Michelle Obama could turn the 2020 race upside down with this announcement

The second Democrat presidential debate is in the books.

And every Democrat in America is in a panic because they did not get a group of strong candidates up on stage.

And now Michelle Obama could turn the 2020 race upside down with this announcement.

Democrats were despondent after the second Democrat presidential debate.

The candidates spent their time attacking Barack Obama as a pro-corporate Nazi over Obama’s deportation record as well as his failure to secure fully government-run healthcare.

After the event ended, MSNBC gave left-wing actor Michael Moore 12 minutes to rant and rave about how the Democrats needed to nominate an authentic socialist or else Donald Trump would win a second term.

The conclusion of Moore’s rant was Moore suggesting Michelle Obama would be the Democrats’ dream candidate to take on President Trump.
Breitbart reports:

“Let’s get out the Democratic base of young people, women, and people of color.” Moore said in a post-Democratic debate interview on MSNBC on Wednesday. “The worst thing to do is to moderate, to go to the center, and to think that’s how we’re going to win. This is how we’re going to lose.”

“And it will happen again if we don’t run the right candidate,” the Oscar-winner continued. “A beloved American who’s not an inside-the-beltway politician type person, but somebody who’s going to be a street fighter and fight for that 70 percent majority that’s going to take us back into the White House…

…“Who can crush Trump? Who is the street fighter? We saw it in Bernie last night. Who is the street fighter that can crush Trump?” he said. “And frankly, I think there’s a person that could do this, if the election were held today, there is one person that would crush Trump. And she hasn’t announced yet. And her last name rhymes with Obama.”

“In fact, it is Obama. Michelle Obama. Everybody watching this right now knows she is a beloved American and she would go in there and she would beat him,” Moore said. “She would beat him in the debates, he wouldn’t be able to bully her, he wouldn’t be able to nickname her and she is beloved.”

This is not the first time media figures, politicians, and activists have considered whether Michelle Obama will enter the race.

Rush Limbaugh believes after the primaries are over, Michelle Obama will be handed the nomination at the convention if there is not a clear winner after all the states have held their nomination contests.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. This old battleaxe is as stupid as her pin headed husband/wife? She is only qualified to clean toilets; with close supervision.

  2. Michelle Obama is about as qualified (or should I say unqualified) as Jimmy Carter was. Lest someone call me a racist, I have always been a fan of Condoleezza Rice. I think she is one of the most intelligent people I have ever heard of.

  3. If Obuma runs, the headlines will be waiting to be printed months ahead of time. The lies and fake news will over flow, all we will hear is racist, sexist, bigot and the usual. It’s a shame our government really isn’t playing government, they play let’s manipulate the rules to make a profit and get re-elected.

    • Well I know I am being just a bit prejudiced….But I truly feel that the
      job of President should be and must be held by a man.
      Sorry Michelle….well unless you want to tell us the real story.
      Also, would it be asking too much to see some pictures of you PREGNANT and the Girls as infants. What a Story and only a Michael Moore could get behind thisperson and believe he could sell her to the American People.

  4. Michelle “I was never proud of my country..until my husband was nominated for the presidency….THAT Michelle Obama. She WAS good for business, though, the airline business. How many 747s did it take to transport Michelle and her closest friends to Barcelona for a short vacation? You’d think one would be enough, but Michelle took two Boeing Jumbo 747s. They must have been VERY big girl

    • Who actually cares about this treasonous traitor and Barack their washed up done finished move on with your sick perverted ways America and its citizens are tired of the two of you. You no longer mean anything to the American citizens and taxpayers.

  5. Michelle and her flimsy excuse for a husband Barack O are probably secret members of the Black Panther Party.

  6. This isn’t an election for HOA president. These people are treating it as a joke. It is serious. She has no love for the country. She said it herself

  7. she he obama is a big joke we have not forgot what the snake husband did for to us.let the gorella face idiot run ha ha. trump 2020.

