Michelle Obama dropped one big hint that she is about to replace Joe Biden for the Democrats

For weeks speculation floated that Joe Biden was desperate to make Michelle Obama his running mate.

Obama put word out she had no interest in that job.

But now Michelle Obama dropped one big hint that she is about to replace Joe Biden for the Democrats.

Joe Biden is in trouble.

Multiple corroborating witnesses came forward to state that Tara Reade told them about Joe Biden sexually assaulting her around the time the alleged assault took place in the mid-1990s.

Prominent Democrats like high profile “Me Too” activist and Hollywood actress Rose McGowan called on Biden to end his campaign.

In the middle of all this turbulence, Michelle Obama announced that Netflix would premiere a documentary about her memoir Becoming next month.

“I’m excited to share that on May 6, @Netflix will release BECOMING, a documentary directed by Nadia Hallgren that shares the stories of the amazing people I met after the release of my memoir. During this difficult time, I hope you’ll find some inspiration and joy in this film,” Obama tweeted.

Americans are locked down and since there are no sports or movies, original content on streaming platforms is the only way to watch new movies or shows.

A Michelle Obama documentary premiering on Netflix in May would provide Michelle Obama a captive audience for an infomercial right as the allegations against Biden are heating up.

This movie is guaranteed a massive audience and it could ignite a feeling of nostalgia for the Obama years in many Democrats.

Such sentiments could provide the spark for a groundswell of support for Democrats to replace the scandal plagued Biden with their “beloved” former First Lady.

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