Michelle Obama crossed the line when these three words left her mouth

Michelle Obama will never be confused with a Trump supporter.

But sometimes she veers wildly out of bounds with her attacks.

That happened at a public event when she said three words that ended up attacking Melania Trump.

Obama was speaking at a college signing event for high school seniors.

The former First Lady blabbed that she would be proud to be their “forever First Lady” before a crowd of students.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“Former first lady Michelle Obama said she’s America’s “forever first lady” at a college signing day event in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

“If I can be standing here as your forever first lady,” Obama said smiling, “then you can do anything you put your mind to.”

Obama made an appearance at Temple University in front of thousands of high school seniors to celebrate their decision to pursue higher education.”

Obama also at one point referred to herself as the “former First Lady”, but the damage was done.

And what she said was a massive insult to Melania Trump.

Much like America can only have one President at a time, the nation should only have one First Lady.

Michelle Obama deliberately muddled that issue with her remarks.

And Obama marred what should have been an inspiring event with another political controversy.

It was an unbelievably arrogant thing to say.

Not to mention her initiatives as First Lady were largely seen as unsuccessful.

Her “Let’s Move!” campaign failed to decrease child obesity.

And Michelle Obama’s meddling in school lunch programs led thousands of students across the country to photograph their “healthy” lunches and tweet them with the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama.

While the lunches may have been “healthier” than food the students’ parents packed, one study by the Harvard Institute of Public Health found that much of it was ending up in the trash.

Do you think Michelle Obama was the worst First Lady in history?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. It is a total shame both the Nobama’s & both Clintons should have to sit down in front of a camera and read this entire page ALOUD! There would not enough theaters in Ameroca to hold everyone that would love hear ALL of the post here. Isn’t it strange all the deaths of the Clinton associates who died with gunshots in their backs or car wrecks ect. Those 16 years have cost the USA so much money. And how about all the treasures dissapeared when the nobama’s left the WH. I understand they were made to return it..not sure of all or not. Crooks in the White House

  2. Agree!and Michelle was rude to Melania when she was ungracious to the beautiful silver picture frame on her departure from First Lady,she made a rude comment about it.

  3. I am amazed that even it has been proven that Michelle is a man, people are still fawning over him as if he’s a woman. He is playing the role to the hilt, and thus shows that blacks and brain dead people will never admit to being in love with a transvestite

  4. Let’s get the truth out. Michael cannot ever be a first lady because a lady takes female DNA to be a lady. Michael is a transsexual. He played college football his freshman year. Michael is a male that didn’t like God’s decision and will suffer eternity with it’s Satan, barak obama. Jesus named Satan when he said Satan as lightning falling from the heights. It is not an analogy, he was naming Satan as we would know it. Barak obama.

  5. Exactly! And as for the “forever first lady” that was a load of crap! Every American could tell her disdain and hatred for this country and its’people…..And lastly, as for first lady, most Americans believe “her” to really be a him! Even the press! Her husband sucked as a President! And most Americans prayed for his assassination! Lawless, contemptible, and flagrantly hated this country! Both of them! Praying for both of these inflated, egotistical, cry-baby btches to get hit by a semi and ended. Then we could really get past his totally piss-poor excuse as our leader. Never did call the homo our President! And as for Mitchell, we only PRAY he-she gets the same!

  6. Sharon, where ever you get your info from. If I were you I’d find a new source. For YOU’RE information Malinia Trump speaks 5 languages Fluently. Including ENGLISH.

  7. Bruce Walters, Now we understand how serious Sharon’s mental problem is! She THINKS she is a conservative/liberal which does not exist and if there was such a creature it would be so conflicted and confused it would have a thermonuclear meltdown followed by an explosion and mushroom cloud.
    Someone should have her institutionalized for her mental disability before it is too late.

  8. Sharon,
    You are so full of the Obama spin you can’t see the reality when it’s been laid out for you. Obama has admitted he was born in Kenya, Moochie has commented on Obama being born in Kenya, his birth certificate has been proven to be fake, and just like Hillary’s CLINTON BODY COUNT, those who have dared to testify and prove the accusations against Obama have died suddenly. Go ahead, spew your B.S. your family loves you, but they know you aren’t well

  9. Sharen, You are a filthy mouthed, vulgar, disgraceful, trashy female. I am sure your mother and your grandmothers are feeling embarrassed if they have seen what you write or are you a reflection of them. Now, don’t get all mad at me because we, on this site, don’t know if you embarrass them or if all of you should be ashamed.
    Michelle infuriated all conservatives when she made her comment to the effect that by BHO being elected it was the first time in her life she had ever been proud of America. You see our love and pride of country is not predicated on what our Country has done for us rather our pride is being able to live in the greatest country in the world. We were offended that she or anyone thinks this Country owes them a damn thing, we are all blessed to live here! She owes everyone in America an apology for that comment and we will feel this way as long as she feels that way. Get it, got it, good!
    Now, Melania has done nothing to offend anyone or this country. In fact I am prouder of her than a lot of natural citizens, like you Sharon, I am ashamed that you represent even a miniscule piece of the American woman and wish you lived in a third world country so you could see how blessed you are to live here.
    Clean up your act or you will be receiving never ending punishment from us or, you could go away!

