Michelle Obama held one meeting about 2020 that left Democrats jumping for joy

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is the most popular Democrat in America.

Many on the Left wish she would enter the race for President.

Now Michelle Obama held one meeting about 2020 that left Democrats jumping for joy.

Michelle Obama previously announced the voter registration and turnout effort “When We All Vote” before the 2018 midterm elections.

Everyone realized that it was just a warm up for the Presidential election in 2020.

During a Zoom call with the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Obama announced “When We All Vote’s” 2020 election initiative entitled Civic Cities, which is designed to boost turnout and voter participation in cities.

“This current crisis is a clear reminder of how critical it is to have competent leadership at all levels of government,” former First Lady Obama told the assembled group of mayors. “Voting is bigger than any one party, any one issue, any one candidate, any one election,” she added.

“The point is that no matter what party, what ideology, we want everyone to participate. We need your voices in this with us.”

Obama explained that the pandemic meant Democrats needed to push harder for vote-by-mail schemes because Obama claimed voters should not have to pick between their health and their vote.

“This pandemic will likely have a significant impact on the November election and on how voters across the country cast their ballots,” Obama added. “Already in state and local elections, we’ve seen voters forced to choose between protecting their health and making their voices heard. And that’s absolutely not acceptable.”

The big thing to keep an eye on, she said, was ensuring that the health and economic crisis of the pandemic “doesn’t turn into a crisis of democracy, too.”

In reality, Democrats want vote-by-mail because it is ripe for voter fraud.

Obama’s remarks came on the day former Philadelphia Judge of Elections Domenick J. DeMuro was arrested by federal authorities in Pennsylvania on charges of voter fraud.

DeMuro stands accused of stuffing ballot boxes for local, state, and federal Democrat candidates in the 2014, 2015, and 2016 elections in Philadelphia.

This is the type of voter fraud Democrats want to bring to the entire nation with dangerous vote-by-mail schemes.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. M Obama wasn’t the one on phone with mayors it was B Obama. What he said, people would just be sick. It is not her and Biden for 2020 it is no other than B Obama and H Clinton for 2020

  2. What are the Democratic mayors doing in a zoom call with a citizen? She is no politician. Now we know why, just look at the situation we are in at the moment. The Obama’s must be involved with the thugs. They can’t take out the President out any other way? I would say democrats are desperately trying to divert attention from the lies and treason they all committed. Pathetic people to use thugs to hurt Americans for their own gain. I wondered who they would throw under the bus first, I guess the American people are first. They say President Trump doesn’t care about us. People need to see the light come November. Democrats have thrown us under the bus several times. Obama’s need to shut up and move to China.

  3. The Democratic party has shown and proven to be the worst for blacks . Trump has done more for the black community in 3 years that PINCHA IDIOT obama and CREEPY JOE couldn’t do in 8 years !!!!

  4. Shut up Micky!! Go get an education show us a real birth certificate and not the fake!! Show us pictures not created by CIA of michelle/Michael being pregnant with the girls! Show us real birth certificates of the girls that dont match a Hawaii doctors! She looks like a mad ape in most of her pictures and done nothing as first lady but waste tax payer money, so much show she was sent a bill for un authorized spending and related staff living there! 27 servants! Shopping trips! Vacations! Hair and make up! She don’t even come close to be able to run this country! What a disaster that would be for America! We havent recovered from the mess her so called husband made in America! Who the hell in there right mind would be so stupid to vote for it!!

  5. That thing even thinks about running for vp or presidency it would be the worse mistake she/he has ever made besides being with a corrupt loser like Berry!! No way are real Americans gonna put up with those mad apes in the White House again! If she ran it would be Obama’s sorry self in the White House screwing up everything again brainwashing America into thinking hes human while hes screwing America And doing what corrupt scrotem face Soros wants!! They all belong in Gitmo! Anybody voting for Obama’s or Biden are voting for the destructing of america and dont belong living in our country!! Everyone with a half of a brain knows by now how corrupt Obama was and sold out America!! And muslim terrorist who started ISIS!! The Muslim brotherhood Obama!!