    • Wow James, aren’t we full of ourselves. Why is this liberal ‘all for me and F**K America’black POS still being rammed down our throats after her 8 year luxury vacation ob the American taxpayers dime in which she and her liberal minions got obscenely rich while most of America got lied to robbed and flim flammed, BULLS*****D and ended up with SQUAT after 8 long years. Time for this former ‘lady’ to get lost as most of America doesn’t give a rat’s ass about her or barry. FYI: Melania Trump has more class in her fingernail clippings then ‘moochella’ has in her whole DNA.

    • How quickly people forget. She has commented several times there are too many white people in the world. Her temper tantrums are causing the obamas to live apart now. Are there enough thinking voters out there to realize what a re-run she would be to B. O. ?

      • She has said so many things against our country how can we put her in into the highest office in the Country. If she would be elected her husband would influence her in the background in the unseen, why wouldn’t he. He would have free reign behind the the senses.

    • Well j b another dumb ass demoncrate mind warped yo yo who’ll open borders let terrorist in to kill and kill again that’s just stupidity. remember 911. San Bernardino Florida Obama letting terrorist from gitmo go to kill again Dumbo Obama’s both of them. Giving Iran 1.6 billion to help terrorist groups. Remember death to America and Israel. Evil is around every corner.so go watch your CNN liar’s and get even more dumber than you already are.

    • You keep confirming what a dumb ass you are.8 years was more then enough.We are still trying to get the country back. It’s hard to comprehend the thinking of idiots.At the rate of illegals coming in and the cost.I guess that doesn’t matter to you.But one day it will.

  8. Let gorilla faced racist transvestite Michael Moochie Obama run, please! If the DNC pulls a sneaky one, a lot of the Biden or Sanders ain’t gonna be happy. If the rotten crone is nominated do we get to petition their tax records? Or look into their “charitable foundations”? Oh, please gimme, gimme, gimme! God, could you imagine that rude,stupid, ignorant hag conducting a situation requiring the intelligence to read your opponent or the judicious use of force or detente? Back to the crass statements and out and out racism while gangsta rap is once again the preferred form of artistry flowing through the halls of the White House. What a glorious epochal time we can all look forwrd to with great anticipation. I guarantee they put that travesty of a human being up for election there WILL be civil war. Not because it is black, but because of every damn thing it stands for.

  9. Michael Moore is not keeping up to date on the political climate. The Democrats have already lost young people, women, and Blacks as their voting base because of decades of promises but not delivering on those promises, even when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress AND the White House at the same time.
    This is why Democrats are frantically trying to block all attempts to control the border: Democrats are desperate for a new voting base.

      • Sorry William Moore this is off topic…..but I just wanted to say I once had a lawyer named William Moore…. he was wonderful! Ok,not for nothing but I just felt like saying this when I saw your name.

  10. Someone should dig up and release the extreme racist writings of Michelle Obama from her college days. That should diminish her appeal as a candidate. Then find out why she and her husband ceded their law licenses. Of course, the fact that she has never held elective office nor any administrative position might be a factor in proclaiming her incompetence. Her harsh personality will also show up finally. Much as Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama will be seen as “Unlikeable.”

    • Michelle Obama herself said there is 0% chance she would run for president and even if she did she could not beat Donald Trump, he has done too much for America and the American people! Trump/Pence 2020!

      • I recall Idi Amin making similar statement just before his military junta and beginning his own program of genocide. That transvestite clown would get an erection if asked to run by the DNC!


      • ISAMU so RIGHT but don’t forget Waters, Harris, sharpton, booker, the dumbest thing demoncrates are, racist against Republicans, it’s an obsession with them “CRYBABIES” all of them Trump wins 2020

    • You forgot to mention that other black lying liberal thief and co conspirator in the destruction of San Francisco and God forbid if she has her way, the USA, camel faced kamala harris. Just wanted to set the record straight!