  10. Sharon,
    If you are going to spell Moochies name,spell it correctly it’s M-I-C-H-A-E-L Michael is a drag queen who masquerades as a woman and is married to our 44th joke of a President

  11. Same to you, and GBW. The Obama’s were the first, and last gay couple in the White House. You are as useless as they were

  12. Michelle, is like Hillary, she can’t accept the fact that she’s not the first lady, If fact she was never a lady.

  13. The only way the Clintons and the Obamas will go away is if we discontinue to spend our time giving them the time of day. Their has been. Not relevant or even worth our

  14. The MSM never reported honestly about the Obama cartel and thier persistent presence in the MSM.
    Most previous high level individuals exited the limelight quietly but ex-president obama simply is unable to do that despite his eight years in office accomplishing nothing worthwhile with his divisive bombastic lectures.

  15. Moochelle did nothing as 1st Lady, that wound up successful. Lunch went to the garbage can. She was the Luxury Vacationer sponsored by the American peoples Tax-Dollars.

  16. It’s hard to respect the totally ignorant by choice left wingnuts. They have started the uncivilized speech so now they can just taste their own medicine. I won’t put up with stupid people that bully and whine


  18. He was born in Kenya. Otherwise, I agree with all you said.
    Sorry, Mom was an English teacher, and spelling errors aggravate me.

  19. They all need to be charged for fraud, fake news, payoff people, collusion, lying under oath and to law enforcement too. And so much more drain the swamp start with these criminals put them all in prison. Especially Hillary & Bill, Comey, Obama, Polosi is way out of touch with Earth and reality, the other criminals punish them all for being disrespectful to our President and First Lady and for teaching children how to bash and criminals and hate who’s is President if the candidate you voted for doesn’t win. Be a soar hateful loser right roll models. And Michelle Obama thinks she’s Mother Teresa right what a joke because of school lunches and visits to others on the taxpayers money. Yeah vote for a money wasted and no experience with nothing. Are you all lost your minds and common sense. Dumbass Oh by the way gun’s aren’t the problem the sick minded and criminals and terrorist are dumbass. American people are so pissed off because Hillary & Bill, Comey, and Obama should have been in prison already. We all who are real American People are very upset with how can they get away with everything they did. Even people dying from their mistakes and incompetency. This needs to happen because you’re all showing the young people that they can get away with their criminal acts so can I/we they are thinking. And oh I’ll join the Government so I can get away with all this too. Feeling great about yourselves teaching young children this. Dumbass

  20. Liberalism is a mental disorder and Pelosi, Behar, Hillary, Comey, Whoopi, Baldwin, Waters and mcShame, Griffin are the poster girls!!!Just more liberal useful idiots on display !

  21. Yes, michael IS and has NEVER been a ‘ first lady ‘! ‘IT’ WAS the first man! These two morons, with ‘ killery ‘, WILL, if not on this planet, BE JUDGED! If it’s on this world, they might get a slap on the wrist, but when they meet their maker….they’re GOING TO HELL! CAn’t wait!!!

  22. Oh my GOD!!! Sharon, you named two Conservative First Ladies as great. You must turn in your Liberal membership card. No lib is allowed to praise a Republican for ANY reason.

  23. Turkey leg heck, she always ate Baluga Caviar even for lunch along with flown in lobster. Wonder what she is eating now that they have to pay for it!


  25. M Tinsdale,

    Yes, I would agree with blame on both sides. We have to have mutual respect for each other’s opinion, agree to disagree and move forward with creating a untied “America”. Thank
    You for your thoughtful response and I respect your thoughts.


  27. Hey Cliff, I saw the speech where BHO called Michelle Michael and corrected himself. So that is true and I have seen many many photos of “the bulge”, have no way of knowing if they were photoshopped. I have seen photos of the couple who are said to be the biological parents of the Obama’s daughters. The only thing I know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that BHO called Michelle Michael in a speech.

  28. Thanks so much Cliff for the factual truth. I appreciate that. Love your name as our Grandson who is a Navy F16 pilot has the same name. Have a wonderful day.

  29. There are MANY pictures that were filmed LIVE of “IT” standing on the step with a yellow dress and that “BULGE” says it all. THAT was NOT “photoshopped”
    AND in one of OSCUMBAG’S “speeches HE slipped up and called “IT” MICHAEL, OOPS I mean “michell”…That was also on LIVE TV. Live videos don’t LIE, they just get DELETED from the internet and FAKE news programs FAST to “cover up” how the American voters got “PLAYED” as SUCKERS.

  30. MOOSHELL (michael) is full of hormones and is NO “first lady” . A MAN, Taking hormones and wearing a dress does NOT make “IT” a “lady”

  31. Hey Sharon you forget to include “TRANSVESTITE”… Michael L. Robinson was NO first “lady”. Taking hormones and wearing a dress doesn’t make you a “lady”, no more than a burguler breaking into your home makes you “part of the family”

  32. I love to discuss differences in opinions but I want facts and proof instead of just spouting off by most liberals on hearsay that has no factual truth. The reference by a number of people about what Michelle really is, I don’t accept as no one has been able to show proof of the statement except one picture that who knows could be photo shopped. However, with that said, just so you know, I am absolutely no lover of either of the Obamas and would love to have his background unsealed and have requested Pres. Trump to do this along with McCain. Why he was allowed to have his records sealed and be in public office is beyond me.

