Michelle Obama let one secret slip that will leave you red with rage

Michelle Obama is back making the media rounds.

Everyone is wondering what she is up to.

And Michelle Obama let one secret slip that will leave you red with rage.

Former President George W. Bush’s daughter Jenna Bush interviewed Michelle Obama for the Today Show.

One focus of their conversation was how Americans with differing political views could get along.

The former First Lady noted that she sat with Bush’s father at funerals and how they shared the same fundamental values on humanity and decency.

Breitbart reports:

MICHELLE OBAMA: I had an opportunity to sit by your father at funerals, the highs and the lows. We shared stories about our kids and about our parents. Our values are the same. We disagree on policy, but we don’t disagree on humanity, love and compassion. I think that’s true for all of us. We just get lost in our fear of what’s different.

BUSH: You had a remarkable year. How would you describe 2019 as you wrap it up in a few words?

OBAMA: Woah. 2019 was surprising, exciting, fun inspiring. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

BUSH: What are you looking forward to in 2020?

OBAMA: More of this. Building up that next generation of leaders replacing ourselves, getting out of the way and letting some of these young people sit in some of these seats. Barack and I will be doing that for the rest of our lives.

For all of Michelle Obama’s talk of not wanting to run for President, she continues to lay the groundwork for a 2020 campaign based on a message of rising above partisan divisions and “healing” the nation.

Should the Democrats arrive at their national convention with no one candidate holding enough delegates to clinch the nomination on the first ballot, many pundits expect the party elites to turn to Michelle Obama, with her ready-made campaign message, as the savior candidate.

Do you think Michelle Obama should make a 2020 presidential run?

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Can you just imagine this racist,communist, p.o.s. ruining our country? She couldn’t pour piss out of a boot it the instructions were on the bottom of it.

  2. Michelle Obunghole is a worthless Thing. She couldn’t beat Trump with a prayer. She is so freaking ugly and stupid. She and Hussien are both disgusting turds. She reminds me of a turd I once took, only she is uglier and smells worse. She married Mr. Hankey from South Park. He sure rubbed off on her. The disgusting wrecth.

  3. Stop and think how the worst president in history OSbama could afford this 17.5 million mansion? I wonder if all of those billions of dollars really went to Iran a Muslim country. He is so worried about global warming and the seas raising why did he buy on the water?????? Lies constantly as he did while he was in office.

  4. Yes we were! WE treated him honorably and honestly! HE did not treat anybody in America honorably OR honestly! He should be in jail for the false documents he provided to get into the race!

  5. We were all stupid enough to vote in a muslim, Kenyan born gay man with a transvestite “wife’ and adopted children. They really put one over on US. We were not paying attention. We just thought it would be nice to give a black man a chance in the whitehouse. Plenty of lies to get in; After in Office he changed his tune. We were duped!

  6. And here I thought he was a man but no still the lies of running in 2020. Go ahead Micheal you will not win either.

  7. Red Man is the Soros’ paid tranny poster Nathan Smith. Nathan has hundreds of Fake poster names and he is a very sick man.

  8. Michelle Obama is the last person I’d like to see as President! Where she gets off suggesting herself as a presidential candidate is shocking as I doubt that anybody has ever considered hser as a potential candidate for the presidency!

  9. Michelle Obama is the last person I’d like to see as President! Where she gets off suggesting herself as a presidential candidate is shocking as I doubt that anybody has ever considered hser as a potential candidate for the presidency!

  10. Possibly but then again the Obamas are @revered” like they are saints and they can do no wrong. It’s a sick obsession. Not a damn thing will probably happen to those two racists who divided
    the country and set race relations back 100 years.

  11. We now know that Barry had full knowledge of the illegal spying on Trump, to try and help Hillary win. It would be nice to see her try to get into the race, only to have exposed that Barry is about to be indicted for illegal wiretapping and spying on a presidential candidate. To further try to have the candidate illegally removed from office and charged with treason. Do you think that might make her being a candidate blow up in her face?

  12. Go suck allah’s dick you raghead motherf—ker. We are going to wipe Islam off the face of the earth.

  13. I will never vote for her.. the one who have not been proud of her country until her husband was elected. She does not inspire me. All I see is another demorat.

  14. Another dumbocrap joke……….. what are her qualifications besides none……….my dead cat would do better than she ever could omg……toooooooooooooofunnh

  15. Disagree. It’s not the color of your skin that makes a man. it is the color of your soul and Obama and his bought and paid for bride have no soul no matter their color. Now Ben Carson if he keeps his sanity after gaining some power yeah.

  16. A Rock, A tomato, A potato, A goldfish – All of these are more intelligent than Michelle Obama. A woman whose entire career in EVERYTHING is solely due to her Kenyan born Husband’s political force. I cannot imagine a more stupid dingaling First lady in the entire history of our nation – Presidential material??? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! Nixon would be a better president right now, and he is dead.

