Michelle Obama is under fire for her silence on this child pornography scandal

The bad news keeps rolling in for Michelle Obama.

The former First Lady is facing some of the ugliest accusations of her public life.

And that’s because Michelle Obama is under fire for her silence on this child pornography scandal.

The Netflix film Cuties outraged millions of Americans who saw the film – which follows a dance troupe of 11-year-old girls – as promoting child pornography.

In the film, young girls wear sexualized outfits, dance suggestively, and one shocking scene even shows one briefly flashing her breast.

Writing in The Federalist, Fox News contributor Rachel Campos Duffy and Evita Duffy blasted Michelle Obama for her silence on this disgusting film.

“With close friends like Ambassador Susan Rice on the Netflix board of directors, it is not unreasonable to assume that Michelle could have stopped “Cuties” from airing, scolding executives for duping her when she joined the Netflix family and proudly declared it “a natural fit for the kinds of stories we want to share.” At the very least, she could have expressed public outrage over the film’s hyper-sexualized depictions of 11-year-old girls or even Netflix’s original promotional art for the film, for which they eventually apologized,” the two wrote.

Michelle Obama is a figure of great cultural importance on the Left.

Had she spoken out against this disgraceful film, Netflix never would have streamed it.

They would have pulled it down in an instant.

But as Campos-Duffy and Evita Duffy wrote, Michelle Obama has too often stayed silent on the issue of sexualization of women, citing Obama’s praise for Beyonce’s 2013 Super Bowl halftime show performance where Beyonce emulated a stripper.

Obama did not speak out because Netflix is paying her and her husband $50 million to produce movies and documentaries for their platform.

But Obama also did not speak because for decades the Left degraded American culture through movies, music, and other forms of pop culture entertainment as part of an attack of the nation’s moral fiber.

Their agenda depends on a culture unmoored from traditional values and that is why the Left promotes garbage like Cuties.

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