  33. Hey Sharon, If the libs you mentioned plus many more, would think for a minute before they speak and realize what kind of wrath will be spewed toward them by conservatives, they might be a little bit kinder and choose their words thoughtfully. Conservatives have been pushed around, looked down on, received the butt end of everything for so long, they are sick and tired of it and not going to take it anymore! Now, I agree things have gotten too ugly but, that is the way it is in these situations. Everybody handles things in their own way and a lot of the time it is the wrong way. Whatever, there is plenty of fault to go around, don’t you think? Libs do need to realize we conservatives will not be bullied into conversion or go quietly into the night. We are all Americans and need to accept (in a civil way) that we will never agree but, we need to work on agreeing to disagree and remain friendly.

  34. MICKEY DOObama Speaks with her ASS since where her brain is SITTING!!…. That deranged Urangutang is DERANGED

  35. Michele was the worst thing that ever entered the White House……..Michele was a racist & a bigot…….MICHELE was NEVER a FLOTUS……….

  36. Sharon, you insult Jackie Kennedy, Barbara and Laura Bush with that comment. And you can not defend the indefensible.

  37. Sharon, you insult Jackie Kennedy, Barbara and Laura Bush with that comment. And you can not defend the indefensible.

  38. Sharon: You stop it. Melania not only can write, but she can speak five foreign languages. And yes, she does speak with an accent. As for her dressing, she not only knows how to dress, but unlike Michelle, she knows what looks best on her. And her decorating style is impecable. You check your facts. There are many accounts about Barack’s origins, many from his own relatives claiming he was born in Kenya.

  39. NO “IT’S” name is MICHAEL L. ROBINSON. Gobbling hormones, and throwing on a dress don’t make one a “lady”. And OSCUMBAG was born in KENYA (just like his GRANDMOTHER SAID before she was “whacked” to shut her up, just like Ms. Fuddy that wrote the FAKE “birth certificate” and was the ONLY “casualty” in the “plane crash”)

  40. you are confused..First of all, to be a “first lady” you have to be a FEMALE…
    “first (and LAST Transvestite” would more “suited” Just because you gobble hormones, and throw on a dress does NOT make you a “lady”, no more than a person breaking into your home to burglarize it, make you a “part of the family”

  41. Sharron,

    You need to pack your belongings and GET OUT of the United States. You do not belong to this nation. M. Obama was a TOTAL FAILURE as the First Lady, on top of the fact that she does not even like or support America and real American’s

  42. Couldn’t agree more. She was the worse first man we’d ever had in the WH. Glad she’s gone. Wish she would go for a long walk off a short pier with Eickery.

  43. Medic Joe,

    Just stop it!!! Melania can’t write, read, and/or speak proper English. As a model, should know how to decorate and dress. By the way, Obama is a US born citizen – check your facts. Also, her name is M-I-C-H-E-L-L-E.

  44. I put her at the very bottom of first ladies, when she said it was the 1st time in her life that she felt like an American. What an IDIOT.

  45. Don’t you mean she’s the worst “slut” to ever DISGRACE, a FLOTUSs presence in the White House. How can she even be mentioned – not in the same sentence as our current first lady, but in the same Paragraph, as our current First Lady, the beautiful and classy First Lady, Melania Trump.
    There is no comparison, not even close, That clown, bigot, can’t even hold our current first lady’s toes (metaphor)for the lowest part of Melanias’s lowest body part, as our current FLOTUS is one of the most beautiful, classy, and “proper” first Lady this country has ever had.
    God bless Melania Trump, and allow her to continue the fantastic work she’s been doing.
    Look at the Christmas decorating at the WH. Look at the prep for the first State dinner at the WH, for the French Pres,and his wife. Could Moochele have been able to do anything close? NOT in her wildest dreams.
    The ONLY thing she ever did that was right, was “blurt out’ when O’bummer and her were in Kenya, that they were both happy to be (and there is video of this” they were happy to be “in Barak’s country of birth. This is another proven statement, that he was NOT a natural born American – therefore, prohibiting him from running for, no less winning, the Presidency of the USA.
    PROOF, that he was an illegitimate president.
    That makes him a CRIMINAL.
    God bless President Trump, and our current FLOTUS, one of the BEST this country has ever seen.

  46. Billy,

    Michelle is class and grace. Whereas, Melania laid it low and spread it wide for photographers. ????

  47. Michelle Obama will always be one of America’s greatest First Ladies. I put her in the same class as Jackie Kennedy, Barbara Bush, and Laura Bush.

  48. I wouldn’t piss on Moochelle if she was on fire.. what a loser.. 8 years we had to listen to her racist remarks

  49. If you want a good laugh I read a couple of weeks ago that his (Lord Obama) has a male lover and is upset with Stormy getting all this attention and he wants some. He said he was there MANY times and can describe things. I REALLY hope that this is for real. It would be a shame if it was fake news. But with what his wife is this just might be true. Hope he’s has pictures.

  50. Moochelle’s statement is just what I expect from rapacious parasite grifters, just like the Klintons, no class.

  51. Like a festeribng boil and carbuncle on Amiricas ASS, these nightmares and anri American traitors are like the gift that ‘keeps on giving’, NOT! Don’t waste any more of our time n tese irrevelancies!