  11. Let her run! It will be the best thing (you know what I mean, the other word is person. Pres. Trump just has to release the stolen facts about the Obamas and Clintons and then both families will be matching to prison, not jail. Just ask the Obamas where they got the money to buy their DC mansion(s), boats, cars, clothing, plans, and all the rich goodies. Strange, one day a paper waqlks into the USA and the next exit with bucks beyond millions! Let her run and watch what comes with common trash.


  13. Impossible::: she hasn’t the abilities to focus on key issues, without hiring advisers, so many that the White House would be crammed packed, her advisers would outnumber the whole democratic party.
    If another democrst steals the election, there will be so much civil unrest, that the democrats, leftist, antifa, and liberals,
    Will shit bricks, 67 million people are just tired of their
    Stupid, race baiting, anti Christian, anything goes shit.
    What’s worse than voting for a democrat????
    Theres nothing worse

    • Are you referring to her declaration that ketsup served as a vegetable? Or trying to put out her own edicts that people can’t save rain water for an emergency source of drinking water or telling homeowners and neighborhoods to not plant vegetable gardens to augment their diet. What was that? Can’t hear you over the kill whitey, kill whitey rap coming from the White House. Oops , sorry Moochie, I don’t know what else to call it. It is white and it is the house of the people…what? Huh? Turn down the damn rap…oh, well no I wasn’t trying to be racist. Okay, you’re right, I will just start referring to it as an the Undeterminate Color House. Oh, well I suppose you are.right. okay then. It will be known as The House Barrack Built. Better?

  14. She hates America. She said so. So did her husband. They’re Black Muslims. Will probably make Ilan Omar FBI Director too. Perhaps run her husband as VP. No law says he can’t be the First Husband. Anyway, that would be better than Buttegaigg’ husband becoming the First Man. Come to think of it…I thought that job belonged to Adam.

    • Gee Alan where have you been for the last 50 years or so. Pete Buttegeigg would be better choice as he’s smart and articulate, two things the rest of these clowns lack but as i’m conservative and gay, I’d never ever vote for him or any of the other liberal clowns hoping to unseat Donald Trump next year. Good thing the American people can see this dog and pony show aka the democratic debates for what it is: a bunch of incompetent buffoons thinking they have all the answers trying to outdo each other with all the freebies, handouts etc to bums and those who don’t work or refuse to work, illegals and ‘boat people’ and generally non contributors I live in California and have seen and have to deal with liberalism and have to deal with all the appurtenant BULLSHIT of this ‘ism’ on a daily basis.

  15. The only thing she could do is steal more money, taking expensive trips, and buying expensise gowns like she did for 8 years. She is a liar, like her husband.

  16. The truth is the Democrats simply do not have any quality candidates because they are all leftist and completely negative people. They will continue to eat each other alive and if Michelle runs they will simply say it is more of the same Obama stuff.
    Just look at the crowds Trump draws compared to any of these people who might try to have a rally for themselves as opposed to going to an event sponsored by some group as a guest speaker. Hillary drew so few people that they had top photo shop the same people into the crowd multiple times to make it appear she had a good turn out. She couldn’t even fill a HS gym.

    • We can hope that the investigation AGBarr is doing blows Obama and Clinton out of politics forever. The Obamas have patterned themselves after the Clintons when they left office. Barack will be the shadow pulling the strings and she will be out in front saying when they go low we go high lit can be her fight song. Ugh

    • And yet she got 3,000,000 more votes than the Russian asset that the far right wing nut jobs voted for simply because they could not stand the thought that a black man was smarter than the entire lot and proved it during the previous 8 years . Next, these ignorant slob were faced with an even more disturbing choice” A VERY SMART WOMAN! How could that be. We now know how Trump beat Hillary; he was helped by his asshole buddy Vladimir Putin. The country now understands what happened in 2016 and will assure Trump will never see the end of his first term and when he’s gone he’ll be indicted, convicted and sent to Prison where he should have been since the day he showed up at the draft board with the phony doctors note that his daddy paid for that said the poor little shit had bone spurs.

