Michelle Obama is scrambling after the smoking gun in an anti-Trump voter fraud scheme dropped

Since leaving the White House, Michelle Obama has been itching to get back into politics.

She has found her place in the anti-Trump “resistance” in recent months.

But now she is scrambling after the smoking gun in an anti-Trump voter fraud scheme just dropped.

For months, Michelle Obama has been working hand-in-glove with Hollywood, and the Democrat elites with her new group, When We All Vote.

Her group is dedicated to registering new voters, along with promoting “vote by mail,” which many consider as “cheat by mail.”

Their scheme is to get ballots mailed out to every voter, so they can mail in their ballot.

For many months, President Trump and his allies have been warning that this system is ripe for fraud.

But the Fake News Media has painted that as nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

They allege that not only is vote-by-mail safe, but that it is safer than traditional voting.

That claim is based not on fact, but rather on misinformation.

In reality, this system of voting has been proven to be insecure, and it came from a National Public Radio (NPR) report.

The NPR report shows that 550,000 mail-in votes were rejected in the primary season.

This is a massive increase from the 2016 election, where 318,000 mail-in votes were rejected in the primary.

People have always voted by mail, but through absentee ballots, which require the request of a ballot.

Universal mail-in voting forcibly sends ballots to everybody, which creates massive opportunities for fraud, especially in cities, where the harvesting of ballots in places like apartment complexes can be very fruitful.

While absentee voting requests are only sent to those who request them, mail-in-voting lets political operatives set on shady behavior know that they can find ballots anywhere.

And they can often find ballots sent to people who have since moved, or are deceased, and use them for their own political gain.

This NPR report proves that the work of Michelle Obama is for nothing more than voter fraud.

If she is able to succeed in implementing vote-by-mail, it will allow Democrats to rig the election against President Donald Trump.

Democrats have already proven, in cities like Chicago, that they are not afraid to commit voter fraud.

That is why Trump and his campaign continue to fight against the effort.

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