  6. Sitting with voting illegals who don’t speak English and don’t even know who the candidates are or what they stand for should be ILLEGAL!!. These people who don’t have a clue but entered our country illegally, invited by Soreass Odumba, Hitlery, Piglosi and other clowns, should NOT VOTE in our elections!!. We can’t invade any other country and vote in their elections. What IS this Corruption??!. All these Crime-o Rats need to be voted OUT!! Permanently!

  7. Is she still proud like the first time when was that.maybee after we paid for one of 10 million dollar,vacations we paid for

  8. He she is pathetic. Show me a birth certificates of those two girls!
    If you put her picture along side a chimp. the chimp. looks more natural.
    When is this country going to smarten up? Those two need to be vetted big time.
    Why are those so called smart people going to wise up?

  9. She is the worst First Lady in history! Even if she ran she would lose. It will be Trump in 2020 and DEMOCRATS OUT IN 2020

  10. Jeen if we want any preaching we will go to church and listen to it Assuming that we hate because we call out people’s stupidity is wrong. And who made you judge?


  12. Gab You obviously don’t know that women do NOT have bumps in the front of their dresses where a penis is. Michelle is a man.

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  14. So many psychos on this site. Michelle is a female who is never running for president. Good luck living in your fantasy world.

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  16. I remember a time when the Democrats were good government; at least they seemed so. They looked good and up front they worked together with Republicans for a better National good. Now they just want to inject hate, insult, sorry words of pain to all Americans. The vermin in the Democratic Gang of this day is a poor excuse for humanity much less government. We The People deserve better and we should throw them all into prison where they belong. Vote Trump 2020 and NO VOTE BY MAIL EVER!!!!!!

  17. Vasu has anyone ever told you that you’re going to hell for lying the same as for stealing? Check your facts hajji. Trump didn’t say that.

  18. Here’s what’s really going on: President Trump is trying to bankrupt the United States Postal Service — and if we don’t take action now, Congress might let him get away with it. That’s because during this financial crisis, Congress has spent hundreds of billions to bail out corporations — but won’t give the USPS any of the funding it needs. And without action from Congress, the Postal Service — which has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic — could be bankrupt in the next few months. But President Trump says he’ll veto any stimulus bill if it funds the USPS.

  19. Gab you’re the guy that posted that you’re better than most people. Also many other insults. I do believe that if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out. I’ve been threatened with bodily harm on this site. One guy wanted to meet me and kick my ass. Another threatened to slap me around, another threatened to stick a gun up my ass. If not for my family, I would have posted my address and told them to bring it. But some commiecrat bastard would have tried to harm my family. We all catch grief. Get over yourself.

  20. I was robbed I read the post then looked at what was typed here I thought Barry must have finally came out of the closet! He was busted right before his presidential election a guy came forward on a Chicago radio station about him and Barry’s cocaine fueled night of passion the next night Barry’s limo is seen leaving after he ran to it peeling tires and fleeing the guys apartment building after a gunshot was plainly heard! The guys neighbor found him on the floor and called the cops! In the Chicago PD’s infinite wisdom they labeled it a suicide by 12 gauge shotgun to the back of the head, and Barry’s fleeing the scene was impertinent to the investigation! My what an investigation that was it took all of 5 minutes way to earn that paycheck Chicago PD!

  21. The liberals are so desperate that they will try anything to win both the senate and the White house, and I mean anything either above or below the laws. After seeing what they have done for the past four years it is astonishing that they have the nerve to talk trash about President Trump.

  22. The Bible says “The earth can’t stand :
    1. A slave (descendants) to become leader
    And a forth one would make earth shake:
    4. A slave who inherit its master.

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  29. Why are the HomoBamas even still in America?, they should be in Malta, or Someplace Similar, Voting By Mail is definitely the easiest path to Voter Fraud.