  17. IT’S BAD ENOUGH THAT WE HAD A NON CITIZEN. A muslim and his man wife. Now, another muslim man. Looks like a planet of the apes reject. Stole so much money from us. $75 million for vacations.

  18. IF ‘Michelle Obama’ runs, the truth about her really being a man will never die! We KNOW it’s a MAN, A Tranny, whatever they are calling themselves this week. Trump knows too and would wipe the floor with HIM in an open debate live on stage for all the world to witness! IF HE decides to run it will be a slaughter of Mikey’s reputation and would only serve to further damage The Obama Legacy, POS that it already is!

      • I agree! She despises America…as bad as the Squad. She might as well be a part of their clique. She would bring this nation to its demise. No thanks…her husband did enough damage!

        • Betty, you really are one stupid bitch. You can keep your same physician. You will be able to keep your current provider. Let’s put a penalty on struggling wage earners trapped in the middle that cannot afford insurance and hold hundreds and thousands of dollars back from their tax refunds. What happened to that eighteen billion dollars collected in penalties? What about 950 million plus dollars that disappeared in the jump start of the technology scheme in California and the additional twenty BILLION dollars that magically disappeared? How do you go into a presidency claiming your net worth to be 450 thousand dollars or less, but eight years later your net worth is well over forty five million dollars? No the asshole in Cheif didn’t lie at all and steal this country blind or do more to damage race relations than the KKK. Miss him much? I wouldn’t walk across the street to piss on either of them if they were on fire.

      • At least the Obamas Never Made promises that proved Impossible to Keep, like d. trumps’s promise to make Mexico pay for building a border wall. Was that Oval Office IDIOT Really INSANE ENOUGH to Think That Mexico Could actually be BULLIED or BLACKMAILED into such an agreement?

        • Gee Betty I and a hell of a lot of others beg to differ. You blather ‘at least the Obamas Never Made promises that proved Impossible to Keep. BULLSHIT plain and simple. Remember the ‘affordable care act’ the liberals knew this was a worthless piece of SHIT and not worth the paper it was written on yet railroaded it through fully knowing it wasn’t feasible thinking th American people are stupid and will fall for this CRAP..And his ‘shovel ready jobs ‘ programs, yeah right@! most of the jobs created didn’t pay a living wage, were seasonal aka ‘holiday temp jobs’ or part time. We’ve all heard of the ‘achievements of this liberal lying thieving black bastard. his only achievements; almost running America into the ground but thank God the American people smartened up quickly and decided to go in a different direction after the 8 year luxury vacation of these black liberal thieving POS’S. This all while the American people struggled and ended up with SQUAT.

        • you pick one item that Mexico has not paid for the wall, well guess what
          genius, the Democrats have stopped giving the money for the wall so the President
          has used other ingenious means to get some of the money. Any person that has
          an ounce of intelligence and financial knowledge knows n order to get someone to
          do something to bargain with, the Democrats made sure Trump did not get that
          bargaining power but Trump HAS MADE MEXICO keep these illegals in Mexico and
          by the way Look how many ore things Trump has succeeded in doing which is
          much more than he had promised. Democrats feel a drop of rain on their heads
          and say the sky is falling, That is how narrow minded and idiotic they are.

    • And will never be a female no matter what their are things that females were born with Michelle will never a female.

    • would he/she let her medical records be released showing she has XY for female
      and not X for a man. that would expose both Barack Hussein and Moochelle as liars

  19. The white supporters that vote for Obama again would be cowards of being racist and sexist. That is why they are pushing more in favor of Harris because she is supposedly a woman of color.

  20. Americans from both sides do not want or need Michelle to run…she’s too prejudiced and angry like she was when Barack was president and he had to silence her…she made him look bad at certain times…she’s not qualified to rule…

  21. Michelle misses the hundreds of millions she/ he can piss away on vacations for the entire extended family and friends at our expense, even if she were elected, communist Obama would be pulling her strings selling our nation out to foreign foes, breaking laws they do not have to answer for by playing the good old race card. We definitely miss having a load of lying shit in the shite house, we need another lying communist really bad to F us over again.

