Michelle Obama just got offered a major promotion that could put her in the White House

There may be no figure the Left loves more than Michelle Obama.

They constantly tout her as the future of the Democrat Party, despite her never being elected to any political office.

Despite that, she was just offered a major promotion that could put her in the White House.

If she didn’t marry Barack Obama, nobody would know who in the world Michelle Obama is.

But working off her husband’s accomplishments, she has made a huge name for herself, becoming one of the most sought-after figures in Democrat politics, even charging $200,000 to speak at events.

Not only that, but she has become a New York Times bestselling author, and been awarded a Grammy for the audio-book version of her book.

Currently she is operating a production company with her husband where they have the ability to reach the nearly 200 million Netflix subscribers through a deal with the company.

But despite all this, she doesn’t seem satisfied, which is why there has long been speculation that she would run for President.

But those rumors are now laid to rest, at least in 2020, due to the presumptive Democrat nomination of Joe Biden.

In recent days, Biden finally scored the endorsement of his former boss, President Obama.

And with that, there is now heavy speculation that Biden will choose the former First Lady as his Vice President pick.

Just this week, Joe Biden spoke on those rumors, and jumped at excitement at the possibility of Obama being on his ticket.

“I’d take her in a heartbeat,” Biden said in a Monday interview with CBS Pittsburgh. “She’s brilliant. She knows the way around. She is a really fine woman. The Obamas are great friends.”

But Biden isn’t sure whether she will take the job, stating that, “I don’t think she has any desire to live near the White House again.”

This statement came after Biden declared that he will nominate a woman for the position, apparently he cares more about faux diversity than about who is the most qualified candidate.

So naturally, Michelle Obama is on his short list of potential picks, including people like Stacey Abrams and Elizabeth Warren.

Obama would probably be the best pick, considering that she could potentially bring in many voters who are currently disillusioned by Biden.

But despite likely being his best pick, she still has little chance of saving his pathetic bid, which may be why she won’t take the job, to avoid embarrassment.

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  1. Maybe Mooshell could be like our Pope Francis who does not live in the Vatican. She can stay in her fortress mansion &
    Commute daily to the White House! Have an all white regalia of secret service agents Guards hover around her for
    24 hours a day! That would be “Bigtime payback” being around the Former 1st Lady who doesn’t like America!

    secret service agents can surround her 24 hours a

  2. Mooshell is unfit for any office. He/she was disbared. Lied anout Harved. Was a terable 1st lady. The only he has is a name.

  3. the worst thing that could happen is to put another obama in office wehad enough problems whit the first one. the country would realy go down hill in a jiffy.

  4. No … the only way she will get back in the white house is as a visitor. Iam sure no one forget she hates whites and said right out that white people are the problem in our country . she blames whites for all the blacks in jail … go figure . She uses the race card every chance she can , even tho she’s the real racists . Why is her only goal about helping just blacks , why not all the other races in our country ? Being a half breed my self . My mix doesn’t fit in to her plain . That’s racists if you ask me . She’s a conartist nothing more , don’t be fooled by her .

  5. If he had the traitor Michelle as his running mate they would lose for sure. She is as much a criminal, liar, treasonous just like her husband. You both ruined our country so you both can kiss our asses.


  6. Twinkle Toes Barry and his bedmate the Big Foot looking Big Mike Obama were the two worst men to have occupied the White House for 8 years.

  7. yeah the fact that the democrats want to run a complete idiot like Joe Biden and then throw in an even bigger idiot like mooch Obama that hasn’t run anything except water in her entire life should tell us they have a massive voter fraud plan to get these two jack offs into the white house. we must all get out and vote republican this November so that never happens or this country is gone with the wind.

  8. Michelle is total bullsh*t. A white hating fraud, just listen to some of her commencement speeches. She not only gave up her law license (why, if you did nothing wrong?), but was not a very good lawyer. She has nothing to offer, just another way of getting her dumb husband back in the WH. There are a lot of dumb Dems who will vote for this empty headed woman.

  9. Scott Joe is a pedaphile and a sex maniac. If he were to try with me what he does to other females he would not live to tell about it. He has no right to touch anyone in any way, shape or form. He is a pervert. He is totally unfit to be president. He doesn’t know where he is half the time and doesn’t know his wife from his sister.