  30. Would someone please tell me why the Obama’s have there nose in everything? Let’s see you are no longer in office so shut up and stay out of our lives. Don’t you think you and your husband done enough damage to America. Obama’s are about ready to throw everyone else under the bus to save their own skin. Come on please say God Bless America. I forgot you say no no no God damn America. You don’t matter anymore so get out of America.

  31. Mike the cross dresser Obama needs to disappear and shut up. He/She maybe the most popular demoncrat to them but not to the rest of us. He/She is a liar and a disgrace to Americans…

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  35. How can a state change a Federal law and let’s just make any polls that has proof of tampering or illegal voting be tossed and the cheaters should get a five year prison sentence with no parole. If you can not find the fraudulant voters then if one party got all the votes they should be cast out and if illegals vote they should immediately be arrested and returned to their original country even if they have relatives here.

  36. Because she was first woman, does not make her qualified to be president. I have not and will not see a single episode of their Netflix. Her crap that she says is enough for me not to listen and take her serious.

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  38. Michelle is nothing but a fake and liar just like Obama, they will stop at nothing and I mean nothing to try and win. All Christians are being called on to stand up and rise to end this sham of the devil and his helpers Demons. They
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  39. NO!! Absolutely NO mail-ins!!! If voting is important, it should be done in person and with proper ID ONLY. No illegals either!

  40. Cry me a river Michelle . So you did not get what you wanted ,You could have taken birth control pills or had him use rubbers. So do not claim its his fault you did not get your way. Pot calling the kettle black, get real Michelle.

  41. Obama part 3. What a horrible possibility. She loves to travel it would be saver to give her a plan, lots and I mean lots of money and let her travel the world. This way she won’t starve our school children, resurrect the dead so they can vote, and allow her ? Free access to golf all day. God help us.

  42. Hey, realize that the only way Democrats can win an election is through cheating, specifically stuffing the ballot box. Look at all the communities that had more votes cast then residents. Interesting. Look at the guy in PA who was in charge of …voting..
    Was arrested for voter fraud covering some 3 years. If voting is important to you either register for an absentee ballot or put your joint, beer, whatever and bring your ID to a voting place. Otherwise stay home and shut-up.

  43. Ben, apology accepted. What you, bullies and the president have in common is that acting infantile is not fun it’s simply evil.

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  51. NO VOTES BY MAIL! In Colorado the Communists have already achieved underhanded (and illegal) measures making it mandatory that ALL elections, during a pandemic, must be by mail. This is something that is under investigation. Hopefully, it will be overturned before the 2020 Presidential election. If it stands none of the votes for President Trump will be counted. And ALL of the people that have died will vote for the Democrats. The liberals are so blatant about there illegal activities that they don’t even hide them any longer. They are convinced that they are above the law, and from what I have seen they are right. ALL CHRISTIANS MUST VOTE BUT EVEN MORE IMPORTANT IS THE FACT THAT WE MUST STAND UP AGAINST THE TRAVESTY OF THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS! I pray to FATHER for His help in this. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ AMEN.

  52. Peter Giger; Young man, you have been lied to it seams. Probably for a long time. I tell you for truth there is NO Rapture. I will ask you to show me where the Rapture is even mentioned in the King James Bible or more precisely in the manuscripts. To know what GOD says about any fly away theory reed Ezekiel 13:17-23. Just to clear that up. Christ Jesus at the 2nd Advent is coming to earth to establish His Kingdom and then comes the millennium at the end of which is the Great White Throne Judgment of YHVH. then the eternity. No one is flying away.

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  56. No 1 who does not have a mind that is in a perpetual state of being scattered across numerous planes of existence with absolutely no grasp on any one reality will ever vote for that Transsexual piece of trash, her, she, all pronouns that do not apply to it in any definition of the words.

    New term, Mindlesscide, when truly rational patriots do whatever is required to save our just laws Constitutional Republic from people suffering from a severe case of the Crazies even if it means exterminating them.

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