  52. Actually they belong in federal penitentary along with all the other no good thieving liberals who’ve been lying to America and stealing thier tax do;lars to ptomoty all their ‘freebies’ and ‘give aways’ that ae the bane of their supportwers and the list goes on. Thank God the American people got samrt and nipped this festering boil on Americas ASS in the bud!

  53. Sad to say, they did sell America down the drain and if hillary won, we’d be deeper in doo doo than the disaster these liberal POS’S who took an 8 year vacation on the American tax payers dime and we the Americ! All along the way they lived a luxury lifestyle and thumbed their noses at us and flipped the American people the ‘bird’ behind their backs and laughed all the way to the bank in effect getting obscenely wealthy, did nothing to earn this, thought they were above everyone else so they answered to nobody and the list goes on and on, and on etc. Get smart America, these liberals were bad for America pure and simple, and if anyone doubts the destructuin done under their watch, let ’em come to California and see the destruction for themselves. I won’t enumerate the BS these no good thieves and traitors to California have done as it would take too damned much of my valuable time stating ther obvious!

  54. Who gives aa rats ASS about what this second part of the traitorous duo who took an 8 year vacationn on the American tsxpayers dime, lied all the way, did NOTHING he prmised the American people would happen under his administration and basically thumbed his nose and glipped America the ‘bird’ behind their backs and got obscenely rich says or does! Oh yeah, the so called JOBS he promised to be ‘shovel ready’ never materialized. The only jobs created were more of the same low paying ‘go nowhere’ job, eg. part time, seasonal etc. we’ve had to deal with for years. And the so called ‘affordable care act’, aka ‘obamacare’ in which the American people were told ‘you can keep your doctor etc’ and a bunch more BULLS**T. Funny thing, the liberals rammed this through fully knowing it was a worthless POS and wouldn’t work and hdidn’t have chance in hell of being feasible but hey, the liberals seeem to think the American people are stipid so they thought ‘give the peasants a few crumbs to keep ’em quiet’ and the BULLS**T still continues from the ‘dumbocraps. ‘There’s so much more but I don’t want to waste any more time on a subject that should have retired the second Donald Trump became President. ‘Nuff said, move on. These lanti American traitorous thieving iberals don’t deserve one more second of our time, PERIOD!

  55. The brussel sprout queen of school lunches, Mrs. Obama, is our forever ex-first lady. She had zero effect on the black population in 8 long, boring years. Imagine how easy it was to just say “I do” and be allowed to hang out in the white house. “Pass another tasty,succulent turkey leg please”.

  56. Problem is “IT” never WAS a “lady”…”first FORMER TRANSVESTITE” is more suited to her “title” Taking hormones, and putting on a dress don’t make you a “lady”, no more than a thief invading your home too commit a burglary, makes you “part of the family”

  57. This witch he she ape was never a first lady as far as I am concerned. Her and her gay husband should never ever been in the whit house.. They both wer a DISGRACE to all of America. Forever first lad what a JOKE, maybe forever he she ape sounds a lo better, what do you think or just forever he she?????

  58. & you know what Bruce, I Truly Hope that at Least, SomeKEEP 0N < 'keepin 0n', rite? RITE.__

  59. ok. i know. but you know what – a 90 day ‘suspension’ 1 Yr
    Ago – says alot, for what is going on, ie censoring etc.
    Especially when the ‘violence/evile’ gets thru. i tink ‘we’
    in deep-deep doo doo, to put it mildly. 10 yrs from now ? 0u.
    Help. G_D Bless ya, BW.

  60. HA! … She wouldnt be a pimple on the asses of Jackie O, Nancy Reagon, Barbara Bush. Or the likes of Princess Diana, To me, she along with her husband are two POS who would sell our country down the drain. They are vulgar and uncaring to our flag, and what it stands for.

  61. I am also proud to be white and will also not apologize for God making me this way, appreciates the Blacks for their many contributions in making our lives better (for them AND us!). I love it when I hear the national anthem being played; when I pass by our US flag flying in our front yard, I will often stop and say the pledge of allegiance and remember all those men and women (whether they were Black or white) who have given their lives so that we can live free. “(We live in the land of the free because of the brave, including my three nephews who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us.) GOD BLESS AMERICA, STAND BESIDE HER AND GUIDE HER! May God also bless our PRESIDENT TRUMP!

  62. And at one point, she said she was ashamed to be an American. I am also ashamed she is an American; her husband is from Kenya, a Kenyan. By the way, I am proud to be called American, will stand for “The Star Spangled Banner”, our national anthem, even trying to sing it when it is played.

  63. I was responding to an obnoxious article about him and how he was trash talking our President, and I seemed like a good idea at the time. I didn’t like the 90 day suspension though.

  64. I would never say “g porch monkey” that Is Bad. But, i will trash tranny him all day long for the ‘KrAAP’ for 8 yrs ‘Boondoggle’ in WH. wow. ou. At least ppl here have been expose’ to Truth. POTUS ‘knows’.

  65. Hey William, I would say you have a BELLY FULL of BHO and husband/Moo-chell! You are far from being alone, you have millions and millions of folks right there with you. Hang in there, one day, hopefully sooner than later, the Obamas and Clintons may be wearing orange or stripes and no camera or mic anywhere near them. Oh, what will we do without them? 🙂

  66. Did anyone stop to think Bathhouse Barry met Michael (Michelle) in one of those gay bathhouses?

  67. When Moochie was filmed “twerking” it looked as if he was practicing bumping on Barack’s banana

  68. I referred to Moochie Obama as a “ghetto porch monkey” on FAcebook, about a year ago, and got suspended for nearly 90 days I guell they don’t like the truth about our First Muslim transvestite, Moochie Obama

  69. My my, that was wonderful. My daddy use to tell me that because I was always saying, I wish this or I wish that and had not heard that saying for way over 40 years. Thanks you just made my day.