  11. Sarcastic, Dan? Making excuses and shifting blame…. the refuge of the weak. Watch the clip and tell me again, oh he was just kidding.

  12. Snott27 he was being sarcastic about the lysol. But I use it in my home. Go check retard joe and his stupid comments

  13. Dan… look it all up. Not a single lie there; but you’re just like your dear leader.. mr. inject ’em with Lysol… anything truth you don’t want to hear is fake. You should be ashamed.

  14. James 75th… really? You want to talk integrity? It was your dear leader who lost and can no longer have a “foundation” because he was guilty of stealing funds that were supposed to go to a children’s cancer center. It was also he who settled for $25 million for defrauding students at his “university.” It was he who also paid hush money to a prostitute he engaged while he had a newborn at home. The list is virtually endless. Michelle was extorting no one.

  15. John D Cole is correct, both the Obama’s lost their law license in Illinois. Michael was extorting her own client’s and Shoe Shine wouldn’t release previous names he had used in the past. Worst Integrity of any First Family in the Oval Office. With that being said, what about the FBI back ground check, wait that doesn’t count if your a black Demorat and Willie Clinton goes to the Feds and tells them, pull the face mask over your eyes on little Muslim…

  16. Meanwhile, your dear leader yesterday suggested injecting disinfectant (like Lysol) into people’s bloodstream as a means of killing the virus. Brilliant. What a genius. NOT. Aside from that, read through this string and tell me again how the dems are all about hate and you people are loving empathetic creatures. Only true part of that is “creatures.”

  17. But working off her husband’s accomplishments, she has made a huge name for herself, becoming one of the most sought-after figures in Democrat politics, even charging $200,000 to speak at events.


  18. Mike hasn’t had a job since losing it’s license to practice law for insurance fraud back in 1993 zero energy to run a campaign zero work ethics and zero work experience.

  19. If you think you’re in lock down now, wait until the demoncrats get in office. You won’t have to make any decisions anymore as they will make them for you. We’re in a sad state even with the dems only controlling the house. I don’t understand why they hate America.

  20. She has about as much experience in managing as her inexperienced husband had when he somehow got elected and the USA was put in danger of collapse, Until we got The Best Man to take over in Donald J Trump!! We are hurting now folks, but we know Trump knows how & has experience to bring us back to a good economy!! He needs ALL our help, Vote Straight GOP, November 2020!!!

  21. Michelle Obama will never run as Vice President or even President; as it requires Medical Physicals. that would be leaked to the Press. If she is a Transgender, or has physically never had the ability to bear children, it would ruin the reputations of both Obamas, and sabotage any relationship with the 2 claimed daughters.

  22. Too BAD so SAD! According to HIS VERY OWN propaganda network,FOX, DEAR LEADER DRUMPF is losing BIGLY to BIDEN. Adding Michelle would clinch their win MIGHTILY. DRUMPF would be so CLINCHED UP, he wouldn’t be able sit down for the rest of his miserable life!

  23. The hateful comments from the racists on here are unfortunately all too common and a part of the sick side of America, you are decades behind where this country needs to be.

  24. Yes, indeed! The Left loves its racists, as long as they hate white people. Michelle Obama is their perfect candidate.

  25. Michelle obama is very anti white, I don’t and never did see the big deal with her,keep Trump in,everything was fine until this Chinese virus, they should be bombed.

  26. Janet Hutchinson (4/23) calling people out ..”if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”. Then YOU call our President Trump .. “an evil person. The anti-Christ”. Heed your own advice.

  27. What is worse for America: mentally unhealthy President Biden with Vice President Stacy Abrams, or the same President Biden with Vice President Michelle Obama? Let it be better Barack Obama himself on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. terms , if there is no other way out.