  22. Trump will eat her er his lunch. There is too much to dig up on her er him. Michael got involved with the Jessie Smollett case and had no business doing that. She er He starved our school children. Yes there may have been over weight kids, but kids were hungry and the brain needs food to function correctly. You can’t just go in one day and change the school lunch menus. THAT is Her er His legacy.

    • Thats might mean Barry would have to bite the bullet and consent to be Flotus so Mike can be potus. She will choose Granny Jarrett for her Veep.

    • Double Help on HEAVEN & GOD Saving This Country From A Repeated Second Term of mr.White House WORTHLESS WORM & mrs. White House WORTHLESS WHORE! Come Next Year’s Presidential Election, Time To Vote In a MAN instead of a MONKEY!

  23. One can count on Betty the anti-Trump moron to show up here and spew out her hatred for him with her typical cheap shots against him and his family. Best not for anyone to reply to her as she is a mental case and needs to be committed.

    • First of all…”she” isn’t a “she”, and besides we do NOT need another FRAUD sitting in OUR White house. 8 years of “IT’S” “husband was bad enough without trying for more years of LIES, MISERY, and FRUSTRATION as things like “IT” want to continue to turn our Constitutional Republic into a third-world COMMUNIST-RUN CRAP-HOLE.

  24. Are you people talking about Mrs. King Kong. Thats what she looks like is when King Kong Is looking in the window.

  25. Michelle Obama came out and admitted she is a racist. She may get the black vote but some of them don’t even like her at all and how will white people support trash like her, probably very few to say the most

  26. “michelle” obama HATES WHITE PEOPLE & SHE HATES AMERICA! if she were to run it’d be horrible time! how many “illegals” will they bring in to sign up to vote? that person running for President would split this country more than “her” husband did! Lord help us JESUS! America needs JESUS!

  27. Let’s give credit where credit is due.
    O blah blah blah ma was the ABSOLUTE BEST half black, gay, Kenyan, looney liberal, mooslime mobster, and community un-planner ever allowed to be a squatter in the White House.

    • Obama was the perfect manchurian candidate. Never eligible, never revealed his true identity and if you mentioned he isn’t even a citizen you are called a racist. Regarding citizenship; he was an Indonesian citizen brought back by his mom. Issue is that INS has no record of him reclaiming his US citizenship nor any record of him accompanying mom as a child. He’s also a practicing moslem and a likely communist according to documentation by Trevor Loudon in his book “Enemies Among Us” Communists in Congress.

      • He received aid given to Foreign students. He visited Pakistan for several months as a guest of his roomate. No American was allowed access to that country at the time he visited. He had to show a Foreign passport to receive aid. His father Mr Soetoro still lived in Indonesia. He undoubtedly applied for a passport as an Indonesian which would allow him to visit. Biden and Pelosi vetted him knowing his alleged birth father was a foreign national a citizen of Great Britain since Kenya was a british colony at that time. He was not an American Citizen. He was legally adopted by Mr Soetoro at which time he lost citizenship. He did not give any proof of restoration of American citizenship. He is a liar and a fraud who hated this country and its people.

  28. Just because some commie asshole on a tv show thinks mooochele would beat Trump doesn’t make it so. And her being loved?? Yes, by commiecrats and snowflakes. Real patriots wouldn’t piss on that bitch if she was on fire. Come on libturds. Let’s hear it. Call me a racist. I know it’s coming. That’s all you assholes know.

  29. I always said we didn’t need another Bush or Clinton in the White house. We don’t need another Obama there either.
    Has anyone ever noticed that no living President likes President Donald J. Trump? There is a reason for that. Corruption and the Deep State approved and supported by all of them.

  30. Michelle OBama doesn’t have a china mam’s chance in hell of winning. She hates this country. She didn’t put her hand over her heart during the National Anthem, made nasty remarks about our flag and last but not least, The first time she was glad to be American was when OBama won. She is like Al Sharpton, hates white people. Never would I vote for someone like her.

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