  70. Hey Mikey, the party’s over.

    Google lyrics.com and read them. Try to comprehend. Wish in one hand and s&^t in the other and see which gets filled first.

  71. Mickey da CHIMP reminds me that HOWLING MONKEYS without cLASS never know when to STFU!!!

  72. LOL..LOL…You’re so right..LOL she’s go down in history alright..as a trans.. poorly playing “A Lady???” Never farther than real. An ugly man who cost the USA taxpayers a fortune in Plastic Surgery.



  75. Hey Bama Bill, Wasn’t BHO’s father a full blooded black man from Kenya and was of Muslim faith? BTW……ROLL TIDE

  76. You confuse me, with a white mother, and Arab father, and only a black grandmother, I don’t see how he was considered black? Please explain how much black is enough to be classified as “Black”??? My math is great, but I just don’t know the “Formula”? Does kissing a black count?

  77. Ya got that right! The “Healthy” lunches had far less nutrition if you left out the lunch than children need. OF COURSE, the “Obama’s” had waffles for breakfast.
    So embarrassing to have a “Tranny” posing as “1st Lady”!!! Now we have to each repay $165,000 to the IRS, our “Share” of the National Debt, of which obama spent half!

  78. William, I think the jungle bunnies want to be slaves. The commiecrats are their massa

  79. Michele Obama is a waste of a woman. She is just as arrogant and slow as her husband. We had 8 years of S–T thrown in our faces. Let the Obama family fade into obscurity where they belong!!

  80. To Tis/Bruce: Rite, no photos of ‘michael’ w/ child. ‘Girls’ were ‘rented’so to speak. I also saw photos of ‘real parents’ & read re their liasons w/ barry/michael. The girls look
    Exactly like their ‘Real Parents’. Not a ‘peep’ about them now. & Yes, Joan Rivers ‘got Gone’ After her infamous statement,of which she said 2x. No ‘other’ BOONDOGGLE could match what they pulled off for 8 yrs. The Ignorance level is Astounding, to say the least.

  81. I miss/ed you !!! for real. & your infamous S**U haha haaa.
    > have backed off posting. Hope situation is better.

  82. NEWSFLASH! Reparations for slavery have long been compensated!! I’m sick and tired of this BS going on today, 150 years after the Emancipation Poclamation!. Fact: there’re no slaves or slave owners alive today and their ancestors bear no culpability in the deeds of their predesessors. Time for the black community to get with the progrem and realize no one owes them a monthly ‘check’ or a living. They need to go to or stay in school and get good educations that’ll in turn get them good paying jobs and finally they’ll have the pride that they got to where they are through a good education and hard work. This process might require giving up a socal life to hit the books and study hard but anything worth achieving doesn’t come easy for sure. My late mother told me years ago, “a good education is something no noe can ever take away from you and it’ll follow you through life and be a major benefit to you”. No truer words have been spoken!

  83. NEWSFLASH! Reparations for slavery have long been compensated!! I’m sick and tired of this BS going on today, 150 years after the Emancipation pPoclamation!. There’re no slaves or slave owners alive today and their ancestors have no culpability in the deeds of rhier ancestors. Time for the black people to get with the program, realize nobody owwes them a monthly ‘check or a living or whatever. Time to get of their lazy asses and get good educations that’ll in turn get them good paying jobs and finally they’ll have the pride that they got to where they are through a good education and hard work. This process might require giving up a socal life to hit the books and study hard but anything worth achieving doesn’t come easy for sure. My late mother told me years ago, “a good education is something no noe can ever take away from you and it’ll follow you through the years and be a major benefit to you” no truer words have been spoken!

  84. Gary, Don’t most universities have lower requirements for “minorities” ie blacks? I also read where the U.S. Army lowered their standards since blacks were complaining the entrance requirements were “racist and exclusionary to blacks” Now, what were you saying about the “lowering of standards”? If it weren’t for affirmative Action, you all would still be in the kitchen washing dishes

  85. That will never happen michelle, the only thing you will go down as , is the first black (past) 1st lady to betray her country and I mean past past past. THANK GOODNESS

  86. That will never happen michelle, the only thing you will go down as , is the first black (past) 1st lady to betray her country and I mean past past past

  87. MO was and will always be the worst first lady next to HC……both have been a disaster and have divided the people. One always sided with blacks and didtated how are kids should eat while the other was an enabler and didn’t care about her young daughter having a dad that was a sexual predator and liar and was impeached all because she wanted the power down the road. Thank God they are both gone, too bad they haven’t left the country entirely. MO thought she was so special that she had a staff that cost the taxpayers over 1 million dollars a year and than mentioned that she should get paid also, but did manage to get a nice sized pension for her leech of a mother.

  88. Sorry Butchy, hope everything is settled and okay again. You are so “colorful” with your comments, I am sure a lot of folks want to see what you have to say.