  28. I firmly believe Trump is and was God’s choice because we prayed. Desperate Biden and double-gender Michelle will never be God’s choice. They are confirmed globalists and would make the USA into needing a gender change. We would become a weak 2nd class Democracy rather than a leader of Nation, ruled by the people for the people and a Republic for which we stand. God Bless America the land that we love,

  29. Anyone who would vote for Biden/Obama versus Trump/Pence hates the USA and deserves to die from the Corona Virus!

  30. Michelle/Michael as VP. God help America! Biteme Biden would be gone in 60 days. Barry would be back ruining America again. Please Republicans, do not let our country down, get every body you can out to the polls. Talk to Dems and independents and point out the left wing crap that is on the horizon with a demoncrap win. We can take the house, senate and oval office but we have to work together. Republican politicos do not let the demoncraps pull the voting shenanigans again (ie. ballot harvesting etc.)
    We need to be mindful that the leftists will do anything to win!!! We need to keep a sharp eye on them…..MAGA KAG GBA

  31. She hasn’t ever held a political office. She hasn’t worked as a lawyer for years (she surrendered her license to avoid being disbarred). She holds no qualifications at all.
    If elected, Dementia Joe would be found incompetent to hold office within 24 hours of his inauguration, thus Michelle would be Pres. More than half the country should be skid marking their shorts over even the thought of Biden winning. I seriously doubt Dementia Joe can dress himself, wipe his bum or tie his shoes. Three Quarters of the Democrats don’t want him in office. The fact that his mental decline and how his family and handlers are so obviously trying to hide and deny it, is criminal.

  32. Obummer biting
    What a team
    They would wreak havoc on America
    They’ve both done enough damage!!!!!!!!

  33. I like how you people think you know so much! But all I hear is hate! If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all! It’s disgusting how many of you are brainwashed by Trump! He’s a very evil person! The anti-christ!

  34. Well then, we get a gender reveal if Michael Lavaughn Robinson gets to run as a VP to Biden. Don’t think so folks.

  35. God help us for sure if Obamas were to get back in the White House. Biden is nothing more than figurehead for anyone running with him.

  36. We have had enough of the Barack INSANE Obama family to last several lifetimes..!! No more Obamas…!!! EVER…!!

  37. DemocRATs will go for Michelle or Hillary as VP with the expectation of using the 25th Amendment to remove Biden who is clearly in the early stages of dementia or Alzheimers. Biut fortunately either a Biden Obama, or Bideen Clinton, or even an Obama Clinton, or Clinton Obama, has a chance to dfeat Trump-Pence in November! Tht is why Pelosi is desperately trying to get Trump remov d from office on Impeachment, or incompetence, or mental deficiency, or anything else (possibly including even an assasination attempt), mbefore November election time. in b y Trump Penc will mean a sweep of bothe the enate and House as well. Good bye Pelosi as peaker of the House. Ther is also the very slight chanc they could somehow remove both Trump and Pance before the election. making Pelosi the President an d given her the edge on re-election as President. Pipe dreams or hr part and pthe prt of insane Lft ing Liberal Progressive DemocRATs. It is going to b e President Trump and VP Pence until January of 2025, and Senate and House under GOP control in 2021!

  38. Just like the Clintons’ it wasn’t Bill that was running the country, it was Hillary, he was just a puppet to speak to the country, while she did all the scheming behind doors. So, the same will be for Biden and Obamas. If Biden wins (fat chance) just who will be pulling the strings and telling him what to do (mr. Monkey face Obama).

  39. She hate White people. Her and her gay husband are terrorist. Why give up our freedom for them. People are not thinking to want or even know what Communism is like. Read the history books. American’s Please wake up.

  40. Michelle Obama has no experience at all didn’t stop Democrats from getting Hillary elected and what did she do for Ny renamed a post office and she could of be elected. Biden is losing it an and nobody sees it.