  17. She will never bet trump im sure obama will have to explain whwt ye know an wgy he did nothing to stop it neabs he was part of this they tried to ftix it but got cought tuere nothing she can do she has no no thing about buiness we no longer look for that kind of therd rate pol the dems are done the red wave is cant what to vote


  19. Haha HAAAA. Of ‘The 72’ The 1st 1 0r 2 Would Have YOUR
    ‘ cheap Rod’ BROKE In a ‘Nanseceond.’. Carful Red, the
    72 ‘witches’ ARE QUITE ‘Nasty’ & ‘Burn Wood’… Got that ?

  20. She needs to forget running for president. She is not capable of running our country. She is one judgemental person. She was a sorry First Lady!

  21. It would be Fantastic to see an ELITE land flat on her Rear-End. I would LOVE nothing better than to see AMERICA rise up and Hand her a PINK SLIP! LOL .. This has ZERO to do with being Black? This has Zero to do with being a WOMAN? This has EVERYTHING to do with who is the most QUALIFIED TO RUN AMERICA? Everyone knows the answer to that Question. A.) DONALD J. TRUMP. (This is not her year)

  22. I would say let her run…. as far from the GREAT USA that President J Trump rebuilt after the husband had the country almost a wasteland! So, yeah, RUN, don’t walk, away from the USA as possible! Trump 2020! KAG 2020! God Bless America! God Bless President Trump!

  23. She is somebody who has done absolutely nothing, she still has the limelight but she has nothing to gain but scrutiny if she gets into the race. What record would she run on, what has she done? She and her husband have everything they ever wanted, wealth beyond their wildest dream and notoriety. A run against Trump would allow Trump to bring out all the Obama failures she would have to defend. Not gonna happen.

  24. She should stay out of politics and keep her husband out of it.
    We dont need the obummers in the white house. He did enough damage

    THEY WOULD BE A PERFECT FIT IF THEY DECIDED TO RUN & OCCUPY A TWO HOLER OUTHOUSE. One cannot help but wonder how much damage Obummer inflicted on THE USA.

  26. She said we go high they go low
    Well deplorable racist democrats went lower than lo they went under ground like trash

  27. well get ready to clean up that ugly pile of dog $hit in the White House! He screwed up when he came to California in 2018 and told then , Governor Jerry Brown, that these wild fires which had just killed 58 of our neighbors and loved ones in Paradise CA…..that it was to blame on the people of California for the forest fires. That was probably the WORST thing I have ever heard a sitting President say while in office! He should be ashamed! So isn’t it ironic that Speaker of the House Pelosi, Congressman Schiff, Congresswoman Spear, Senator Kamala Harris are front and center giving his payback……as the saying goes “PAY BACKS ARE HELL! He should have kept his a$$ out of California, we don’t like him just as he doesn’t like us!

  28. I think she would run. I would rather have Hillary run than Michele, because I know our President will win again. But, I can’t imagine that those who voted for Mr. Trump 3 years ago would turn around and vote for Michele.

  29. The only honorable thing M.Obama can do but won’t is turn herself and barak in for being traitors and domestic terrorist.

  30. She/he won’t run. Then the LGBTQs will be the only ones on whose vote they could count. Too many know their secret. If they were open about their true sexuality and Joan Rivers had not died so conveniently, there would have been a potential possibility of a run in 2020.

  31. just the name oboma turns me red , all i can say is , anyone who sticks up for them must really like getting screwed , if you think the oboma paid 12 million for their new mansion you better think again , their still free loading on the tax payers dime , like all democrats they don’t spend their own money , but blow your money on stupid crap

  32. The reason they are called 72 virgins is because they never took it in the ass. Now you know. You’ll be one of them servicing Jihadists sucking the rods and taking it up the butt for ever and ever. It’s Islam paradise ahahahahaha

  33. To Michelle. Nappy head nappy head, eyes like a frog. Get on your knees and I’ll screw you like a dog. And Barack too.

  34. Loving money more than life itself. Our first “in yo’ face” EMBEZZLERS.. Barack and Michelle Obama.. making White people (even Andrew Jackson in my book now my favorite President after George Washington.. (and maybe Jefferson Davis LOL)

  35. Why racist? Maybe she just isn’t comfortable being Black. I’ve heard some Black people say that it is a curse of God and they appreciate when White people try to help them forget that.. but it is a “lost cause”.. and can never change.. Well if it WERE a curse from God then White people shouldn’t really be helping people be “bad”…”Love the sinner hate the sin..” especially if it has to do with “money-loving devil worshipers” leading people down the road to perdition.

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