of you know it, even if you will deny knowing it!

  61. Michelle was NEVER proud to be an American. She is a sloth and a bigot, just like her husband. One of the worst Presidents besides Jimmy Carter.

    • Jimmy Carter is a good, God fearing man who loves this country. Unfortunately, he was not presidential material. But that has nothing to do with his character or his love for his country. He just got in over his head. Thus is in no way criticism of the man. I would be a total failure as president, but I am successful in other endeavors as is he. There is a reason we have just one leader…few are qualified for the job. Fortunately, Trump is.

      • Bettye J Martin: You are correct. Mr. Carter is a good man and he did get over his head becoming president.People that post here are very passionate about these turbulent times and are frightened. I know I am. The Democratic party now only represents hate and committing treasonous acts.Even the main stream media is very bias. Only promoting the Democratic propaganda.Slamming President Trump when ever they can.So when they call Carter a name, I’m sure they are directing their frustration at him when he held office.Not him as a human.

  62. I’m guessing that Michelle is no longer proud to be an American, now that her Muslim husband is no longer in power.

  63. Michael O is such a racist pig it’s incredibly difficult not to call that lowlife entitled little bitch the n word. She exemplifies all the traits of that word and I don’t mean skin color but her holier than thou attitude. She’s also a stuck up ingrate.

      • Diane, all you do is come on here and spew your sick hate and call us names. What Munge said is the truth. She (he actually…dare to find the truth) is extremely racist. That is a FACT. But you just attack anyone who tells the truth and call them a racist. It is YOU who is racist.

        • bj – Like ANYONE would listen to you! LOL that’s hysterical! Yes, I call it like I see it and this whole group is nothing but ignorant racist dimwits and that’s a FACT.

          • Diane, you have no clue what a fact is. We all know that. You have proved my point. YOU are a sick LIAR!!! We all know that, too. NOTHING you ever say is true. THAT is a fact. This is a conservative discussion board and you are way out of your league. Your hate-filled name-calling is not welcome here. Nothing you say about us is true, but if you think so, WHY do you come here??????? You are just wasting your time. Go out and get a life. It is very obvious that you do not have one.

          • I think I know your problem, Diane. You are so grotesquely obnoxious to any man that you choose to follow the traitors to this country. My bet is if any man was to try to fondle you, he would think he had grabbed a horse eating oats!!

          • Surely it was an easy job for Obama all he ever did was golf on the golf course, vacation with family & friends at the tax payers expense. Spare he also created more racism then I have seen in my entire life. God bless President Trump. Trump 2020.

          • Diane: I don’t know why I feel the need to respond to you, but I will. If you want to see anyone or anything that is ignorant and racist, look at yourself in the mirror and at your treasonous Democratic party!And yes people do listen to bj.What do YOU get? The truth!! But you did give me a good chuckle, from one of your previous post. YOU have a masters degree??I don’t know if on-line college mean the same as actually attending a credited college like the rest of we did.But if that makes you feel brilliant, glad to hear it. But your posting say differently…..

      • “Like all liberals, Obama believes Trump is an incompetent buffoon”! I do not believe that, Trump has been too successful in his lifetime for anyone other than a fool think that he is an idiot. Only a liberal obama supporter/ hillary supporter would try to push such foolishness. I have no respect for anyone who is friends with al brawley sharpton, as are the obamas. sharpton has not developed the civility and virtue to be classed as a black man. He is a racist and tax evader and spent most of his life captalizing on threatening others of racism, of which he is the icon. If the ghettos of Chicago or Atlanta, or LA or other want to, as usual, walk the streets at night and try to push the lie that Trump is a buffon, then they do not want to know what reality is, don’t care what the truth is and will believe what the neighbor tells them. Sadly these same people elected obama twice, mostly because of his color, not for qualifications. He hid his records for a reason. His voters did not care why he did so. The hood in Chicago, Atlanta, etc, will protect a criminal from the police, because so many would rather have a killer next door than to violate a hood understanding that no one will rat on a brother.

  64. No one of importance cares what her Racist mouth has to say. Her statement is one of the dumbest comments I have heard from public figure.


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