Michelle Obama looked at one number and instantly new it was bad news

The Fake News Media is lavishing praise on the Democrat National Convention.

But there is a real problem they are trying to cover-up.

And Michelle Obama looked at one number and instantly knew it was bad news.

Through two nights of the Democrat National Convention, viewership is down 48 percent across the big three broadcast networks of ABC, NBC and CBS.

The Hill reports:

The Democratic National Convention drew 6.13 million viewers on broadcast television networks ABC, CBS and NBC on Tuesday night, according to preliminary data, marking a 48 percent drop from the second night of the convention in 2016.

The Nielsen Media Research numbers come after broadcast ratings dropped by 42 percent on Monday night when compared to the first night of the convention in 2016. When including cable news networks MSNBC, CNN and Fox News, the total viewership on the first night of the 2020 convention was 18.6 million, an overall decrease of 27 percent from four years ago.

The Democrats “virtual” convention had all the production quality of a local cable access telethon.

Viewers also appear to be rejecting the Democrats dour message that America is an evil and racist country filled with murderous police officers and bigoted Trump supporters.

By contrast, when President Trump held his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 19 Fox News drew a record 7 million viewers for its broadcast of the speech.

President Trump often likes to use TV ratings as a proxy for polls.

And in this case, one President Trump speech on cable outdrew Michelle Obama and the biggest stars of the Democrat Party across the main three broadcast networks combined.

This could be the hidden enthusiasm for President Trump that pollsters are not capturing.

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