  89. Just like typical blacks, they insist on inserting themselves where they are not wanted, just so they can piss people off.

  90. I don’t get it, Obama’s just will not go away! Just when their images begin to fade, there comes more from their “peanut gallery”! My hopes and dreams are that Michelle Obama becomes my FOREVER GONE first lady!

  91. Notice there has never been a photo of Moochie “with child” Now that it has been brought to light, the Demoncrats will surely flood the country of fake photos. You know they’ll be fake, because men cannot carry a baby, or give birth

  92. Cliff, you are exactly correct! It seems there is just too much info and photos online for it not to be true. Then there is the guy who vows he had a long term affair with BHO. I have seen the couple online who are supposedly the Obama girls real parents. My grandfather used to say where there is so much smoke there is fire. According to a couple of these comments regarding Joan Rivers it may be a dangerous subject. I know nothing but wish I did. It’s a scary thing to think about the power it took to cover it up if it’s true. Talk a out connected!!!

  93. The worst and most despicable wife of any POTUS in our nations history. I refuse to give her the title when she had not a decent bone in her body about this great countries history. She was barred from the practice of law just as her husband and that goes to the character of the Dems, DNC and
    party that elected her husband. A true disgrace, both of them.

  94. What make me “sick to my stomach ” is the idea that the whole country was bamboozled into thinking “IT” (MICHAEL) was a “lady” in the first place, and “IT” had given birth. The “wool” was pulled over the eyes of many of Americans and they STILL think that these two were the “real deal” and those “children” were “theirs”. Welcome to more DEMOCOMMUNIST BS.

  95. At least our current First Lady has class; she ignored that “forever first lady ” remark! Obama was the worst President this Country had during my life time and spent the most Tax Payers money. Nothing to be proud of!

  96. Butchy is weighing in finally! I wondered where you were. If you have time you need to read all these comments. Some GOOD ones! This article has set folks on fire and made some of us sick to our stomach!

  97. WELL, michelle wasn’t alone in being the worst She had Obama there being the other worst……..president. I think two ”worsts” can fit into our history!!! They both think very highly of themselves!

  98. Do you think she “thinks a lot of herself”? I’ve never thought that she had any class and now she reveals it. The worst we’ve ever had! We just lost 8 years with no leadership. He only ran for office because of what was in it for them, and they took advantage of all the “perks” and then some.

  99. She is a NEVER AGAIN EX-FIRST LADYISH. That is the true statement. If a civil war breaks out, she might not even be that much.

  100. If she had even an ounce of class she’d have congratulated President Trump and quietly left the scene to return to doing whatever she did before Barack got into politics.

  101. Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooochelle somehow confused the concept of “15 minutes of fame” with “a forever first lady”, but, the entire 8 years of obamunism was “their” 15 minutes of fame.

  102. She in no way acted or looked like a First Lady, the things she said and did were totally wrong!!! When I think of her I think of her going off somewhere with her girls not being in the White House and helping with anything!

  103. So, have you ever heard of “turn about-fair play”? As far as millions upon untold millions of Americans are concerned the afore mentioned turned their backs on us! The number equals the number of folks it took to vote President Trump into office. I don’t see how you Dem libs can justify the damage done to our Country during the eight years the Obamas were in the Whitehouse. Now please, don’t be angry, just do what you can to rectify the situation. Bless you.

  104. First, I would like to thank you for your service to our country.

    If we EVER find out all the damage that the Clinton’s and Obama’s did to this country we would all be in shock. I have added the President and his family to my nightly prayer’s in the hope that with God’s help President Trump can lift the United States back where it was before the Clinton’s and Obama’s.
    God Bless America.

  105. Well not all but , you white people are your own worst enemy, always using the liberal lowering of standards to pacify! every time a Clinton or Obama show up turn your back on them or other similar way

  106. Hell yea couldn’t have said it any better you hit nail on head.its mate cause not sure what it/he is but they both should be sent back to Iran truth known that’s its/his birth place

  107. Like I said before you have to be a woman that’s female for dumb asses to be A FIRST LADY and the WHITE HOUSE is not a gay club

  108. There is nothing positive to say about the last 8 years of Obama and ?. I think it a very unusual cooincidence regarding the price that Joan Rivers paid per Crazyjoe.

  109. First of all you have to be a woman that’s a female for you dumb asses to be the FIRST LADY there is not spot for first tranny.The WHITE HOUSE is not a gay club

  110. Why can’t the Clintons, an Obamas just go retire, and keep their mouths shut? Between those two families they have screwed up more things. The Clinton’s run murder incorporated, and the Obamas run the rackets. They have ripped of the american people for millions, and millions of dollars. It wouldn’t surprise me if Obama didn’t have a secret account in Iran. He shipped millions over there.

  111. You first have to be a “lady” before you can be a first lady. Joan Rivers paid the price for exposing the truth.

  112. It’s amazing that she can still go around talking racist stuff to all the colleges and then bragging she’s the best first lady she’s the first transvestite first lady America’s ever had that’s for sure Barack wrote over 2,000 executive orders to protect gays lesbians and transvestites if you Google her Harvard thesis, you can see that she is the most racist person in America

  113. Think about this. What kind of a man would have the White House lit up in rainbow colors? You have to be a special kind of fruitcake to do that. I think he was displaying his own inner feelings and pride. Can you imagine George Washington or Abe Lincoln doing something like that?