  41. How stupid and illiterate can these people be to want Biden/Obama in office. If this were to happen we can kiss our freedom goodby. Biden will not be making decisions as noticeably, he cannot put to sentences together, let alone one sentence. Barack Obama would be right behind him telling him what to do and Biden will sign. He is in no shape to be president, and M. Obama is an dishonest idiot. Heck, both Biden and family and the Obamas are dishonest and need to be in jail along w/the Clintons. Wish that would happen. In my prayers every night and day, I pray they will never step foot into the White House ever again. Obama was one of the worse president’s we ever had. If it would not have been for President Trump bringing the economy back as high as it was, when this pandemic hit we would have gone down the drain. With the way the Obamas left everything it was a disaster. I thought they, “Obamas”, were suppose to get a divorce? At least that’s what it sounded like when leaving office. I just don’t understand how blind people can be to see what the left wants to do to us and our country. Pelosi is playing her games again while sitting home eating her ice cream and laughing at all of us. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! Can’t you people see what will happen to our freedom. You already see it w/this pandemic thanks to China and NOT Trump. You leftists are such idiots. I have harsher words that I can’t use but you people have to wake up before it’s to late. President Trump has made life better for us and America better but because of your hatred you just refuse to see it. All you Catholics out there that have hate in your hearts, I think it’s time to change religions because ya’ll are totally against Our Lord. Shame on all of you for hating. I have a big distaste for the Bidens, Obamas, Clintons, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and they will meet their Maker some day and He will handle His children, but I do not have hate in my heart, just imense dislike for them and what they are trying to do to our great country and us. WAKE UP AMERICA

  42. I hope she goes for it! Not only would she have to put up with: Perverted Joe Biden sniffing her hair and chairs? LOL She would “NOT BE IN CHARGE” Second Fiddle! And a Laughing Stalk! … A Total Belly Laugh when they LOSE!!!

  43. So if dummy Biden gets elected (doubtful) then gets declared incompetent (we all know he is) guess who gets to be president?
    Anyone smell a rat?
    Trump 2020

  44. This is about getting Barry Obama back into the White House, so he will be able to be president for a third term

  45. Why don’t the democratic parties just forget about election and think about what is best for the country and with that been said
    President Trump is doing a great job and I will be voting for him again

  46. are you people nuts here husband will go as one of the worst in the top 10 she dont even need to get to be in the white house too top the list

  47. Funny a brain dead Joe Biden and a liar Michelle Obama that’s a man he a trans makes the Obamas gay both of them Obama the first gay ex president God is a holy God he’s not about to put Michelle Obama back in the white house again we want though enough of the Obamas lies Joe brain dead Biden not going to win the true American people no he’s a scumb just like Obama is can’t trust people of Satan that’s what Obamas both are liars

  48. Dennis and Toni and few others, I think the same way you do. Unfortunately I am very sure this is the plan and have thought this way for a long time. It’s a very sad situation for our country and our citizens.

  49. Reply to Dan Tyree: don’t knock watermelons. I happen to like them . Think of something else. We don’t need another obama in the white house or in any other part of thr government

  50. There is no way a demturd can win if so the United States will be in an uproar and charge the White House. Ppl know how crooked the demturds are and they will do anything to win


  52. Said it before, I’ll say it again! Just a very predictable, transparent attempt to give the “chosen one” his third term, by proxy. God help us!!!!

  53. There is no question he will pick Michelle who will bring her husband. Biden will not be able to run the country for long, Michelle will become President and her husband will be running the show in the background. Every Dem will be at the polls and many illegals will be at the polls. It makes me sick, but who is going to stop them? No one. The media will be eating it up along with every news network with the exception of Fox. I so hope I am wrong.

  54. Imagine mooshell becoming president after retard Joe’s mind goes south. And picking mad Maxine as her VP. OMG!!!!! Don’t never say never

  55. When Obama endorsed Biden, he was really endorsing Michelle for president I guess.
    Obama wants back in. He has some unfinished “social ist” business to attend to.

  56. Mrs. Obama is as stupid if not more so then her idiot husband. I would love to see her on the same stage with Joe Biden and his arm around her grabbing her big, fat ass!

  57. Michelle Obama is an ass she can’t even run a lunch program no letting up country her husband is a screw up he couldn’t run our country he put it into the ground and told us not to China and Ukraine along with Biden and he covered up the sexual assault along with Biden too. Biden can’t remember his own wife. He’ll push the nuclear button on us because he can’t remember. Enough with the crashing with the Obama administration Hillary and Biden and his family fortune on our dime. Michelle Obama’s a screw up also. She would sell us out in a heartbeat to the enemy. She just wants her husband Obama on his Supreme Court to make it more corrupt forever. Wonder if they were involved in Epstein’s murder and sexual assaults along with the clintons in the Bidens too. Obama administration and Obama’s cover it up for Biden and his son and Biden so sexual assault and covered up for Hillary and Clinton’s

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