  114. She the most mussel bodied First Lady in history. She is no where near the elegant First Lady Melania Trump is and I for one think 8 years of her was way to much. She needs to stay home and not put the public through more time looking at her.

  115. Amazing, I went through all the comments and unless I missed one…there was not one positive comment…not even a hint. Also, there’s enough negative issue with regard to Barry, Hillary and the Mooch that resorting to vulgarity is totally unnecessary.

  116. it’s sure not a she mo, unless you can turn a male named mike with a little pee pee into a female gender.


  118. 1st she self-proclaims her/himself a “SEX SYMBOL” and now “FOREVER 1st LADY” what a joke, this “PIECE OF BLACK TRASH”(in her own words of describing WHITES)doesn’t now if she is male/female so SELF PROCLAIM all you want. WE THE PEOPLE didn’t listen to you then(or your deadbeat husband) nor do we hear you now

  119. Wish to Hell we could get Mrs. Orangutan permanently out of Washington and send her and her ape of a husband back to Africa where they BOTH belong.


  121. If “Mrs.” Obama is a lady then I am a millionaire! As for being the “forever first lady” I stand by my first comment here. Never in my life have I been as ashamed for our “First Ladies” as I was during the Clinton and the Obama reigns there. I am not sure which so called “First Lady” was worse to this day.

  122. She’s one of the biggest losers and on top of that……she HATES whites and America.
    She’s the worst we have ever had and, what is it she did to better America???

  123. Listen Michael, do yourself a favor and at least try to make yourself a little bit more like a lady, I know its medically impossible, with an Adman Apple and an Under Bite that is so masculine, your Frown looks worse than a Prize Fighter, Our Real First Lady has more class and education not to mention I saw the results of the IQ tests you were outscored by 30 points at least….were you confused again? “Barack’s Home Town Of Kenya?” One thing for sure, at Least Melania bore a child, which is something you could never do which is medically impossible, thats a fact, about being a real lady.
    Michael you were the worse embarrassment as a host in history for the White House

  124. Well, that’s not true. It had over 100 personal assistants for this and that, spent millions on additional aircraft and guests on It’s jaunts around the globe. How can you say nothing?

  125. Michelle or Michael or whatever speaks such nonsense because clearly she is jealous of Melania Trump who beauty, elegance and class put Michelle to shame.

  126. Wow! Why can’t they just move on and stop meddling!! What an arrogant, indecent, low thing to say. Here’s to mabama, “you can be the forever slimeball, low class idiot that you always were..”

  127. Michael Obama (aka Michelle) is a despicable human being who thinks her/himself better than the rest of us poor deplorable people. Well, I have news for her/him: He/She is no longer in the Whitehouse, and she should act with more decorum.

  128. My friends – no personal attacks needed. Barak Hussein Obama was the worst president we have ever had. He makes Jimmy Carter look good. Donald Trump is trying to make America great again. If the Left, the media and the intelligentsia would stop their incessant attacks he could get on with the job of saving this great country. MAGA.

  129. She/He (?), still not sure which, has got some nerve to say anything, as IT did nothing for the 8 yrs it occupied the air in the WH…..

  130. Michelle has crossed the line. In her peabrain mind she may think she is the FIRST LADY FORVER… THAT IS A BUNCH OF CROCK…..I WISH THE OBAMAS WOULD JUST DISAPPEAR FROM THE FACE OF THIS EARTH….

  131. I want a DNA test. Forever first lady my ass. More like the Forever First Transvestite! Michael has a long way to go before he is even close to Mrs. Trump, the real First lady in every since of the word……..

  132. So what do you call the first man cross dresser or transgender first man of the White House? Than was very arrogant of him to call himself the forever First Lady?!?!?! That will be a cold day in hell! That thing was no lady to begin with! And secondly forever?!?! No way could not wait till it got moved out of the White House!! Horror of a man or woman whatever!!

  133. Besides being the WORST FLOTUS ever, proves obummer wanted to be dictator. I think he still believes he will be. I say BS. #MAGA POTUS TRUMP!!

  134. Michael and Hillary were no ladies at all. They fall under what is called women. They were a disgrace to the female population. If I was a lady, I would be ashamed to say these two were a part of the women’s race. Neither one had any class or dignity. Malonia is what a real lady is like. She is a real first class lady.

  135. The problem is that the FBI never investigated the obamas and that is a crime in itself. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP and GOD BLESS AMERICA the country that I love.

  136. spoken like a true communist,the ex first lady ape is as bad as ophra,it’s easier to cry about racism then it is to do something about it , blacks like women, i have had it with their cry baby excuses ,none of these phonys filing phony law suits are living in the streets,need more money sue some one,as for the racist obomas , the country has never bin this screwed up until they came along, they must have put something in the water to kill brain cells because people have really become stupid these days

  137. Yes she is one of the worst First Ladies. The only other one is Hillary Clinton. I think they are tied as it is a really close race between the 2 of them. BOTH of them are the worst ever to say the least!!

  138. Agree 100% with Ed the Merlin. It was a travesty to all Americans that Obummer was not properly vetted, to even be on the ballot…deception by the Dumbocrats!

  139. Michelle needs to get forever over herself. Her husband did only for himself not America. His name sounds like chicken cackle babrack bababrack braaack. Y’all need to go away and stay there.

  140. Wrong ! Michelle might be First Lady in Chicago, but The rest of America knows how bad she represented the position of First Lady !! There were Many Great First Ladies, Michelle didn’t even come Close !!!

  141. my sentiments exactly. With that MONKEY BUT OF HERS-SHE HAD NO REASON TO TELL ANYONE WHAT TO EAT. First Lady Melania Trump out smarts Michelle Obama, out classes Michelle & proves Michelle Obama was the WORST FIRST LADY EVER!!

  142. She WAS NOT EVEN a First lady! Whatever gave anyone that idea. That’s like saying Barack Obama was the president! Not A Chance!!!

  143. Moochie will forever be now as America’s First Transvestite Presidential “spouse” Which would make Barack Obama as America’s first openly gay President, illegal President, traitor, and Muslim terrorist

  144. There is a “forever First Lady” already. It’s called “Queen” (to a King).

  145. She was by far the most illiterate first lady or it in our nation’s proud history. It’s a shame that they will even be remembered as the first black president and first lady, they don’t deserve even that honor. He was the worst president in our history and his wife was worse.

  146. Ever since MICHEY SASQUATCH affirmed to be FINALLY Proud to be an American even after being DISBARRED…. She was never one of the BRIGHT BULBS in the fIRST LADIES Chandeleer even as a DEEP STATE Founder with He/she Barrie

  147. What! Will these people never go away? Does she not realize that her husband is no longer President? Oh wait that actually requires intelliegence! Please go aw!

  148. When Barry was running for senator in Illinois Michael was working at a university hospital. Once Barry was elected her salary tripled and she was given a new position – getting low income blacks out of that hospital as quickly as possible and into someplace more “suitable” for them. I guess they thought if they had a white person doing that it might look “racist”. She/he took the money – nuff said.

  149. Well, Joan Rivers paid a high price for bringing attention to Her anatomy. After that remark people started noticing and Ellen Degeneres dance session was pretty interesting.

  150. Let me add…First lady in name only. Both Hitlery and the Mooch disgraces the position when you look at other FIRST CLASS First Ladies.

  151. Hey Nancy, I would put the Mooch on par with Hitlery. Both failures who tried to impose their screwed up ideas on the American public. Both demonstrated how not to be a First Lady. “Lady” is the farthest from how I would describe either of them. You are right on about the first Black president and FL and might I add FAILURES.
    A disgrace to America.

  152. I sooooo wish we had proof positive as to whether Michelle or Micbael is male or female. I don’t understand if she was born male why the Obamas and the Dem libs would not be shouting it from the rooftops after all, it would be fast forwarding their agenda as well as feeling they had fooled all of us for all these years. Whatever, I am sooooo glad they are out of the Whitehorse and we now have a POTUS who is helping us (all races) and returning the USA to former
    status. God bless POTUS and all true patriots!

  153. Michael may be a lot of things – BUT – lady is not one of them. With the news that came about her good friend Richard Branson yesterday – I’m surprised they still let /him/her be around children. Must have been all the security for why they let it in.

  154. You said a mouth full on the very last statement. How true in all aspects of the word itself.

  155. It is true that she is “forever First Lady” to all the foreign terrorists, MS-13 gang and illegal alien criminals, anti-2nd Amendment groups, Ebola disease, Uranium deal, Obamacare, BLM, Antifa, all the anti-Trump sore losers, trangendered rights to bathrooms, etc, etc.

    The worst First Lady ever!

    She SUCKS!

  156. Actually, Hillary Clinton was the worst First Lady. Michelle is a little to enamored with herself. She wasn’t the best but she wasn’t the worst, either. Too bad the only thing she will be remembered for is being the first black First Lady. It’s too bad that race will be the only thing that makes her and her husband’s time in the White House positive.

  157. When she came out with those school lunches I had to laugh as she didn’t have a clue. I said to my husband, just wait until that whale is in her 60’s as she is no skinny minny now in her 40’s/ Even her clothes were ugly. The only taste she has/had were in her mouth. Just wait until he is thrown in jail, then we will see how she will be going around making speeches. She will have to get a job but cannot be an attorney as lost her law license because of insurance fraud. My my.

  158. This woman is a moron just like her idiot husband. She did nothing to help the obesity problem in this country but cause a huge waste of money and food that she would not eat herself. Does the word “Dumbo” fit her?

  159. What did you expect from someone like M Obama?? No class or brains for that matter. In my eyes she NEVER Was a First Lady.

  160. You have said it in a very good way with one exception, you left out that Michelle is NOT what everyone thinks, supposedly she is suppose to be a Female, but in fact a MALE Drag Queen in Disguise…..
    With the exception of this, you have made it clear as to what Michelle was doing as her time supposedly the First Lady….. She/It will NEVER, EVER be a First Lady in my views or opinions….and certainly NOT as a Forever First Lady in any way……

  161. IF Mickel was the only first lady in history, she would be the tenth from the bottom of 100 first ladies.

  162. Like her incompetent, unqualified boneheaded JACKASS husband, the Brown Clown, Bath House BarryOHOMO, this,”Woman” is a complete FOOL and an utter failure as 1st lady. The only thing, “It” did best was hire the largest staff of do nothing suck-ups and spend the most, of the US citizens tax dollars, on vacations for her and her, “Extended family”. What an EMBARRASSMENT !!!

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